After Winning This Battle, I Will Go Home And Get Married – Chapter 44.2

At the very least, he understood they were Federation heroes.

However, he has been acquainted with Yan Xueshan for some time, and treated him partly like his own son and partly like his nephew. Still, he couldn’t help acting extra respectful. Then, after holding back for a while he said, “Wait. I’ll get you some home made food made by my family.”

“Also Song Chao, do you want me to call him over for you?

“He was so excited yesterday that he didn’t sleep all night, but he still wanted to continue farming with me in the morning. Since he was so sleepy I let him go back to rest.”

Yan Xueshan said, “It’s okay, no need to call him.”

Uncle Qiao nodded. “Okay.”

He went home and brought a cherry pie, pickled cucumber and so on to Yan Xueshan. Yan Xueshan said thanks, tasted a little and said, “When I come back from school, I also want to grow some small vegetables. I would like to ask you to share some seedlings with me then.”

Uncle Qiao smiled and said, “Okay.”

He didn’t understand these complicated things, but he still said from the bottom of his heart, “After the war, you should take a good rest.”

Yan Xueshan agreed.

 Now that he made up his mind, he planned to farm during the busy farming season and plant with a mecha when he was free.

What a fulfilling life!

Yan Xueshan said generously, “I bought several new agricultural mechas. They are parked in a warehouse. If you want to pilot them, you can take them out.”

Such good agricultural mechas, but he just had no time to drive them recently. It would be a pity to just leave them alone so it would be better to lend them to farmers so they could play their roles.

Song Chao fell asleep and didn’t wake up until the next day. As soon as he woke up, Uncle Qiao told him, “You finally woke up, but Yan Xueshan just left.”

Song Chao was stunned. Almost vomiting blood, he asked, “He was back?”

Uncle Qiao nodded. “Yes, he stayed for the whole day. I even saw the two of them wandering around the fields together in an agricultural mecha.”

Song Chao: “???? The two of them? Admiral Arthur was also there?”

Uncle Qiao nodded and sighed. “They drive the agricultural mechas really well, as expected of S-Class Divisional Sergeants. So impressive!”

Song Chao: “……”

Of course!

The thought of missing his idol made Song Chao quite depressed.

However, he wasn’t depressed for long, because in less than two days, the first game of the Holographic Mecha Charity Tournament would start.

It had been a week since Yan Xueshan disappeared from the interview session of the last press conference, and he wasn’t seen in public during that time.

Of course, he also didn’t show up before.

However, now Arthur was gone as well.

The two were very low-key, but instead of letting the heat go down, all sorts of speculation and discussion became more and more rampant as the competition drew closer.

After some waiting, the competition was about to start!

The official opening was at 1:00 p.m.

Early in the morning, the popularity of the live broadcast room had already exceeded two hundred billion. After the Federation and the Empire merged, it now had a total of three trillion people, which was a very scary number.

Everyone couldn’t wait to squat in the live broadcast room and start chatting. If they had nothing to do, they would also click on the donation link to donate. Seeing how many Master Sergeants took the lead in donating millions, they were also unable to resist donating five or ten stars currency.
In the Galactic Federation, the public could use the interstellar network at a very low price.

Whether it was a mansion on some prosperous Capital Planet, a small farm in a remote countryside, an old orphanage, or even a spaceship, as long as you could connect to the interstellar network, you would be able to watch the games close to real time.


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