Travelling Frog – Chapter 3.2 – Land of Chaos

In his contemplation, the map on the mission panel suddenly zoomed in, and a cute Q-version figure of Gin appeared at his location. The three red dots also turned into slimes holding sickles. The four of them looked like the villains and protagonists in the animation, with a clear and funny image.

What? Why are they the protagonist team? Of course, it’s because Gin was the villain.

Guided by the map, Gin easily avoided the first wave of attacks from the three slimes.

Although they moved quickly, their attacking response was surprisingly slow, at least in Gin’s eyes.

The claws of the slimes on the map were actually very sharp and although Gin couldn’t see them, he could feel their sharpness from the fierce wind that brushed past his ear. Even without being hit, it caused a painful tearing sensation.

These were the claws of Chaos Creature B, as Chaos Creature A had no claws, only a huge body.

When fighting monsters, naturally, one should target the largest, most conspicuous and easiest to hit first. After dodging the first attack from Chaos Creature A, which had a slow attack speed due to having no useful attack methods, as it was preparing to launch the second attack, Gin’s stone club had already falling down.

It was only at this moment that he realized that the system’s note did not deceive him.

This stone stick was so damn useful!

With a clang, Chaos Creature A shattered in response to the blow, splattering blood all over Gin’s face, which increased his health points by forty-five.

It seems that these two were slightly stronger than the previous one.

With a quick wipe of the rapidly cooling liquid, Gin opened his unfocused eyes and “looked” at Chaos Creature B. His silver pupils turned into a nebula-like color, but with a cold killing intent that was more terrifying than the chaotic creature B’s claws.

It was a kind of sober madness, without murderous intent.

The slime with claws still retained some of its biological instincts. At this moment, this instinct made it shudder involuntarily and want to turn around and leave.

But the implanted thoughts of destruction forced it to step towards Gin, claws swept through the mercury cold light, opened like two face-basin-sized steel spiders and fiercely covering his head.

Gin’s right leg withdrew, gathering energy above his left hand, holding up his stick when suddenly a strange change occurred.

“Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh” Three breaking sounds swept past from above, and the three long legs almost simultaneously hit the slime’s face, turning it into an egg pancake. Its bulbous body deflated and fell on the black and red ground as if it were an iron pot burning with coals.

The next second, another “click, click, click, click” sounds and the slime’s claws were broken off at the root, and its shrunken body was neatly sliced into three pieces, wrapped in claws rolled into the shape of a chicken roll and stuffed into the mouth of a “person” carried on the back.

It then opened its mouth and bit down.

“Chomp chomp chomp” – chicken flavor, crunchy.

Gin watched this sequence of scenes on the system map. The modeling and smoothness of the movements were like SpongeBob SquarePants and Patrick produced after four years of studying animation. The scene of settling the chaotic creatures also looked like preparing chicken rolls so he didn’t know how to react and just held his stone stick in confusion.

Are these… the natives of this strange universe? Can he communicate with them? Should he ask them how far the chaotic amusement park was from here?

“I’m very sorry for stealing your food.” The SpongeBob with the toughest hands took a half step closer to Gin, as the oddly pronounced language reached Gin’s ears through the language translation plug-in: ‘”It’s just that our priests were dying of hunger so we had no choice but to grab it. Please do not worry, we will find new food for you.”

The moment SpongeBob finished speaking, the system spontaneously loaded plug-in also finished downloading, allowing Gin to open his mouth smoothly: “Food? No, you guys stole my trophy.”

SpongeBob: “????”

The Patrick: “???”

Putting down his stick, Gin leaned on it, bent over and coughed a few times like a weak old man, pretending to be weak as he spoke nonsense: ‘For this slime, I have been here in ambush for three …… five days and my body is almost exhausted due to hunger and fatigue. But you took it away from me when I was about to succeed. When you robbed my trophy… prey did you think it was appropriate?”

SpongeBob hesitated and was about to speak, but Patrick retorted with displeasure: “You’re talking nonsense! I clearly saw you kill two demons with stick just now. How could you be exhausted?”

Gin raised an eyebrow, straightened his back slightly, and knocked on the floor with his stone stick.

The floor cracked.

He had only wanted to create the image of a sickly old man, and did not notice the crack under the stone stick, but SpongeBob and Patrick noticed it immediately.

In that instant, they all gasped in unison, turning the hot air into cold air, and also silencing words that had yet to leave his mouth.

Gin was bewildered.

He knew nothing of this mysterious planet and therefore did not know that the entire planet’s geology had been strengthened into an indestructible horror after the battle between the ancient god and the righteous young hero. Nothing could grow here, and there was no damage other than the cracks caused by the blood and corpses of the ancient god and there was a reason for that.

