Travelling Frog – Chapter 2 – The World Begins

The rabbit undid the iron ring on Gin wrist and handed him a paper contract. Gin quickly scanned the contract, skipping the previous nonsense part and focusing on the important part – his salary. After seeing the simple yet impressive number, he signed his name without hesitation.

Although he didn’t care much about money, the rabbit had given him a lot.

Of course, the more important reason was that Gin had no other choice.

Compared to continuing to sleep while tormenting in the noisy soul symphony, saving the world was undoubtedly a more interesting and wise choice.

He had already died once, what else in this world could stop him?

“Man, you really was playing hard to get just now.” The rabbit put away the contract, smirked with its mouth gave an evil stare. Then lifted its paw and flicked the fur on its forehead, proudly saying: “I knew no carbon-based organism could refuse me.”

“To be precise, I’m now an energy being.” Gin mouth twitched, not wanting to continue facing the rabbit’s “CEO speech attack” and said, “I’m ready, send me to the first world.”

“Are you in such a hurry because my brilliance is too dazzling, and you feel ashamed?” The rabbit blinked, while pulling out the virtual screen to open the time tunnel, while not forgetting its own narcissism: “You don’t have to do that, after all, in terms of beauty and temperament, no rabbit in the entire low-dimensional universe can compare to me. Comparing yourself to me make it just difficult for yourself.”
Gin face was expressionless: “Mr. Rabbit, I admit that you are indeed very attractive-“

The rabbit covered his mouth and laughed: “Don’t be so direct…”

“Unfortunately, you have a big mouth.”


“Okay, let’s get back to business.” The rabbit was serious for a second, his back to the already opened space tunnel, his long ears elegantly twitching: “To help you adapt faster, I’ve specially modified the mission system to look like an MMORPG game interface. All the tasks you need to do, including main and side quests and rewards you can eceive, levels, your location and the big map, as well as other information will be all displayed there, easy to understand, and I guarantee that even if you’ve never played this type of game before, you can quickly master it and integrate yourself.”

While saying that, it opened the mission panel in front of Gin.

The rose-gold background, the extravagant silver-plated border, and the curvy font with rolled-up edges all revealed the designer’s unique taste from vulgar to refined.

Needless to say, this panel must have come from the hands of rabbits, after all, only this literary enthusiast with a peculiar sense of aesthetics could possess such a bizarre taste.

Wait! Is it a mass-produced system?

Gin couldn’t help but sympathize with his fellow hosts who were also deceived into this as he stared at the panel that could make one crazy. Rabbit, oblivious to Gin reaction, gave him a few pointers before moving on to the next topic.

“As a newcomer, your first mission area will be determined by random selection. I have already done it for you, and it’s the bizarre universe. Your main task is also very simple – take down Chaos Amusement Park.”
Just as the rabbit finished speaking, a new quest prompt popped up on the left side of the panel.

–Main Quest: Gain actual control of Chaos Amusement Park.
–Quest reward: 10,000 experience points and permission to open primary mall.

“The mission difficulty is so high, and this is the reward?” Gin’s eyebrows twitched.

“Young man, 10,000 experience points is enough for you to level up from zero to one. It is a very generous reward.” Rabbit put away its overbearing tone and lit a cigarette, and spoke with the gravity of an old man who had seen through everything. “When you reach level one and do another task, you will understand how precious these 10,000 experience points are. So, work hard to complete the task. It directly determines whether we can have a bright future.”


If it weren’t for Gin years of capturing traitors, killing and practicing to develop a pair of discerning eyes, Rabbit’s superb acting skills would have really fooled him.

“Do you also think this reward is stingy, but in order to maintain your perfect human …… rabbit persona you can’t say it straight?” The Gin soul asked rhetorically.

“What do you mean by maintaining the perfect Rabbit? This Rabbit has always been perfect, even my smoking posture is noble and charming.” Rabbit flicked the short hair on its head that fluttered in the wind and puffed out a smoke ring: “It’s indeed a bit stingy, but my words are not just empty talk. After level one, the main task rewards very little experience, so in comparison, this is not bad.”

“You look really handsome when you’re trying to make up for it” Gin sneered.

Rabbit cleared its throat twice, threw away the cigarette, and stepped aside to reveal the space tunnel behind it.

The pitch-black tunnel was scattered with star-like shimmering light. Slowly rotating counterclockwise at a slow pace.

But Gin only had time to take a quick glance before he was kicked into the tunnel by Rabbit’s elegant “Rabbit Kicking Eagle.”

“Let’s go!”

“You motherf***er…”

Gin vision went black and his cursing was cut off halfway as he lost consciousness again.


The bizarre universe, as its name suggests was a universe full of bizarre creatures and bizarre events.

Originally, it was the dwelling place of an ancient god, who existed here for countless years. Due to its unique properties, the area was contaminated and distorted.

