Fierce “Husband” – Chapter 24.2

Wang Qing nodded vigorously and felt straight away that what his little father said was very profound. To paraphrase it in modern words, ‘I don’t understand, but I think it’s awesome!’


“When you can write more words, you have to write a paragraph of your own feelings about this passage. You can combine what you have seen and heard. Can you do it?”




“Well, I’m sure you can do it.” Giving Wang Qing a look of encouragement, Shao Yunan looked at the adorable Wang Nizi. “Nizi has to practice her writing and learn her reasoning well first. It doesn’t matter if she can memorize it.”


“I will memorize it!”


“Our Nizi is really ambitious. She will definitely be a Female Scholar in the future.” Wang Nizi shyly hugged her little father again. When it was time to go out, Shao Yunan helped pack up the things the two children wanted to take to Zhao Lizheng’s house, while Wang Shijing whispered, “Can these be seen by outsiders?” He was referring to the passage written by Shao Yunan. Shao Yunan said indifferently. “It’s okay. I’ll push it on you.”


“…” Wang Shijing didn’t say anything. Shao Yunan sent the two children to Zhao Lizheng’s house, while Wang Shijing went to Wang Xing’s house to borrow an ox cart. Wang Xing was not at home. He had gone up the mountain to pick red sour fruits and peaches. Zhao He told him that he wanted to collect red sour fruits and peaches, and would pay 10 copper coins per kilo of the red fruit, while peaches were 30 copper coins per kilo. The amount of money was not low. When villagers picked the red sour fruits before, they could sell them at most for one or two copper coins per kilo and since the wild peaches were so sour, no one bought them at all. As long as the young people in the village had nothing else to do, they would all go up the mountain to look for red red sour fruit and peaches. 


Shao Yunan’s only response was a smile. When he arrived at Zhao Lizheng’s house, Zhao Lizheng’s and Zhao Yuande’s enthusiasm almost drowned him in goose bumps, making him almost flee in distress. Some of the wives, sisters-in-law, and idle men in the village, who did not go up the mountain saw Wang Shijing and Shao Yunan going to the county town again and started another discussion. But Shao Yunan and Wang Shijing were both indifferent to gossip. 


Soon it would be farming season and their family had bought ten acres of land. Shao Yunan also intended to buy a cow. Wang Shijing’s body looked very strong, but he must have some deficiencies inside. Although he had the spiritual spring water, Shao Yunan still did not want him to become overtired. Since he himself was not farmer material, buying a cow would make it easier for Wang Shijing and also more convenient to go out in the future, because Shao Yunan did not want to always have to borrow a cart from Aunt Wang. When his first bucket of money was earned, he would buy a carriage.


When they arrived at the county town, Shao Yunan and Wang Shijing went straight to theYamen. When he arrived at the gate of the Yamen, Shao Yunan took out the jade plate and said, “A county magistrate.” As soon as the guards saw the jade plate, he immediately opened the side door of the Yamen, letting the two men accompany him into the Yamen. The first half of the Yamen was a place where Yamen officers worked and cases were heard, while the second half was the place where the county magistrate and his followers lived. Entering through the side door was equivalent to entering the residential area. They were welcomed and led inside by a servant boy who heard that they had come to visit the county magistrate and had the magistrate’s jade plate with them.


Through a small garden, the boy led them to the side hall and then went to inform the county magistrate. Shao Yunan was carrying a gift for Magistrate Jiang in his hand, while Wang Shijing carried the gifts for everyone else in his basket. They didn’t wait long before they heard footsteps and then stood up at once. The door opened and Jiang Kangning, gently walked in dressed in civilian clothes. Shao Yunan and Wang Shijing immediately bowed and saluted. Jiang Kangning let them sit down, as he walked to the upper seat and sat down. Soon the servant boy brought tea. The county magistrate asked the servant boy to leave, so they could talk. As soon as he opened his mouth, Jiang Kangning asked, “Have you two been given a hard time after you returned?”


Shao Yunan was still full of doubts about how much the county magistrate cared, so he just replied, “There are people who don’t understand, but most of them do. We have a clear conscience. ” Jiang Kangning nodded approvingly, while Shao Yunan put the bamboo basket on the table and took out the two jars, chestnuts, fresh mushrooms, and fresh artemisia annua. He didn’t bring the peach paste and crab legs since they had not yet dried. The mushrooms and artemisia annua were preserved by Shao Yunan in the space and Wang Shijing strictly adhered to the no-questions-asked principle.


Shao Yunan said: “Your Excellency, this is the jam I made myself and some mountain goods picked up on the mountain. It’s not anything valuable, but please have a taste.” Jiang Kangning was not unfamiliar with these mountain goods, but he was very curious about the jam Shao Yunan mentioned so he asked, “Jam, what is it?” Shao Yunan got up and brought the two jars to Jiang Kangning’s side of the square table and said, “I made it with goat milk fruit, also known as red sour fruit and wild peaches. Your excellency, it can be smeared on steamed buns, cakes, and snacks to eat or just mixed with water to drink. The taste is pretty uncommon.”


“Oh?” Jiang Kangning became very interested and immediately opened the seal. When two different sweet aromas emerged, Jiang Kangning’s eyes opened wider in surprise. Shao Yunan said, “If your Excellency likes it, I will make it again and send it to you later when the wild fruits on the mountain are ripe.” Jiang Kangning picked up the jar and looked at it, then smelling it he said, “This is really something rare. It’s the first time I’ve seen it. You can sell it for a good price.”


Was the county magistrate really interested or did he have motives? Shao Yun’an was a bit puzzled by the county magistrate’s kindness, but he still smiled and said, “I know it can sell for money, but there are only two people who can work in my family, Shijing and I. The children are still young, so I can only sell a few jars at most. I taught a big brother in the village how to make this jam. Their family has many adults, so if someone really buys it, it would be a good income. If they earn money, they will also share some with me.”


