The Spiritual Plant Master Transmigration – Chapter 8 – Xu Muan is here

Xiao Xiaodong took the bamboo tube filled with earthworms and walked excitedly to the place where the field was.

Xiao Jingting looked at Xiao Xiaodong excited expression and said to himself, In the end, he’s still a child. No matter how smart he is, he still wants to play.

Xiao Xiaodong opened the bamboo tube and a golden earthworm flew out. The earthworm soared to more than a meter above the ground and then drilled into the spirit field, turning over the soil.

Xiao Jingting looked at this magical scene. He didn’t show it on his face, but he was still surprised in his heart.

The efficiency of the earthworms was extremely high, and before long, two mu of land had been turned over. Xiao Xiaodong helped Xiao Jingting plant the seeds together, and the two of them were so busy they lost the track of time.

When Xiao Jingting was about to finish, he took out a few steamed buns. Seeing that Xiao Xiaodong was so hardworking, he gave Xiao Xiaodong and Xiao Xiaofan another five buns.

When Xu Muan came over, Xiao Jingting and Xiao Xiaodong were just about to finish working.

Xu Muan’s eyes were cold when he looked at Xiao Jingting. Xiao Jingting suddenly realized that he had actually used a four-year-old child as a laborer, which was really too much.

“Daddy!” Xiao Xiaofan excitedly threw himself into Xu Muan’s arms.

Xu Muan hugged Xiao Xiaofan and his strained mood suddenly relaxed.

Xu Muan had been worried recently about Xiao Jingting selling his two children. When he came home and found that his two children were gone, he almost went crazy.

Xiao Jingting followed Xu Muan home. He secretly observed Xu Muan’s ugly face and did not know how to open his mouth.

Xiao Jingting wanted to go home and talk with Xu Muan. As a result, as soon as they came back, Xu Muan closed the door to his room.

“Your brother is not sensible, but why are you hanging out with him?” Xu Muan  looked at Xiao Xiaodong and asked somewhat uneasily.

Xiao Xiaodong rubbed his hands and said: “I think he has changed a lot, and I just made a deal with him. I helped him, and he gave me and my brother steamed buns to eat.”

Xu Muan could not help feeling a little lonely. His two sons hadn’t eaten such luxurious things for a long time.

“He didn’t do anything else?” Xu Muan asked.

Xiao Xiaodong shook his head and reassured him: “No, he seems to have changed a lot.”

“Don’t take him lightly, it is not so easy to change. Who knows what he’s up to!” Xu Muan cautioned.

Xiao Xiaodong nodded solemnly.

“I saw that the vegetables in the vegetable field have emerged a bit: ” Xu Muan recalled. 

The vegetables in this field were planted by Xiao Xiaodong and grew very slowly. However, they could be cooked in less than one month. The previous crop was almost eaten up, but this crop had not yet grown out.

“He did it,” Xiao Xiaodong explained.


Xiao Xiaodong stuck out his tongue and said: “I think he ran out of the money, so he decided to be self-sufficient.”

Xu Muan pursed his lips and thought secretly that if Xiao Jingting really did not have enough money, it would be good if he found a way to make money. If Xiao Jingting continued to behave recklessly, it would be troublesome. After selling all the land, he would sell the house too.

“Daddy, here are two steamed buns, you can eat them.” Xiao Xiaodong took out two tightly wrapped steamed buns. 

Xu Muan looked at Xiao Xiaodong’s bright eyes and lamented gloomily: “You eat them.”

“I have already eaten,” Xiao Xiaodong said.

Xu Muan rubbed Xiao Xiaodong’s head and said: “Then save them for tomorrow.”

Xiao Xiaodong held Xu Muan’s hand. In the end they ate one steamed bun each. 

Xiao Xiaodong and Xiao Xiaofan had a tiring day and went to sleep before it became dark. Xu Muan came out and cooked some food. Although the steamed bun was delicious, one could not make him full after all.

Hearing Xu Muan’s movements, Xiao Jingting came out. When Xu Muan saw Xiao Jingting, he could not help but raise his vigilance.

“Something wrong?” Xu Muan asked.

“I’ve been a little short of money lately,” Xiao Jingting said.

Xu Muan bowed his head and said: “You don’t have any silver?”

“I heard you sometimes go to the jungle hunting,” Xiao Jingting probed. Xu Muan raised his head, full of vigilance, so Xiao Jingting proposed hurriedly: “Can I go with you?”

Xu Muan hesitated for a long time before nodding: “Alright”

With Xu Muan’s consent, Xiao Jingting could not help but breathe a sigh of relief.

Xiao Jingting went into the room and took out a box with eighteen silver and a few pawn tickets. Xiao Jingting was somewhat relieved to find that the field he had pawned was actually a living pawn, which was much less silver than a dead pawn for two months. Within two months adding two percent of interest he could get the title deed back.

The original body owner was a gambler. When he first pawned the field, he felt that he could win it back by gambling, so when he pawned it, he chose a living pawn.

Xiao Jingting put the box away and secretly thought, The priority now is to make money as soon as possible, and then buy the fields back.

The next day, Xu Muan instructed Xiao Xiaodong to take good care of his brother and left for the jungle with Xiao Jingting.


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