Travelling Frog – Chapter 1 – Star River Technology

Gin has left, he left peacefully.

His peacefulness was mainly reflected by the absence of pain. After all, he had played all his cards and buried hundreds of bombs in the ruins of the organization’s headquarters. With one wave, the wave will take him away and leave behind a large hole in the ground.

Hideyoshi Akai and Tooru Amuro were in a hurry to catch up but they could not get the remaining data from the wreckage in time. They only had time to see a ball of fire rising into the sky followed by a deafening blast that silenced the world for three minutes. Then everything was over.

The hot wind from the explosion swept past the corners of their clothes and brought a slight burning pain to their cheeks, but it made their expressions grew even colder.

“We still don’t have the core information of the organization, we don’t know what they really wanted to do.” Said Tooru Amuro whose expression was heavy as he bend down to pick up a piece of iron that had been mostly melted from the high temperature and become completely unrecognizable: “This is not the end.”

Akai Hidetoshi did not respond to him, but took a few heavy steps forward and then jumped into the pit. The hot wave that came towards him pushed him back.

“What are you doing?” Amuro Tooru looked at him with a puzzled expression.

“…Just confirming.” Grabbing a handful of hot sand, Akai Hideyoshi looked at his scalding red palm, his face expressionless: “There’s indeed nothing left.”


Amuro Tooru let out a long sigh: “In any case, eliminating the organization headquarters is still a happy thing.”

“Hmm.” Akai Hideyoshi shrugged off the sand: “I’m glad.”

The roar subsided, and the world fell into eternal silence.

Gin soul floated in the infinite darkness, as if returning to the beginning of time, in a state of unconsciousness, yet clearly aware that he still existed.

Time and space here were still, and there was no sense of the passage of time.

At first, it was so quiet that Gin could even hear the echoes in his soul. It was a noisy symphony with electric sounds, reverb, rap, and harmonies. It made him wish he could stuff his soul into explosives and undergo another round of physical changes.

A soul that noisy should be destroyed.

However, after listening to it for a long time, Gin gradually became accustomed to this kind of echo, and the world returned to silence for him, and everything was back to its original state.

He immersed himself in the surreal and extraordinary true soul symphony and began another thrilling and exciting journey of life.

He thought he might have fallen asleep in the soul symphony.

Once he feel asleep he didn’t know for how many years he would sleep. When Gin opened his eyes again, he was suddenly surprised to find that the ubiquitous soul symphony had finally stopped. But the next second, he “heard” another melody that was even more pervasive, brainwashing and carving itself into his DNA…

Looking for contract host – 50 cents for one recommended message –

“Recycling unqualified hosts, incompatible hosts, and uncontrollable hosts – exchanging for diamond anvils, quantum laundry detergent, mini nuclear-powered washing machines -”

Gin  was silent for a long time, his soul symphony gradually stopped echoing deep in his heart, and then a consistent and elegant monotonous tone slowly emerged:


He was now somewhat annoyed by his lack of non-entity state If he still had one hand, he would crawl to find the source of the sound and use his fist smash it into cosmic dust.

What kind of idiot would come to this place to broadcast recycling, and listen to what it recycles ……

Gin only had time to think of this when the annoying noise just disappeared, replaced by a cheerful system prompt sound:

“The rational and normal soul has been successfully retrieved, with a compatibility rate of 250%, and an attempt is being made to approach–“

Before the end of the sentence, a beam of silver light with a long tail, like a comet, lit up in front of Gin “eyes”.

The beam of silver light rushed towards him with an unstoppable force, straight into his illusory spiritual body, and immediately burst into millions of brilliant and dazzling rays, forcefully dispelling the darkness that has existed here for ages.

The second before he lost consciousness, feeling like he was about to melt in this light, Gin heard a cold mechanical prompt:

“Soul binding successful.”

After a few thousand years or so Gin woke up in a high-tech space.

Opening his eyes, his first reaction was to check the surroundings.

This was common sci-fi room, with huge window-like screens embedded on all sides, constantly refreshing a massive flow of information, making people’s eyes dizzy.

Gin from his current perspective could only see the screens on the left, right, and above, flipping back and forth, all filled with code that could make programmers go bald. It looked very high-end, but also subtly revealed a touch of rustic humor.

After careful consideration, he felt that most of this humor came from the “doubt” symbol interspersed in the middle of the code, that kind and amiable look at the fox face made you doubt it more you looked at it.

After observing the surrounding area, Gin tried to sit up, but as soon as he moved, he felt a sense of restraint in his limbs. Looking closely, he was actually firmly locked to the iron bed by four iron rings.

Combined with the environment, he looked just like the cannon fodder sent to the autopsy table in a science fiction movie. If there was a mad scientist in a white coat standing next to him, it would be even more authentic.

Since he had died once, and he might still be dead now, Gin was not panicked. Instead, he laid back and waited quietly for the person who brought him here to show up.

The “person” did not let him wait too long, and soon jumped out from the screen full of code.

And it really “jumped” out.

It was a rabbit, a snowy white, fluffy lop-eared rabbit.

The rabbit put its paws together and crouched squarely above the Gin, with two long ears hanging down at its side and its red eyes glowing with a jewel-like brightness.