Even after the ancient god was defeated by its righteous companions, they could not dissipate the strange atmosphere of the place. To prevent it from spreading and polluting other universes, the area was temporarily sealed and handed over to Star River Technology, which was asked to find a solution, even if it meant throwing it into a black hole or destroying it completely. As for righteous companions, they were only responsible for defeating the ancient god and not the after-sales service.

Under the bold and avant-garde design of the founder of Star River Technology, the Bizarre Universe was included in the card pool of the new dimensional travel system to remedy the deficiencies or near-extinction of other universes with its universe information. To be fair, although the Bizarre Universe was a bit dangerous, after being subtly transformed by Star River Technology over the years, it has undergone a tremendous change compared to its initial state. Moreover, it was still a universe that complied with the laws, with extremely complete universe information so it would be a shame to destroy or banish it into a black hole. It would be better to use it for waste disposal, which would also be doing a good deed for its original creator.

At that time, due to multiple weed-harvesting attempts by Star River Technology, the once vast Bizarre Universe had shrunk to a planet about eight times the size of Earth. The land was barren, the soil cracked, and the rivers dried up, making it unsuitable for normal creatures to survive.

However, it does not mean that there are no organisms on the planet.

There ware still a humanoid creature with ghostly and grotesque faces, each with its unique features, living on this planet. They called themselves “priests”.

Priestly was the name of the ancient god and they were the descendants of the followers of that ancient god.

Bizarre Universe… No, ninety percent of the land on the bizarre Planet was occupied by magma with potent toxicity. The deep-red magma seeps out of the ground cracks, crevices, and riverbeds, corroding the places where they were born and expanding in other directions. As it flows, it also evaporates into a poisonous fog with a fragrant scent like wine, killing every living being that mistakenly enters it, becoming their nourishment, and making it one of the top hunters on this planet. These magma branches have been trying to grow toward the abyss that crosses the world since their birth. Originally, it was the main battlefield where the ancient god fought against its righteous companions, the righteous companion slashed the ancient god’s body and the entire planet with a single strike, causing the body to fall into the slash. Then after a long period of decay and evolution, the abyss was born.

It was not difficult to speculate that the magma that covered half of the planet like moss was the blood and limb remnants if the ancient god.

The Priest clan lived in areas that were not invaded by magma. They could not farm or raise livestock, nor could they develop any fields like other civilizations. The only thing they could do was to survive in the shrinking living space, continue their race, and spend each day in despair until their destruction.

Perhaps for them, death would be a rebirth.

But Gin knew nothing about this.


Before losing consciousness, the last sound Gin heard was the sound of the wind sweeping past the rabbit’s leg and when he regained consciousness, the first sound he heard was still the wind.

Only hearing.

Opening his eyes, Gin saw boundless darkness and a quest panel that kept dropping frames.

Besides the main quest, there was another prompt in the taskbar on the left side of the panel: “You have been infected by the ancient god curse left in the bizarre universe, temporary loss of vision, recovery time countdown three days.”

The countdown, with black and red numbers, was particularly eye-catching and cruel.

Fortunately, Gin has already died once and has experienced a lot of hardships, so he was very calm in the face of the “blind at the beginning” setting and tried to click on other functions on the panel.

However, most of the functions were grayed out and prompted him that they were not available until his vision was restored. The only available function was the map and guidance function in the upper right corner.

The map showed that he had entered the Chaos Amusement Park area, and a small arrow pointed north, suggesting that that was where his destination was.

With the little arrow pointing the way, Gin wasn’t worried that he would go the wrong way, so he was about to get up and go when a box popped up.

-The system has prepared a small gift for you as the host is about to leave the safety of the “initial birthplace”, you can choose any of the following three items.

One, an ordinary wooden stick.

Two, stronger than the wooden stick walking stick.

Three, a stone stick that can smash monster heads with one blow.

Note: In the bizarre universe, there is nothing better than a stick as a weapon.

Gin: “……”

Cursed rabbit, thank you very much.

Considering practicality and killing power, Gin chose the stone stick without hesitation.

After he made his choice, the box disappeared instantly, and a stone stick appeared in his hand. The touch was smooth and cool, very hard, and when he weighed it, it was just right, a good stone.

Gin took a deep breath and took a step towards the unknown but seemingly fixed future.

“Warning! Warning! The host has entered the range of the ancient god’s aura!

“Warning! You are being ‘observed’ by the residual power of the ancient god! Rationality value (san value) is dropping …

–Sanity value has been automatically converted to health value.

Note: In the bizarre universe, sanity is far more important than health.

–health value drops 50, 50, 80, 90, 50 ……

—You have entered a state of extreme weakness and will lose consciousness in ten seconds.

Rabbit! Damn you!

Gin cursed the rabbit thousands of times in his heart, and then fainted calmly. 


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