Fierce “Husband” – Chapter 166

Under Guo Xun’s lead, Wang Shijing and Shao Yunan walked into the grand hall with their heads lowered. The two immediately sensed numerous eyes watching them. When they reached the spot where Guo Xun stopped, they knelt down and shouted, “This subject…”


“Get up.” Emperor Yongming couldn’t wait for them to finish the courtesy. After they stood up, he directly asked, “Wang Shijing, Shao Yunan, tell us, how did you obtain this Immortal Fruit?” Shao Yunan remained silent and as the head of the family, Wang Shijing spoke. “In reply to Your Majesty, on that night, at this subject’s house, Brother Tiger ” Emperor Yongming, who was impatient, interrupted. “Speak quickly. I want to know the truth about this Immortal Fruit.”


Wang Shijing narrated the events in detail without emphasizing the hardships or the miraculous nature of the fruit. It was his plain and straightforward account that made people believe more firmly that the situation was just as he described it, and the Immortal Fruit was indeed an “immortal” fruit.


After Wang Shijing finished, Lord Zhou, who had previously questioned them, raised another doubt. “With such an extraordinary fruit, only this one, yet you two didn’t consume it yourselves. Isn’t that strange?” Anyone could sense the implied meaning. ‘Was the fruit presented to the emperor was genuinely an “immortal” fruit?’


King Luo Rong was about to speak in anger, but someone beat him to it. Fearlessly, Shao Yunan lifted his head. “You might have the courage to taste the Immortal Fruit yourself, but Shijing and I don’t.”


“Daring commoner! How dare you slander me in the grand hall!” Lord Zhou quickly expressed his loyalty to Emperor Yongming. “Your Majesty, it is precisely because I am loyal to you that I have to doubt the authenticity of this Immortal Fruit.” Shao Yunan, not understanding court etiquette and utterly fearless, said coldly, “If you doubt it’s fake, why don’t you try eating it and see if you can become immortal?”


“You!” Lord Zhou glared at Shao Yunan. “In the grand hall, before the emperor, how dare you speak such nonsense!” Shao Yunan took a step forward, not backing down. “In the grand hall, before the emperor, why are you trying to show off your official authority to me? I say it’s real and you insist it’s fake. I suggest you try eating it to test the authenticity. You accuse me of talking nonsense. What else can I say? If you have the courage to eat the Immortal Fruit, Shijing and I don’t!”


Shao Yunan turned to look at the emperor. “Your Majesty, we intended to eat the Immortal Fruit after picking it. But later, we decided to present it to you and the Empress. If the Empress’ health improves because of it, you won’t have to worry about him and you can govern the country wholeheartedly. We were afraid that if we ate it, it might bring disaster to our relatives and friends. We can’t control the consequences after consuming it. Shijing and I often hear King Luo Rong talk about how deeply you care for the Empress, describing your concern for him as ‘a cup of water drawn from the weak waters of three thousand.’ It’s just that the Empress’ health is poor, and you often worry about it.”


“So, Shijing and I discussed it and decided to present this Immortal Fruit to you and the Empress. If the Empress’ health improves, you won’t have to worry about him, and you can govern the country wholeheartedly. This way, the lives of our family and the people of the Great State of Yan will become stable and better day by day. We consider it a meritorious deed. In truth, we don’t know if this Immortal Fruit can make one immortal, but eating such fruit is undoubtedly beneficial to one’s health. Shijing and I hope that you and the Empress will live for a thousand generations, unifying the Great State of Yan!”


Wang Shijing, kneeling in coordination, added, “May Your Majesty have boundless fortune. Only someone like Your Majesty is worthy of receiving this Immortal Fruit. Long live our Emperor for ten thousand years!”


King Luo Rong also knelt. “May Your Majesty have boundless fortune. Long live our Emperor for ten thousand, ten thousand years!” Those officials who shared King Luo Rong’s stance, including Elder Weng and Great General Dai, knelt down again, shouting “Long live the Emperor!” On the other hand, the ministers opposing them reiterated their doubts about the authenticity of the Immortal Fruit. Especially Lord Zhou, who had been embarrassed by Shao Yunan, earnestly begged Emperor Yongming to investigate the truth of the Immortal Fruit and not be deceived by cunning scoundrels. There might be something wrong with this extraordinary fruit and these two might have tampered with it.


Emperor Yongming raised his hand and the hall quieted down, he looked at Wang Shijing and Shao Yunan and asked, “You two, what reward do you want?”


“Your Majesty!” Emperor Yongming looked at Lord Zhou, who shivered and dared not speak. Emperor Yongming then turned his gaze back to Wang Shijing and Shao Yunan. Wang Shijing knocked his head on the floor and said, “Your Majesty, this subject has an unusual request.”




“Your Majesty, this subject’s life has been without a father despite having one; having a home, yet being homeless. And now, this subject has a family and elders who treat this subject like a son and a father. This subject pleads with Your Majesty to grant the Immortal Water to this subject’s father, Cen Yuebai and King Luo Rong, who loves this subject like a father, to Elder Weng, the father of all scholars in the country, and to Great General Dai, the father of all warriors in the country. A family with an elder is like having a treasure. The foster father is the treasure of our Wang family, King Luo Rong is the treasure of the royal family, and Elder Weng and Great General Dai are treasures of the Great State of Yan. They have all shown kindness to this subject’s family and this subject has no way to repay them. Please, Your Majesty, grant them the Immortal Water!”


