After Winning This Battle, I Will Go Home And Get Married – Chapter 28

Back at his dormitory, Yan Xueshan contacted Arthur urgently. 

[I have to talk to you! Come here after work!]

After sending it he waited for a reply, however Arthur, as an admiral, was busy with business and it might take hours.

In the meantime, Yan Xueshan imagined that he was still in the cockpit of the beast mecha, and countless basic commands were filling his head like wings. He looked around, took out his optical keyboard to go through a few of them and synthesized them together.

These different fresh ideas seemed to flow from his fingertips, and he kept tapping the optical keyboard as if he was playing a piano composing music, writing down string after string of code instructions on his optical brain.

He was completely immersed in it until he was interrupted by an incoming call.

It was from Arthur.

Yan Xueshan’s optical brain program, which was slightly heated because of his full attention, began to cool down as he was able to think about other things for the time being, such as, receiving communications.

Unlike the previous lazy clocking in mode, Yan Xueshan was enthusiastic this time, and as soon as he opened the screen he immediately said: “I piloted a beast-type mecha today! It was interesting!”

Arthur, who was sitting in the Admiral’s Office, raised his eyebrows slightly and the corners of his mouth involuntarily rose. His eyes instantly started to look like they were dipped in honey; he wasn’t surprised at all.

He knew that, so far, only when it comes to mecha, Yan Xueshan would actively seek him out to discuss.

Arthur looked at Yan Xueshan with understanding and tolerance. At that moment, their roles seemed to be reversed. Yan Xueshan became the child, and he was the adult, patiently and carefully listening to Yan Xueshan talk about mecha.

Yan Xueshan, who always cherishes words like gold, will only become talkative when talking about the mechas he was interested in.

Even so, his expression was still very indifferent on the surface, and his tone of speech didn’t fluctuate too much, like a robot reading a program.

Yan Xueshan wasn’t a good instructor.  Others explain profound subjects in a simple way, but the way he spoke was complex, long and boring, so it was just Arthur who could listen to him with great interest.

 Arthur understood everything he said and could also add a sentence or two at the right time, giving him some new inspiration.

Yan Xueshan said: “I want to buy one for the farm. On our next vacation date, we’ll go together to pilot the mecha, ok?”

Arthur complained in his heart: What normal person thinks that piloting mecha is a date idea? Only Yan Xueshan!

He wasn’t normal either! Instead of being angry, he found it adorable!!!

Arthur said boldly: “That will take several days. I will have someone buy a few beast-type mechas now and send them to you tomorrow. There is some open space behind your villa, so you can pilot the mecha there.”

“I’ll drive with you when I get a pass, okay?”

Yan Xueshan had recently subconsciously accepted Arthur’s care of him, in every aspect. He also didn’t worry about what he would do, and let him buy the mechas. If he tried to purchase them on his own it might take several days, so it was better to toss it to Arthur and have work done.

He nodded. “Yeah.”

He began to look forward to the next day and the arrival of the mechas.

In the meantime, he secretly apologized to Artemis.

Sorry Artemis, my favorite will always be you. I will just play with them for a while.

Arthur added: “By the way dear, I have something to tell you.”

Yan Xueshan asked: “What?”

Arthur calmly dropped a bomb. “Because the Vega Division Military Base has been completed, the President is coming to inspect it and celebrate the completion to boost morale. He said he would also like to see you then.”

At the same time, the accident that happened that same day, during the Practical Agricultural Mecha Class, was quickly circulated among the students of Vega’s Comprehensive University. There was no gossip; since it happened so suddenly there were no photos or videos.

Most people scoffed, thinking it wasn’t real.

Who were they kidding? How could an agricultural mecha do that kind of operation? Many people in the school were farmers and grew up piloting their family’s agricultural mecha, so they were familiar with them.

The students in the same class as Yan Xueshan, however, were all recounting the same thing, sounding really evil.

