DOASCC – Chapter 14 – The frenzy of the whole network

Below Shen Ya’s Weibo, netizens were in awe.

[Crap, crap, crap! Is it really true?!]

[666, then this photographer is really something!]

[Originally I didn’t understand it so I went to see the “New old west” location guess story. Back to the point, the photographer is really good!]

[I don’t know how to ask but is guessing the location really so impressive?]

[Above commenter, let me explain, Shahi’s paintings are a new style of realistic abstraction. Taken from reality, but almost completely unlike reality and full of strong subjective fantasy elements. The speculation about the original painting location has been an important part of the industry’s appreciation of Shahi’s work.

To give an example that may be over the top, the speculation on Shahi’s painting is somewhat similar to the speculation on why Mona Lisa smiled or the speculation on the ending of Dream of the Red Chamber.

The other thing is that, in addition to high appreciation of art, one needs to have a very comprehensive and keen knowledge of Shahi’s subject matter. For example, this painting “New Old West”, which came out two years ago, is known to be painted in Old West, but no one has been able to find the location because it is too rare to have a comprehensive understanding of the Old West and to be able to combine reality with abstraction in a keen way……]

[Dazed and Confused.jpg]




However while some netizens admired it, naturally there were still many people questioning it.

[What the hell? I don’t see how this photo is the same as “New Old West”?]

[Wow, there are actually people who believe this blogger’s words? Please, even the professionals in the industry have not guessed the specific location, so can it be guessed by the star? If someone really found out the location, wouldn’t they hide it and wait for the recording of the program to end to shoot? Don’t you think it’s funny?】

[This is a catch for sure, isn’t this photo taken by guests this time? None of these stars have ever posted anything related to Shahi but they suddenly turned into an artist and found the location of Shahi’s painting?]

[I am reasonably suspicious that the program team is trying to take advantage of some of Shahi’s hype, everyone knows the urine nature of Snowball.]

These two opinions were mutually exclusive to each other so there was a lot of noise online.

While the program group was browsing, the following comments on Shin Ya’s Weibo continued to grow, and because of the huge amount of discussion, the search volume for the Shahi’s “New Old West” and ‘Somewhere Else’ program appeared on the hot search list.

The staff of the show was simply confused, although their station really loved the hype and making hype, this time it was really not their doing!

Several other guests had also learned about the circumstances from the staff so the shocked Zhu Chuanjia started at Xie Ran: “Boss Xie, I can’t believe you still have this kind of talent!”

Fang Huiwang was also stunned but he was different from those people who were not familiar with Xie Ran, he knew that Xie Ran had no understanding of the art field and did not know who Shahi was. It was also impossible for him to study her work.

Seeing all the cameras focused on Xie Ran, Fang Huiwang gave a ‘haha’ laugh to draw everyone’s attention back to him and only then he looked at Xie Ran with a surprised expression: “Xiao Ran, when did you start to pay attention to the paintings? Did you even study Shahi? How come I’ve never heard you mention it before?”

With this reminder of Fang Huiwang, others also reacted. They all mixed in the entertainment industry and artists could be said to be the top people among the stars. Xie Ran had been in industry for many years so it was impossible to not hear about it for so many years.

Such thinking was very reasonable, the scene of this Shahi’s work was difficult to guess so even for industry experts, it was difficult to make a conclusion so for Xie Ran, it was even more impossible.

Meng Xixi immediately asked: “Does Boss Xie know the location of the scene? Or is it just some wild guess on the internet?”

“It’s not a wild guess.” Xie Ran did not look at Fang Huiwang but said calmly: “I shot the location of “New Old West”.”

Xie Ran answered with certainty, but others just looked at each other, all doubting whether he was just boasting and following the trend.

“If Xiao Ran thinks so, this is his heart.” Fang Huiwang’s purpose was achieved so he made a playful gesture: “Art is a matter of opinion, unless the original author himself came out to prove it, the rest is just a speculation, isn’t it?”