Wang Shijing bowed three times and King Luo Rong, Elder Weng, and Great General Dai were stunned. Even Jiang Kangning was at a loss. Shao Yunan knelt down and also bowed three times. “Your Majesty, please, this subject and Shijing don’t want any rewards. We only wish for our elders to live a long and healthy life. We humbly ask Your Majesty to grant the Immortal Water to them.”


“Shijing! Yunan! Don’t say any more!” Elder Weng’s eyes teared up and he knocked his head on the floor. “Your Majesty, these two don’t understand the severity of the matter. Please forgive them.”


Great General Dai also knocked his head on the floor and pleaded. “Your Majesty, this old minister has lived long enough. I don’t seek Immortal Water. I implore Your Majesty to forgive their rashness!”


“Your Majesty!” King Luo Rong also wanted to kneel and plead.


“Your Majesty, these two are bold and reckless; they should…” Lord Zhou, seizing the opportunity, started speaking, but Emperor Yongming was impatient. “Shut up! You’ve been jumping up and down in the court. If I give you the Immortal Fruit, will you finally be silent?”


“I dare not! I am wholeheartedly loyal to Your Majesty, I…”


“Guards! Drag him out. His noise is giving me a headache.”


“Your Majesty, forgive me! I am loyal to you! Don’t be deceived by these villains! Your Majesty!” The despondent Lord Zhou was dragged out by the imperial guards. Indeed, the hall became much quieter. Emperor Yongming sat down calmly, closed his eyes, and after a moment of contemplation, he opened them.


“Yu Youguang.”


“Present!” Emperor Yongming’s words echoed in the hall. “Hurry, go to the residence of the Grand General and bring back the Empress.” Yu Youguang’s heart shook. “Yes!” After Yu Youguang left, Emperor Yongming looked at the group of people kneeling on the ground and spoke again. “Wang Shijing, Shao Yunan, if this Immortal Fruit is genuine, I will reward you generously. If it is fake, I will execute your nine generations.”


Wang Shijing knocked his head on the floor without saying a word. Shao Yunan raised his head. “Your Majesty, if this Immortal Fruit is fake, feel free to kill us. But because it is genuine, this assumption doesn’t exist. We don’t seek rewards. We only implore Your Majesty and the Empress to become immortals, ensuring the safety of our family.” Shao Yunan spoke confidently and everyone couldn’t help but wonder, could the Immortal Fruit be real?


“Permission granted.” Emperor Yongming didn’t explicitly say whether he would grant the Immortal Water, but Wang Shijing’s plea had moved the three elders present to tears. King Luo Rong finally understood the meaning behind Shao Yunan’s previous words. King Luo Rong wanted the Immortal Water badly. However, he felt self-reproachful that Wang Shijing had pleaded with the emperor for his sake. 


King Luo Rong only hoped that the Immortal Fruit could truly make one immortal, so the emperor wouldn’t blame those two children. Suppressing the tears of gratitude, King Luo Rong vowed in his heart to protect the safety of the two children and their family for the rest of his life.


After receiving the imperial decree from the palace, the Empress, without showing his face, felt a complex emotion, definitely not bitterness. Zhuo Jin was overjoyed and wiped away tears. Upon entering the palace, the Empress remained concealed, as his condition had not improved externally. 


The sedan chair was carried into the palace. Emperor Yongming had already moved to the sleeping palace. When the Empress arrived at the palace, he was assisted by Zhuo Jin and Guo Xun. Among the officials of the third rank and above who knelt to pay respects to the Empress, all could clearly see that the Empress’ face was pale, and his steps were unsteady.


Among those kneeling and paying respects, three individuals did not match the expected ranks. One was Jiang Kangning and the other two were the “commoners” Wang Shijing and Shao Yunan. Emperor Yongming made it clear that he would consume the Immortal Fruit with the Empress. Elder Weng did not object, Great General Dai did not object, King Luo Rong did not object, and the opposing voices disappeared after Emperor Yongming had someone drag Lord Zhou away. 


Many were hoping that after the Emperor and Empress consumed the Immortal Fruit, it would be ineffective or even harm them, so they wouldn’t have to say anything. The eyesores and thorns in their sides, such as Elder Weng and the delegates, could then be easily dealt with. Conversely, Elder Weng, Great General Dai, and King Luo Rong hoped that the Immortal Fruit was genuine.


After the Empress entered the palace, King Luo Rong stood up and solemnly asked, “Shijing, Yunan, is the Immortal Fruit really as you described?” Wang Shijing said solemnly, “This subject would never speak recklessly, much less fabricate such a thing.”


Shao Yunan was straightforward. “I would be an idiot to bring back a fake Immortal Fruit and cause trouble for myself. Everyone in the village knew about me and Shijing disappearing for those days. Whether it can make one immortal, I can’t guarantee, but it’s definitely a good thing. My lord, just rest assured.”

Elder Weng frowned and lectured his son. “You two are simply fooling around! Such a significant matter and you didn’t discuss it with me!” Jiang Kangning, with his head down, obediently listened to his adopted father’s scolding. After the reprimand, he said, “I was afraid of leaks. This thing would definitely attract countless troubles. Not to mention Shijing, with Yunan’s current status in front of the emperor and the Queen, why would he bother bringing something fake like this? If it wasn’t just in time for the spring tea, we would have gone to the capital a long time ago.”


Elder Weng covered his chest. “In this world, there really are Immortal Fruits.” Jiang Kangning said with deep meaning, “Our Great State of Yan can have a strange man descend into the world, so what is an Immortal Fruit.”


Elder Weng’s body shook as his heart pounded furiously. He knew very well that had it not been for the many things that had happened before, the Emperor would never have decided to accept this Immortal Fruit so easily.


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