DOASCC – Chapter 38.1 – Troubles Lie Ahead

Wind and Rain Guild headquarters.

Bancheng Yanyu stood tall like a jade holding a sword in his hand bringing a group of top experts of Wind and Rain Guild to the gate of the guild. While facing Yunru who stood outside the gate.

Yunru wore top-notch equipment and behind him stood a large number of people with expressions like they were bound to win.

Bancheng Yanyu coldly said: “Yunru what are you trying to do?”

“What do I try to do, can’t you see?” Yunru looked at the people behind him and said in a flamboyant manner: “Bancheng Yanyu, so many of my brother and sister are old people of Wind and Rain Guild so they are already used to this piece of land of Wind and Rain Guild. Look, why don’t you just name a price and give us this guild headquarters?”

Bancheng Yanyu, just snickered: “I think it’s obvious that you have nowhere else to go, so you come up with the idea of Wind and Rain Guild headquarters, right?

Yunru, who was poked at the sore spot, felt his expression immediately sink: “So what?”

Initially together with a large number of people of Wind and Rain Guild, he rebelled and left the sect full of confidence and ready to capture the system sect. Then the system sect would become their own guild headquarter, but he did not expect that he would fail in the end. Since capturing the system sect failed, a large number of people naturally had nowhere to go, making the guild member upset. If they didn’t settle down as soon as possible Raging Thundercloud Tower would fall apart. It was not in line with his original intentions of leaving Wind and Rain Guild and setting up Raging Thundercloud Tower as his own guild.

In the early days, the amount of money he spent in order to hoard raw material and build the guild headquarter was also not a small amount. Not to mention that he was used to the grandeur of Wind and Rain Guild headquarter and never put into his eyes simple headquarters.

In such an urgent situation, he pondered with several of his confidants. Since most of them were from Wind and Rain Guild they also contributed to construction of Wind and Rain Guild headquarter so why should headquarter be left to Wind and Rain Guild and not to them?

Yunru finally had a plan, his heart was annoyed but his expression remained calm as he righteously said: “Bancheng Yanyu, if it wasn’t because you were afraid to attack the system sect, I would not quit the guild with half of its members… In the end, we failed to capture the system sect but you are also partly responsible so letting us have this headquarters is also reasonable.”

“Such eloquence.” Bancheng Yanyu was furious: “Yunru, you want to steal the guild headquarter today but you won’t be able to do it unless you step over my corpse.”

His words hit Yunru’s heart, making him immediately laugh: “Haha”: “Okay, Bancheng Yanyu, you said this yourself.”

He was about to start when suddenly a familiar shout came from a distance: “Yunru, what are you trying to do!”

Yunru frowned and turned his head to see Jian Jingsheng and Fu Guang with few people of Dynasty Smoke Pavillon hurriedly rushing over.

Bancheng Yanyu used his real face in the game. During the period of time Jian Jingsheng started going after Xie Dafang he didn’t pay much attention to Yin Luyan so seeing him again after some time he felt that he has not changed a bit. He was still like a piece of jade,arrogant and noble. His secret love and desire, hidden in the depths of his heart also come back in an instant.

After all, the real thing was the real thing. The brilliance of Yin Luoyan was like the sun, moon and stars. No matter how good Xie Dafang was in the game, he was still ultimately inferior to Yin Luyan.

Seeing him, Jian Jingsheng’s eyes darkened as he walked in Bancheng Yanyu and said with a smile: “Luyan, why didn’t you tell me something happened?”

Bancheng Yanyu did not expect him to come so he just nodded slightly and said: “This is a private matter of the Wind and Rain Guild, how can I trouble you.”

Jian Jingsheng shook his head and said: “Don’t act like an outsider, we are friends.”

Bancheng Yanyu felt a little strange for a moment, he and Jian Jingsheng knew each other in reality. The time was not short but they never were in the same circle. Jian Jingsheng has always been polite to him, but at this moment it was more enthusiastic and intimate than they have ever been in the past.

He was a little confused, but still replied gratefully: “Thank you.”

Yunru was surprised by the arrival of Jian Jingsheng but after hearing their conversation, his eyes narrowed slightly as he spoke: “ Jian Jingsheng you are not here to help Bancheng Yanyu, are you?”

It was only then that Jian Jingsheng turned around and looking at Yunru said: “Yunru, doing this, isn’t it against righteousness?”

But Yunru who was unmoved just sneered: “We are almost half of Wind and Rain Guild so half of this headquarter is also ours, so how can we be unrighteous?”

Bancheng Yanyu immediately retorted: “Nonsense, this location was created by god Fade, where does your half come from?”

Yunru just looked coldly at him: “Bancheng Yanyu, god Fade disappeared almost 800 years ago so why are you still using his chicken feathers as arrows?”

Bancheng Yanyu: “Isn’t what I said the truth?”

“I think you’re still living in a dream and haven’t woken up.” Yunru angrily mocked: “Don’t think that if everyone says you are like god Fade you are really god Fade. If you had half of god Fade’s ability, Wind and Rain guild wouldn’t become like this!”

Bancheng Yanyu seemed to be aware of his situation so his face immediately flushed.

Yunru spoke again: “But no matter how strong God Fade is, he is also a coward, which you are very much alike.”

Bancheng Yanyu who was originally unable to speak due to shame, when he heard god Fade being mocked, he immediately reprimanded loudly: “I forbid you to speak about god Fade like this.”

Seeing that he was provoked, Yunru became even more pleased: “Am I wrong? If he is not a coward, why did he cancel his account? Since he has already quit the game, this Wind and Rain Guild headquarter has nothing to do with him. This headquarter should be given to a person who can really develop the Wind and Rain Guild.”

Hearing them mention the name god Fade, Jian Jingsheng eyes lowered as he remembered some not-so-good memories.

The god Fade they were talking about was one of the earliest players in “Bright Moon River Lake” and founder of Wind and Rain Guild who was also always at the top of the player expert list when he was still in the game. It could be said that he was the undisputed number one player in Bright Moon River Lake, a legend in every sense of this word.


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