Travelling Frog – Chapter 5 – Pastoral in the Amusement Park

The “happy” hell horse turned into a wisp of smoke and slinked back into the rotating rack, then, after brewing for three seconds, transformed again into a wooden carousel. However, compared to its initially eerie beauty, it now had a bit of a distressed appearance.

A note was spit out from the horse’s mouth, and almost at the same time, Gin also received a notification from the system.

Note: Your “Carousel Ride” has ended. We look forward to (crossed out) welcoming (crossed out) you not visiting next time.

System Prompt: Congratulations to the host for completing the Amusement Park Pastoral [Phase One]: Hellish Horse, with 100% resistance to chaos retained, the stone stick has been recovered, and the limited item [Sunglasses] has been received.

System Prompt: You have triggered Amusement Park Pastoral [Stage 2]: Bumper Cars.

System Prompt: Speed and passion, join if you can’t beat it.

Upon seeing the second notification, Gin naturally turned his gaze to the two “limited edition” bumper cars not far away.

Whether it was an illusion or not, one of them seemed to come alive, with a burst of killing intent all over its body, and even the collision horns on the front of the car carried a sense of oppression.

Gin took off the sunglasses from his chest pocket and put them on, softening the scattered moonlight into blurred shadows, tracing his silhouette as the light flow.

He adjusted the frames, shook his empty hand, feeling a bit uncomfortable without the stone stick, but still calmly walked to the bumper car field and tapped on the one that had surged with killing intent because of his approach.


The bumper car stiffened for a moment, and all its parts showed a state of being stretched to the point of near shattering in those short few seconds. Its collision head lit up with a red light, already aimed at Gin vital points.

But Gin didn’t see this scene. The map showed a red cotton ball with teeth and claws, full of childishness, which really did not make him feel alert.

So, when he faced the threat of the bumper car in an extremely relaxed and calm state, the bumper car was so angry that its door opened wide, wishing to use a set of whirlwind-charging tornadoes to directly carry him away and create a one-stop experience of eating, drinking, and partying.

But there were rules in the Chaos Amusement Park. If a guest didn’t buy a tickets, the attraction couldn’t run.

The bumper car could only suppress its anger and pop out a sign from the wagon.

“Dear guests, this is the second entertainment project of the Chaos Amusement Park. Please buy a ticket to experience it.

Price: Life, full refund after the full ride.

Remarks: Strength! Strength! Strength!

As his gaze swept over the remarks section and then to the bumper car in front of him, which was ready to go, Gin felt that the designer of this amusement park was more or less insane.

The next time I see him, I’ll have to pay him some money to look at his brain, and thank him for letting himself experience a thrilling ride.

With that thought in mind, Gin flipped over and sat in the driver’s seat of the bumper car.

Just as he sat down, the bumper car changed its form dramatically, and its various parts reassembled with a clanging and rattling sound, turning from a “limited edition” bumper car into a sleek and cool black racing car.

It wasn’t exactly a case of using a cannon to shoot birds, more like using a Death Star to obliterate a slingshot.

At the same time as Gin sat in the car, he was strapped in tightly by a steel safety belt that secured his chest, abdomen, neck, and throat, while his hands gripped the steering wheel, which was adorned with two black snakes. These were not living creatures, but their pair of crimson eyes coldly stared at Ginwaiting for him to make a mistake so they could pounce on him.

Apart from his hands and eyes, he couldn’t move.

Although he couldn’t move around, it was a wise decision.

Gin blinked, and a faint light appeared reflected on his sunglasses. The light pierced his retina and traveled directly to his visual nerves, conveying everything he saw to his brain.

At the same time, the right lens depicted a complex and intricate map in red lines, showing the positions of all obstacles and hidden traps within a radius of three hundred meters. Even the type of trap was marked clearly, as the system was designed with a conscience.

As for why the radius was only three hundred meters, it was simple, because the course was only three hundred meters long.

Well, he understood. It was all about speed and passion, and he also had done this sort of thing before when he was alive.

Gin as in no hurry, and even had the time to ask the system for a cigarette, which he put in his mouth as he pressed down on the accelerator to charge forward.

But just then, an especially demonic melody, akin to soul symphony came from the direction of another car –

“I’m swinging with you

Swing to the high-voltage lines

Look at the black and white ghosts

Meet at the yellow spring ……”

Gin opened his mouth, and the cigarette fell out.

What the hell was this? Was the enemy trying to mess with his psyche?

Before he could react, the red sports car, also equipped with a Death Star, crashed into the driver’s side door of his car with a resounding “boom!” If it weren’t for the fact that his car was tough enough, he would already become one with the car.

Gin steadied himself and quickly turned the steering wheel to the side, evading the oncoming attack. Then he slammed down on the accelerator, and the racing car engine roared to life as it sped away for several hundred meters.

The red sports car continued to pursue him relentlessly, its horned front end always pointing at the driver’s seat, like the sharp edge of an assassin’s blade ready to slice open the target’s throat. The insane intent to kill surged as the car turned into a raging hellfire at maximum speed.

“I’ll hold hands with you

Let’s walk to the edge of Naihe Bridge

Sit by the laughing river and swim

Swim to the other side to reincarnate…”

The “exciting” music was still playing on a loop, with a fresh and unique melody mixed with a lot of humor and quirkiness in the lyrics, which was all about death but still manage to be silly and make people laugh.

Listening to it once is more effective than listening to it ten times, it could easily get stuck in your head and become a distraction.

As the chorus begins, a red sports car drifted kicking up sand, slamming hard into the back of Gin car.

Mmm, that’s a good taste. The rabbit will definitely like it.