Soon, the students of the Mecha Department also heard about it and even they didn’t believe it.

Song Chao pondered: ‘No, what if it was true? Would he be able to do it himself?’

Someone that had this kind of piloting skills must be at least an A-class Master Sergeant. How dare he lie and say it was just an accident?

He definitely had evil intentions when he decided to come to this school.

He must be waiting for an opportunity to assassinate Admiral Arthur.

No, he must find an opportunity to test Yan Xueshan properly.

The two rescued parties were keeping their mouths shut at this time.

They subconsciously felt that this matter wasn’t good to spread around. Perhaps because they were considered to be the two students who had the deepest relationship with Yan Xueshan, they generally knew Yan Xueshan’s low-key personality. Also, out of gratitude, they didn’t want to spread nonsense around.

Still, Polly couldn’t hold back her excitement.

She went with Nana to buy a gift, discussing how to thank Yan Xueshan solemnly the next day. 

After lying down that night, she couldn’t fall asleep.

She laid down for more than two hours without feeling sleepy, then she got up from the bed and turned on her light brain program.

Blue Reaper Galaxy Backup Association, Vega Division, Small Group.

Time was different for each planet.

The number of people online was also very small.

Their group had been very lively during the Blue Reaper’s service, and every few days they would discuss new battle reports about the Blue Reaper.

Since the end of the war, the Blue Reaper disappeared and there was nothing to talk about, so the participation in their group gradually faded, and recently not many people joined in.

[Polly]: I suspect that the Blue Reaper isn’t dead, he might have retired.

[Polly]: I recently met a male student, and he really looks like the Blue Reaper. The more I think about it, the more sure I am that its him.

[Group Friends 1]: Have you been under too much mental pressure recently?

[Group Friends 2]: Little Polly, are you secretly in love with him?

[Polly]: No, really not, he really looks like…he feels very similar to him. If you saw him, you would definitely have the same opinion as me.

[Polly]: Today when we had an Agricultural Mecha Class, one of the students made a mistake and launched the liquid storage tank, which bounced towards me. I was almost crushed to death! He actually saved me by piloting an agricultural mecha, and his skills were amazing! In my opinion, only the Blue Reaper has such skills.

It made the group of her friends laugh at her, one after another.

[Group Friends 2]: Hahahahahaha! An agricultural mecha! ! !

[Group Friends 3]: Little Polly, how could the Blue Reaper drive an agricultural mecha?  It’s too out of character for him. You can stop talking here.

[Group Friends 4]: Although your classmate is definitely not the Blue Reaper, he might be a bit famous according to what you just said.

Polly blushed with shame at their ridicule.

Her heart began to falter, and she began to feel foolish.

Yes, the Blue Reaper had used 3 mechas during his service, starting with an A-class mecha till he upgraded to the S-class mecha Artemis. No one heard of him piloting a normal mecha. Even ordinary mechas weren’t good enough for his skill level, let alone agricultural mechas covered in mud.

A child from a peasant background like her may be so whimsical because she has never seen the world.

She actually suspected that her classmate was the Blue Reaper, how crazy.

Polly hung her head all of a sudden.

[Group Friends 2]: Is he a handsome guy?

Polly, seeing this message, replied breathlessly.

[Polly]: He is handsome, very handsome, a sort of iceberg kind of handsome.

In an instant, a group of people exploded, writing twenty to thirty lines of chat in one breath.

[Group Friends 2]: Do you have any photos? Quick, show me.

[Group Friends 3]: A handsome guy? How can there be a handsome guy?

[Group Friends 4]: He’s definitely not, but I want to see handsome guys!

[Group Friends 5]: Is he as handsome as Star XX, who is recently popular?




Blah blah blah.

Polly was so upset that she didn’t want to reply to them.

[Polly]: I don’t have a photo. He doesn’t like people taking pictures of him.

[Polly]: Don’t you think he is similar to the Blue Reaper in that way? He was very low-key, and  didn’t like to be photographed.

