Fierce “Husband” – Chapter 187

Under the influence of the spreading rumors, the reputation of the Duke An’s residence not only completely collapsed but also became extremely infamous. The former Duke An, now Marquis An, failed several attempts to meet with the Old General. Combined with public opinion turning against them, he collapsed in his home due to stress. The Marquis An’s residence was in chaos, and Jiang Kangchen issued a stern warning, stating that there would be no reconciliation with the Marquis An’s residence forever. Influential families, accustomed to the winds of change, naturally wouldn’t risk angering the rising figure in front of the Empress to “aid” the Marquis An’s residence. The Marquis An’s residence, already abandoned by both the Emperor and the Empress, was now akin to reaching the end of the road. At this point, who would dare to associate with them?

When Shao Yunan and Wang Shijing escaped the capital with the children, news of Wu Jian being poisoned also circulated. Some people who knew about the poison that affected the Empress immediately sensed the underlying threat. The Zheng family, represented by the head of the Yang Marquis, spoke out against Wu Jian, accusing her of having inappropriate intentions and disowning her as part of the Zheng family. Wu Jian was expelled from the Zheng family. Although she was a married, this move by the Duke Yang effectively severed the kinship ties between Wu Jian and the Wu family, further worsening the already dire situation for the Wu family.

As Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Justice, Dai Minge voluntarily withdrew from the investigation of Wu Jian’s poisoning case. However, due to pressure from the palace, the King Rong residence, the behind-the-scenes pressure from the representative family, and the clandestine maneuvering of officials from the Ministry of Justice who sold information about the new favorite of the Emperor, the case involving the poisoning of Wu’s family was quickly solved. Putting aside the question of whether the investigation results were fair, after lady Wu confessed that she and Wu Liu had poisoned Wu Jian to bring Jiang Kangning back secretly, the case couldn’t continue without them. Seeing the memorial from the Ministry of Justice, Emperor Yongming’s face twisted in displeasure. Where did the Thousand Silk Threads poision come from? Wu Wang and Wu Liu were just women in the inner residence, how did they manage to obtain the Thousand Silk Threads, which had once poisoned the Empress? These two women were clearly taking the blame for someone else!

Emperor Yongming was very unhappy and angry, but he also knew that it was not the time to deal with the Wu family yet. He could only accept this result. With a stroke of his pen, Wu Wang and Wu Liu were condemned to death, and a few days later, he found an excuse to disband the Liu family. The parents and siblings of the Liu family were beheaded, and within three generations, they became slaves. The same fate befell the family of Wu Wang. Emperor Yongming ruthlessly severed the marital ties of the two families, creating ripples in the situation in the capital.

Shao Yunan sat on the bed, eating oranges taken from the space, while listening to Wang Shijing recount the acquired information, his face expressionless. Originally, he was an outsider, but after all these events, he had entered the game. Wang Shijing’s eyebrows furrowed deeply, if he could choose, he would rather be an ordinary villager in Xiushui Village for a lifetime, rather than someone entangled in the court’s politics.

Receiving this news after waking up from a nap, Shao Yunan’s mood wasn’t as calm as he appeared. Stuffing the last two slices of orange into Wang Shijing’s mouth, he looked up: “Brother, we have no way out now.”

Wang Shijing nodded, and after a while, he said: “No way out, so let’s move forward. Yunan, after returning from the border, let’s go to the Big Mountain Tribe.”

Shao Yunan knew that Wang Shijing wanted to buy land in the Big Mountain Tribe, leaving a way out for their family. Thinking for a moment, he said: “Sure, anyway, the kids are still young. It’s not a bad idea to let them see the world outside. Besides, the people from the Big Mountain Tribe saved me, so we have an excuse. But even if we can buy land in the Big Mountain Tribe, establish ourselves there, in case something really happens in the future, that might not be our best retreat. The Big Mountain Tribe is in conflict with Great State of Yan. Our safest option is going overseas.”

Wang Shijing nodded again.

Shao Yunan continued with a smile: “But there’s no rush. I don’t think we’ll fall out of favor so quickly. We may not seek power, but we have to ensure that even Emperor Yongming won’t dare to treat us lightly. In any era, reputation is the best shield. We have some reputation now, and the next step is to make our ‘Loyal and Brave’ shield even more solid.”

