Fierce “Husband” – Chapter 55.1

On the way back, there was chatter in the carriage. Wang Shijing drove steadily, listening to the conversation between the child and his wife inside. Madam Cen was very gentle and affectionate, and it didn’t take long after she took Nizi away for her to stop being nervous.  Nizi also recognized some words already and recited the poem she learned from her little father. She was smart and well-behaved, and the snacks she brought were so delicious that Madam Cen also fell in love with Nizi. The children and grandchildren of Elder Cen and Madam Cen were all in the capital and rarely came to see their parents. So with such a nice child like Nizi to keep her company, Madam Cen could also eliminate some of her loneliness.

Madam Cen had an unused zither and gave it to Nizi. Shao Yunan had also thought of getting a good zither for Nizi, which he didn’t have in his space. Wang Qing, Zhao Congbo, and Wang Yan also had a lot of confidence after their tests and had more admiration (worship) for their little father (Uncle Yunan). Elder Cen had never even heard of several of the idiom stories they recited. Shao Yunan immediately said that as long as he had time, he could tell them stories and novelties anytime. The three children immediately decided that they would study together in the morning and then go to listen to Dean Cen’s lectures in the afternoon.

The carriage had just driven into the village entrance when Wang Shijing saw Zhao Yuande and Wang Shuping waiting there. They were so nervous that they had no heart to do anything else all afternoon. Seeing their sons jumping down from the cart, Zhao Yuande and Wang Shuping’s heart finally calmed down after a long day.

The two people insisted on inviting Wang Shijing and Shao Yunan to dinner, and finally Wang Shijing and Shao Yunan went to Wang Shuping’s house. Since Zhao Lizheng’s family was busy, they didn’t want to add to it. Wang Shuping asked Zhao Yuande to call Zhao He, so he could come over and eat as well.

That night for the first time, the atmosphere between Wang Shijing and Wang Wenhe was cordial. After hearing his grandson talk about his performance in front of Dean Cen, Wang Wenhe secretly wiped the corners of his eyes several times. Wang Wenhe asked Wang Shuping to bring out all the wine he had treasured and was unable to drink till now. That night, Wang Wenhe got drunk. Wang Shuping also got drunk, while Zhao Yuande was drunk from happiness.

The next day, the news that the three children will start studying in White Moon Academy starting in february spread throughout Xiushui Village. They also heard that the three children would receive private lessons at Dean Cen’s house every afternoon. Not only that, but Wang Nizi was also formally recognized as Madam Cen’s apprentice and would follow her to learn the zither. Now the whole Xiushui Village was boiling with news again. 

Before, the villagers all knew that Wang Qing, Zhao Congbo, and Wang Yan were studying all day long. Some people even said behind their backs that Zhao Lizheng’s family and the Wang patriarch’s family were sucking up to Shao Yunan and Wang Shijing. But now, no one spoke about it anymore. Even if it was sucking up, it was definitely worth it!

The news also said that it was due to Shao Yunan’s ability. How could Shao Yunan be so powerful? The villagers still remembered that the county magistrate called him ‘Yunan’! There were three families in the village who sent their children to private school and their minds immediately started moving. Zhao Lizheng’s family told the villagers that Shao Yunan sent Wang Qing to the academy and mentioned Cangbo by the way. The Wang patriarch also said that his family needed to pay four taels of silver a month for the tuition. In addition, the fact that Dean Cen gave Shao Yunan a favor does not mean that he would continue doing it time after time.

Two families who did not believe in evil went to Shao Yunan but were thrown out by Shao Yunan’s nonchalant “Who are you?” Shao Yunan then also directly said to the public that if someone wanted to send their children to White Moon Academy, he should take the test himself. He was able to admit three children thanks to his relationship with the county magistrate and those who had the ability should find their own relationship to try. 

Shao Yunan has always been respected by others and was not afraid of making others lose face. Even if he made someone feel uncomfortable, they wouldn’t dare to make trouble. Furthermore, the Zhao clan and the Sun clan could only make money because of Shao Yunan, so they would be suppressed by the patriarchs of both sides.

In fact, patriarch Sun was a bit anxious. Their clan also sends their children to private school. Shao Yunan didn’t talk to him and did whatever he wanted, making some people in the village spoiled. Now that there were more and more rich people in the village, they could spend money to educate their children, so that their children could take the imperial exam in the future. He also saw that Zhao Congbo and Wang Yan had potential before they were recommended to Elder Cen, so he could not casually ask for such a favor.

After hearing about this, old lady Wang immediately wanted to go to Wang Shijing, but was stopped by Wang Zhisong. How can Wang Zhisong’s heart not be sour? Wang Zaizheng studied with old lady Wang’s younger brother before, but since Wang Guo was from the same village as old lady Wang’s maiden family… And they still didn’t dare to tell Wang Guo’s maiden family about her imprisonment, they just told her brother that there were a lot of things going on at home now, so they could not send Wang Zaizheng to school for now. Since the two villages were far away from each other, she was not afraid of gossip traveling between them. Old lady Wang was also not afraid of letting Wang Guo’s family know due to the fear of others going to find trouble with Wang Shijing, but for the fear that others would come to find trouble with her. Wang Guo and Wang Tianyan went to jail mainly because of her and if Wang Guo’s family learned of it, they would definitely make a mess.

Regarding Wang Guo’s matter, old lady Wang planned to delay it day by day. The only one from the same village as Wang Guo in Xiushui Village was a ger, so when Wang Guo came back, she just needed to keep Wang Guo from going back to her village. As for Wang Zaizheng, old lady Wang now hated him, so how could she send him to school? 

But now that Wang Qing was able to enter White Moon Academy, how could the old woman who always wanted to take advantage remember Wang Zaizheng again. Besides, if Wang Shijing could visit Dean Cen, he could also bring along Wang Zhisong.  The old lady asked Wang Dali to go to Wang Shijing, but Wang Dali refused and was almost scolded to death by old lady Wang. Wang Chunxiu also refused to go. Although she had the intention of befriending Shao Yunan, he was touched so she was not ready to face him without some psychological preparation.

Old lady Wang scolded everyone at home and finally went to Wang Wenhe, since she was too afraid of Shao Yunan. Unfortunately, just as she entered the door of Wang Wenhe’s house, she was beaten out by Wang Qing who pointed at old lady Wang with folded arms and scolded her. Saying that if she dared to come to her house again, she would beat her again. 

Wang Wenhe also did not come out. Wang Shuping did not come out, but Wang Shen came out and also cynically scolded old lady Wang for being shameless and thick skinned. She was already beaten by the county magistrate and punished with kneeling in the ancestral hall, but she was still so stupid. The old woman couldn’t scold both mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, so she ran to the village center and started crying and wailing. Crying that the patriarch was unjust; crying that Wang Shijing was unfilial and was friends with the dean of the country school, but didn’t didn’t support his own brother and nephew. Crying that Shao Yunan was a star of death that was harming her family.


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