Fierce “Husband” – Chapter 219

After the wedding banquet, a completely drunk King Rong was helped by Wang Shijing and young Master Murong to the only large room on the top floor of Yunlong Pavilion, which had already been decorated as a bridal chamber. King Rong, dizzy and unsteady, was given a cup of water by Wang Shijing. He then managed to complete the final ceremony with Guo Zimu. Once the door was closed, King Rong pounced on his newlywed consort.

“Murong, don’t tear it, I’ll take it off myself.”

“Sweet Zimu…”

A slightly sobered King Rong couldn’t wait for Guo Zimu to undress. It was his big day, and he had waited too long for this moment.
Before the ceremonial robes were ruined, Guo Zimu managed to take them off. Underneath, he was wearing only a thin vest and a pair of briefs. King Rong almost had a nosebleed at the sight and immediately started licking through the briefs. The already warm room became even hotter, and having drunk some wine, Guo Zimu felt more liberated on his wedding day. He slipped inside King Rong’s still-worn wedding robes, pulled down his undershorts, and took his already engorged member into his mouth.

While the newlyweds enjoyed their bridal night, the unfortunate Wang Shijing and Shao Yunan had to endure the cold journey back to the capital. Wang Shijing had Shao Yunan enter a secure space, while he and Tiger remained in the carriage. Shao Yunan, estimating the time inside the space, emerged just as the carriage reached the palace.

The couple was led to the East Hall, which puzzled Shao Yunan—shouldn’t it be Jingyou Palace? It was quite late, and he wondered if the Empress was still up.
Upon entering East Hall, Shao Yunan understood: only the Emperor was present. As soon as they arrived, Emperor Yongming, with a stern face, said: “Madam Wang Shao, you certainly made a spectacle today.”

Shao Yunan was genuinely confused: “Your Majesty, what do you mean? Today’s stars were the King and his consort.”

“Hmph,” Emperor Yongming didn’t hide his displeasure: “It was King Rong and Guo Zimu getting married, but the grandiosity was your doing, Madam Wang Shao.”


Wang Shijing quickly interjected: “Your Majesty, today’s wedding was indeed extravagant, but it was Yunan’s way of honoring the King. He had a difficult life, and Yunan just wanted to give him a precious memory.”

Emperor Yongming slammed the table: “The King suffered, but do you think the Empress and I didn’t?”

Shao Yunan immediately understood and tugged Wang Shijing’s sleeve, nodding vigorously: “Bitter, extremely bitter! More bitter than bitter herbs! Especially my uncle. He not only endured the pain of residual poison but also the grief of losing a child. Although life is better now and my uncle is pregnant again, it doesn’t erase the past suffering. Even as an outsider, I feel sorrow whenever I think of it!”

Emperor Yongming’s expression softened considerably. If this were a comic, Wang Shijing would have had three black lines on his forehead.

Feigning curiosity, Shao Yunan asked: “Your Majesty, what was your wedding like with my uncle?”

“Hmph.” Emperor Yongming’s face grew cold again, filled with anger and resentment: “When Qiyou and I got married, many ministers opposed it. If it weren’t for his ties to the Dai family, I wouldn’t have had my way. Even then, I had to compromise at times. The state treasury was empty, and I had just ascended the throne. To avoid giving anyone an excuse to criticize Qiyou, our wedding was less grand than that of many noble families. Qiyou’s wedding robes were made in less than a month.”

Shao Yunan felt truly sad. Wang Shijing was also deeply moved, not by the simplicity of the Emperor and Empress’s wedding, but by thinking of his own situation. When Shao Yunan married him, he had nothing to offer, and it had been a disgraceful scene. At that moment, Wang Shijing completely understood Emperor Yongming’s feelings.

“Alas, I want to make it up, but how can I marry him again?” Emperor Yongming, speaking as a man deeply in love with his partner, made Shao Yunan feel ashamed for doubting his feelings for the Empress and worrying that he might be interested in Guo Zimu.

“Your Majesty, I understand your feelings well. My marriage with Yunan was also a mess.”

Shao Yunan nudged Wang Shijing, signaling him to stop complicating things.

