Fierce “Husband” – Chapter 165

“Declare, the magistrate of Yongxiu County, Jiang Kangning–” Upon hearing his summons, Jiang Kangning adjusted his attire with one hand and with lowered head, followed the eunuch’s call, swiftly entering the grand hall. Arriving at the center, Jiang Kangning, holding a black wooden box, knelt down. “I, Jiang Kangning, Magistrate of Yongxiu County, kowtow to Your Majesty. May Your Majesty live for ten thousand years!”


Jiang Kangning, holding something in his hand, did not fully prostrate himself. Observing the box he held, both Elder Weng and Great General Dai raised their eyebrows simultaneously and Emperor Yongming subtly squinted his eyes. Dai Ming Ge also took a few more glances at the box, while other officials regarded it as an ordinary, albeit particularly ugly, container, showing disdain.


Emperor Yongming questioned… “Jiang Kangning, as the Magistrate of Yongxiu County, when seismic activity occurred in Xiushui Village, you concealed the information. Do you understand the severity of your offense?” Kowtowing again, Jiang Kangning, bold as brass, raised his head, met the gaze of the sovereign seated at the uppermost position, and lifted the black wooden box high. “Your Majesty, the seismic activity in Xiushui Village is no natural disaster or human calamity. It is the descent of the tree god from the Great Scholar Tree. Commanding the Tiger Immortal, Xiushui Village residents Wang Shijing and Shao Yunan, endured hardships to pluck the millennium Immortal Fruit for Your Majesty!”


Gasps resounded! Emperor Yongming had considered countless possibilities, but never expected this reason! As Jiang Kangning spoke, Emperor Yongming rose from the dragon throne. Emperor Yongming’s shock was evident, and both Elder Weng and Great General Dai stood up abruptly. Their surprise was genuine and not a simple performance, clearly showing they were unaware. The most convincing reaction came from King Luo Rong, who exclaimed, “Ahh Yunan said they couldn’t find the tree god!”


When King Luo Rongg shouted, all eyes turned to him. Emperor Yongming, with an intense voice, demanded, “Uncle! Clarify what you mean!” King Luo Rongg, bewildered, looked at Emperor Yongming, uttering incomprehensible words and forgetting to use the proper address for Shao Yunan, as he referred to him privately. Jiang Kangning interjected. “Your Majesty, let me explain this matter.”


“Speak quickly!” Jiang Kangning spoke… a lie required countless others to conceal it. Therefore, Jiang Kangning did not fabricate any falsehoods. He revealed the entire truth of the situation, glossing over the intricate details of Wang Shijing’s background and emphasizing the hardships of his life.


Jiang Kangning elaborated on how the Tiger Immortal guided Wang Shijing and Shao Yunan to pluck the Immortal Fruit, causing seismic activity in Xiushui Village. Subsequently, the revelation of Wang Shijing’s background brought forth the legend of the tree god from the Great Scholar Tree, which connected to Shao Yunan’s dream. They speculated that the tree god might have settled in Xiushui Village and the Tiger Immortal was its emissary in the mortal world.


After recounting these events, Jiang Kangning once again raised the black wooden box high, saying, “Your Majesty, the Immortal Fruit is here. It is of great importance and I beg Your Majesty’s forgiveness for concealing it until now.”


Emperor Yongming remained standing, feeling as if he couldn’t breathe, he stared fixedly at the object in Jiang Kangning’s hand. Su Xun ran down the stairs, took several deep breaths before daring to reach for Jiang Kangning’s hand, hugging the black wooden box tightly—completely hugging it—then turned around, step by step, steadily and cautiously ascending the stairs. He walked to Emperor Yongming, placing the box on the desk. After completing these actions, Su Xun quickly retreated to the side, wiping the cold sweat from his forehead.


Emperor Yongming’s gaze had been following the box the entire time, ultimately resting on the table. Jiang Kangning spoke again. “Your Majesty, when Wang Shijing and Shao Yunan handed over the Immortal Fruit, I asked them why, being Immortal Fruit, they did not consume it themselves but entrusted it to me to present to Your Majesty. They said the Immortal Fruit was not something ordinary people could partake in and they dared not taste it privately.” 


“Only Your Majesty, with a true dragon’s physique, could consume the Immortal Fruit. They nurtured this Immortal Fruit using the celestial water from the place it was plucked, stored it in the most spirited jade bottle, and enclosed it in an incorruptible divine wooden box, fearing any mishap. This divine wood is also called ebony, buried deep underground for thousands of years, and only reveals itself when the divine spirit descends.”


“The reason why I am only presenting this to Your Majesty now is firstly because I doubted the authenticity of this Immortal Fruit; secondly, as the Magistrate of Yongxiu County, it is currently the season for harvesting and processing spring tea. Bearing the heavy responsibility entrusted by Your Majesty, I dare not be negligent. Thirdly, regarding the Immortal Fruit, it is not my credit, but the achievements of Wang Shijing and Shao Yunan. I did not dare to take credit, so I presented it to Your Majesty after their arrival in the capital. I concealed such a significant matter and I request Your Majesty’s punishment.” Jiang Kangning kowtowed.


“Rise!” Emperor Yongming kept his eyes on the ebony box. A minister hastily stepped forward, kneeling and saying, “Your Majesty, regarding the matter of the Immortal Fruit, this minister has never heard of it. The Celestial Observatory mentioned a comet appearing over Xiushui Village. How could there be a tree god from the Great Scholar Tree? After hearing this, I found the matter extremely absurd. If it is indeed an Immortal Fruit, why wouldn’t Wang Shijing and Shao Yunan consume it themselves? It simply doesn’t make sense.”


