Fierce “Husband” – Chapter 54.2

Guo Zimu’s face reddened, but his lips still moved. Finally he opened his mouth being tempted. After seven years of exile, during which he was a beggar for more than four years, how could he resist such temptation?

Shao Yunan didn’t think much of this mochi, but when Guo Zimu ate one in his mouth and bit through the soft outer skin, the fragrant sesame flavor immediately came out, making Guo Zimu’s eyes turn red. “It’s delicious.”

Shao Yunan pretended not to see the tears in Guo Zimu’s eyes and just said, “Let’s eat a few of each and give the rest to Dean Cen in the afternoon. It’s not hard to make, so if you want to eat more, make it often later.”


Shao Yunan divided six of each flavor, exactly one for each person, and let Guo Zimu take them into the house. Wang Qing and Wang Nizi felt lucky again, while Guo Ziyu, just like Guo Zimu before, couldn’t help his eyes reddening after eating the mochi. Shao Yunan put the rest into the food box. Mochi always tasted better when they were cold.

“Little father, how do you make this? Is it the same as mochi?” Nizi asked with big eyes.

“Pretty much. You have to grind the glutinous rice into powder first. It’s also easier to make than mochi.”

“I want to learn!”

“Yes. But only after you greet your new teacher.”


Watching the interaction between the two children and Shao Yunan, Guo Ziyu and Guo Zimu became curious. Wang Qing and Wang Nizi were definitely not borne by Shao Yunan, it could be noticed at glance due to their age difference. But the two children were so close to Shao Yunan… Later, when Guo Ziyu and Guo Zimu learned about the family’s situation, they started to have even more admiration toward Shao Yunan.

After lunch, Zhao Yuande and Wang Shuping personally sent the children over. Zhao Congbo and Wang Yan looked very nervous. The two children wore new clothes that they would normally wear for the New Year. Wang Qing and Nizi were also very nervous, but they were slightly better with their little father around. Reassuring Zhao Yuande and Wang Shuping, Shao Yunan took the four children to the carriage, while Wang Shijing drove.

On the way, Shao Yunan reassured the four children, telling them that they should be polite and honest when they see the master and that they should not be afraid to say no if they can’t answer the questions the master asks. It’s okay to lose face, but if you don’t know the answer and try to sneak around it, that is not acceptable. People like Dean Cen saw more people than they have eaten salt, so they shouldn’t play games in front of him and be honest. The four children listened and nodded, no longer being as nervous.

When they arrived at Dean Cen’s residence, Wang Shijing went to knock on the door. Once the gatekeeper saw who it was, he let them in without saying a word. The carriage was handed over to the gatekeeper to park, while Wang Shijing and Shao Yunan took the four children with them to follow the lead servant, making the four children nervous again. Shao Yunan held Wang Qing and Wang Nizi, while Wang Shijing held Zhao Congbo and Wang Yan.

When they came to the main hall, they saw that Elder Cen, together with his wife, were already sitting on the upper seat. Shao Yunan saluted, “Elder Cen, Madam.” Madam Cen smiled affectionately at Shao Yunan and the children, as Elder Cen let the four children come over. Shao Yunan pushed the children forward and let them kneel down. “Elder Cen, Madam.”

“Get up, get up.” The four children stood up and bowed their heads. Madam Cen spoke, “Nizi, come over.” Shao Yunan brought the nervous Nizi over and also handed over the food box in his hand. “These are some small snacks I made.”

Madam Cen took it, but didn’t open it. She held Nizi’s hand as she stood up. “You guys talk, we ladies will go back first.”

Elder Cen nodded to Madam, and Shao Yunan gave Nizi an encouraging look as he quietly followed Madam Cen. Elder Cen then waved his hand to Shao Yunan and Wang Shijing. “You two go ahead and do whatever you want. The children will stay behind, as I will test them first. You guys can pick them up in two hours.”

“Then we will leave it to elder Cen, since Wang Shijing and I have something to do.” Shao Yunan touched the heads of the three children and said, “Remember to listen well to Elder Cen and be polite.”

“Yes.” After touching Wang Qing’s head again, Shao Yunan and Wang Shijing left. When they left Elder Cen’s residence, Wang Shijing asked nervously, “Is there going to be a problem?”

“No. Elder Cen probably wants to estimate what they have learned and determine the scale of tutoring. There is also no need to worry about Madam Cen’s side. None of the four children will behave out of line.” When Shao Yunan said this, Wang Shijing became relieved.

The two men did not wander the streets; they first went to Yizhang Xuan restaurant to find shopkeeper Xu, conveyed the meaning of both families, and also stated their own opinion. The attitude of the two families who came over this morning already let shopkeeper Xu guess that this matter was unlikely, so after hearing Shao Yunan’s proposal, he immediately agreed to it. Wang Shijing went to call Fourth Uncle and Uncle Duoqiu to negotiate the price with shopkeeper Xu and sign the contract. According to the different parts of the pork, the price per kilo would be different. Anyway, the two families would definitely not suffer.