[Group Friends 2]: There is nothing I can say without a picture.

[Group Friends 3]: That’s right, I thought there was a handsome guy so I got up from the bed.

[Group Friends 1]: Little Polly, don’t be stupid. Even if the Blue Reaper retired, he wouldn’t go to your planet to study in an agricultural university.

[Group Friends 1]: But after thinking about it, your speculation isn’t bad, it’s interesting. The Federation’s elite Sniper Master Sergeant has started farming.  Isn’t this written in some ancient poem – After gaining final success, resign from honor and favor, and return to the fields with the favor of the Emperor?

[Group Friends 1]: Also, if you think about it carefully, the Sniper Division’s Blue Reaper might be the Federation’s human-shaped super weapon, a person who can replace a legion. Could the President and the Federation just let him just casually retire from service?

That made sense.

Polly was struck with a bad blow.

After everyone started to analyze the possible current location of the Blue Reaper, she no longer read the chat, as she became depressed.

She was so depressed she didn’t fall asleep all night.

With her eyes open till dawn, Polly simply got up and decided to go for a walk since it was very early there was no one around.

When she went downstairs, she saw a transport ship flying across the sky and landing in the direction of the mountain behind the school.

Polly was curious and thought, ‘Wait, Yan Xueshan seems to live in that direction.’

She knew that Yan Xueshan didn’t live in the school’s dormitory for boys, but lived alone in a school building in the back mountain. Everyone wondered how he could get special treatment. She also heard that he could go to a mecha class to see the lessons.

She seemed to be drawn by an invisible thread, as she walked in that direction.

She met no one on the way.

The further she went, the more dense the forest became.

The sky was dark, the atmosphere was gloomy, and the road ahead was unfamiliar. After walking for a while, she felt if she walked off the path, she might get lost.

Everything seemed to be hinting at her, telling her not to go any further, but to turn back and leave quickly.

Just when she started to regret, she saw a faint light ahead, which should be the light of the engine of a mecha.

So she followed this light and walked forward again until she saw a clearing in front of her.

There were seven beast-type agricultural mechas parked there, in various forms, and all brand new.

Although most agricultural mechas weren’t expensive, the mechas in the clearing were all more than five million star coins each !

Polly marveled, where did all this come from?

A man with his back to her, stood next to the clearing. He had blond hair and his figure looked very familiar.

It was almost too much like Admiral Arthur.

She saw a leopard-shaped agricultural mecha, just like the one in the Agricultural Mecha Class, moving freely as if it possessed a soul.

Then it stopped and she saw Yan Xueshan jump out of the cockpit.

The blond man said: “Master, do you like it?”

Yan Xueshan replied: “Yes.”

Just from viewing the back of the blond man, one could feel that he was overjoyed and overflowing with tenderness. He turned around.

Polly then saw his side profile and covered her mouth to keep herself from losing her composure and exclaiming.

Who else could this be if not Admiral Arthur? In person! Oh my God! 

Arthur smiled and leaned over his lover, not serious at all compared to his image on TV. His eyes were full of affection as he spoke. “Did I do my job well? Can you reward me with a kiss?”

Yan Xueshan wasn’t enthusiastic, but quickly agreed.

Watching the two figures overlapping together, the little girl who was peeking couldn’t breathe as her brain turned into a mush.

The amount of information was too much for her little brain to handle, and her face couldn’t have been redder.

The whole Federation knew who Admiral Arthur’s Master was!

The Blue Reaper! The pilot Master Sergeant of  the mecha Artemis!

Yan Xueshan turned his back to her.

After hugging Yan Xueshan and kissing once, when Arthur got up, his eyes turned and he looked precisely where she was hiding. His gaze was cold, as if he knew of her whereabouts a long time ago.

It felt that he believed she was insignificant, so why not steal a sweet kiss and finish their important matters first before catching her?


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