The Spiritual Plant Master Transmigration – Chapter 1- I Became A Scumbag

Xiao Jingting woke up and looked around the strange house, rubbing his eyebrows uneasily.

Xiao Jingting vaguely remembered that he was studying genetically modified potatoes in the laboratory. On his way back to the dormitory, he was pushed into the river by a strong force. The pain of suffocation lingered in his mind for a long time.

Xiao Jingting looked around the room he was in. While sleeping, he had accepted the memory of a second-generation young master with the same name as himself. Xiao Jingting looked at the room in front of him that was exactly the same as in this person’s memory and realized that he might have crossed over.

Xiao Jingting didn’t have time to search through his memories before his stomach rumbled.

Xiao Jingting rubbed his stomach and climbed down from the bed, intending to cook something to eat.

While starting the fire and cooking, Xiao Jingting recalled the memories he had accepted. The original owner was originally the young master of the Xiao family, and the parents of the original owner were very capable. However, the original owner was seldom at home and was spoiled. He spent his days co*kfighting and horse riding, hanging out in the fireworks district and did not do any work.

If the original owner’s parents had been alive, he might have been raised as a young master all along. The problem was that when the original owner’s parents went away on a mission, they had an accident, and he was sent to this desolate place.

Xiao Jingting was cooking, when he heard a sound.

He saw the door across opening a small crack, and a small child observing him through the crack.

Xiao Jingting lowered his head and remained calm.

The original master had a wife. He had accidentally forced a servant after getting drunk, the matter became quite big and he was forced to marry him. The original owner did not like his wife, and the relationship between the two was very bad.

The original owner did not have sex with this male wife very often, but the two of them had two sons.

In this world, it was not easy for men to get pregnant, but his male wife could win the bid almost every time. The original owner had many male and female confidants that gossiped in his ear, saying that his male wife’s son was not his and that he was wearing a green hat because of this person and helping raise other people’s sons.

He didn’t like this male wife because he had a simple mind. Because of the doubt in his heart, he was very unhappy with his wife and had a bad attitude towards his sons.

Before, when they lived in a big family, the original owner always treated his wife and children like air and they were fine. But after being assigned to this desolate village, the original owner only felt that the family was unfair to him, so he took out his anger on his wife and sons.

Xiao Jingting figured that Xu Muan, the male wife, should be out looking for food.

Because the original owner liked beating his wife and children, when Xu Muan went out, he would always tell his two sons to block the door and not let Xiao Jingting find trouble with them.

Xiao Jingting was only 17 years old, but he had a four-year-old son, Xiaodong, and a three-year-old son, Xiaofan.

This made Xiao Jingting, who was still a bachelor at the age of twenty-seven in his previous life, very ashamed.

The original owner was very displeased with these two children. The eldest son was born in winter, so he randomly chose the name Xiaodong ( little winter). Because the original owner thought the younger child was ordinary, he chose the name Xiaofan ( little ordinary) for him.

Although the oldest son of the original owner was young, he had a big heart.

The younger son was different. Shortly after Xiao Xiaofan was born, he got seriously ill, but the original body owner did not take it seriously. When the doctor was finally called over, it was already too late, his brain had overheated and he became dull and clumsy.

Xiao Jingting looked at the door. A small head was looking at him carefully from behind the door. When he saw Xiao Jingting’s gaze he shrank back. Xiao Jingting turned his eyes away, and the small head stuck out again.

Although Xiao Jingting and Xu Muan were husband and wife, Xiao Jingting didn’t regard Xu Muan as a wife at all. Xu Muan was not allowed to use the food at home and the original body owner often went out to have fun and drink. If Xu Muan and his sons wanted to eat, Xu Muan needed to find a way himself.

Xiao Jingting bowed his head. When the original owner left home, he still had 800 silver, but Xu Muan did not have any money. 800 silver, if the original owner spent the money carefully, it would be enough to last for a period of time.

The problem was that the original owner was originally a young master, and he used to reward people with dozens of silver at a time. He was used to spending a lot of money, so it was hard to change. If the original owner had nothing to do, he would go to town for recreation, so 800 silver was spent in a few months.

The original owner died because he was addicted to Xiaoyao powder. Eating this kind of stuff would make one feel as if they were floating in the air.

Thinking of what the original owner had done, Xiao Jingting could not help feeling gloomy about his own future.

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