DOASCC – Chapter 33.2- Large supplier

Fu Guang and the players behind them from Dynasty Smoke Pavilion reflexively shook, couldn’t help but recall the fear of being destroyed by Fang Muhao. Only after making sure that Fang Muhao wasn’t nearby, their nerves relaxed.

But they still did not dare to easily provoke Xie Dafang, not to mention that he has the Zhulu mountain sect behind him but in case that the game forum analysis was true he was the hidden first expert of the “Bright Moon River Lake” making them unable to beat him.

Xie Ran only took one look at them and then under the guidance of Meng Feixuan he turned around and went into the next store.

Fu Guang noticed that this store was exactly what they were looking for today so he hurriedly pulled Jian Jingsheng  sleeve and said: “Brother Jian.”

Seeing that Jian Jingsheng expression unchanged, he spoke in a quiet voice: “Let’s go in, too.”

The store was owned by NPC and sure enough, there really was a batch of newly arrived materials of very good quality. Going in, they heard Xie Dafnag asking the shopkeeper: “What is the price of these materials now?”

The shopkeeper said: “Recently, there are many people buying materials, and today it has increased by 20% ……”

Xie Ran nodded at his words, Fu Guang seeing the situation no longer waited for them to finish speaking and immediately rushed to say: “Boss, this batch of materials we want it all.”

The boss with ‘ai’ hurriedly made a gesture to Xie Ran: “I have a big business here. Please wait a moment.”

Xie Ran, who did not notice what situation he was in, turned his head and glanced faintly at Fu Guang.

Fu Guang looked quite proud, he was killed twice by Xie Dafang and lost two levels, now he needed to work hard to gain them back. And thanks to Xie Dafang taking over the Zhulu mountain sect in the game, he became the most ridiculed clown.

But no matter what, Xie Dafang has one thing that would always be inferior to him, Fu Guang come from a privileged background and could spend a lot of money in the game while Xie Dafang mentioned vaguely before that his family background was very ordinary so he always looked quite shabby in the game.

Now, Fu Guang relied on his strong financial power in the game to wantonly rob goods. During this period of time, Dynasty Smoke Pavillon swept nearly half of the war supplies on the market, with them they were bound to be able to seize the next next system sect. Then it wouldn’t be too late to take revenge on Xie Dafang.

But at the moment, it is also a very happy thing to buy all the things that Xie Dafang fancied. Although there was no change in Xie Dafang expression, Fu Guang felt a rush of pleasure by crushing him with money.

This was the pleasure of RMB players.

Seeing this, Jian Jingsheng with some unknown mentality suddenly said: “Xie Dafang do you also want to buy raw materials? We can leave some for you…”

“No!” Fu Guang did not wait for him to finish the sentence as he sharply interrupted it and coldy snorted: “Now that raw materials are scarce and the highest bidder gets it, can he afford to pay for them? I’m not going to do a good deed and pay for him.”

Xie Ran did not even listen to them, but Meng Feixuan “tsk” twice and sighed with emotion: “The stage is not yet set, yet these two people have already become addicted to theater.”

Xie Ran: “…did you learn it from TV series?”

“Yes!”Meng Feixuan gave a thumbs up: “This line is very practical!”

Xie Ran: “…”

Fu Guang still wanted to taunt the two of them but voices came from the doorway and few high level players came in. Their leader was Yunru, the former vice guild master of Wind and Rain guild. After taking many players from Wind and Rain guild, he started a new guild called Raging Thundercloud Tower where he was the guild master.

As soon as Yunru saw Jian Jingsheng and Fu Guang he said: “It seems that I am a step late.”

Yunru was also a famous RMB warrior in the “Bright Moon River Lake” who had a strong desire for power so he was dissatisfied with being overpowered by Yunyu from Wind and Rain guild. Finding this opportunity to quit Wind and Rain guild he prepared nonstop. He threw a lot of money and hoarded a lot of supplies ready to take over the system sect in one fell swoop. Then the remaining Wind and Rain guild members will naturally see who is really worth following.

Hearing today that a new batch of goods was available on this side of East Third Street, Yunru rushed over with his men but he did not expect to be one step behind.

However he wasn’t surprised, this was a war race where Dynasty Smoke Pavillon and Raging Thundercloud Tower were the two main forces. It could be said that the current market raw materials were either in hands Raging Thundercloud Tower or Dynasty Smoke Pavillon.

Jian Jingsheng seening Yunru appear he immediately smiled: “Not too late, if you also want this batch of raw materials, I can share half of them with you.”

Yunru raised his eyebrows: “So nice?”

Then Jian Jingsheng pointed out: “If you agree to my offer from two days ago, this material is nothing.”

Yunru’s eyes narrowed slightly as he seemed to think about something, then laughed “Hahaha, Jian Jingsheng, you’re really something. If Yanyu had half of your insight and courage, I wouldn’t have left the Wind and Rain guild.”

Mentioning Wind and Rain guild, Jian Jingsheng eyes flickered slightly as he then asked involuntarily: “Speaking of which, how did you get into such a mess with him?”

