Travelling Frog – Chapter 4 – Pastoral in the Amusement Park

Gin entered the Chaos Amusement Park slowly.

During these fourteen hours, in order to save health points, he went to great lengths, analyzing and deconstructing over a dozen walking postures, creating a posture that was the fastest with the least effort. That is, the palms of the feet on the ground with stone stick to lend force to the step changing momentum to march.

The effect was obvious, and the results were remarkable.

The sky was dark, and the moon, like a curved sickle, hung in the black sky, shining a cool glow onto the blood-colored ripples.

The entrance to the chaotic amusement park stood in the center in blood-colored ripples, a wooden board, and three iron nails, casting a terrifying shadow.

Behind the gate was a vast wilderness, the area illuminated by the moon that was also the starting point, and the place where the sky hung low was the end.

The broken carousel spun silently, with magma-like liquid seeping out from under the peeled paint on the horses, bright and red, blooming like a beautiful rose.

The handrails were wrapped in bone flowers, sharp, pointed, and alluring white roses that looked like they were polished. The long thorns on the stems stretched out freely, occasionally mist condenses into dew dotted on the tips, reflecting a light that resembled ordinary moonlight.

Why was it ordinary moonlight? Looking up at the moon, the answer was clear.

In the distance, a Ferris wheel, rounder than the crescent moon, sat in the only place not shrouded in darkness, painted with childlike colors and tied with pink ribbons.

It was also spinning, but very slowly. The passenger cars had no cover on all four sides, separated like a gear, ran, jammed into a groove, traveled to the top, and then crashed heavily to the ground, falling into snow-white pieces.

The carriages were made of ice sculptures, with a fragile beauty, symbolizing the most false beauty in the chaotic amusement park.

Besides the Ferris wheel was a bumper car, two of them.

They looked like antiques from the last century, with a simple and outdated design, seats and steering wheels covered in dust, and the only thing that seemed a bit special was the steel pointed tip installed on the front of the car, half a meter long, rusty and dull, but judging from the dents on both sides of the car body, it had considerable destructive power.

The three-piece set of the amusement park was complete here.

Unfortunately, there were only three pieces.

Gin stood in the doorway, leaning on a stone stick to “look out” at the scene inside the door.

His eyes naturally couldn’t see, but the system map in front of him depicted the scene of the entire amusement park in a lifelike manner, a model that could only be created after learning animation for at least 8 years.


Gin hooked the corners of his mouth, as his long-dormant soul seemed to be ignited by a spark, boiling out one or two lively bubbles in the cold stagnant water.

Time seemed to skip forward a notch since his death, as if the clock on the wall had ticked ahead one notch with a crisp “click”, making his presence all the more vivid.

Without hesitation, Gin strode forward and entered the entrance of the amusement park, stepping through the shadow to the moonlight, and approached the carousel.


The dilapidated white horse with the rose painted on it stopped in front of Gin, and a piece of paper was spat out from its mouth.

“Dear guest, this is the first entertainment project of the Chaos Amusement Park. Please buy a ticket to experience it.

Price: Half a soul. Full refund after one ride.

Note: You should feel happy, I will make you happy.

Full refund after one ride…

Gin chuckled softly, asking innocently like a good person: “What if I can’t finish the ride?”

There come no new note from the horse’s mouth and the old note burned to ashes and scattered by the wind.

This was the silent response.

After the note was burned, Gin saw a main mission prompt on the task panel: You have triggered the main mission: “ Amusement park Pastoral [Phase 1]: Carousel from Hell.”

Note: You should make it feel happy (Physical).

The Carousel from Hell was the first phase, and it seemed that this main mission had at least three phases. After all, the Chaos Amusement Park had three attractions.

Gin was thinking about it when a new system prompt followed.

System prompt: Your plug-in – 100% chaos resistance has arrived.

System prompt: Perhaps you should learn the horse-riding skills of the Empress of China.

System prompt: Mission countdown five minutes, four minutes fifty-nine, four minutes fifty-eight ……

Looking at the series of system prompts, Gin’s mind cleared in an instant. He seemed to have shared a moment with a rabbit hidden in the system and understood the true meaning of these prompts.

It coincided with his initial thoughts.

Gathering up a smile, Gin placed the wooden stick flat on the ground, followed the map’s guidance, and propped his hands on the back of the white horse. He quickly flipped onto the horse’s back.

As soon as he sat down, the carousel horse rose up and began spinning at high speed.

With a “sigh, sigh” the white horse beneath Gin seemed to come to life, furious at the addition of a lowly creature on its back, raising its neck high, its back arching rapidly to a gallop, trying to throw him off.

Its mane fluttered and burned into white flames in the hot wind blowing in its face, and the flames spread rapidly throughout his body from the beginning of his life, and in a matter of seconds, forming a ball of fire that even the horse’s hooves could splash scorching sparks in mid-air.

However, Gin was unperturbed, unhurried, and unmoved. Bathed in the flames, he was like a person who had nothing to worry about, hooking his lips contemptuously, leaning down to grab the mane that had been assimilated into the fire, and gently patting the horse’s head.