King Luo Rong, displeased, walked out. “Lord Zhou, your words are incorrect. Wang Shijing and Shao Yunan are loyal to His Majesty. If they obtained the Immortal Fruit, their first thought would naturally be to present it to His Majesty. They wouldn’t consume it themselves, as Lord Zhou suggests.” The other minister’s complexion changed immediately. Kowtowing, he exclaimed, “May Your Majesty be wise! This minister harbors no such intention! I was merely concerned…”


King Luo Rong interrupted him: “Your Majesty, I know about the matter of the tree god. I was present at the time and even took off my shoes and socks to inspect it. My little finger indeed has two nails and there are indeed many villagers in Xiushui who are not originally from the north. That Tiger Immortal is exceptionally clever and well-versed in human language. If it’s not a Tiger Immortal, what else could it be? As for the Immortal Fruit, take it out, and we will know.”


Emperor Yongming, already impatient, was pleased with King Luo Rong’s last statement. Suppressing his eagerness, he spoke. “Guo Xun, open it.” Guo Xun knelt with a thud. “Your Majesty, this servant dares not.” Guo Xun, who knew some inside information, fully believed that the box contained the Immortal Fruit.


Emperor Yongming took a deep breath, reached for the ebony box, and opened it. Inside was a jade bottle of emerald green. Jiang Kangning quickly said from below, “Your Majesty, the bottle contains celestial water.” Emperor Yongming’s hand trembled. Guo Xun covered his chest and Jiang Kangning looked nervous. Emperor Yongming raised his head. “Have you seen it?”


Jiang Kangning nodded. “I have. It’s precisely because I’ve seen it that I believe this must be the Immortal Fruit. Your Majesty, if you draw back the curtains, you’ll see more clearly.” Emperor Yongming… “Draw back the curtains!”


The attendants immediately lowered the curtains in the hall, dimming the space considerably. Emperor Yongming took out the jade bottle and Guo Xun quickly stepped forward to receive the ebony box. The emerald green jade bottle concealed the radiance of the Immortal Fruit. Emperor Yongming held his breath, pinched the bottle cap with one hand, and slowly twisted it. Gentle light and a sweet fragrance emanated. When the cap was completely removed, the radiance suddenly burst forth, and the fragrance filled the entire hall.


Even Jiang Kangning, who had seen it before, couldn’t help but forget to breathe along with the astonished exclamations of others. Emperor Yongming leaned closer to the bottle’s mouth. When he saw the scene inside, he first displayed obvious surprise, then quickly covered the cap, his breath quickening. Emperor Yongmin… “Immediately summon Wang Shijing and Shao Yunan!”


“This servant will go!” Guo Xun quickly ran down the steps and out. The curtains were drawn, and Emperor Yongming sat on the dragon throne, holding the bottle in both hands, his face flushed. Jiang Kangning kowtowed. “Heaven bless our Emperor. The tree god has descended, bestowing the Immortal Fruit. May our Emperor live for ten thousand years!”


King Luo Rong knelt down. “Heaven bless our Emperor, granting the Immortal Fruit. May our Emperor live for ten thousand years!” Great General Dai and Elder Weng also knelt. “Heaven bless our Emperor, granting the Immortal Fruit. May our Emperor live for ten thousand, ten thousand years!” The other ministers under these circumstances, willingly or unwillingly, couldn’t help but kneel down and shout in unison. “Long live the Emperor!”


In the General’s Mansion, while accompanying the Empress to enjoy tea, Shao Yunan received the imperial decree. He had an expected expression and the Empress curiously asked the anxious Guo Xun, who came to deliver the decree, “What is the reason for the Emperor summoning Yunan and Shijing to the palace?”


“A major event!” Guo Xun didn’t conceal anything and quickly said, “They presented the Immortal Fruit to the Emperor. The fragrance and light from the fruit surprised the Emperor and he ordered this servant to summon them immediately.” The Empress was astonished. “Immortal Fruit?”


Shao Yunan… “Your Highness, it is indeed the Immortal Fruit. The Emperor is anxious, so Shijing and I will go to explain in person. We will come back later to give Your Highness a detailed explanation.” 


Guo Xun… Your Highness, why not come to the palace with us?” The Empress tightly held the armrest of the pillow under his elbow. After a moment, he shook his head. “No. You both go quickly; I shouldn’t show myself.”


“Your Highness…” Guo Xun wanted to say more, but the Empress raised his hand to stop him. “Say nothing.”


“Yes.” Bowing his head, Guo Xun was quite worried. If the Immortal Fruit was genuine, how would the Emperor decide? If the Immortal Fruit was false, despite Wang Shijing and Shao Yunan’s seemingly calm demeanor, they would inevitably be anxious. However, because it was genuine, after Wang Shijing and Shao Yunan boarded the imperial carriage, their expressions were calm. Shao Yunan even had the mood to tease Guo Xun. “Guo Xun, you surprised me with this joy. What rewards do you think the Emperor will give me?”


Guo Xun’s face turned red instantly. Could it really be the Immortal Fruit? Wang Shijing pinched Shao Yunan’s waist. Shortly, when they met the Emperor, Shao Yunan would have to be cautious with his words. While Shao Yunan had the mood to joke with Guo Xun in the carriage, the atmosphere in the grand hall was tense. 


Emperor Yongming held the ebony box like he was sitting on pins and needles, repeatedly questioning King Luo Rong and Jiang Kangning about the seismic activity in Xiushui Village. If it weren’t for his status, Emperor Yongming would have definitely taken off his shoes and socks on the spot to see whether his big toe had one or two thumbnails.


With a thousand expectations, the eunuch’s shout finally sounded outside. “Xiushui Village villagers, Wang Shijing and Shao Yunan has arrived-” Emperor Yongming quickly stood up. “Let them in!”


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