Fierce “Husband” – Chapter 143.1

Kang Rui was looking at the list and corresponding personal profiles that Jiang Kangning had given him. Shao Yunan entered with a cup of grapefruit tea and Kang Rui asked, “Is that batch of cream puffs ready?”

“They’re almost done. Would you like to taste them, Senior Brother?”


Placing the grapefruit tea in front of his senior brother, Shao Yunan leaned against the desk and said, “Senior Brother, there’s been a fight in Wang Zhu’s household.”

“Hmm?” Kang Rui raised his eyes.

“It seems that Wang Zhisong found out about the local Scholar recommendation letter. Wang Dali is probably divorcing his wife and dividing the family property for his sake.”

Kang Rui frowned. “Am I supposed to write Wang Zhisong’s recommendation letter then?”

“Ah?!” Shao Yunan’s immediate reaction was, “Senior Brother, are you out of your mind? Aren’t you afraid of being reported if you write his recommendation letter?”

Kang Rui glared at Shao Yunan. “This is the Emperor’s intention.”


Kang Rui raised his hand to close Shao Yunan’s open jaw. “I mean it literally.”

Shao Yunan exclaimed, “The Emperor knows about Wang Zhisong? He’s even involved in his recommendation letter? Does he have that much influence?!”

Kang Rui said, “Where has your intelligence gone? How could the Emperor care about an insignificant student? It’s all for your sake.”

“For me?” Shao Yunan kept repeating it.

Kang Rui explained. “My former teacher in the capital told me about this matter before I left. The Emperor knows about your and Shijing’s family affairs. Considering Wang Zhisong’s reputation, there is no hope for his recommendation letter. But the Emperor realized that when the time comes, that family will surely trouble you and Shijing, no matter how decisively you refuse. As long as they hold onto the blood relationship between Shijing and them, you won’t be able to sever ties completely. The Emperor’s intention is to spare Shijing from these difficulties. Wang Zhisong taking the examination is impossible if he’s not good at studying and you two can’t be blamed.”

Shao Yunan sniffled. “What should we do, Senior Brother? I’m so touched.”

Kang Rui said, “With your happy-go-lucky expression, I can’t see where you’re touched.”

“Hehe.” Shao Yunan leaned closer. “The Emperor holds us in such high regard, Senior Brother.”

Kang Rui pretended to be serious as he said, “Yes, you and Shijing are the Emperor’s favorites. Senior Brother will have to bask in your glory in the future.”

“Senior Brother, if you want to bask in any glory, just say it!” Shao Yunan patted his chest confidently, but Kang Rui gave him another stern look. Seizing the opportunity, Kang Rui gave him a piece of advice. “Never say such things in the future. The Emperor values you and Shijing and it’s your good fortune. But don’t treat this favor as something you’re entitled to. Many have fallen into this trap of self-importance.”

Shao Yunan immediately straightened his posture and said respectfully, “I understand your teachings, Senior Brother.” Then he returned to his usual self and added, “But I don’t want you, Senior Brother, to write that recommendation letter. If you write it, someone will undoubtedly accuse you of unfairness and others who are similarly unqualified as Wang Zhisong will use it as a pretext to demand recommendation letters from you in the future. So, will you write them or not? Moreover, once you set this precedent, it’ll be hard to stop. That family is insatiable. It’s better if you don’t write it.”

Kang Rui said, “You don’t need to worry about these matters. As you said, when the water is clear, there are no fish. This recommendation letter is just a means and can’t eliminate people with poor character completely. There will always be someone who exploits the system. One more Wang Zhisong won’t make a difference and one less won’t change much either. In Yongxiu County, there are only a dozen people who can participate in the imperial examination. If someone doesn’t meet the standards, there will probably be only one Wang Zhisong. If he fails, others won’t say anything, they might even mock him.”

Shao Yunan replied, “I’m just concerned that people might say you were unfair in this matter and tarnish your reputation, Senior Brother.”

Kang Rui smiled warmly. “I know you’re concerned about my reputation. You can rest assured, Senior Brother will handle it properly.”

Shao Yunan nodded. “I’ll follow your lead, Senior Brother. But now that their family has already caused a commotion, my suggestion is to wait. If they come to you, you can write the letter. If they don’t dare to, then leave it be.”


Meanwhile, in the Wang family, chaos had erupted. Wang Zhisong rushed home in a panic, immediately bursting into tears upon entering the house. He had been eagerly awaiting this year’s imperial examination, only to discover the unexpected requirement of a ‘Scholar recommendation letter.’ How could Yongxiu County’s sholars, Kang Rui and Cen Yuebai, possibly write such a letter for him? 

Wang Zhisong couldn’t forget how his good mother had begged for money in front of Kang Rui and Cen Yuebai. He wasn’t foolish enough to believe that Kang Rui and Cen Yuebai would write a recommendation letter for him. Now, his path to the imperial examination was severed and it felt like a death sentence!

As Wang Zhisong entered his home, he began to cry and curse at his family. He blamed his mother for holding him back and blamed his older brother and sister-in-law, who had been imprisoned, for the same. Now that he had no hope of the imperial examination, he might as well die. Wang Dali also didn’t deserve to live. He continued his rant, shouting and crying.

For Wang Dali, who had lived a frustrated life, his only hope was Wang Zhisong. Now that Wang Zhisong’s chance of passing the examination had evaporated, and he saw his wife, son, and daughter-in-law in their current state, he suddenly became emboldened. Perhaps it was the pent-up frustration he had accumulated over the years that now surged to the surface. Regardless, he was undeterred. He rushed to the home of Zhao Lizheng, the village head and demanded that Zhao Lizheng draft a family division contract and a divorce letter.

Wang Dali’s intention to divide the family and divorce his wife was an alarming development. Zhao Lizheng immediately dispatched Zhao Yuanqing to inform the Wang family of the situation. The Wang family fight, which had just escalated, was interrupted by Wang Dali’s desire to divorce his wife and divide the family. Wang Dali demanded that Zhao Lizheng make the decision for him. He also demanded that Zhao Lizheng write a divorce letter.

Wang Dali’s plan to divide the family and divorce his wife was a significant issue. Old Lady Wang and Wang Tianyan immediately ceased their conflict with Wang Dali and rushed to Zhao Lizheng’s home. Wang Zhisong, who had initially supported his biological father’s decision, followed suit. Not only was the division of the family at stake, but also Wang Zhisong’s last hope to participate in the imperial examination. He had no chance of success if his family situation remained this chaotic.


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