Finding a kindred spirit, Emperor Yongming said: “This is a thorn in my heart. You must find a way for me to make it up to him, or else…”

Shao Yunan immediately responded: “Your Majesty, it’s actually quite simple.”

Emperor Yongming warned: “Don’t suggest a full moon or hundred-day celebration. I don’t want anything incidental.”

Shao Yunan shook his head: “No, no. Your Majesty, you and the Empress can’t have another wedding, or people will say you’re wasting resources.”


“But you indeed owe the Empress a grand wedding and must make amends.”


Shao Yunan asked: “Your Majesty, how many years have you been married to the Empress?” He recalled it being four years.

Indeed, Emperor Yongming replied: “This year marks our fourth year, soon to be the fifth. But we’ve been together for fifteen years.”

Wow, they had really been together for a long time. Wang Shijing felt a pang of envy but quickly realized that at seventeen, he and Yunan had a long future ahead.

Shao Yunan remarked: “Your Majesty’s love for the Empress is a blessing for all of us.”

Emperor Yongming glared: “Think of a solution quickly!”

Shao Yunan smiled: “It’s actually quite simple. Next year is your fifth wedding anniversary, which is a wooden anniversary. Hold a grand celebration for it.

Afterward, celebrate every five years. Isn’t that better than a one-time compensation?”

Emperor Yongming’s eyes lit up: “Wedding anniversary? Wooden anniversary?”

Shao Yunan listed all the different wedding anniversaries he could remember, then explained: “The longer you’ve been married, the more significant the anniversaries become. A forty-year ruby anniversary, a fifty-year golden anniversary, a sixty-year diamond anniversary—those are major milestones. You and the

Empress have both consumed immortal fruits, so living to a hundred won’t be a problem.”
Emperor Yongming was intrigued.

“Uncle Murong and Brother Guo’s wedding was known to be funded by our Hou residence, so no one had any objections. The state treasury is still not full, so your first wedding anniversary celebration should be hosted by our Hou residence to silence any criticism. It’s also my way of showing respect to my uncle and you. But since you are the Emperor, others will follow your lead. So, for the first celebration, go all out. Publicly, it’s to make up for the simplicity of your wedding. It’s justifiable. In the future, you can celebrate the anniversaries privately, which will become your special tradition. When you reach forty, fifty, and sixty years, you can hold grand celebrations again. By then, even without touching the state treasury, your private funds will be sufficient.”

“Great! Let’s hold this anniversary celebration!”

Emperor Yongming was pleased and relieved.

“When did you and the Empress get married?”

“September 23” Emperor Yongming remembered it clearly.

There were still nine months to go, enough time. Shao Yunan said: “The new year is almost here. The fifth anniversary of your marriage with the Empress will be the wooden anniversary, giving us nine months to prepare. By then, the baby will be born and can witness your love for the Empress—it’s a win-win.”
Emperor Yongming grinned widely.

“Loyal and brave marquis, you truly married a virtuous helper.”

“Thank you for the compliment, Your Majesty.”

Wang Shijing also felt moved.

Shao Yunan said: “Your Majesty, do you want to give my uncle a surprise?”

“Of course” the Emperor, in a good mood, began to imagine: “I want to give him a huge surprise!”

This consort understood romance well. Shao Yunan nodded: “Alright, I’ll draft a plan. Once you approve it, I’ll start preparations as soon as I deliver.”

“Good!” Emperor Yongming paused, then added: “My private funds will cover half the cost.” It would be too much to cover the entire expense.

Shao Yunan said: “Since I’m handling it, Your Majesty need not spend money. However, there is one thing you must buy personally, and it must come from your private funds.”

“What is it?”

“Rings. Wedding rings. Whether you buy them or find them in your treasury, I need two unique gemstones—beautiful, precious, and meaningful.”

“Alright!” Emperor Yongming decided to handle this himself.

In the carriage leaving the palace, Shao Yunan nestled in Wang Shijing’s arms, almost asleep. Brother Tiger had been put in the space, as the carriage was too cramped. In such cold weather, he didn’t want Brother Tiger running outside.

