Fierce “Husband” – Chapter 161

Shao Yunan personally brewed a cup of Longjing tea for the Empress and Zhuo Jin brought it to him. “You may leave,” the Empress said. “Yes.” Zhuo Jin withdrew, bowing. The Empress turned his gaze to Shao Yunan and he sat up straight.

The Empress spoke. “Shao Yunan, do you want to find your biological parents? If you do, I will send people to search for them.” Shao Yunan didn’t hesitate and shook his head straightforwardly. The Empress frowned. “Is it that you don’t want to or you’re unwilling?”

Shao Yunan replied, “I have no impression of my biological parents. It seems I had a fever several times, so I forgot everything before the age of seven or eight. My foster parents also don’t know who my real parents are. Privately, they regret not selling me for silver. They originally wanted me to be a male spouse for Shao Dahuo, but didn’t sell me. Later, maybe fearing questions about my origin from the villagers, they kept saying I was their biological child.” 

“They are not good people, but from what I know about them, they didn’t have the courage to abduct me. I guess they encountered me when I was already separated from my family. In this vast sea of people, without any clues, even if they left behind something that might help, they don’t have it. It’s likely that it would take a lot of manpower, resources, and money to find them, and the result might be disappointing.” 

“Also, who knows how I got lost? Was I abducted by human traffickers, or abandoned by my biological parents? I don’t want to spend so much effort only to find a result that is hard to bear. Another reason is that when I obtained my freedom and severed ties with the Shao family, I promised not to investigate my background and not to make this matter public. I even wrote a deed about it. Whether others recognize the deed or not is one thing; I cannot contradict myself.”

The Empress’ expression improved significantly. He nodded. “With a deed between you and the Shao family, it’s indeed not suitable to actively search for your roots. Then let me ask you, aside from the deed, do you want to know about your origin?” Shao Yunan hesitated. “I don’t know. The most difficult times are over and now that my life is better, I don’t know if I want to think about it.”

In other words, when times were tough, he considered it, but now that life is better, he’s uncertain whether he wants to think about it. The bitterness in his words caused the Empress’ expression, which had just softened, to become serious again. This wasn’t Shao Yunan feigning pity. It was the bitterness experienced by the deceased Shao Yunan. For the present Shao Yunan, the hardships related to his origins no longer troubled him and he didn’t care if he found out or not.

After a few moments of silence, the Empress spoke again. “In that case, I will make the decision for you and search for your roots.” Shao Yunan stood up and bowed, “Thank you Empress.” The Empress’ expression slightly eased, saying, “When you come to the capital, you should visit your adoptive parents. I will have Zhuo Jin accompany you.”

“We can go by ourselves, there’s no need to trouble Zhuo Jin,” Shao Yunan said. “Zhuo Jin,” the Empress called directly. “Here, Your Highness.” Zhuo Jin entered from outside. The Empress ordered, “Escort Yunan, Shijing, and the three children to visit the Cen Yuebai family. The Emperor will probably come later, don’t delay the mealtime.”

“Yes.” Shao Yunan was speechless. Did he have to rush back for dinner? He expressed his gratitude, then helplessly followed Zhuo Jin. No matter how bold he was, he wouldn’t argue with such a powerful figure who ranked above all in the country.

After Shao Yunan left, the Old General’s son entered from outside, his eyes moist. The Empress comforted him, saying, “Yanbo, he’s not blaming his family. You can rest assured.” The Old General’s son wiped his eyes. “It’s us who wronged this child, making him suffer.”

The Empress concealed the coldness in his eyes, consoling, “He understands the difficulties his family faced back then. Once we confirm his identity, I’ll have the Emperor issue an edict, summoning them back.”

The Old General’s son shook his head, saying, “The war has just stopped and the border is not stable yet. If they come back, what if the Huhar Kingdom takes advantage of the situation? If his identity is confirmed… send a letter, telling them the good news. That will be enough.”

The Empress felt sorrowful. The safety of the Great State of Yan needed the sacrifice of its family members, one generation after another, consecrated to the border. In a slightly colder tone, he said, “Regardless of how he ended up at the Shao family, if the Shao family forced him to jump into the river, they cannot be lightly forgiven.”

The Old General’s son’s eyes reddened. If that child really was Zhan An, how could they face the fact that he had been forced to attempt suicide? How could they face him?

As they waited, Master Cen had been eagerly awaiting the arrival of his adopted son’s family. However, seeing that they couldn’t stay for dinner, Master Cen and Lady Cen were both disappointed. Wang Shijing and Shao Yunan were also helpless. Still, when they saw them and the three children, Master Cen and Lady Cen were delighted. Master Cen even sent someone to hurry up and call his son back from the Imperial College.

When Wang Shijing and Shao Yunan’s family arrived, the Cen Mansion immediately became lively. Leaving aside the chaos the three tigers would cause, just the two carriages full of things made the Cen Mansion’s servants exclaim in amazement. This adopted son was indeed wealthy!

The happiest person was Cen Bihua. Little Uncle made ten bags for her at once, with different styles, all limited editions, two of each! There were handbags, shell bags, round shoulder bags, princess bags in pink, and plush bags. Cen Bihua liked each and every one, holding onto them with reluctance. When Little Uncle said she could give them to her friends, Cen Bihua couldn’t bear to part with them.

