Travelling Frog – Chapter 3.1 – Land of Chaos

The direct consequence of losing a large amount of health points was extreme physical weakness. Even if the san value remains in the safe range, Gin could not rely on it to initiate any actions. He could only lie on the contaminated ground like a stone, repeatedly waking up and falling asleep.

He was fortunate to have been affected after taking only one step. Although it was embarrassing to admit, it was relatively close to the “safe zone,” and most of the lethal dangers would not spread here for the time being.

However, it was not a long-term solution.

Through the task panel, Gin could see clearly that his physical function was decreasing at a steady rate. The maximum health value will decrease by ten points every hour, and the total value was only three hundred points, which has now dropped to one hundred and fifty.

This means that in another fifteen hours, his body will completely collapse and his first main quest will end in failure.

A bright future was waiting for him and the rabbit ahead, and he doesn’t know if the rabbit double stakes could overpower the rap in the Soul Symphony.

After a bittersweet break in thinking, Gin slowed down his breathing rate and decided to find a way to save himself.

The newbie gift package provided by the system, the “stone stick,” was still in his hand. He used a bit of force to prop the stick on the ground and barely stood up. However, his body was so weak that he could barely stand straight and he could only hunch over and hobble like a hunchbacked old man.

Gin activated the system’s guidance function and walked painfully in the direction indicated by the arrow. He had to stop every few steps and wait for the health value to rise a little after struggling against the “Gaze of the Ancient God” to maintain his clear state of mind before taking another step.

This step by step struggle provided Gin with a strange and magical experience of an elderly life in advance.

The black and red earth of the bizarre planet has not an inch of grass, no obstacles and certainly no living creatures, just like a flat ground pounded by a hammer it was solid and flat.

Farther away from the safe zone were large, thin cracks, and further away there were cracks in the ground up to ten meters or more in width. They also provided almost only different color in this monotonous world because deep red magma, flowed like the exposed blood vessels of this planet.

The air was cool but the wind blowing on the body was burning hot. The fragrant scent of wine was interwoven into an invisible poisonous mist, corroding the planet’s many scars, but also laid a deadly trap for every prey that broke into it.

The further you get from the safe zone, the more and more dangerous the cracks in the ground become.

Gin could not see the way but with the guidance of the system, he could perfectly avoid the area where the lava was distributed.

It took him an hour to walk one hundred meters, and his total health value dropped below one hundred and fifty. But compared to the previous direct drop of ten points, he only lost nine points this time, which may be related to his choice of saving himself rather than waiting to die.

There were still fourteen hours and fourteen hundred meters to go, so he didn’t know if it was enough for him to walk to Chaos Amusement Park.

Gin stood still for a while to rest, and after recovering a bit of health, was about to set off again when his keen hearing caught a sharp cracking sound coming from behind him.

Ignoring the need to conserve his energy, Gin quickly dodged the attack and immediately launched a counter-attack by swinging his stone stick toward the direction of the sound. There was a barely detectable heat source where the sound came from, which was equivalent to an easy target for him as his vision was lost but his other four senses were extremely enhanced in turn.

The body that Gin used at this time was restored by the rabbit based on the equivalence of his own body before his death, with extremely strong stamina, reflexes and explosive power. So at the moment he launched his counter-attack, it landed on the creature that had attacked him.

The stone stick sounded like it hit a porcelain jar, and the loud and echoing sound “dang” spread in all directions, like a thunderous explosion ringing in his ears and deafening him.

After the loud noise, a dense, continuous crackling sound fell in front of Gin, much like the sound of a heavy summer rainstorm.

The warm liquid splashed on him, and he was caught off guard. His whole face and head covered, and the skin it touched burned with pain as if it had been burned by fire.

At the same time, the system prompt popped up.

–You have killed “Chaos Creature A”.

– Your san value has decreased slightly due to the blood erosion of “Chaotic Creature A” , your san value has dropped by one point and your health limit has increased by 20 points.

–The result of the erosion has been corrected, the san value remains unchanged, and the health limit is increased by ten points.

As soon as the third prompt appeared, Gin body shuddered, and the burning sensation all over his skin quickly cooled down. His previously confused head become clear and calm again.

The system has done a good job.

Raising a hand to wipe away the cold liquid from his face, Gin took a glance at the status bar and found that he had actually used up 20 health points with that blow just now. Although the health limit has been raised, the amount has not been restored, so he had to stop and rest for a while.

However, just as he was about to rest, the map showed that there were several unfamiliar red dots around him, each marked as chaotic creatures, two A’s and one B, all approaching him at a very fast speed.

Well, with 120 health points, as long as he used them wisely, tackling three chaotic creatures would be no problem.

Encountering a sudden crisis, Gin mood became unusually calm.

He remembered every moment of life and death in his life, saw the point of Akai Hideyoshi’s gun and the explosion on the headquarters ruins. In an instant, he saw a half of his life, at the end of this turbulent life and the beginning after death, once again confronting the Grim Reaper’s scythe.

The life was wonderful.


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