As soon as his voice fell, he heard a staff member nearby suddenly exclaim: “Shahi herself just issued a statement, she certified that brother Xie shot the exact location.”

Everyone on the scene: ?!!!!! 

“Really?” Everyone hastily crowded over to look at the staff’s cell phone.

The staff explained: “It seems that someone purposely climbed over the wall and sent brother Xie’s picture to Shahi herself.”

Many people did so, so Shahi was soon alerted and posted on Weibo.

Sure enough, what was opened on the staff’s mobile phone was a screenshot of the official account of Shahi.

Shahi directly posted the photo of Xie Ran along with her original work, officially acknowledging the location.

Not only that, she also made it a point to emphasize that this photo was not only taken at the location of “New Old West” but also the composition and angle were exactly the same as the picture she had chosen for her creation.

This means that the person who took the photo must not only have a high level of appreciation and knowledge, but also have an extremely precise ability to judge and capture the image.

Once Shahi’s weibo was posted, not only was Weibo abuzz, but the outside world was also stunned so it was even trending on Twitter.

The original mocking and questioning people were instantly dumbfounded and disappeared, leaving the entire Internet with nothing but sounds of awe and questions about who the author of the photo really was.

The program team and guests were also dumbfounded, especially Fang Huiwang. It was like he was face-slapped on the spot, indescribably anxious and embarrassed.

After a while, it was Zhu Chuanjia who came to his senses first and gave a sincere thumbs up: “Boss Xie is awesome, I didn’t expect you to be so knowledgeable about art!”

Xie Ran just glanced and said in a light tone: “No it was just by chance.”

Everyone collectively: “….” Boss Xie, it’s too much. It’s no use pretending anymore.

Zhu Chuanjia bravely spoke out everyone’s feelings: “Come on, how can such a thing just happen? Tell me about it. How could you have photographed the location of a great painter by chance?”

Xie Ran raised his eyelids and looked at the director who followed him: “Didn’t I go to the gallery the day before yesterday? I just happened to see the painting – the New Old West.”

As soon as the program group heard his words, the director hurriedly asked the filmmaker to transfer Xie Ran’s itinerary the day before yesterday. From the tape, he really found that Xie Ran stopped in front of this painting when he was watching an exhibition of cutting-edge painters in an art gallery.

That painting was the original “New Old West”.

Everyone: “….”

Zhu Chuanjia trembled: “You just looked at it and recognized the location of the painting?”

“It’s not me, it’s the data,” Xie Ran said.

Meng Feixuan had a complete aesthetic logic and sophisticated algorithms far beyond this world so it was not difficult for him to identify, disassemble, analyze and locate the painting location.

It was even easier to go back to the scene and reproduce it.

He told the truth, but the others did not listen or understand it. They were just busy hugging their heads and crying bitterly.

With tears streaming down his face, the director explained that he must cut the whole scene of Xie Ran’s exhibition into the program, while holding Xie Ran’s hand and sighing: “Boss Xie, our voting time ended too early. Otherwise your votes will definitely rise quickly. You are the giant C in the photography world!”




At the end of the recording of the program that day, the program team found Fang Huiwang and returned his cell phone to him, saying that Kuang Youfang had something to say to him.

The ‘Somewhere Else’ was recorded over the period of seven days, and all these guests were people with status that needed to look after their work. It was impossible for them to cut contact with the outside world completely.

Generally, if there was some urgent matter, they just would ask them to contact them privately.

Fang Huiwang was so anxious that he quickly hid in the corner and called Kuang Youfang. As soon as he got through, he asked, “What’s going on now? How is the wind on the Internet?”

“Not so good.” Kuang Youfang’s deep voice showed a trace of exhaustion.

The popularity of the “New Old West” location photo not only brought the traffic to the photo itself but also made the netizens who were looking at the situation take a fresh look at the other five photos.

In this way, the photo taken by Fang Huiwang that had a much higher number of votes than the other photos, also received a lot of focused attention.

