Travelling Frog – Chapter 9.2 – Abyss of Blades

The intense sense of danger and sudden excruciating pain indicated that the enemy had appeared. Gin quickly jumped back.

At the same time, the rose-colored map turned into a burning red flame, with black scorch marks on the edges. A huge eye loomed above it, and countless pupils opened up in the black dots in its eyes, staring at him. Its invisible gaze instantly became as heavy as a mountain, causing Gin’s knees to buckle.

Outside the screen, Hideyoshi Akai who also saw this eye gasped. He knew it wasn’t real, just an artificial image, but his heart still clenched tightly, as his breathing was caught.

He had read about the Cthulhu Myths (H.P Lovecraft work – really recommend if you like scary stories) before and knew how humans felt when they were influenced by the power of ancient gods. But at that time, he only thought it was for fun and didn’t believe such power really existed.

But now, he believed it.

This scene was transmitted to the screens of the other nine hundred and ninety-nine internal testers, and then to more people’s eyes through them. Everyone who saw it couldn’t help but shiver.

“Is this really a model that humans created?”

Someone muttered to themselves, turned on all the lights in the house, and then huddled under the covers shivering.

Gin was grateful that he had temporarily lost his vision and did not have to face the impact of the ancient god directly with his most sensitive human senses. His hundred percent resistance to chaos kept him completely rational, but his body was still trembling uncontrollably.

With the body made from flesh and blood, it was difficult to resist the might of the gods.

Gin tightened his grip on the stone stick and was thinking about whether to rush up when the prompt sound timely sounded.

System prompt: You have triggered a battle. Please face the ancient god, kill its remains, and purify its remnants.

System prompt: “The blessing of Shuli remnant soul” has been opened, you will receive the following assistance:

Strength increased by 200%, agility increased by 200%, speed increased by 200%.

SAN value solidified, it will no longer drop.

The blessing is permanent: you will never die, because someone will bear the cost.

Note: I am with you.

Ignoring the cool words of encouragement from the rabbit at the end, three rays of light flashed on Gin body and the surging power suddenly poured in, causing him to stumble for a moment. Then, taking advantage of this movement, he leaped into the air like a tiny speck of dust, approaching that terrifying eye.

In front of the screen, Hideyoshi Akai held his breath, quickly read the descriptions of the three skills above the control button, and then clicked on the first skill at the moment when Gin swung his stone stick: attack amplification of 300%.

Five times the strength was poured into the stone stick, and at the moment it was swung, it seemed to shatter the barrier of air, making a piercing sound of shattering immediately echo through the abyss.

The wide-opened eyes were momentarily distracted, then the stone stick smashed into the circular pupil in the center of the eye socket.

The piercing scream was so intense that it pierced the fragile eardrums of humans. The invisible sound wave forced Gin back and made countless viewers watching the live stream throw away their phones and move away from the screen. However, Hideyoshi Akai suppressed his instinctive fear and used his second fully-cooled down skill, which increased speed by five hundred percent.

Gin figure was as fast as lightning, as he retreated to a safe area one step faster than the sound wave and hid behind a rock.

His internal organs were burning with pain, and he coughed up a mouthful of blood, wiping away the bloodstains with his hand and using the map to observe the movement of the remnants of the Ancient God’s eye.

It was like an iron nail nailed to a decaying wooden board, unable to move, nor did it have a body to counterattack. The pupil in the center of its eye socket was shattered by the blow of the stone stick, and crimson blood droplets hung on the corner of its eye, unable to fall or dry up. The wounded area could not heal on its own too.

It was already at the end of its strength, but with a little movement, it could still kill someone…

Wait, was it not going to die?

Gin finally spotted the weak point.

“When in doubt just be reckless. It seems like I have to gamble with my life.”

The stone stick spun in his hand, his gaze sharp. He suddenly jumped up, stepped on a stone and leaped into the air again, once again approaching the eye. This time, he didn’t hit the eyeball. There were too many other areas to hit. He jumped high and swung downwards from above the eyelid.

Hideyoshi Akai external support arrived just in time.

Compared to the pupil, the eyelid was more sturdy, and the shock of the recoil almost made Gin hand bone shatter. It was Hideyoshi Akai task board that took the brunt and protected him from harm.

At this point, Hideyoshi Akai did not yet know what would happen in the future.

But at the same time, it was also the only defense of the Ancient God’s eye. Once shattered, all the pupils would fall out of the socket and either be taken out in one fell swoop or individually destroyed.

So Gin, just like he beat the chaotic amusement park’s carousel, imitated the same movements with his stone stick.

The stone stick swung with terrifying force, leaving small cracks on the eyelid. The cracks connected like spider webs, and soon spread into large patterns that were about to break apart.

The stone stick also broke into two pieces, but the splintered fragments flew into the pupils, causing a second injury to the ancient god, which was considered an unexpected joy.

The power of humans cannot be compared to that of the ancient gods, but it was just a small piece of debris, and it had already been worn down by the power of the master who had left their mark in the abyss for who knows how many years, and was already in a defeat-able state.

However, the system probably didn’t expect Gin to be so fierce. He wore the “Undead Shell” given to him by Hideyoshi Akai and used five times the strength and speed to withstand the counterforce of the ancient god’s eyes and its power.

When the cracks on his eyelids connected together, his skin was also covered in cracks, like a piece of paper with scratches all over it. It looked like any further movement would cause it to shatter into pieces.

Worse than his condition was Akai Hideyoshi’s mission panel, only the skills piece was intact, while the rest was burned to ashes, still emitting a cold spark.

But neither of them cared about these things because God eyelids were about to shatter.

Gin took a deep breath, tightly gripping the stone stick that was shortened by more than half a meter, and stepped back to a distance of ten meters, then charged forward and gathered all his strength for this one strike.

Akai Hideyoshi clicked the speed amplification as he watched him like a beam of light cut through the darkness, rushing to the front of the ancient god’s eyes in the blink of an eye. Just as he swung his stick in midair, he released his last power amplification.

Perhaps it was the roar of the Sullivia people from billions of years ago, or the echo deep in the souls of astrophysicists accompanied by a light-sweeping arc. At the moment the eyelids were shattered, it resounded melodiously because of the radio’s lighting up.

“My name is Shuli, and I come from a small, nameless town on the planet Efera. It’s called the Blue Flower Town because a certain blue flower blooms there all year round.”

“Child, leave here. You should have better choices and a brighter future.”

“Teenager, you are still so young, you should smile more. What’s the point of always having a stern face?”

That day, heaven and earth did not wake up, the universe fell asleep.

The eternal night.


System notification [global]: Player [Traveler One] has assisted [First Restorer] in winning the victory.

System notification [global]: Reward has been distributed.


System notification: You have been able to win.

System notification: Your game character [First Restorer] has died 25087 times, and the mission panel is completely damaged and needs repair.

System notification: Due to excessive replacement of death times, your final reward has been changed.

System notification: You have obtained the [Six-Star Character] limited card of the First Generation Restorer in the internal test version, which is fully upgraded and will not be deleted. It’s also accompanied by a unique favorability system.

Note: After the favorability system is activated, you can obtain his voice, history and return gifts by increasing his favorability.

Note: He will accompany you forever until the end of the world.

Note: Please remember to repair the mission panel.


The author has something to say:

System: The benefits have been arranged, remember to charge money.

Akai: Understood.


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