Travelling Frog – Chapter 6.2 – Reality Teaser

After a few seconds of blankness on the panel, a dialog box popped up with the profile picture of a red-eyed bunny wearing a green sun hat and drooping ears. “I think it was okay.”

Gin nodded in agreement, standing on the same side as the rabbit for the first time. “Me too. So it’s the fault of this chaotic creature for being too embarrassing, not me being too scary.”

A picture floated up in the dialog box with a strange creature with a rabbit head and a sparrow body holding a cup of green tea and throwing out a word: “Sparrow Diet.”

Just as Gin and the rabbit were chatting and dissing the Ferris wheel on the screen, the red moon above suddenly emitted a bright light. The hook, which had previously looked like it was stained with blood, now had a curved shadow in the hook’s notch, and the night sky were filled with a blood moon and half a black moon spliced together to form an eye that stared straight down.

Gin felt a chill run down his body. The strong sense of crisis made him instantly cut off his communication with the rabbit and retrieve his stone stick, which he held in front of him.

His bare skin was covered in goosebumps.

The changes of the moon caused the terrain of the chaotic amusement park to also undergo rapid changes. Although Gin did not feel any strong vibration, he could faintly perceive the ground under his feet, which was undergoing earth-shattering transformations in deeper layers.

These changes were fast and subtle, and in the blink of an eye, the world was turned upside down. It was as if it was being manipulated by advanced creatures or artificial intelligence, precise to the point of being almost strict, giving people the illusion of no change at all.

Indeed, it was an illusion.

Gin turned around and looked back. What was once a barren wilderness was now the site of a castle that had risen up from the ground, standing silently beneath the slanted branches of withered trees.

This was the haunted house of the chaotic amusement park, and perhaps also it’s core.

System prompt: You have triggered the Prelude to the Eternal Night phase of the Park’s Ballad [final stage]. Please enter the haunted house and speak to the three owners.

System prompt: Main quest reward [10,000 experience] has been pre-allocated and sent, host level LV0 – LV1.

System prompt: The armory has been opened. The host can choose one of the three weapons available: “The Symphony of Light and Shadow,” “The Last Song,” and “The Dustless Broom.”

Note: You are not a savior or a god, but merely an obscure restoration expert from Era Museum.

Because the notes in the system prompts were all useful, Gin read them before looking at the other prompts. Most of these prompts were ordinary, but the armory prompt caught his attention.

Just by their names, these three weapons seemed much stronger than the stone club.

With an unexpected sense of anticipation, Gin clicked on the function button with a red dot in the lower right corner, propped up his stone club, and the panel suddenly changed. Three shrunken images with golden light floated on the clear blue and white background.

The Symphony of Light and Shadow: A handheld spotlight.

The Last Song: An old-fashioned radio.

The Dustless Broom: A broom made of dried straw.

Note: Names are not only a beautiful wish, but also a reflection of reality. Please believe that they are powerful enough, because they truly are.

Gin: “..”


He will go with the stone stick.

Gin clenched his stone stick.


Today was the eighth day since the organization was destroyed. A new week has begun.

Akai Hideyoshi came out of the bar and casually ruffled his hair, accidentally revealing the cross pendant hidden in his clothes.

The black agate was adorned with a red crystal, emitting a faint radiance, and a tiny silver spot hidden in the center of the gem could still be seen in the sunlight.

Akai Hideyoshi thought he was staring at Gin.

His phone in his pocket vibrated twice, probably a message from Conan, there was still some work that needed to be finished during this time, almost all of which he and Conan were responsible for completing.

Akai Hidetoshi put away the pendant but was surprised to find that the message was not from Conan, but a game push notification. He didn’t know which game company was so rich that they could advertise on his work phone.

Anyway, there was no urgent matter at the moment so out of curiosity, he leaned on the car door and clicked on the push notification. With the concept PV popping up first, there were a large number of high-rated and well-reviewed comments.

–Five stars! Five stars! The game has to be on the PV’s specs for me!

–After watching the PV, I have no more worldly desire for most games on the market. So when are you going to launch? You can open a reservation page!

–If this wasn’t a game section, I’d think I’d clicked on the trailer for some big movie by mistake!

–If the game is half as good as the PV, you’ll be on the top of the monthly charts!
–Is this just a concept PV? If the production team has spent a lot of money to make a PV to deceive… cough, attract investment? I’ll invest in this project!

Originally, Akai Hidetoshi was just curious and clicked to have a look, but now he was bombarded with so many positive comments, he became interested in the PV.

So he reached out and clicked on the triangle play symbol on the video.

Silent wind, blood moon, motionless figure.

An empty and eerie world, twisted and hideous monsters.

Under the cover of night, a young man wearing a cloak lowered his head slightly and walked through the deserted wilderness with a stone stick.

The shadow of the hood half-covered his face, and a strand of silver hair leaked out from his forehead. As the hair fluttered, a creature lurking in the darkness approached him with eyes as sharp as a knife and full of unmatched killing intent.

Those eyes…

Akai Hidetoshi heart trembled fiercely. Before he could react, the screen switched to a battle scene.

He suppressed the urge to rewind and continued to watch.

The person on the screen was fighting monsters with sharp and clean moves, each whistling wind was a killing blow,and the sound of the sticks hitting the monsters was crisp and hair-raising.

At the moment when the eerie creature died, its green blood splattered all over him and ignited on his body, burning with an eerie and sticky flame.

However, he remained unfazed and only wiped it off with his hand. Wherever his fingertips passed, the flames retreated and extinguished as if they had encountered their natural enemy.

There was no music, only the quiet wind swirling in his ears.

The person in the scene seemed to sense something and looked up towards camera. His unfocused eyes met the gaze of Akai Hidetoshi outside the screen, and at that moment, the burst of killing intent made him think that this was not a cold, robotic character shaped by data, but a returning soul of a deceased friend.

Akai Hidetoshi fingers involuntarily touched the face on the screen, just as the replay button popped up after the video ended.
The video played again.

Again and again.



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