“You taught it to others?” Jiang Kangning was very surprised. This was an obvious opportunity to make money but he gave it away so easily. Shao Yunan said, “My family size is small, so If I want to make money I have to find something that is not so hard. Both of our children are still small and I plan to send my son to a private school next year. I need to take care of my family and there are many ways to earn money. It only depends on whether you can think of them.” Jiang Kangning put down the jar and said, “Since you’ve made up your mind, just do it. This jam is good. You should also send some to Dean Cen.”


“Naturally, I already prepared jam for both Dean Cen and the two teachers.” Jiang Kangning nodded approvingly and said, “To sell this jam, you need to find the right buyer. The owner behind the Butterfly Jewelry Pavilion and Yizhang Xuan is the same person. That person’s background is also not bad. As a person, he could also be considered honest, so If you take this jam to Yizhang Xuan restaurant, the boss will definitely accept it. If you sell it by yourself, I am afraid it would be coveted. Things that make money tend to attract greed.”


Shao Yunan stood up and saluted. “Thank you for your advice.” Jiang Kangning pressed his hand, asking Shao Yunan to sit down as spoke casually. “That day in the county school, I noticed that you must have studied somewhere. Who did you study under?” That day, Jiang Kangning sent someone to check Shao Yunan and Wang Shijing. But as a result of the investigation, Shao Yunan’s words turned out to be completely true. The Wang family was truly unkind and this Shao Yunan used to be a villager of Shaojia Village. The Shao family was also an ordinary farming family. Neither of the two sons of the Shao family has studied, so where did Shao Yunan get his knowledge? In addition, the most important point was that Shao Yunan’s temper has changed a lot, almost like he became a different person. 


Before marriage, Shao Yunan was silent and introverted. A person of few words and just like Wang Shijing, was bullied at home. But after marriage, Shao Yunan became extraordinarily strong, so one had to wonder. Shao Yunan knew that people would be suspicious of his character change, so he just calmly replied. “I don’t remember where my teacher came from. I was adopted by the Shao family, but before I was adopted I should have learned how to read and write. I just don’t remember a lot of things. Although my adoptive parents adopted me, they never treated me as their own son. Every time I showed that I could read when I was a child, I couldn’t avoid being reprimanded, so over time I stopped showing my skills in front of others.”


“The Shao clan is strict. Before I got married, if I rebelled my adoptive parents would use filial piety to punish me according to the rules of the clan. In such a family, all I could do was to be patient. When I got married, I became free, so I didn’t have to endure anymore. Having died once, I also had some epiphany and no longer felt confused. In fact, thanks to Shijing’s love and care, I can be as carefree as I am now. If I had married someone like Wang Zhisong, I would have continued to endure until he divorced me or I died.”


If there was no county magistrate in front of him, Wang Shijing would have hugged Shao Yunan. The Shao family and the Wang family were essentially the same and it was easy to imagine what Shao Yunan’s time in the Shao family was like. There must have been a lot of suffering and aggravation. But the thought that Shao Yunan almost married Wang Zhisong, made Wang Shijing momentarily scared.

Jiang Kangning nodded soberly, it did make sense. He then asked, “You don’t remember anything about your biological parents?” Shao Yunan shook his head. “I don’t remember. I had a few fevers when I was young so I don’t remember anything before I was seven or eight years old. It was only when I grew up and overheard my adoptive parents mention it that I learned I was adopted. That was also when I understood why my parents treated me differently from my big brother and little sister.”


Jiang Kangning asked, “The people in Shao’s village don’t seem to know you’re adopted.” Not surprised that Jiang Kangning had investigated him, Shao Yunan just smiled bitterly and said, “I’m afraid that only my adoptive parents know where I came from. But since I don’t remember, there is no point in pursuing it. I am now living a peaceful life and don’t want to cause any more trouble. I have also severed ties with them, so it’s already good that they don’t bother me.”


Jiang Kangning nodded and said, “If that’s the case, then this official will not get involved and investigate.” Speaking of this, he took out the stone that Shao Yunan asked him to keep from his pocket, put it on the square table and said, “There are no outsiders here, take this stone back.” Jiang Kangning’s behavior once again refreshed Shao Yunan’s understanding of the ancient county magistrate, so he immediately said, “Your excellency, when I said it’s in your custody, it’s in your custody. You gave me your jade plate and I took it as your consent. If you want to give me back the stone, don’t I have to give you back the jade plate? Your jade plate is my lifeline, so I can’t do that.”


Jiang Kangning raised his eyebrows, but smiled. “The jade plate that this official gave you, will not be taken back, unless you commit treason and do bad things.” Shao Yunan still shook his head. “No. I will only feel uneasy if the stone is not with you, Your Excellency. In my heart, this jade plate of yours is much more valuable than that stone. If this stone is not with me I will not miss it, but if this jade plate is not with me, others will dare to mess with me. Your Excellency, you are Shijing’s and my guardian.”


“Hahahaha,” Jiang Kangning was amused by Shao Yunan’s ‘outspokenness’. If anyone else had said that, he would have felt that he was flattering him, but when the words came out of Shao Yunan’s mouth, he couldn’t help but feel that this man’s words were true to his nature. “Since you insist so much, I’d better keep it for you.” Jiang Kangning took back the stone and Shao Yunan smiled. “Don’t scare me like this in the future, your excellency. I am very timid.”


“Ha ha ha.” Jiang Kangning nudged Shao Yunan. “If you are timid, then there’s no one who’s bold.”


“Ha ha ha.” Shao Yunan just pretended to be stupid.


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