Fierce “Husband” – Chapter 162

After waiting for a short while, Guo Zimu, wearing a mask, appeared. As he entered, he kept his head lowered. Without waiting for King Luo Rong to speak, he knelt down and greeted. “The slave Guo Zimu, pays his respects to Your Majesty.” As a slave, Guo Zimu’s words made Emperor Yongming’s expression unreadable. After a moment of silence, he said, “Rise.”

King Luo Rong couldn’t bear to see Guo Zimu kneeling and rushed over to help him up. Guo Zimu had endured the stormy night just before and kneeling like this would surely make him uncomfortable.

“Please be seated.”

“I dare not.” Considering Guo Zimu’s status, he indeed couldn’t take a seat. However, King Luo Rong couldn’t care less about such formalities. If the Emperor said to sit, what was the harm in sitting? King Luo Rong pulled Guo Zimu down into a chair and took a seat beside him. Watching this scene, Emperor Yongming couldn’t help but jest, “Uncle, this is the first time I’ve seen you so nervous about someone. It seems you’ve truly decided on him.”

King Luo Rong, holding Guo Zimu’s hand, publicly displayed their affection, nodding repeatedly. “Yes, yes, even at my age, I never expected to meet someone I like, who also likes me in return.” Guo Zimu kept his head down, tightly holding King Luo Rong’s hand. His hands were very cold and he feared the most powerful person in the world would ask him to remove his mask.

Emperor Yongming picked up a teacup and took a sip before asking, “Guo Zimu, how did you come to like this King, your uncle?” King Luo Rong suddenly felt awkward. The Emperor was being too straightforward.

Guo Zimu, without raising his head, bit his lip and said in a low voice, “I just… like him.”Emperor Yongming continued, “I heard that you have an extraordinarily beautiful face. I can’t understand why you would be willing to marry King Luo Rong.”

“Your Majesty,” King Luo Rong spoke up, not wanting the Emperor to pressure Guo Zimu like this. Guo Zimu, despite feeling extremely scared, was grateful that he had been influenced by Shao Yunan. Otherwise, he would still be hiding behind someone, afraid to cry.

Although Guo Zimu was still very afraid, he summoned the courage to say, “This face has never brought any joy. I like him, that’s all.” The last part was said with a hint of stubbornness.

King Luo Rong was deeply moved, speaking up to defend Guo Zimu. “Your Majesty, it was my insistence to marry Zimu as my principal wife. I believe that I will never encounter someone who can move my heart like Zimu. I didn’t expect to meet him and I ask Your Majesty to fulfill this wish.”

King Luo Rong stood up and knelt down; Guo Zimu, holding back tears, also knelt down. Emperor Yongming was taken aback and quickly moved forward to personally help King Luo Rong up, while Guo Xun skillfully assisted Guo Zimu.

Emperor Yongming quickly said, “Uncle, you’ve misunderstood. You’ve found someone you like, and I’m naturally happy for you. If you were only taking a concubine, I wouldn’t have come today. If you want to marry a principal wife, I won’t ask many questions. How should I draft the imperial edict for this occasion? Uncle, have you already proposed to the Wang family?”

“…Yes, yes!”

Guo Zimu was stunned, wondering when this proposal happened. Guo Zimu was considered a servant of Wang Shijing and Shao Yunan, which was why Emperor Yongming mentioned proposing to the Wang family.

Emperor Yongming nodded. “Then I will have the Imperial Astronomical Observatory choose an auspicious day. After that, I will issue an edict for the marriage. Does that suit you, Uncle?”

“Perfect!” King Luo Rong was overjoyed, his wrinkles multiplying. On this side, Guo Zimu, who understood the situation, kept his head down, suppressing a smile.

Emperor Yongming added, “Uncle, when you married the princess, it was quite simple. This time, marrying the principal wife you like, the ceremony must be grand. Have you informed the Wang family?”

“…Yes.” Guo Zimu, who had figured things out, bowed his head, suppressing his smile. Emperor Yongming couldn’t help but ask one more question. “However, his status still seems to be that of a slave, right?”

King Luo Rong immediately bowed and said, “I ask Your Majesty to relieve Zimu and his elder brother from their slave status. Initially, they voluntarily became slaves, but it was a forced choice.”

“I have heard something about this matter. Uncle, if you want to marry a principal wife, the identity must be considered thoroughly. It is inappropriate for him to enter the King family as a slave. Let me think about it. However, Uncle, you can prepare to welcome the principal wife. Once his identity is settled, I will instruct the Imperial Astronomical Observatory to choose an auspicious day. At that time, I will have the Ministry of Rites organize the ceremony and as for the Queen…”

King Luo Rong immediately interrupted, “I will personally inform the Queen. With Zimu by my side, she can focus more on her Buddhist practice.” Emperor Yongming also felt somewhat helpless about this Queen. At this moment, Guo Xun tentatively spoke. “Your Majesty, it’s getting late. The Millennium ceremony is still waiting for you to have your meal.” Emperor Yongming checked the sky, indeed, it was not early. He said, “I will go to the Grand General’s residence. Uncle, you don’t need to send me off.”

“Of course, I will.” King Luo Rong was delighted and Emperor Yongming did not decline. King Luo Rong accompanied him to the door. Just before stepping onto the carriage, Emperor Yongming stopped and turned around. “I heard that your wife cooks delicious dishes. After you and your Queen have settled down, I want to taste his cooking skills.”

King Luo Rong responded. “I couldn’t ask for more.” Emperor Yongming had already granted the identity of King’s wife to Guo Zimu, making King Luo Rong extremely pleased. Emperor Yongming smiled in satisfaction and boarded the carriage.