After drinking tea with shopkeeper Xu in Yizhang Xuan restaurant, the two insisted on buying five meat sandwich buns and five portions of skewers at the original price from both stalls before going to the Yamen. Jiang Kangning was judging a case, so the two men waited for him in the backyard and asked a young servant to take meat sandwich buns and skewers to the kitchen to warm up. When Jiang Kangning returned, Shao Yunan went to the kitchen to get him two meat sandwiches. Since he found some cilantro in the kitchen, he also added it.

There were only three people, and Jiang Kangning, who did not have breakfast, asked Shao Yunan to prepare him a cup of Longjing, while accompanying him in eating, so he could fill his stomach. After listening to Shao Yunan’s narrative of the Guo brothers issue, Jiang Kangning wiped his mouth and said, “I have heard of this Rong Yue. I don’t know whether the emperor has dealt with him now, but he will be dealt with sooner or later. You let the Guo brothers feel at ease to stay. I can’t speak about other places, but they are absolutely safe in the Cainan Province. The governor of Cainan Province is my senior brother.”

Shao Yunan smiled. “I’m afraid my eldest brother’s good brothers are all over the Great State of Yan.” Jiang Kangning did not deny it and just said, “My previous job as a magistrate was in Huai’an County, which is also within the Cainan Prefecture. On the one hand, the teacher asked my brother to take more care of me, and on the other hand, he hoped that I would make some achievements to help my brother.”

“I’ll send someone to inquire about Yang Tianwei and Rong Yue. If Guo Ziyu wants to continue with the imperial examination, you can transfer his household registration into your Xiushui Village. Just ask what he wants, as for going back, there is also no need to be afraid.”

“The war at the border is over and the emperor is determined to reorganize the government. Making It only more and more difficult to live for people like Yang Tianwei. Since they fled seven years ago, Yang Tianwei might also no longer care about them. As long as Guo Ziyu gets admitted into the imperial examination, even that county magistrate Rong Yue cannot act recklessly. If Guo Ziyu is still worried, he only needs to sign the deed of sale with you, so he can transfer his household registration to Xiushui Village. Then even after you cancel the deed of sale with him, he will already be a member of Xiushui Village.”

Shao Yunan, “Thank you, big brother. Now these two brothers can live in peace.” Jiang Kangning then said, “I will go to the capital in a few days. Before I return, don’t expose the tea and goat’s milk wine. I am not afraid of other people, but if the Marquis heard about it… Before this matter is determined you must not let others intervene.”

“I understand. I have only taken out this tea and wine for elder brother and Elder Cen. Now that there are outsiders in the family, I won’t take them out and neither of the two children will talk about it.”

“That’s good.” The two of them had to wait for the children to finish, so they stayed with Jiang Kangning for a while. Jiang Kangning discussed in detail with Shao Yunan about the wine and tea business. The more he listened, the more Jiang Kangning felt that Shao Yunan was a businessman material. Unfortunately, Shao Yunan was not interested in being a big businessman like the big owner behind Yizhang Xuan restaurant and only wanted to earn enough money to make his family live worry-free, and enjoy life.

Tea, wine, tea accessories (tea refreshments, tea snacks, tea sets), would be Jiang Kangning’s focus this time, while in the capital. As the first and only one in the Great State of Yan, the business opportunities were infinitely large. If done well, not to mention Shao Yunan earning a large sum of money, Jiang Kangning’s political performance would surely rise.

Since the time was almost up and they finished talking with Jiang Kangning, Shao Yunan and Wang Shijing went to pick up the children. When they arrived at Elder Cen’s residence, they saw the smile on Elder Cen’s face and Wang Yan, Zhao Congbo, and Wang Qing’s bright eyes.  

Shao Yunan smiled. There was absolutely no problem. Leaving Nizi aside, the three children’s performance was really out of Elder Cen’s expectations. Some of the three children’s ideas were especially very surprising. Then elder Cen learned that Shao Yunan would tell them idiom or mythology stories that would make them think, making him understand. Elder Cen was curious about the ideas in Shao Yunan’s head, but he wouldn’t ask any more questions.

When Nizi was led out, her face was flushed, but her spirit was good. Madam Cen personally led Nizi out and told Shao Yunan that Nizi had the talent to learn the zither and it was just the right time to start learning. In the future Nizi should not only come over to learn the zither, but also follow Madam Cen to learn reading and writing. Shao Yunan immediately let Nizi kneel and kowtow as Madam Cen officially accepted Nizi as her apprentice.

The acceptance of an apprentice was a big help no matter which period of time it was. Elder Cen was also very straightforward, saying that five days from now would be a good day to let Nizi be officially accepted as an apprentice and also officially give Nizi her adult name. Wang Shijing stood aside, looking at Shao Yunan holding Nizi as he thanked Elder Cen and Madam Cen… his one eye was very dark.


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