Fierce “Husband” – Chapter 167

Regardless of what the people outside may think, inside the Emperor’s palace, Emperor Yongming and the Empress stood facing each other, while Guo Xun and Zhuo Jin stood in a corner. Emperor Yongming ordered the curtains of the palace to be pulled down and opened the ebony box. When the enchanting fragrance of the Immortal Fruit wafted out and the soft light appeared, even the Empress was too shocked to react.


Emperor Yongming took out a jade bottle from the ebony box and Guo Xun immediately stepped forward to receive the box, then quickly stepped back. Emperor Yongming spoke. “Bring a jade cup.”


Guo Xun quickly brought a larger jade cup and Emperor Yongming poured the Immortal Fruit along with the Immortal Water into the jade cup. The radiance of the Immortal Fruit illuminated the entire sleeping palace. The Empress held his breath and even Emperor Yongming felt his heart pounding.


“I assume you already know about the Immortal Fruit,” Emperor Yongming said. The Empress raised his head. Emperor Yongming took a deep breath, picked up the Immortal Fruit, put it into his mouth, and then hugged the Empress. Sensing Emperor Yongming’s intention, the Empress struggled free and hastily said, “Your Majesty, it’s not advisable!” He knelt down heavily. “There’s only one Immortal Fruit; I implore Your Majesty to consume it quickly.”


Emperor Yongming bent down, grabbed the Empress’ arm to pull him up, and without giving the Empress a chance to object again, he used his other hand to hold the Empress’ head, covering his mouth.


Tears stained Guo Xun and Zhuo Jin’s garments. Emperor Yongming firmly held the Empress’ chin, making him open his mouth. One Immortal Fruit, Emperor Yongming forcefully fed half of it to the Empress. At that moment, the sweet fruit entered the Empress’ mouth, his bitter tears mixed with it. Emperor Yongming held onto the Empress tightly until the single Immortal Fruit entered both their stomachs. Until he was sure there was no more Immortal Fruit in the Empress’ mouth, only then did Emperor Yongming let go.


“Your Majesty…” Tears rolled down the Empress’ eyes and Emperor Yongming embraced him, his voice hoarse. “With three thousand weak waters, I only take a sip from you. From heaven to earth, I will take you with me. I, Emperor Yongming…” Emperor Yongming’s voice paused, then he clenched the Empress in pain, and his entire body arched.




“Your Majesty!”


“Empress!” Suddenly, the painful cries of the emperor echoed in the sleeping palace. After a moment of confusion outside, everyone looked at Wang Shijing and Shao Yunan, then rushed towards the door of the palace.


“Your Majesty!”


“Don’t come in!” It was the Empress.


“Shijing! Yunan!” Elder Weng, Great General Dai, and King Luo Rong were frightened, and even Jiang Kangning felt a chill. Wang Shijing calmly said, “If it’s the Immortal Fruit, there should be some unusual reactions after consumption.” Shao Yunan added, “If the Empress won’t let anyone in; it shouldn’t be a bad thing.”


“Wang Shijing! Shao Yunan! If anything happens to the Emperor and the Empress, even a thousand cuts wouldn’t be enough!” One official scolded angrily. Shao Yunan glanced at him disdainfully. “To kill or to cut requires the Emperor’s orders. Sir, are you looking forward to something happening to the Emperor and the Empress? The Empress has said not to enter until the results are out. Even if they haven’t come out yet, you’re so eager. It’s really unseemly.”


Shao Yunan had absolute confidence because he was already anticipating significant rewards from the Emperor. With the backing of the Emperor and the Empress, as well as the General’s residence, even if several dukes were present, he wouldn’t show any respect.


“Everyone, shut up! We don’t know the situation inside now, and wild speculations are unfounded!” Great General Dai was not polite, but everyone knew he was addressing someone specific. Being challenged by Shao Yunan and then being rebuked by Great General Dai, the official’s face was extremely awkward. Someone tugged at him and he snorted before turning away.