Wang Shijing thought for a moment and said: “After selling the spring tea for money this time, let’s build the merit monument. That’s the best reputation.”


“Of course. All the money that should be donated has been donated. His Majesty said that you and I are worthy of being called ‘Loyal and Brave,’ so let’s make the whole world know your fame. Well, on this matter, we need to seek advice from Uncle Murong.”

Wang Shijing said: “The Old General and others want to follow us back to the village, so we should stay for a while and avoid the limelight.”

“Fair enough. What about Qing’s group?”

“They have summer vacation here, and during the summer vacation, we’ll bring them back to the village.”

“That’s great.”

Whether it was Wang Shijing or Shao Yunan, they had no ambitions to dominate in the political arena. Shao Yunan was well aware that their current status was largely due to luck. If it weren’t for their fortunate encounter with Jiang Kangning, the backing of Elder Weng, and the fact that Emperor Yongming and the Empress were relatively wise rulers, they would never have dared to be so high-profile. If they had to compete with the cunning politicians of ancient times, even ten of them would not be enough. Shao Yunan’s goal had always been clear—to have enough money to live comfortably. Becoming the “Madam” of a marquis was truly not in his plans.

Similarly, Wang Shijing was not overwhelmed by what he had achieved so far; instead, he was filled with worries. His current concern was not how to continue climbing higher but rather how to protect his family.

“Brother, we are short of manpower. This time we go back, you have to pick a few people to help. Big Brother Shuping and Big Brother Yuande are both good choices. I also want to send Yan and Bo to the National Academy to accompany Qing. Capital not like Yongxiu County, Qing needs familiar people around him.”

Wang Shijing said: “I’ll go find Big Brother Shuping and the others when I go back and see if they are willing to come to the capital and help me. You decide on the children.”

The two men discussed for a long time in the room. They couldn’t get involved in the current situation in the capital, and it was best to avoid it for a while. Wu Jian was still in hospital, and they also planned to bring Wu Jian when they returned to the village. Wu Jian was Jiang Kangchen’s weak spot, and for safety reasons, taking Wu Jian away would also allow Jiang Moxi to be at ease.

Shao Yunan had to meet the Empress today, so after the conversation, he tidied up and went into the palace. Seeing the Empress again, her attitude towards Shao Yunan was noticeably more affectionate.

The Empress did not keep anyone by her side, but there was a set of tea sets arranged on the tea table, a set that Shao Yunan “contributed.” Shao Yunan, with discerning eyes, stepped forward to brew the tea.

With a smile, the Queen said to Shao Yunan: “When you were still in the mansion, I often held you in my arms.” Following that, the Empress smile faded: “It’s just a childhood memory. You probably can’t remember it now.”

Shao Yunan lowered his head.

The Empress continued: “I am your uncle. Privately, you can call me ‘Uncle.'”

Shao Yunan readily agreed: “Uncle.”

The Empress picked up the teacup, took a sip, put it down, and looked up: “Yunan, tell Uncle the truth, do you really like Wang Shijing?”

Shao Yunan was taken aback for a moment, instinctively nodded: “Yes, I like him. If I didn’t, I would have separated from him long ago.”

The Empress continued straightforwardly: “Wang Shijing is not worthy of you. If you don’t like him very much, I will decide that you should be separated from him.”

Shao Yunan couldn’t understand the Empress intentions, so he said: “I like him. We have been together for a long time, and I have no intention of leaving him.”

“But I heard that you have not conceived yet. Your disappearance was a fastening wound for the Dai family. Now, although you have had an adventure, the matter of marriage is just a play, and I am unwilling to let you suffer any grievances.”

Everyone knew that without Shao Yunan, Wang Shijing would be nothing.

Out of concern for Shao Yunan, the Empress suggested separating him from Wang Shijing. However, Shao Yunan couldn’t be happier. He said seriously: “Uncle, I like him. Although our marriage is a bit confusing, it’s a blessing in disguise. I have a bad temper, and I can’t be as gentle and virtuous as a wife should be. I’m afraid only Shijing can tolerate me and give me full freedom. I also didn’t eat pregnancy fruits, not because Qing and Nizi don’t like it or anything. It’s my own choice not to have children. I can’t stand the thought of myself being pregnant, and I’m also afraid of the pain. Shijing already having a child is perfect for me.”