“What else could it be? It’s just that he listened to his words again.” Mentioning this matter, Yunru gave a cold sound: “The god has already canceled his account but Yanyu and half of Wind and Rain guild still only follows his lead, it’s really ridiculous. He didn’t even think about the reason why he canceled his account.”

“Let’s not mention this.” Yunru waved his hand and said with a big grin, “The suggestion you made earlier, I think it’s very good and since I came across you…  we might as well find a place to sit down and discuss it in the long run.”

He pointed to the few people following him and smiled: “It just so happens that the batch of medicine that came out today has been bought fully by our Raging Thundercloud Tower so if you want it, we can share with you.”

Jian Jingsheng smiled when he heard his words: “It doesn’t matter.”

Fu Guang who stood at the side hearing this felt his blood boiling and could no longer hide his excitement: “If our cooperation is successful, then in the future the whole market will be under our control!”

Although Fu Guang was rich, the preparation of this amount of raw material was still expensive. He needed to use all the spare money he had, saying that it is not painful at all would be false.

But just as they were preparing, Jian Jingsheng keenly discovered something. This time, probably because all the major guilds were in action, the goods and materials on the market had been in short supply but thanks to their guild gathering information personally, the most of supplies was now mainly in the hands of Dynasty Smoke Pavillon and Raging Thundercloud Tower. Other guilds also gathered a lot but compared to the two of them it was not much.

For example, at this time, the raw materials and medicines were immediately divided between the two of them as soon as they hit the market.

Doesn’t this mean that the capabilities of Dynasty Smoke Pavillon and Raging Thundercloud Tower were enough to eat most of the materials in the market? As long as they join forces they would be able to completely control the market, setting up prices.

This was an unexpected harvest in the preparation of supplies, after discovering it Jian Jingsheng further increased his effort in hoarding supplies and at the same time sending a message to Yunru to propose a cooperation.

This move was also something that Yunru wanted, he has spent a lot of time to hold his temper and make the Raging Thundercloud Tower look good, not to mention the ability to control the market it was something that he could only dream of before.

“Very good.” Yunru was really satisfied and seemed to already foreseen the future he said: “Then we might as well try to hoard a little more now, when we succeed in capturing the system sect, other guilds are bound to follow our example. Then prices will really soar.”

He looked at Jian Jingsheng with more and more admiration: “You’re really something Jian Jingsheng, it’s no wonder you could make Dynasty Smoke Pavillon so big.”

Jian Jingsheng just smiled and did not say anything.

Fu Guang also felt a little proud then his eyes glanced to the side as if he remembered something and immediately said to Yunru: “By the way, if our two guilds cooperate, I have a condition.”

He glanced at Xie Dafang who had been standing silently to the side all this time and said smugly: “The goods in the hands of our two guilds cannot be sold to Xie Dafang.”

Seeing Jian Jingsheng frown at his words, Yunru just laughed: “Haha… What’s the problem, if we cooperate, then the enemy of your Dynasty Smoke Pavilion is also the enemy of my Raging Thundercloud Tower.”

“That would be great.” Fu Guang was overjoyed, and he became even happier.

After Xie Dafang took over the Zhulu mountain sect, he actually asked Fang Muhao to charge all Dynasty Smoke Pavilion members a quest fee. This made Dynasty Smoke Pavilion suffer a lot of ridicule, there were also some players who withdrew from the guild because of this. In the end, it was only when he stepped in and promised that he would cover the quest fee of the members that the matter calmed down.

Now that Dynasty Smoke Pavillon and Raging Thundercloud Tower were cooperating, the first thing he had to do was to deal with Xie Dafang and let him have a taste of being banned.

Fu Guang looked at Xie Dafang waiting for him to look angry or embarrassed.

Jian Jingsheng also glanced coldly at Xie Dafang and thought of saying something.

At this time, the shopkeeper who had just entered the account room and calculated the account for a long time finally came out. Handing out a thick stack of silver banknotes he spoke to Xie Dafang: “Master Xie, this is the income for this period of time, the money for the batch of raw materials that was sold just now are also counted,so you can check.”

Meng Feixuan skillfully took the silver bank notes from Xie Ran hands and counted it once before putting it into his backpack: “That’s right.”

Fu Guang looked puzzled as he asked the shopkeeper: “What did you give him the silver banknotes for?”

“Oh.” The shopkeeper responded with a smile: “Master Xie has already taken over the store so he came to collect the income today.”

After he finished speaking he looked at Xie Dafang again and asked: “By the way, master Xie this batch of raw materials was just sold out, do you still want to put up the rest of them?”

“Let’s put it in batches.” Xie Dafang said in a light voice: “The prices should have already reached the top, so if someone wants to buy it, sell it. ” .”

Shopkeeper: “Got it.”

Jian Jingsheng, Fu Guang and Yunru suddenly felt that something was wrong. Jian Jingsheng looked at Xie Ran and asked: “Have you stocked up the materials?”

Xie Ran didn’t answer, it was Meng Feixuan who kindly replied: “Yes, there are still quite a lot, we can give you a discount if you buy more.”

He then glanced at Yunru and smiled cheekily: “The batch of medicine you just bought was also the one we just released, if you still need more we can restock it for you.”


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