After Winning This Battle, I Will Go Home And Get Married – Chapter 55.1- Extra 4

Gentlesworth von elix was 64 years old this year, and it’s been nearly twenty years since he became the president.

Today, just like usual, he woke up at 5 AM, exercised for half an hour, and then went to freshen up.

Afterward, he spent a good half an hour in front of the mirror, meticulously grooming his appearance.

The outside world always assumes he has a team of stylists and image consultants, but in reality, he doesn’t. He simply ensures he looks neat and tidy. Appearing competent is enough.

Normally, he dresses himself in a dignified and solemn manner, but today was different-

Today was the first formal visit of his son-in-law after marriage.

No, that doesn’t sound serious enough. He should say that his son has finally completed the mission of persuading the Federation’s top sniper through their engagement.

He’s very satisfied.

He used to privately complain to his wife about this rebellious and disobedient younger son. He didn’t know what kind of person he would bring home after getting married and hoped it wouldn’t be too terrible.

He pretended to be entirely unconcerned, but every time his wife talked with their son on the phone about relationships, he would secretly listen in. However, he never heard anything useful.

Occasionally, he would inquire about Arthur’s conduct in his unit, checking if he was upright.

Despite giving Arthur a fair share of lectures and even using his own life experiences to advise and admonish him, saying that if a man wants to achieve something, he shouldn’t let personal affairs distract him, he still wasn’t sure if Arthur had truly taken it to heart.

Luckily, the information he gathered indicated that Arthur was upright, not engaging in misconduct, fully dedicated to his career and spending his days either in battle or training.

His wife sometimes worried and said, “Isn’t this a bit too dry?”

He would just scoff. “This age is prime for building a career. As for marriage, there’s no rush.”

His wife retorted, “You’re saying the same thing as Arthur when he answered me. You two only sound like real father and son when you’re being sarcastic.”

President Gentlesworth von Felix was momentarily taken aback. “…”

He had met Yan Xueshan a few times before.

In fact, the earliest time wasn’t in the military. Perhaps Yan Xueshan himself could no longer remember.

It was at the Imperial Military Academy.

As a former top-ranking Master Sergeant in the Federation and also as its President, he would attend each graduation ceremony.

Yan Xueshan was one of the outstanding graduates of that year, standing out distinctly.

He had reviewed the profiles of these exceptional students who would be sent into war before they arrived. Yan Xueshan especially left a deep impression on him.

He didn’t personally meet Yan Xueshan. Instead, he delivered a speech to the students as a whole.

Not just because Yan Xueshan was a rare and precious Sniper Master Sergeant, but for some unknown reason, he had a peculiar premonition. He felt that compared to the fervent and passionate children around Yan Xueshan, this seemingly indifferent and aloof student would undoubtedly achieve something notable in the future.

At the very least, he would survive; he would live a relatively long life.

Sure enough, his judgment had been accurate.

Two or three years later, when he went to look again, Yan Xueshan had gone through several partners, but he remained unharmed, and his personal strength was continually climbing.

The two most noteworthy Sniper Master Sergeants presented by the Military Mecha Research Institute were Krichen and Yan Xueshan.

Yan Xueshan emerged out of nowhere, having no name before entering the military academy.

Most people were more optimistic about Krichen, who had long been renowned and came from a prestigious background. Yet, he felt more interested in Yan Xueshan.

Later on, Yan Xueshan’s partner was killed, and he had to get another partner.

He heard that his son, Arthur, applied right away and even managed to contact some uncles. He was eager and earnest about being partnered with Yan Xueshan.

This caught President Gentlesworth von Felix off guard.

He even pondered for a while, thinking, ‘Arthur truly lives up to being my own son. His judgment is aligned with mine. He’s only been in the military for a short time, and he’s already selected someone with potential whom I had my eye on.’

There shouldn’t be any mistakes in following Yan Xueshan. He was sure to experience substantial growth. Since his son had this willingness to be paired with the strong, he wouldn’t mind lending a hand.

Either become stronger or die. It’s a brave and resolute choice.

The plan to manufacture the S-class sniper mecha Artemis had been in the works for a long time, but it never materialized until Professor Brendan saw Yan Xueshan’s combat abilities. Within a short time, he was inspired and swiftly resolved all the previous bugs and finally let this Goddess of the Moon mecha come into existence peacefully.

The opposite Zhulong was also born.

After this, the manufacturing of S-class mechas became much smoother than before, with pair after pair of twin mechas being created.

Then, it was time to choose the pilots.

As for the selection of mecha pilots, they also largely considered the opinions of the Master Sergeants.

The “father” of Artemis, Professor Brendan, had an unwavering opinion: “She belongs to Yan Xueshan.”

Yan Xueshan himself felt fortunate to be chosen as a pilot, but he didn’t know that he was, in fact, one of the inspirations.

During his free time, as Arthur’s old father, Gentlesworth would sometimes ponder: What would have happened if Arthur hadn’t met Yan Xueshan?

With that kid’s stubbornness and determination, he might still have become a powerful Master Sergeant, but probably not as strong as he was now.

Time and opportunity, with fate as well.

There’s no ‘perhaps,’ everything was inevitable. It’s possible that from the moment they met, the gears of destiny had seamlessly interlocked and started turning.

From a familial perspective, a national perspective, or even a personal perspective, he was quite satisfied with Arthur’s choice of spouse. As a result, he felt a tiny bit of affection for this rebellious son of his.

At the very least, in terms of judgment, he’s not inferior to his old man; he chose the best partner in the entire galaxy.

Yes, that’s right, very good.

He spent nearly half an hour in the bathroom.

His wife, Theresa, came over and knocked on the door. “Darling, why haven’t you come out yet? Did you pull your back again?”

“No, I didn’t pull my back.” He cleared his throat twice, opened the door, and said, “Take a look. How do I look after getting ready today?”

Theresa scrutinized him from top to bottom. “Isn’t it pretty much the same as usual? You can’t find a more handsome old man in the entire galaxy.”

He blushed. “I’m not joking with you. Do you think this outfit makes me look too serious? Aren’t you always saying I have a scary expression?

“Today, I’m not acting as the president, I’m just meeting Yan Xueshan as Felix’s father. I think I should be a bit more approachable.”

Uncomfortably he scratched his nose, saying, “This isn’t the first time I’ve met one of our kid’s partners.”

Theresa couldn’t help but suppress a chuckle, straightened his collar, and said, “Alright, that’s enough. Rather than focusing on your clothes and hairstyle, just avoid glaring and giving orders. That will make you seem kinder and more amiable.”

He was like a big bear that had been soothed and tamed, nodding obediently.

The morning went on with business as usual, but today it was at home.


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