After Winning This Battle, I Will Go Home And Get Married – Chapter 51.2

In recent months, the Blue Reaper fan club was particularly active.

Everyone felt like they were celebrating New Year’s Eve every day because every so often there was new information about Yan Xueshan. This was a joy that had something to do with him personally and nothing to do with him personally.

Producing graphic fanfic with the theme of the Blue Reaper was enjoyable in itself.

Especially after Yan Xueshan and Arthur announced their marriage, Arthur loved to show off, making CP fans even more crazy. They acted comparable to professional detectives, and according to his every sentence they searched for the corresponding battle, analysis and even some drawings.

If she hadn’t had to go to school and do her homework, she could have been immersed in it from morning to night.

She wondered what kind of crazy thing was going on now?

Polly thought to herself, these people can really cause a fuss. If you put them in her place, wouldn’t they faint every day?

Just look at her, she was so experienced now that even if she faced the collapse of a mountain, her facial expression wouldn’t change.

Oh, there was nothing left to make her panic.

Polly opened the group chat.

She saw the most crucial sentence at a glance, even though it was obvious that everyone was commenting:

 [They are going to have an online wedding on the day of the finals!]

Polly jumped up from the bed in an instant like a cat whose tail was stepped on, and screamed, “Ah!!”

Her  roommate was speechless. “Why are you screaming?”

Polly covered her mouth and mumbled excitedly, “Hehe, they are going to get married on the day of the Finals, and citizens of the entire Galactic Federation can enter the ceremony with their ID cards on the Interstellar Network.”

She didn’t say who it was, but everyone knew who she was talking about.

Her roommate screamed too.

The next day, Yan Xueshan didn’t show up in class but everyone knew where he went.

As soon as the morning class was over, everyone took off.

There was supposed to be a lesson scheduled for the afternoon, but the teacher felt that it was a special situation as he also didn’t have the heart for a lesson.

So why not give everyone half a day off?

This day was even more joyful than the holidays!

For holographic viewing, a VR headset would do.

Whether in the dormitory, on the roadside bench, or in a street shop, people temporarily stopped working or studying, and put on VR helmets – ready to watch the final battle and then participate in the wedding.

Uncle Qiao got up early that morning, setting a date reminder to avoid forgetting, but first he went to the fields to make sure nothing was wrong.

It was a slack period for farming and he had nothing to do every day except admiring flowers and petting dogs, which was quite boring.

He missed Yan Xueshan very much. He still clearly remembered the first time he saw Yan Xueshan more than a year ago.

The lad in an old jacket asked him for directions as Uncle Qiao sat on the agricultural mecha and he kindly pointed the way for him.

At that time, Yan Xueshan’s eyes were bright, looking at his mecha as if he saw something cute, obviously liking it very much.

A word of praise couldn’t help but pop out of Yan Xueshan’s mouth as he said, “Your agricultural mecha is really nice.”

At that time, Uncle Qiao had a very good impression of him, thinking that this young man who liked agricultural mechas so much mustn’t be a bad person.

He drove home in the agricultural mecha that Yan Xueshan had lent him and parked it in his warehouse.

Yan Xueshan said that he would lend it to him for free, as long as he was responsible for regular maintenance.

The dog barked at the warehouse door, and his wife said, “Come quickly, it’s about to start!”

Uncle Qiao hurriedly climbed down from the mecha and accidentally hit his back. Holding his old back he slowly returned to his house.

On the table in the lobby was an opened gift box – it was a wedding gift box given to him by Yan Xueshan in which was packed two simple holographic VR viewing helmets, and a very antique paper invitation. The handwriting on it wasn’t printed, but written by Yan Xueshan himself.
It arrived in the mail about three or four days ago.

After completing their preparations, he put on the helmet with his wife and entered the virtual world of the interstellar network.

Here, you could create a brand new virtual image for yourself. He didn’t change his image too exaggeratedly and only made himself look like a young man, but he was still a farmer just like his wife.

Those special VIPs who were invited to the wedding also had the added bonus of being able to choose to watch the mecha competition.