He looked at the angry younger generation like a benevolent elder, stroking the white horse’s head and asking in a gentle voice: “Stop, or die.”

The white horse was furious, and the fire on its body raged ten feet high, making the rope on its head creak and groan.

Fortunately, it could not speak; otherwise, it would have cursed in the entire language of the universe.

“It’s your duty to make me happy, thank you, so I’ll return the favor.” Gin was unmoved, still sticking to the edge of the white horse as it tried to destroy the universe. “How can I make you happy?”

The white horse raised its head and howled, its mouth turned outward as it bit toward his hand. Although he dodged in time, a sharp tooth still left a wound.

“Very well, I thought of that.”

The wound was painful, but Gin didn’t even furrow his brows. He even loosed his grip on its mane.

Then in the next second, he tightened his grip as he held the horse body, clamping his arms around the horse’s neck, muscles rippling as he used all his strength in his hands to violently –

He twisted its neck.

The white horse was confused in that moment, it couldn’t have guessed that Gin would use this method to make it “happy”. Its neck twisted and leaned to the side for more than ten seconds without any reaction before its eyes stared dully at the ground.

In these ten seconds, Gin jumped off the horse, picked up a stone stick from the ground weighing it before he swung on its head, hitting its head again, knocking it back into the right position. There was a deep dent between its ears on the top of its head.

But it was just the beginning.

As Gin recited: “It should make you happy,” he swung the stone stick, clanging and thudding like a blacksmith hammering iron. He couldn’t afford to lose even a little bit of strength.

As the saying goes: An iron-clad horse belongs in hell, and a blacksmith belongs in its ranks.

The system-produced stone stick originally had multiple bonuses for attacking, exploding, reducing defense, and bleeding on strange creatures. Combined with Gin strength and superb force techniques honed through practice, every blow was a critical hit, dealing up to 200% damage.

At first, the white horse could endure the pain and even stretch its neck to breathe fire at Gin.

But it soon found that its fire not only had no effect on Gin but also only angered him, causing him to put even more force into each hit and inflict even greater damage on him. It suddenly got scared and circled around the support pole, trying to avoid Gin attack.

Unfortunately, the white horse only managed to complete half a circle before Gin grabbed its ear and controlled it in place. One blow rendered it paralyzed from the waist down, extinguishing its fire. It hung pitifully from the suspension rope, its once graceful and elegant body now twisted and distorted with artistic flair.

“Are you happy?”

Gin asked as the stick came down heavily.

“Sob sob!!”

The white horse refused to obey even if it was beaten to death!

“Are you happy?”

Another stick hammered down on its head with a crack, causing the horse’s face to twist.

“Sob sob—devil! You devil!”

The white horse cursed loudly!

“Not happy? Okay, then I’ll continue to make you suffer.”

Gin blinked, feeling that his left hand become a little sore so he switched to his right hand to hold the stick, retreated his right leg to gather strength, like a stretched bow before swinging it with all his might.

“Sob sob—”

The horse’s cry was piercing and distorted, carrying complex emotions such as pleading, begging for mercy, pain, grievances, confusion, and so on. Its clear sound and thick emotions made even the moon in the sky unable to bear watching, as it moved to the edge of the clouds to hide itself.

The hanging rope seemed to break under the weight, and the white horse fell heavily to the ground, almost breaking into pieces. Its eyes were full of confusion and shock as if it had seen through the joys and sorrows of the world in this moment.

Gin let out a long breath, venting all the anger he had suffered from the rabbit.

He carried the stone stick on his shoulder, stepped on the white horse’s belly with his right leg, raised his eyebrows slightly, as his starry and sharp eyes shone with a cold and clear light, in really cold moonlight but also condensed to the extreme killing intent.

The white horse met his gaze, suddenly shuddering.

It was a horse from hell, but this man might also be from hell.

“How about it?” The white horse saw the Gin approaching, with his left hand holding the stone stick leaning against his side, a black cross necklace with emerald inlay swinging in front of it: “Are you happy?”

The white horse tried to swallow some saliva but found its mouth twisted and its body out of place. It had to quickly repair its vocal cords and said sincerely and warmly: “I swear by the law of□□, I am happy.”


Behind the gate, the moon hid behind the clouds, making the surroundings dark and perfect for hiding.

The demon, skeleton, and fallen angel gathered together and exchanged glances before pulling out small handkerchiefs to wipe each other’s sweat.

In front of them lay a jade plate with Gin’s name and the three attractions of the amusement park written on the edge, and a key in the middle.

“Are we still playing?” The demon folded his palms together, speaking in a relaxed tone, with a kind expression and great compassion between his eyebrows. “I don’t think I can beat him – no, fighting and killing are inappropriate behaviors, it’s time to stop, and we still have time.”

The fallen angel shook its wings and raised a finger expressionlessly, poking the demon’s shoulder.

This meant that it agreed.

“No, we must have at least one game or we’ll lose face. Besides, he may not be able to beat that tacky DJ.”

The skeleton finger bones held a cigarette, opened his mouth and slowly exhaled a smoke ring, then with a swift snap placed a bet on Gin’s name: “I bet he wins:

“I also bet on him winning.”

Fallen Angel: “……”

Demon: “……”

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