DOASCC – Chapter 43.1 – The Painting Style Is Not Right

Xie Ran and Meng Feixuan entered Bright Moon City through the small door pointed out by Meng Feixuan and navigated through with a few other people. Xiaojiu walked in front with her head held high and aggressive, showing the demeanor of a combat chicken, who had just returned from a victorious battle.

He didn’t know if it was an illusion, but Xie Ran felt that Xiaojiu’s temperament had become similar to Meng Feixuan’s… seems a bit like the last world fan often said to the elementary school chicken? Was this the kind of chicken raised by an AI? Xie Ran was lost in his own thoughts.

Bancheng Yanyu, together with several Wind and Rain guild members were right behind them, frowning as he told everyone how Xie Dafang helped him complete the Chicken King quest.

He previously felt that the process that Xie Dafang used to help him complete the Chicken King quest was very unscientific, but was afraid of bringing trouble to Xie Dafang so he never mentioned the specific situation until now.

Until now, when he saw with his own eyes how this ordinary-looking chicken pecked to death the expert from Dynasty Smoke Pavilion. This made Bancheng Yanyu finally realize that this chicken was a powerful, invisible mutant chicken. Due to that, the reward of that day’s quest was not particularly outrageous. In this way, he was finally able to let go and tell everyone the truth, and even added a lot of his own brain and passionate rainbow farts.

Meng Feixuan listened with his own ears to Bancheng Yanyu’s passionate story about how he and his noble Dafang brother were both cold and beautiful at that time, making the Chicken King shudder and burst into tears, before finally bowing before the Big Boss of East Third Street. He could not help but express the feelings of artificial intelligence… “Little brother looks like a fool, oh.”

Xie Ran sniffed and looked at Meng Feixuan, the young man with a smug look was very similar to Xiaojiu, who was titling her neck. Xie Ran chuckled, suddenly raising his hand to pinch Meng Feixuan’s neck. “Fool.”

The feeling of skin contact produced a large amount of data similar to trembling, so Meng Fexiaun instinctively moved his neck to rub against Xie Ran’s hand, before reaching out and grabbing Xie Ran’s palm and imploring, “Sir, don’t just touch the top. We can continue to learn from the bottom.” His Ai actually learned yellow puns! Xie Ran windrew his hand and mercilessly commanded, “Delete the thesaurus.”

Behind them, several players from the Wind and Rain guild were listening to Bancheng Yanyu’s pompous stories with rapt attention. They had received Xie Dafang’s favors and were already very grateful to him, so they were very excited as they echoed Bancheng Yanyu.

“Brother Dafang really deserves the title of Big Boss of East Third Street. When an NPC arrives on East Third Street, he still must pay homage to him!”

“Brother Dafang’s eyesight is really good. He could see at a glance that this was an extraordinary, divine chicken!”

“Brother Meng is also great, look at his heroic gesture of spreading rice. Who didn’t say he was handsome?”

“That’s right. Tsubaki Flute was pecked to death with just a handful of rice. Brother Meng is a true expert in raising chickens!”

Several people were talking excitedly, when Meng Feixuan suddenly looked back at them shyly. “What are you talking about!”

Hearing his words these people jerked, thinking that they were too forgetful and had upset Meng Feixuan. So one of them quickly complimented him. “Ha ha, a slip of the tongue. What chicken expert? How unpleasant. Ah, brother Meng is not a farmer…”

“Who said this to you?” Meng Feixuan interrupted him and pointed to Xiaojiu, who was walking right in front of him. “Look carefully. What kind of chicken is our Xiaojiu?” The man glanced at Xiaojiu, as Xiaojiu turned to him her small bean eyes and looked at them silently, conveying her dissatisfaction.

The Wind and Rain guild members, however, did not understand the heart of the matter and one by one showed a confused expression. Then one of them asked tentatively, “Precious Brother Chicken?”

“Are your eyes for decoration? Xiaojiu is a hen!” Meng Feixuan hammered the man on the head. “What Brother Chicken!” Xiaojiu also followed with a “cackle” in protest.

People, “…” After a while, someone finally reacted and respectfully shouted, “Chicken, Sister chicken!”

“That’s more like it.” Meng Feixuan snorted and hammered the man again, before turning around and continuing to walk. The man’s eyes tearfully touched his head. Why did you have to hit me if I called it wrong and then when I called it right?

Xie Ran looked speechlessly at Meng Feixuan. His Ai was probably practicing the ‘find someone to vent your anger, if you are dissatisfied with your desires’ behavior again. He was amused for a moment and thought about it, before stretching his right hand without saying anything. In the next second, his hand became warm as another familiar palm clasped it.

The tacit gesture of holding hands was seen by the people behind them and several people looked at each other and teased in a low voice. 

“So affectionate!”

“Oh, so shiny. I’m blind.”

“I know, it’s the green light coming out of Jian Jingsheng’s head!”

“Jian Jingsheng was forced to become the first environmental protection ambassador in Bright Moon River Lake. If it wasn’t for him Bright Moon River Lake might have already turned into an oasis!”

Bancheng Yanyu, who still saw Jian Jingsheng as his friend, frowned upon hearing this. “Don’t say that.” Several people become silent. Not long after, the group arrived outside the city center for the finals.

Bright Moon City’s city center was the residence of the Lord of Bright Moon City and it imitated the architecture of palace buildings. Between the city gate and the main hall where the NPCs lived was an open-air courtyard, paved with bluestone slabs. It covered a large area that could accommodate tens of thousands of people at once. The Martial Arts Conference final was held in this large area.

At this time, the city center that was normally open to the public was gated, with NPCs guarding each entrance. Players needed tickets to enter the venue. “Stand still, we need to check your tickets.” An armor-clad NPC stopped Xie Ran and his group.

“Oh, here it is.” Several people from the Wind and Rain guild hurriedly took out their tickets from their backpacks. Xie Ran and Meng Feixuan however, stood still. Bancheng Yanyu, who took a look at their behavior, roughly guessed their situation and said, “You don’t have tickets? How about we give you our tickets first. We can buy other tickets…”

The other members from the Wind and Rain guild also nodded. After all, without Xie Dafang to help them complete the Chicken King’s quest, Bancheng Yanyu wouldn’t be able to enter the finals. “No need.” Xie Ran waved his hand. “We can get in…” Before he could finish his words, a sneer suddenly came from the side, as someone whispered gloomily. “So they didn’t even have tickets.” 


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