Inside the palace, the Emperor’s cries continued, making everyone uneasy. Simultaneously, people couldn’t help but whisper. Without the Empress’ voice, did Emperor Yongming consume the Immortal Fruit alone? Even Shao Yunan was wondering. Emperor Yongming wouldn’t have swallowed it alone, would he? If that were the case, it would be a real embarrassment. 


Shao Yunan had forgotten or perhaps he hadn’t considered that, having administered the Spiritual Milk to the Empress himself, the Empress had already experienced pain once. Although this time was also somewhat painful, it was entirely within the range of tolerance.


In the palace, the Empress held onto Emperor Yongming to prevent him from hurting himself. With the assistance of Guo Xun and Zhuo Jin, they managed to remove Emperor Yongming’s clothes, which were covered in filthy stains.


When Emperor Yongming’s pain subsided to a soft groan, Guo Xun and Zhuo Jin had lost count of how many basins of dirty water they had used to clean him. People outside could only see basin after basin of clean water being brought in and dirty water being carried out. Everyone was speculating about what was happening and some had figured out a bit, feeling anxious.


The Empress’ clothes were also soiled, mostly from Emperor Yongming. After pouring several cups of water for Emperor Yongming, when he finally caught his breath, the first thing he said was, “Trojan horse.”


Emperor Yongming’s ordeal lasted for an hour. An hour might not be long, but for Emperor Yongming, it felt like he had traveled between heaven and earth. Guo Xun and Zhuo Jin, who witnessed the changes in Emperor Yongming, were almost dropping their jaws.


Finally, the door of the sleeping palace opened and Guo Xun emerged, sweat covering his face, but a joyful smile adorned it. Some people smiled upon seeing this, while others sank into deep contemplation. Elder Weng immediately asked, “How are His Majesty and the Empress?”


Guo Xun smiled at Elder Weng. “His Majesty and the Empress are very well. They are currently bathing and changing. His Majesty requests Elder Weng, Great General Dai, King Luo Rong, and all the esteemed officials to wait in the East Hall.”


Very well… Many people felt a chill. Elder Weng, Great General Dai, and King Luo Rong finally laughed with relief. Wang Shijing and Shao Yunan remained calm. after all, it was the Immortal Fruit and it wouldn’t make them just “very well.”


Guo Xun and Zhuo Jin then began coordinating with the eunuchs and palace maids to prepare hot water. Wang Shijing and Shao Yunan followed to the East Hall. Now, no one spoke and no one questioned the authenticity of the Immortal Fruit anymore. Various eyes focused on Wang Shijing and Shao Yunan. The two of them, standing calmly behind Elder Weng and Great General Dai, appeared composed. Elder Weng, Great General Dai, and King Luo Rong, although hiding it well, were far from as calm as they pretended to be.


After waiting for almost another hour, when Emperor Yongming and the Empress walked hand in hand into the East Hall, even Shao Yunan couldn’t help but whistle softly in his mind. First, he looked at Emperor Yongming, who had a rosy complexion, fair skin, and the graying hair at his temples had completely turned into dark strands. 


Most ancient people showed signs of aging and Emperor Yongming was no exception. But at this moment, he looked like a young man with dewy skin.

The Empress’ transformation was even more remarkable. Not only was his complexion rosy, but he also looked like a sixteen-year-old youth. His fair skin was so dazzling that it made people’s eyes spin. Great General Dai seemed to be in a trance, as if he had traveled back many years.


Elder Weng was the first to react and knelt down. “Congratulations to our Emperor, congratulations to the Empress!” Great General Dai also snapped out of it, kneeling with the support of Wang Shijing. “Congratulations to our Emperor, congratulations to the Empress.” For a moment, congratulations echoed.


“Rise, all esteemed ministers. Shijing and Yunan, quickly get up.” Emperor Yongming’s added remark revealed his extremely good mood. Many people cast complex and envious glances at the two, but Great General Dai chuckled and directly said, “The Emperor and the Empress consuming the Immortal Fruit is not only their good fortune, but also the blessing of the people of the Great State of Yan.”