Shao Yunan said, “In the future, Little Uncle will make new bags for you every year. When you give them to friends, they’ll be happy and they won’t ‘accidentally’ damage your bag. The bond between sisters requires gifts to maintain. When you give such a bag to your good friend, she’ll definitely be very happy.” Cen Bihua proudly said, “They all envy me.”

“So, you can’t monopolize this envy on your own or it will turn into jealousy. Good things are meant to be shared. If you like them, I’ll send you a few more after I go back,” Shao Yunan explained. Cen Bihua’s mother, Cen Xueshi, interjected. “Yunan, don’t spoil her. There’s no girl in the capital who has her luck. Bihua, listen to your Little Uncle.”

The mother became stern and Cen Bihua nodded. “I’ll listen to Little Uncle.” She looked at the bags in front of her with difficulty, wondering which one to give away. Cen Xueshi said, “Your Little Uncle gave you two of each style. You can give the other one of each style to your friends so in the future, others won’t exclusively have a problem with you.”

Cen Bihua was reluctant, but she also felt that what her mother and Little Uncle said made sense. However, she still couldn’t bear to give away the extra five bags. After some consideration, she picked the extra shell bag, handbag, and round shoulder bag. She loved the princess bag and plush bag too much.

Elder Cen had many things he wanted to talk to Shao Yunan and Wang Shijing privately about, but the situation didn’t allow it. When Zhuo Jin reminded them that it was getting late, Wang Shijing and Shao Yunan had no choice but to take the children and the three big cats back to the General’s Mansion. 

After they left, Cen Jueyuan and his father went to the study. Only then did Cen Jueyuan speak privately to his father. “The major households in the capital have already noticed Shijing and Yunan. They arrived and stayed at the residence of the former Minister of Personnel, and they also went to the residence of the Grand General. The Empress even sent his personal attendant to bring them here. Father, could it be…”

Cen Jueyuan was worried that the excessive attention from the Emperor and the Empress to his two younger brothers might bring them danger. Elder Cen, with a serious expression, said, “This has always been a concern for Father. Let’s see how Kangning handles it tomorrow. With outsiders present, it’s not convenient for me to ask about the situation in Xiushui Village. As long as Kangning can cover up this matter and not give those people any handle, Yunan and the others will be safe.”

After Wang Shijing and Shao Yunan took the children back, surprisingly, the Emperor had not arrived yet. They didn’t know that the Emperor was currently at King Luo Rong’s residence and the Empress had already learned about the situation.

At King Luo Rong’s residence, the Emperor’s sudden visit startled King Luo Rong. Although Guo Zimu’s body wasn’t comfortable, he had to get up to meet the Emperor. King Luo Rong personally helped Guo Zimu put on his clothes and went out to greet him. Seeing King Luo Rong, the Emperor smiled and said, “Uncle, your time in Xiushui Village seemed quite enjoyable. Uncle looks like he’s gained some weight?”

King Luo Rong chuckled, patting his not-so-fat belly, saying, “I won’t hide it from Your Majesty. The meals in Xiushui Village are indeed quite good.”

“Oh? Then I must taste it.” The Emperor sat down and King Luo Rong immediately had someone bring over the new tea set he had brought back. He even whispered mysteriously, “I got some new tea from Xiushui Village. I’ve given Uncle some, would Your Majesty like to try it?”

The Emperor burst into laughter, saying, “How could I let Uncle brew tea for me? But I do want to taste this new tea. Guo Xun, come and brew it.”


The tea set was quickly brought over and King Luo Rong personally took a small bag of new tea. While Guo Xun was brewing the tea, the Emperor, opening the conversation directly, asked, “I heard Uncle is planning to remarry?”

“Cough, cough, cough!” King Luo Rong was grateful that he hadn’t taken a sip of water. King Luo Rong blushed a bit. “Ashamed, ashamed. I’m already an old man, who would have thought someone would like me.”

The Emperor asked, “Uncle is planning to take a concubine or bestow a title on the lady?” King Luo Rong’s expression became solemn and he stood up, bowing as a subject to his monarch. “I ask Your Majesty to grant marriage. This old minister wishes to marry.”

The Emperor also stopped smiling. “Uncle, there’s no need for that.” He had King Luo Rong sit back down and then asked with a slightly serious tone. “Uncle, are you sincere about this?” King Luo Rong nodded, saying with determination, “This old minister has never liked someone so much in his entire life. At my age, I could be that person’s father. I may not be worthy of him, but my heart is no longer bound by constraints. I just want him.”

“And he?” King Luo Rong revealed a sweet smile. “He is already mine.” Emperor Yongming fell silent for a moment and said, “May I meet him?” King Luo Rong turned to instruct his attendants, “Summon Young Master Guo to meet His Majesty.” Then, he explained to Emperor Yongming. “His health is not quite well, so I didn’t ask him to come out with me. I hope Your Majesty forgives me.”

Emperor Yongming chuckled, “Uncle, you’re always overly cautious. You are my uncle, and my sudden visit is already a burden on you. There’s no need for apologies. Uncle, you’ve been a widower for decades. I heard that you’re willing to remarry, so I came to visit. However, that person is quite young. I am a bit concerned.”

King Luo Rong understood the Emperor’s subtle concern. Naturally, he worried that the person in question valued his king status. King Luo Rong didn’t explain further. As long as the Emperor understood Guo Zimu’s intentions, that was sufficient. His only plea to the Emperor was to be willing to grant the marriage. Otherwise, Guo Zimu, currently a slave, could not possibly marry him with the status of a legitimate wife.


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