Travelling Frog – Chapter 10.1 – Back to Reality

The universe is eternal, and the ancient gods were asleep for a long time.

As the last trace of ancient god power disappeared, the constant night of the bizarre universe finally slowly closed on the crescent blood moon, then sank into the ground in the light of Sullivia.

The priests put down their work and looked up at the bright sky, bewildered.

They were born in darkness, and today was the first time they had seen light.

In fact, the essence of the strange universe had long since fragmented in that great war, either turning into cosmic dust or drifting away, leaving behind only this corner of the world. It’s hard to say what it would develop into in the future.

But at least it could start developing in a good direction.

The Abyss of Blades did not disappear or close up. After the dissipation of the ancient god power, a clear stream suddenly overflowed from the ground, carrying luminous spots that seemed to have life, rushing wildly in all directions along the cracked seams. The flowing water stirred up a cheerful melody, and the fluorescence adhered to the shore, giving birth to blue flowers swaying in the wind.

There were no stars near the planet, so there was no sun. The races that could survive in this environment no longer needed sunlight. Perhaps this river, which evolved from the abyss, could help them through the initial, most difficult times. As for the future…

Like these blue flowers, they would surely grow and bloom splendidly.

In the chaotic amusement park, a white horse dismounted from the spinning frame, its hooves touching the front of the bumper car, and took a deep drag on a cigarette in its mouth.

“It wasn’t easy, but we finally made it.”

The bumper car’s headlights flashed twice in agreement.

The Ferris wheel started to turn again, but very slowly, occasionally jerking. The colorful lights tied to the edge gradually lit up, twinkling like long-lost stars.

In the Haunted House, a skeleton laughed heartily while holding a glass of red wine, a fallen angel flapped its wings around the living room, and the demon exclaimed: “May Buddha be merciful,” pulling on the beads so hard that the rope almost broke.

Today was the first day of the new calendar year of the mysterious planet. All living creatures would remember this day.


Half an hour later, a beam of light suddenly crossed countless light-years and fell into the Haunted House, coalescing and solidifying in front of the three former controllers of the chaotic amusement park, turning into a white-haired rabbit with pendulous ears.

It clasped its front paws together, sat upright in mid-air, wore a red bow tie around its neck, and even had a pair of sunglasses on. Its three petals were tightly pursed, giving it a cold and domineering look.

“Hello, friends. Let me introduce myself first.” The rabbit took off its sunglasses, revealing deep red rabbit eyes. “I am the first-generation intelligent brain of Star River Technology. I am here on behalf of our company to request cooperation from you three.”

The sudden guest made the fallen angel and the demon freeze in unison, but the skeleton seemed to have expected it, its palm bones gracefully folding on his knees.

“Been waiting for you for a long time, sir.”


After delivering the fatal blow, Gin didn’t have a chance to see the results of the battle before being knocked out by the force of the backlash. When he woke up, he found himself lying on a soft and spacious double bed. Judging from the pattern on the sheets, it should be a regular double room in a hotel.

As soon as he opened his eyes, the system’s task panel popped up, with a series of prompts scrolling down rapidly, overwhelming him.

System prompt: Congratulations, host, for completing the first main quest. Ten thousand experience points have been awarded, and the system store has been opened.

System prompt: The host has become the actual controller of the “Chaos Amusement Park” and can enjoy a 50% share of the output, with all basic physical data increased by 50%.

System prompt: “Shuli Notebook” has been retrieved, and the weapon “The Last Song” has been retrieved. The two items compensate for three thousand experience points, and there is a first-time purchase discount of ten percent in the store.

System prompt: “Shuli Blessing” is permanent, and you will never die when performing a task.

System prompt:…

System prompt:…

System prompt:…

After reading through a bunch of prompts, Gin head was aching slightly. He couldn’t help shaking his head, and when he sat up, his hand accidentally brushed against an object, knocking it down. Looking down, it was a small black backpack.

Putting the backpack on the bed, Gin casually opened the zipper, revealing two sets of clothes, several masks, a mobile phone, a bunch of keys, a driver’s license, and a property certificate, all with his original name of “Kurosawa Gin” written on the ID written on them. The photo was also his face, the kind that Conan would exclaim as “rampant.” if he saw it.

Needless to say, this set of equipment must have been prepared by the system for him.

Thinking this way, Gin opened the second layer, which only contained one thing: a heavy silver card.

The card’s front was engraved with the words “Chaos Amusement Park,” while the back was a profile silhouette of him, with a row of Sullivia characters below: “The Embers of Twilight.”

Gin clenched the card, gently rubbing his fingertips over the four characters. It wasn’t until half a minute later that he put the card away and zipped up the backpack.

Just as he was about to pick up his backpack and leave, he suddenly felt a weight on his shoulder. Then a long, furry object swept past his ear, tickling him and stopping him in his tracks.

Without looking back, Gin reached up and grabbed the nape of the white rabbit’s neck that was sprawled across his shoulder, pulling it down in front of him. Starting straight into its big, blinking eyes.

The rabbit kicked its short legs and protested: “This position is very uncomfortable, put me down quickly!”

Oh” Gin said expressionlessly, letting go of the rabbit. It fell to the ground like a weight but managed to grab onto his leg before hitting the ground.

“Can’t you be nicer to me? I’m your brother for life now! Aren’t you afraid I’ll give you a hellishly difficult task next time?!” The rabbit’s ears twitched with anger, and its eyes turned green.

Gin coldly curved his lips, bent down, and used two fingers to lift it up and hold it in the palm of his right hand. He poked at its round head with his left hand and said: “There is a famous dish in China called spicy rabbit head…”

“Okay, okay, stop talking!” The rabbit bounced in his hand for a while, its eyes returning to its normal color. “Your completion rate for the first task was very high. The actual control of the Chaos Amusement Park has been transferred under your name. However, Star River Technology has the first development rights, and they should have already started the work there which should give the priests a way out.”

“Okay” Gin nodded indifferently. “Am I back in reality now?”

“Yes.” The rabbit jumped onto his shoulder, curled up, and lay down with its four paws. ” Gin might be dead but you are now Kurosawa Gin, a reasonable and legitimate ordinary youth. Well, a youth, nineteen years old.”

Pausing for a moment and seeing no reaction from Gin, it quickly added, “Don’t worry, although I used your real name and face to re-register, this identity is very clean, and no one will come looking for trouble. If you’re really not at ease, just find a more secluded place to stay. After all, you won’t be spending too much time in the real world in the future, so it won’t be a problem.”

“I see,” Gin replied nonchalantly.

In fact, he wasn’t worried about this at all. If he really wanted to hide, no one in the world could find him. He just wasn’t interested in this world anymore and didn’t think he would come back.

He picked up the room key from the table, walked out of the room, checked out of the hotel, and left.

As he stepped out of the door, the noisy voices and traffic sounds converged into a huge torrent that rushed toward him, making him feel annoyed.

The steel jungle of buildings towered unevenly into the distance, with warm-colored lights illuminating the area, but they were cold and rigid, non of them belonged to him.


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