It flapped its ears and made a serious, distorted electronic sound: “StellarTech, cosmic miracle! Welcome to use…zzz…No. 250…zzz…”

Gin: “……”

The rabbit tried several times, but it kept making the same distorted sound. Its originally innocent and soft expression slowly turned irritable. Finally, it stamped its paws and cursed: “Fck! This shtty mobile phone! What a sh*tty network!”

The curse came out quite smoothly.

Gin moved his hands, which were still tied, and looked at it sharply: “Whatever you want to say, let go of me first. Otherwise, we don’t have to talk.”

The rabbit instantly fell silent, whether it was scared by his stern gaze or lost in thought, but it stared at him with a confused yet knowledgeable look mixed with a hint of enlightenment for two minutes before it slowly uttered: “Are you awake?”

This sentence left Gin dumbfounded.

He had traveled through wind and rain for years, seen all kinds of people and things, and even maintained his consciousness after his own death. From time to time, he even commented on the peculiarities of his soul symphony but he has never seen a rabbit with this kind of style.

Gin closed his eyes and opened them again having regained his usual calm sharpness: “Who are you? What is the purpose of detaining my soul here?”

The rabbit blinked, as if it had only then come to its senses, leaped onto Gin with a long leap, and sat crouching with its four paws, tilting its chin in a slightly haughty manner: “I am Perfect the highest level manager of the dimensional travel system, an artificial intelligence rabbit that combines the best of high-dimensional cosmic technology, and you are a test subject.”

Gin: “……”

The rabbit ignored his stunned silence and continued proudly: “I found you in the endless darkness and chose you. How about it? Do you feel honored and want to kneel at my feet and call me ‘Lord Rabbit, you are divine’?”

Gin, a notorious villain who had killed countless people, was at this moment shocked by a rabbit. He couldn’t believe that this rabbit was displaying such natural confidence and arrogance that not even Akai Hideyoshi and Kudo Shinichi dared to show in front of him.

“I want to shake your brain and hear the sound of the sea inside,” Gin couldn’t help but sarcastically comment.

The rabbit twitched its ears, lowered its noble head, and extended a furry paw to press against his lips, shaking its head disapprovingly: “Men, stop pretending. Your eyes cannot deceive anyone. I know you’re excited, but I won’t let you sign the contract until you’ve read the introduction to the dimensional travel system.”

I don’t…”

“Okay, calm down. The contract will come. Men, be patient.”

The rabbit gave a mischievous smile and stood up on its hind legs, patting its front paws together. The code and information on the surrounding screens suddenly turned into text explanations, flowing like water before Gin’s eyes.

The dimensional travel system was a special system developed by the high-dimensional universe. Its main function was to provide dimensional travel services to hosts whose souls were bound, collecting information from various universes to improve the rules of this universe and achieve the goal of prolonging the life of the universe.

Note: This system can only be applied to low-dimensional universes.

“ecause of various reasons, the universe you are in now is like a sieve, with air leaking in from all sides. As my host, you need to collect information from at least five worlds to to patch up the holes in this universe.”

The rabbit expanded the introduction a bit and explained a few more things.

Gin only felt that it was absurd

So you mean, you want me to save the world?” he squinted, his face filled with confusion at this magical reality.

He, Gin, the second-in-command of the distillery, was now given the task of saving the world?

“Yes.” The rabbit nodded haughtily, as if it didn’t care whether Gin answered or not: “However, refusing means you will die again, and this time, you will have no chance to wake up again. How’s that? Man, have you considered it?”

So there was still an option to refuse. That was a relief.

Gin slightly lifted his waist but then lay back down, calmly closing his eyes. “I choose death.”


The rabbit named “Perfect” hit an unexpectedly imperfect ending, it froze for a while before reacting, slapping a paw on Gin’s face in disbelief: “How in the world can someone reject me? Man, you shouldn’t do this. This kind of game of cat and mouse is outdated even in novels.”

“What the hell are you talking about?” Gin couldn’t help but curse. “Thanks for the invitation, but I have no interest in saving the world. I’ve lived enough in this life and don’t want to start a new one.”

The rabbit smacked its lips and raised its paw to stroke its ear. “It’s hard to imagine that I could hear your true intentions in your illogical speech. I must say, you are the most special host I’ve ever encountered. Man, you have successfully caught my attention.”

“…” Gin shook his head. He really wanted to call this rabbit a “man” and give it a righteous RPG blast for all its bossy quotes.

Okay, I admit that I lied to keep you here. No, not lied, but withheld a small detail,” said the rabbit nonchalantly as it jumped back into the air, one side of its mouth hooked up. “Your soul is already bound to this system. Whether you like it or not, we can only be together until you achieve the goal of collecting information from five universes.”

“What if I never achieve this goal?” Gin suddenly opened his eyes, feeling vaguely uncomfortable.

Then you will be exiled with me to the boundless darkness after death, listening to the rumbling of every dead soul.” Said the rabbit, Its white fur suddenly turning pitch black, as if it had switched personalities. In an instant, it went from a domineering CEO to a street thug. “You must have heard your own soul symphony, right? How about a rap battle? I’m ready to rock!”


Recalling the soul symphony that ormented him for who knows how long, and still made him shudder subconsciously, Gin felt that saving the world was actually an easy task.

So he changed his mind and went along with it saying: “I want to see the contract you mentioned.”


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