“Depart—” The dragon carriage slowly moved forward and King Luo Rong respectfully sent Emperor Yongming off. When Emperor Yongming’s entourage was no longer visible, King Luo Rong immediately took Guo Zimu back inside.

Once inside, King Luo Rong removed Guo Zimu’s mask, had him lie on the bed, and nervously asked, “Are you in pain? You knelt heavily just now; let me see your knees.”

But Guo Zimu, who had been pressed onto the bed by him, hugged King Luo Rong’s waist and buried his face. King Luo Rong’s movements halted for a moment, then he gently stroked Guo Zimu’s long hair. “I made you suffer just now. Zimu, don’t be angry. Although I am a prince, I am not ambitious and lack significant power. I…”

“When we get married, if I wear a mask, will you be ridiculed by others?” King Luo Rong, interrupted, was stunned.

“I don’t want others to see my face. Just now, I was especially afraid that His Majesty would ask me to remove the mask.” King Luo Rong’s heart tightened. Patting and stroking.

“Don’t be afraid. Although I am just a king without much power, even if His Majesty sees your face, he won’t dare to do anything to you. If he dares, I’ll go to the Empress.” In order to amuse his little husband, King Luo Rong even dared to mention a royal secret.

“His Majesty is actually quite afraid of the Empress. He can’t beat the Empress and the entire Great State of Yan is guarded by his family. Even if His Majesty has impure thoughts, he definitely doesn’t have the courage.” Guo Zimu indeed smiled.

Lifting Guo Zimu, King Luo Rong half-knelt down to examine his knees. Guo Zimu hugged King Luo Rong’s neck and said something that would absolutely catch King Luo Rong off guard.

“My legs are still weak; accompany me.” King Luo Rong looked up, as if his nose was about to bleed. If Shao Yunan were present, he would definitely shout, “Little Guo, you’re not developing into a tsundere way, you’re clearly advancing into a seductive way!”

On the royal carriage, Guo Xun couldn’t help but ask, “Your Majesty, why didn’t you ask him to remove the mask?” Emperor Yongming cast a sidelong glance. “Do you think I came to King Luo Rong’s residence to see a beautiful person?”

Guo Xun definitely didn’t dare to say he thought so. He flattered, “This servant knows that Your Majesty did not come to see a beautiful person. It’s just that this person is rumored to have an extraordinary appearance, but this servant thinks it might be exaggerated. If he truly has a stunning face and says he likes the King, this servant is genuinely worried.”

Emperor Yongming adopted a look of ‘It’s hard to handle.’ “I just mentioned it earlier. If Uncle believes he is sincere, there’s no need for me to play the villain. However…” Emperor Yongming’s expression became very serious, and Guo Xun’s heart tightened. “However, what?”

Emperor Yongming had a somewhat helpless expression. “I just boasted a moment ago. The King’s wedding this time cannot be too simple. However, considering the financial situation, who will pay for it?” Guo Xun almost choked on his own cough.

“The national treasury is still empty and the silver earned from selling spring tea cannot be wasted like this. Give me some ideas; who will foot the bill for this?” Guo Xun pinched his own thigh and said, “The King is getting married, so naturally, Your Majesty has to contribute. This servant thinks, considering that the King’s Wife comes from the Wang family, why not ask those two gods of wealth to contribute as well?”

Emperor Yongming looked at Guo Xun as if he had just discovered a talented individual. Emperor Yongming slapped his thigh. “That’s it!” Guo Xun. “…”

By the time Emperor Yongming arrived at the Grand General’s residence, the evening meal was already prepared. The three younger ones went with the elderly lady and Old Zhengjun to dine with the other people in the Grand General’s residence. Only the Empress, Wang Shijing, Shao Yunan, the Old General, and the recently arrived Emperor Yongming, remained in the Ansi courtyard.

As soon as Emperor Yongming arrived, the Empress said, “Tonight’s meal was personally made by Yunan. We can’t wait any longer.” Emperor Yongming felt a little guilty, smiling. “Uncle is getting married again, and it’s to marry…”

“Cough, cough, cough…”

An unexpected cough interrupted Emperor Yongming’s explanation and to some extent, saved him. Shao Yunan felt embarrassed, but couldn’t stop his persistent coughing. Wang Shijing patted his back, the Old General quickly poured him a cup of tea, and also patted his back.

Finally, when the coughing fit stopped, Shao Yunan took a sip of tea and quickly apologized. “I’m sorry, I suddenly choked.” Emperor Yongming, with a smile on his face, asked, “Were you startled by what I just said?”

Shao Yunan nodded honestly and daringly asked, “Your Majesty, about Uncle Murong, I mean, the King’s marriage, is it with Guo Zimu?” Emperor Yongming waved his hand. “Uncle Murong asked you all to call him ‘Uncle,’ just call him that. Uncle is indeed marrying your household servant, Guo Zimu.”

“This is too fast!” Shao Yunan was shocked. Just yesterday, Little Guo was still troubled about how to seduce Uncle Murong and today they were getting married. Did he sleep for a whole year last night?

Emperor Yongming teased. “It’s not too fast. Uncle and he have already observed the rites of a proper marriage. If it’s not fast, perhaps they’ll have children before long.”

“I…” Shao Yunan almost blurted out a curse. “I truly didn’t expect this.” Could it be that those few explicit books he gave had an effect? The Empress, with a calm expression, spoke lightly. “Your Majesty, let’s have the meal first, it’s getting cold.” Emperor Yongming immediately said, “Yes, let’s have the meal. I’m hungry.”


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