Previously, when the traffic was not so big, their water army could control the scene as much as they wanted, but in the case of the whole network, the power of the water army was not worth mentioning.

Fang Huiwang’s photography skill was okay, otherwise he would not dare to make this hype, but with Xie Ran’s contrast, it really made him look mediocre.

He won with an abnormally high number of votes, and the praise he received obviously exceeded the level of the work itself.

Keen netizens immediately smelled the smell of melon and began to peel his data, and sure enough, they found some clues.

Fang Huiwang only felt his head starting to hurt: “Can’t you control it?”

“I managed to keep it under control. Fortunately, as soon as we found that something was wrong, we began to delete comments, leaving very little evidence.” Kuang Youfang’s tone was still worried, it was fortunate that most people were still paying attention to the New Old West’s location and few people were involved in nit-picking, otherwise, it could really have ended badly this time.

The more Kuang Youfang spoke, the more annoyed he got: “Who actually took that picture of the New Old West‘s location? How come I didn’t know there was an artist among the guests this time?”

Fang Huiwang just sneered and spoke sarcastically: “It’s Xie Ran.”

Kuang Youfang was so stunned that he did not make a sound for a long time, not knowing what to think.

Fang Huiwang waited impatiently: “Talk, what are we doing next?”

For this marketing, they had spent a lot of effort but now all the success they could gain was lost. The cooperation of that luxury brand would also not go so smoothly.

But this was not the only problem he was facing.

His decline in popularity, the broken working capital chain, and all sorts of problems weighing on his body, making him almost breathless.

After a long time, Kuang Youfang finally opened his mouth and said: “You should get back together with Xie Ran.”

Fang Huiwang was stunned and thought he must have heard wrong: “What did you say?”

“Get back together with Xie Ran.” Kuang Youfang gritted his teeth and said, “Isn’t this what you’ve always wanted to do? Didn’t you almost succeed? Then, try all means to get him back.”

His tone was resigned and gloomy: “Haven’t you noticed? Soon, the entire entertainment industry’s resources and topics will be in Xie Ran’s hands.”

After Meng Feixuan was born from nowhere, Xie Ran’s studio jumped to become the highest valued studio in the entertainment industry. All agencies and technology companies scrambled to cooperate with Xie Ran, giving him all kinds of resources casually.

Now the “New Old West” event had gained a lot of popularity online so it was not difficult to imagine how popular Xie Ran would be after the program was broadcasted.

Yewang studio’s painstaking layout was about to collapse so the best way now was to get together with Xie Ran, not only by heating up old CP but to really get together with him.

Just like ten years ago.

Fang Huiwang hung up the phone and went back to his room in a daze.

Xie Ran had just finished taking a bath and was laying on the bed watching TV.

Fang Huiwang was dazed for a moment. He felt that he hated Xie Ran at this time, especially in recent days, he almost lost his mind because of Xie Ran.

But when Kuang Youfang asked him to find a way to get back together with Xie Ran, he became a little confused about his inner thoughts.

“Xiao Ran…” Fang Huiwang called blankly: “Do we still have a chance?”

He said this completely unconsciously, and as soon as he finished, he suddenly woke up, and immediately regretted it. But he still could not help looking forward to Xie Ran’s answer as he looked toward him waiting for his answer.

Just at this time, Meng Feixuan’s voice came from Xie Ran headphones: “Yes, three!”

Xie Ran was silent for a moment: “I can’t afford it.”

Fang Huiwang did not expect him to be so straightforward and immediately got annoyed. His heart beat wildly as he was about to say something else but heard Xie Ran continue to say: “Big you.”

Fang Huiwang was puzzled.

Only then did he realize that Xie Ran didn’t seem to be paying attention to him at all, he followed Xie Ran’s line of sight in the direction of the TV, and then: “…?”

Why was the TV showing a game of fighting the landlord?

How could TV in the old west city show fighting the landlord card game?


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