Therefore, Gin action of lightly tapping the ground twice with his stone stick scared SpongeBob and Patrick, and this scene brought back memories of their ancient god and the righteous young hero. In their memories, the battle had caused the sky to crumble and the entire universe to be torn apart, as if it was the end of the world, leaving a lasting impression on their race.

Damn! It’s horrible! Could it be that a new ancient god has descended?

SpongeBob almost fell to his knees on the spot, and Patrick also trembled in fear.

The animated map could not show their expressions, nor their emotions. Blind to the situation, Gin was unaware of this, still leaning on his stick and coughing, pretending to be weak.

“Cough cough, forget it, it’s just a slime just take it. As long as you answer me one question, I won’t make a fuss about this.”

Hearing this, SpongeBob and Patrick breathed a sigh of relief, and the cold wind turned back into hot air.

“Just ask.” SpongeBob involuntarily used honorific language.

Gin thought about it and decided to get to the point: “Do you know how far Chaos Amusement Park is from here?”


“Oh dear!” Patrick, who had just argued with Gin suddenly exclaimed, holding onto the old priest who had slipped off his shoulder, and panicked, shouting: “Quickly! Get the medicine! The high priest is about to collapse! … Why is he foaming from the mouth? It must be because he was too excited to hear about Chaos Amusement Park. If this continues, he won’t be able to hold on!”

“A kilometer north is the area of the Chaos Amusement Park! We’ll go first, sir!”

SpongeBob knelt down to kowtow to Gin then threw the priest onto his back, and hurriedly left with the Patricks by his side. Their speed was so fast that even the system map couldn’t keep up, and the last image presented to Gin was black and red dust raised in the sky.

Gin’s long hair flew, disheveled by the wind.

“Chaos Amusement Park …… is really a dangerous place.” He muttered.


“Self-drawn! Clash! Clear pair of aces! Quickly, quickly, quickly! Bring out your three-hundred-year-old wine!”
The words of triumph came from the ancient castle hidden by dead branches and barren grass, and on the hideous branches of dead trees, An owl fluttered away in a panic, dropping a few black feathers.

Inside the castle, a snow-white skeleton sat on a soft velvet chair. It looked like it might be a beautiful woman when she was still alive but not that she has become a skeleton she no longer needed to maintain her image. Her demeanor was extraordinarily rough. She dug its foot with one hand and fiercely slammed a jade mahjong tile on the table with the other.

The “thud” was not only the victory salute but also the sound of two opponents’ hearts breaking.

The demon with the spiked fedora had a green square face, with two protruding lips like fangs, ground its teeth. However, its expression was calm and gentle. Its golden pupils reflected a profound Buddhist nature. It pushed the jade mahjong in front of it steadily, folded its hands, and silently chanted “graceful and easygoing.”

Then, it took out a wolf’s tooth club from under the table and pointed it at the winner on the opposite side, smiling faintly: “You cheated.”

The skeleton tapped its upper and lower jaws twice, shaking his ankle bones in triumph: “Eh, yes, I did. So what? Do you have any evidence?”

The demon smile remained unchanged as it closed its eyes, and chanted “forgiveness is greatness” three times then it continued: “You can’t count this as your win. On the contrary, you still have to apologize to us.”

“With three players and one short, this is the only way to play.” The skeleton picked a toothpick and picked its teeth. “Unless you can find evidence, even if I confess, it’s all nonsense. Don’t bother. Give me the money, or I’ll play the suona outside your room at night. What should I play tonight?”

The demon silently ..… it stopped because the fallen angel beside it could not stand it any longer. He flipped the table with his big wings, took out his violin, and swung it around to hit the skeleton’s head, shattering its skull.

The fallen angel wore black clothes, and its six wings were also pitch-black. He was handsome and had a mysterious and noble temperament, despite falling into hell. His movement of hitting the skeleton with the violin was also elegant, without any hint of anger.

“Look at you, why are you so irritable…”

The skeleton rolled over, dodged, and caught the skull before it hit the ground. It put it back on its head like a hat. “Okay, okay, can’t I give up your vintage wine? How about this, I heard that some stupid creatures want to enter the Chaos Amusement Park again. How about we change our entertainment?”

The fallen angel’s handsome face was expressionless, but the wings on his back twitched, indicating that he was somewhat interested.

The demon folded its palms together, with a compassionate look between its eyebrows: “I can go if you want me to, but heaven has the virtue of kindness so you can’t harm their lives.”

“Heaven might have this virtue, and you have that great disease.”

The bones of the skeleton hand clapped together, and with a solemn and gentle tone, it made a sarcastic comment like reciting a sutra before grabbing the demon’s wrist and dragging it outwards.

“Let’s go, let’s go! We’ll miss the opportunity if we go any slower!”

The fallen angel blinked and flapped his wings to catch up.


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