As Emperor Yongming and the Empress took their seats, both wore joyful expressions. Emperor Yongming said, “Originally, this blessing was not for me and the Empress, but was delivered into our hands by Shijing and Yunan.” The Empress, with a delightful smile, looked at Wang Shijing and Shao Yunan and said, “Your loyalty to the Emperor has been witnessed. Your presentation of the Immortal Fruit is truly a remarkable feat. The Emperor rewards you generously and I also wish to reward you.”


Shao Yunan knelt down. “Emperor, Empress, Shao Yunan and Shijing doesn’t seek additional rewards. We earnestly request the Emperor and Empress to bestow the Immortal Water.” He bowed. Kneeling was nothing if it helped him obtain the water in front of so many witnesses. It was a gesture to conceal his biggest secret.


Wang Shijing also knelt down. Elder Weng, Great General Dai, and King Luo Rong became anxious. The three of them knelt down together to plead, but Emperor Yongming raised his hand to silence them, then continued. “Shijing, Yunan, you have been loyal to me, filial to your fathers, and devoted to the Great State of Yan. The Immortal Fruit could have been exclusively yours, but you willingly risked everything to present it to me. I’m deeply grateful and moved by your selfless act, even at the risk of punishment and persecution.” After a pause, Emperor Yongming’s tone changed. “Yuan Hongmin.”


“Here.” The Chief Minister of the Cabinet immediately stepped forward.


“Draft the edict.”


“Yes.” Yuan Hongmin quickly took a seat at the small desk used for drafting edicts, while Guo Xun arranged the paper.


“Villagers Wang Shijing and Shao Yunan of Xiushui Village, Yongxiu County, having braved countless dangers to acquire the Immortal Fruit for me and the Empress, confer the title of Loyal and Brave Marquis upon Wang Shijing, to be hereditary; grant Shao Yunan the rank of Second Rank Commander-in-Chief; bestow the title of Crown Prince upon Wang Qing, the eldest son; and grant the title of Yilan Princess to Wang Jingyan, the eldest daughter; declare the Three Tigers as Guardians of the Nation.”


“Award a pair of Golden Medals of Pardon. Rename Xiushui Village to Loyalty and Bravery Village, and confer the title of Loyalty and Bravery Marquis. Grant marriage between Yilan Princess and King Luo Rong’s grandson, Jiang Moxi. Choose a day for the betrothal ceremony. Reward a thousand acres of fertile land, three jade mines, a hundred household servants, a hundred pieces of fine silk and satin, a hundred artisans, one official kiln, and one weaving workshop. Permit the Loyalty and Bravery Marquis to establish their own residence and ancestral temple. From this day forth, the Loyalty and Bravery Marquisate shall be known as the Loyalty Prince’s Family.”


Never mind how frightened and uneasy the people below were, or how shaky the hands of the Cabinet Minister drafting the edict were. Even Shao Yunan felt his scalp tingling, not to mention Wang Shijing.


Emperor Yongming’s rewards were complete. He didn’t grant gold and silver or antique artworks, as Shao Yunan and Wang Shijing didn’t lack or need them. All the rewards were practical and fitting for the two. After Emperor Yongming finished his rewards, the Empress spoke. “From this day forth, the Commander-in-Chief and Yilan Princess may walk freely in front of me in the palace.”


Zhuo Jin immediately walked to Shao Yunan with two jade tokens and Shao Yunan accepted them on his knees. The Empress continued, “The Loyalty Marquis’ son and Jiang Moxi will enter the National Academy. This matter needs the personal arrangements of the Old Imperial Tutor.”


“The old minister will diligently follow the Empress’ wise decree.”


“Yilan Princess will enter the palace every day to learn palace rules and etiquette, and I would also like to ask the Old Imperial Master to find a suitable person to teach Yilan Princess about music, chess, calligraphy, and painting.”


“I’ll do it quickly.”


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