However, Yan Xueshan specially wrote that it wasn’t very suitable for holographic viewing. Too much excitement could trigger a heart attack or other danger.

The virtual square was full of people hustling and bustling. It seems to have merged into an endless sea of ​​people.

Uncle Qiao took his wife and started looking for the way. The invitation said, go to a mecha service shop and find a man in a pink suit. As he walked, he heard all the passers-by discussing Yan Xueshan and Arthur.

A man on the side, dancing, said exaggeratedly, “I didn’t lie to you, the God of War once came to me to arrange a blind date for him, so I think I must have contributed to his marriage with the Admiral!”

“Look, this is his autograph!”

“What? You want me to sell it to you? That’s not possible!”

Another man in a sloth costume said, “He lives on Vega planet now, and I did the business for him myself.”

“He’s even more handsome in person than what you’ve seen in the media! Tsk! He is not an ordinary person at first glance.”

“I knew it at first glance.”

There was also a chubby boss soliciting business. “Walk in, don’t miss it, this is the Vega Mecha Shop.”

“This one, this one, or this one, are all recommended by the Sniper God. It’s only right if you buy them.”

Uncle Qiao hasn’t been on the interstellar network in a long time, so everything looked novel to him, interesting and thriving.

He lived in the uninhabited countryside, and there was only one neighbor, Yan Xueshan, for a hundred miles. Occasionally he would go to the next commercial planet to buy some necessary household goods or so on.

However, in less than half a year, whether it was because of the establishment of the military base or the Sniper God, many people returned home after the war. This made the once deserted Planet Vega become more and more lively.

No matter how wonderful the virtual world in the interstellar network was, human beings must return to a down-to-earth life.

After scanning the paper invitation, an electronic invitation with directions appeared in Uncle Qiao’s hand.

He then followed the indicated direction to his destination, a circular door with a double doorway, one side blue and white, and the other black and red.

After checking his invitation, the gatekeeper let them in.

He came to a lively and orderly spectator seat.

He had a movable space, which was similar to the audience seats in the stadium. However, there was no such thing as a full seat or a seat for only one person. The audience who entered the stadium with a ticket could choose the seat they liked arbitrarily.

Previously, Uncle Qiao was watching it on his flat screen TV.

Watching the competition holographically for the first time, he was a little confused. After chatting with his wife for a long time, the reminder sounded that the competition was about to start, so they took seats a little towards the back.

If they sat too close they were afraid of being too excited, too far back they were afraid of not being able to see clearly.

In the dark space, a beam of light shone.

Yan Xueshan and Arthur in mecha suits appeared.

Yan Xueshan didn’t feel too surprised or nervous about his final opponent.

He also wasn’t nervous on the day of the decisive battle, so what’s there to be nervous about today?

It was everyone else who was nervous.

Yan Xueshan was even a little surprised when he arrived at the military base, receiving blessings as he walked through.

Without Arthur’s orders, everyone spontaneously decorated the base for the celebration of their marriage. It wasn’t exactly a labor of love, just hanging some small decorations on their own doors or along the path Yan Xueshan and Arthur walked.

He was also told that many people had already rehearsed individual performances for them that they will perform for them after the wedding.

 As a result, Yan Xueshan, who has always been a man of few words, was saying thank you to people everywhere today, but he didn’t feel bothered at all.

For the first time in his life, he wasn’t being superficial, but sincerely thankful for every kind gesture.

Arthur, however, looked tense, dignified and even a bit stiff.

The host Lin Qi joked, “No need to be so nervous, right? Indeed, no matter who hits who, it will still be a scene of domestic violence.”

The audience burst into laughter.

“The match is nothing,” Arthur said. “I’m nervous about the wedding that’s coming up. My once-in-a-lifetime wedding.”

Yan Xueshan didn’t know what Arthur was worried about, with the central federal server backing them up, it would never crash, and there were 5,000 of the federation’s top network technicians online today to maintain data stability. Even if more people came, they wouldn’t have to worry about it.


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