Wang Shijing eagerly said: “Wife, let’s also celebrate wedding anniversaries.”

Shao Yunan, eyes closed, hummed: “We’ve only been married a few years, nothing to celebrate yet. Let’s talk about it in twenty or thirty years. When my father returns from the frontier, we must have a proper wedding. Didn’t you see my little dad crying today? Our situation is different from the Emperor’s. We didn’t have a wedding at all, in principle, we should make up for it.”

Wang Shijing was delighted: “When the General returns, we’ll make it up!”

It was uncertain when Dai Mingrong would return, but Wang Shijing believed it wouldn’t be too long. Once enough crossbows and gunpowder were prepared, it would be the end of the Huhar Kingdom. With the border secure, the General would naturally return to the capital.

The Empress had little resentment about their simple wedding. Being able to marry Emperor Yongming openly, becoming the head of the harem, and his only consort was more than enough. Any regrets about children had been resolved. However, Guo Zimu stunning entrance today did make the Empress a bit envious, but it faded upon returning to the palace. Guo Zimu, a person of such rare beauty, chose King Rong wholeheartedly, showing his good heart and character. The Empress was also very satisfied with Guo Zimu’s respectful demeanor towards Emperor Yongming.

The new year was approaching, and both Emperor Yongming and the Empress had many duties to attend to. With the Empress’s condition, only Emperor Yongming and King Rong would manage the ceremonies, requiring the help of King Rong and Guo Zimu.

Without elders in the palace, King Rong and Guo Zimu had no worries about waking early to serve tea the next day. They celebrated their wedding night to the fullest in Yunlong Pavilion’s bridal chamber. King Rong, experiencing greater happiness than his first marriage, had been given a diluted spiritual milk tea by Wang Shijing, sobering him up and transforming him into a tireless lover. The newlyweds reveled in their union, wishing every night could be like this.

Unaware of the envy they sparked, many noblemen and wealthy elites regretted that such a beautiful person was now off-limits. For days after the banquet, many young men couldn’t stop thinking about Guo Zimu’s breathtaking appearance. If he had been single, countless conflicts might have arisen. Unfortunately for them, Guo Zimu’s marriage to King Rong was unassailable, given the formidable backing of his family.

Guo Zimu gained immense fame, along with Yunlong Dessert Shop, Yunlong Clothing Shop, and the weaving workshop under the Loyal and Brave Marquis’s control.
After the wedding, Yunlong Pavilion received a flood of banquet reservations, many specifying wedding arrangements similar to the royal wedding. The only room on the upper floor was also requested to be a secondary bridal chamber. Unlike brides, grooms couldn’t hide during the ceremony, making this unique wedding possible only for male spouses. Unmarried girls in the capital weren’t happy about this—they wanted such weddings too! Soon, men preparing to marry were joyful, while women were disgruntled.

Yunlong Pavilion, staying neutral, took orders with family consent. The first wedding order was for the legitimate son of Jingling Marquis’s second son, who was marrying a male spouse. Jingling Marquis was related to General Dai’s family. With many orders, Yunlong Pavilion prioritized Jingling Marquis’s. They ordered the banquet, cake, and wedding robes. In this region, wedding preparations began at least six months in advance. Those not scheduled either postponed their weddings or followed traditional customs.

Yunlong Pavilion, Yunlong Dessert Shop, and Yunlong Clothing Shop launched three-tier service and product options—low, medium, and high-priced. Jingling Marquis chose the mid-tier. Unlike the wealthy Loyal and Brave Marquis’s family, few could match King Rong’s grand wedding. However, even the mid-tier was sufficient for a grand celebration. The Yunlong Group quickly adapted, establishing the Yunlong Wedding Shop, marking the official start of comprehensive wedding services in Yan Kingdom.

Although Guo Zimu’s wedding was costly, the returns were substantial. Shao Yunan, as the main planner and decision-maker, had shares in each new project of Yunlong Group, earning him significant profits. Spending was also carefree; the three children, Jiang Moxi, Nizi, and Wang Qing, handled large sums of money calmly. Amid this prosperity, the new year arrived.


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