Travelling Frog – Chapter 6.1 – Reality Teaser

From the “bumper car area”, Gin looked at the huge Ferris wheel.

It was like a remnant of the mechanical age, once a bright moon symbolizing the limits of human technology on the pollution-covered sky, and now, with rust stains all over, it had fallen to the wasteland, becoming a remnant of the past to be mourned.

Gin had only been to an amusement park once in his life, creating his only lifelong enemy. He didn’t understand the meaning and purpose of amusement parks and only rode roller coasters for his mission, knowing nothing about Ferris wheels.

But in his impression, this thing should be something that carried humanity’s vision of beauty. For perfect aspirations, a desire for everlasting love has almost become its inherent label.

Why would such an entertainment facility appear in a Chaotic Amusement Park?

No, his perspective should be opened up a bit more. The bizarre universe had been twisted by the power of the ancient gods for who knows how long, and it should have long since fallen into a terrifying and eerie hell, so how could there be a place like an amusement park representing laughter and happiness?

Could it be that forcibly combining two things with completely opposite styles was an alternative twist? This ancient god’s aesthetic could be said to be quite unique.

The main mission’s first two stages were completed smoothly, but Gin physical and mental strength were greatly depleted, so he wasn’t in a hurry to start the third stage.

In the Chaotic Amusement park, his sanity and health values wouldn’t continue to decline due to the environment, and he could act normally like an ordinary person, except that his consumption during every action was about twice as much as before.

He sat down casually.

At this time, the system prompt that was almost ten minutes late appeared. System Prompt: Congratulations to the host for completing the Amusement Park Pastoral [Second Stage]: Bumper Cars. One hundred percent resistance to chaos is retained, and the limited item “Sunglasses” has been collected.

System Prompt: Standby time is thirty minutes, the countdown starts now – twenty-nine minutes and fifty-nine seconds… twenty-nine minutes and fifty-eight seconds…

Gin glanced at the panel that popped up automatically, his gaze pausing for a moment at the countdown before he understood that this was the system’s rest time.

Thirty minutes was quite generous, that dead rabbit was quite humane.

Gin exhaled a long breath and laid down with his arms acting as a pillow, quietly regulating his breathing and closing his eyes. From the outside, he seemed to have fallen asleep.

Behind the gate, a skeleton scratched its empty skull and its hollow features couldn’t hide its confusion: “He can sleep in this kind of place?”

The fallen angel shook his head, closed his eyes, folded his hands, and made a sleeping gesture, then waved his hand. “Oh, you said he isn’t sleeping? Well, he’s pretty brave to actually rest with his eyes closed.” The skeleton leaned against the door frame, stretched its neck bones and looked out at the distant Ferris wheel, making a clicking sound: “Do you think that cowardly Ferris wheel can stop him?”

“I pray that this gentleman from another world will go easy on it, and I hope the Ferris wheel can survive this ordeal,” said the demon, placing one palm on his chest and holding a Buddhist bead bracelet in his other hand. His whole body radiated with Buddha’s light, as if he would become a Buddha in the next second.

The skeleton knocked its jawbone lightly, and its gaunt face was filled with “speechless”.

Thirty minutes flew by, and on the ground, Gin relaxed his tense body and sat up with sleepy eyes, as if he had really slept for half an hour. He stretched lazily after moving his limbs, then quickly walked towards the Ferris wheel and stood under it before the final ten-second countdown.

He wondered if it was his imagination, but Gin seemed to see the Ferris wheel tremble twice. Two rusty nails fell from the top and landed next to his feet with a loud clanging sound.

What was this? Provocation or submission?

As Gin was wondering, the system prompt appeared on the display as scheduled.


Before the prompt could finish displaying one word, the Ferris wheel suddenly trembled violently. A large number of parts rained down like a storm, but they all cleverly avoided Gin, who was in the center, creating a beautiful and bizarre arc in the air that didn’t take Newton’s feelings into account.

In this sudden “downpour” a banner slowly fell and red cloth with gold ink mixed with a line of words: Congratulations on your success in the three levels of chaos amusement park (crossed out) entertainment projects. The final destination, the Haunted House, is now open and welcomes your visit.


Death-like silence enveloped the surroundings like a heavy curtain. Gin half-squinted his eyes and looked at the golden words on the banner, not knowing how to react for a while.

The rabbit’s side was probably also confused, so it took a while before they slowly typed a string of ellipses and hammer-shaped question marks on the panel.

System prompt: …?

System prompt: Congratulations to the host for completing the Meadow Song [Third Stage]: Fate Ferris Wheel, with 100% resistance to chaos retained, and the final stage of the main quest of this world, [Night of Eternity], is about to begin.

System prompt: Emmm…

The third prompt perfectly matched Gin current mood. He knew he had to react or say something, but his body and mind were numb and desolate, unwilling to cooperate.

If the system had a recording function, it would have recorded this scene and saved it with the label “Weird Creature Confusion Behavior Award” in the “Picture and Music” document.

Gin was stunned for a while, and his nerves, which had been hardened in the original world, finally recovered and began to work again, letting him regain his sanity.

He suppressed the “speechless” expression on his face, took a step towards the Ferris wheel, and tried to get closer. But as soon as he lifted one leg, the Ferris wheel jumped back more than ten meters as if it had seen a ghost…

Without using exaggerated personification or other rhetorical devices, the Ferris wheel really did jump back. It was like a mischievous child who would step back after seeing a hornet nest after being stung by a wasp. Despite its large size, it was even more agile than the rabbit, and there was no sound when it landed.

This really puzzled Gin.

“System.” He instinctively raised his hand to touch the infinite earphones but then remembered that he wasn’t on a mission and rubbed his earlobe instead. “Did I perform really poorly in the previous two levels?”



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