Gin stabilized the body and changed direction several times, trying his best to distance himself from the red car.

But all he can hear in his ears was “I and you swing on the swing and reach the high-voltage wire,” which made his expression stiffen.

What bullshit speed and passion, he was just a poor driver without any emotions. What speed and passion was there to talk about? He should just have faith in taking three steps, hitting and stopping seven steps, and drag that unlucky sports car down the high-voltage line… no, swing together…

Why were his eyes so blurry?

Gin mind started to become a little hazy.

Thankfully, his system has given him some resistance to chaos. If he didn’t have this resistance, he would have already crashed.

Thinking of this, Gin shuddered and took a deep breath to clear his mind. He decides to blend into the melody, follow the rhythm of the song, and look for a breakthrough.

“I and you fly, fly,

Fly over the green mountains and rivers,

Then hit the high-voltage power line,

Reincarnate again ……”

The clear and distinct beat and melody entered his ears, and Gin tried to elax his tense body, follow the changes in direction and speed with the tune, and surprisingly managed to dodge two collisions with the red car.

Once at the corner, the red car made a sudden turn wanting to attack the driver’s seat with a small angle turn and then hit Gin by denting the car door, sending him flying into the high-voltage line.

As the song reached the chorus, the tone suddenly changed and Gin instinctively slammed the gas pedal, causing the car to suddenly surge forward. Not only did he manage to dodge the attack, but he also made the red car skid and flip over twice before landing upright.

The other collision was during a straight chase, where Gin sudden stop threw the red car off balance. Instead of catching up to Gin the red car took the opportunity to slam into the side of Gin car, causing it to fly more than ten meters and land precisely in a trap of thorny steel vines.

Oh so “if you can’t beat them, join them” means it.

Gin pushed the sunglasses that had slipped down to his nose, picked up the fallen cigarette and put it back in his mouth, tapped his fingers on the steering wheel, the cross pendant on his chest bounced up and down, reflecting a faint but sharp light.

Since that’s the case…

Gin remembered the locations of several nearby traps and tapped his fingers lightly to the rhythm of the music, already planning his next move.

His gaze locked onto the red car that had already broken free from the vines. With a slight smirk, the spark on the cigarette butt reflected in his black sunglasses like the eyes of a predator looking at its prey with a mocking killing intent.

The engine roared as Gin stepped on the gas pedal, and the car smashed straight into the red car that had not yet adjusted, but the impact was partially reduced, not causing too much damage, just causing it to slide to a distance.

The red car was furious and immediately prepared to retaliate. Seeing Gin quickly turn the steering wheel and speed away, it chased after him relentlessly.

However, just three seconds later, Gin speeding car seemed to hit something and the entire car was thrown into the air, spinning once before landing on the ground.

The red car was laughing triumphantly inside, about to catch up and deliver the final blow while Gin was briefly stopped. But as it drove to him, about twenty meters away, the car suddenly sank down and was pierced by seventeen or eighteen blood-red iron spikes.

In the blink of an eye, it was riddled with holes.

The red car was bewildered, but Gin just smiled biting on the cigarette butt in his mouth.

The placement of the traps in the bumper car arena was random, and the red car didn’t know where they were. However, the driver Gin skills were well trained so he had plenty of experience with tricky and unusual situations. In terms of skills, he was more than capable of crushing this creature that had been trapped in this dark, hopeless place for years.

But times are different now than in the past. Although Gin was not considered a car god, he never lacks opportunities to train his driving skills with car gods around him. In terms of technique, crushing the strange creatures that have been in this dark place for years and have never seen the world was more than enough.

Using someone else’s strength to kill was just the beginning.

Gin rubbed his forehead and yawned calmly.

In the next two minutes, the red car was like a hammer, being led by Gin to experience every trap in the area.

Boiling water that could melt iron, indestructible sharp teeth, iron plates that can flatten and compress a car into a metal block, claws that can tear and shred a car…

It needed to be said that the person who designed the area had very precise control over the traps. Whether it was the timing of activation or the setting of the traps themselves, they were both clever and fierce. Once triggered, those who fell into the trap could not escape.

The red car was betrayed by its own teammate and left to freeze to the bone. In the end, even its engine was punctured like a pufferfish, and the rusted iron spikes left it speechless and choked up, only able to stop in front of Gin car, with sorrowful car oil flowing out.

Gin got out of the car, spit out half a cigarette from his mouth, and walked to the front of the red car: “Nice song, the trap design is also very good. I will come back to experience it again next time.”

The nearly disintegrated red car struggled to hold up a sign that read “Thank you.”

After a while, it put away the wooden sign and added another line: “Your bumper car ride has ended, please don’t come back next time.”

“No need to be so polite.” Gin patted the hood of the car hard and two gears came out from under his palm. “I am just an ordinary blind driver. Thank you for giving me such an exciting experience.”

As he spoke, he stood up, his clothes brushing against the car, as a few more screws fell out. “I will come back next time.”

The red car: “…”

Thank you so f***ing much!

In the shadow behind the amusement park gate.

The skeleton lit a cigarette and began to reminisce about the past.

“Who designed those traps?”

The demon folded its palms together and remained silent, with a face full of “great compassion and great mercy.”

The fallen angel flapped its wings, drew a huge circle above its head with its two arms, and then crossed them to embrace itself.

“Oh, I see. It’s him.” The skeleton said not sure if it really understood or not, but it nodded and flicked off some ash, slowly exhaling a smoke ring. “The design is really f***ing awesome! I’ll bet on him next time!”

The distant Ferris wheel was frightened by these words and stopped spinning.

It didn’t dare to run again.jpg 


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