Shao Yunan was not a person who would willingly endure grievances. Saying this meant he truly felt that way. The Empress smiled again, saying: “Since you think Wang Shijing is the most suitable for you, I won’t interfere between you two. However, Wang Shijing’s birth mother, old Lady Zhu, cannot stay. My nephew, how could I allow a mean woman to insult him? I’ve already sent someone to Yongxiu County. Allowing her to keep her whole body is giving face to the Loyal and Brave Marquis.”

The Queen’s tone was indifferent, but Shao Yunan could tell that there was no room for negotiation in this matter. The Empress had already sent someone, and even if he pleaded, it wouldn’t make a difference.

Shao Yunan didn’t understand: “If Aunt Zhu is dead, won’t people say that Shijing is unfilial? No matter how we deny or cut off the relationship, she is still his birth mother. If Shijing becomes a marquis, and his birth mother dies, I’m afraid people will use this to attack him in the future.”

The Empress tone turned cold: “His Majesty granted the title of Marquis to Wang Shijing because he is your husband. Lady Zhu and the Shao family have no relation to you. As your husband, I will give him the dignity he deserves. Lady Zhu and her family’s criticism of your actions, I cannot easily forgive. For the ‘Loyal and Brave Marquis,’ Lady Zhu’s survival would be a disaster. You don’t need to plead for them. Behind you are the Dai family and me. If I treat this matter lightly, where is the dignity of the Dai family and the royal family?”

Shao Yunan pursed his lips and knelt down: “Yunan is grateful to Uncle for standing up for Yunan and considering Shijing. However, Wang Dali and his two children, I have arranged everything before Shijing and I came to the capital. They are all insignificant little people to me. If they are punished again, it will definitely be said that I and Shijing are inconsistent. The previous severance of relations was all arranged by Big Brother.  If Uncle can issue a decree and publicly state that Shijing and I have completely severed ties with the Wang family in Brave and Loyal Village, Shijing won’t be troubled by their affairs in the future, and people won’t criticize us.”

The Empress nodded and said: “It’s best if Wang Shijing can see through this. I will have His Majesty issue a decree. In the future, you and Wang Shijing will only be known as the Loyal and Brave Marquis family, with no blood ties to the Wang family in Loyal and Brave Village. As for Wang Dali’s family, since he is the biological father of the Loyal and Brave Marquis and was deceived by a malicious woman, I won’t punish him. As for the others, I will spare their lives, but the necessary punishments cannot be reduced. Wang Zhisong is forbidden from obtaining official positions for life, and Wang Tianyan and Wang Chunxiu’s descendants within three generations are prohibited from receiving official positions or military service. This is already the lightest punishment. You don’t need to plead for them anymore.”

“Thank you, Uncle.”

“Get up.”

Shao Yunan stood up and brewed tea for the Empress. After the Empress finished the second cup of tea, he said again: “Men giving birth is more painful than women, but the elders in the family always feel guilty towards you. If you can have one or two children, the old folks will be much happier.”

Shao Yunan couldn’t help but frown: “I really can’t stand the pain.”

The Empress said: “Endure it for a while, and it will pass.”

Shao Yunan picked up the teacup: “I’ll reconsider this.”

He never thought he would be pressured to have children one day!

Next, the Empress asked about Shao Yunan’s life in the Shao family and Xiushui Village. Shao Yunan couldn’t remember much about his time in the Shao family, and even if he did, the memories were blurry. He could only say that he became confused after falling into the water, and many things were forgotten. However, Shao Yunan talked about his relationship with Wei Hongwen. When the Empress heard that Shao Yunan had suggested Wei Hongwen do things for him, she was very satisfied. The Empress also revealed to Shao Yunan that she had assigned Wei Hongru to handle the maritime trade between Great State of Yan and Xianlu Kingdom which surprised Shao Yunan. Although he was surprised, he felt relieved. Meeting Wei Hongwen in the future would be less awkward.

The Empress kept Shao Yunan in the palace for a meal before he left. Once he left, the Empress went to meet Emperor Yongming. On that day, two imperial edicts left the capital — one went to the Shao family village, and the other went to Dashan Village.


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