Spare Tire is Gone – Chapter 74.2

Lian Pengxing returned to his senses and looked at Qi Cong who immediately emerged from the role of You Chengqing after the director shouted “cut.” Suppressing his embarrassment, he apologized to the director and said to everyone, “Sorry, I forgot my line for a moment.”

“Then hurry up and remember it again. Each department, back to positions, let’s start again.”

Everyone moved while Lian Pengxing looked at Shen Jia who was again reassuring Qi Cong to not be nervous while Qi Cong had no trace of nervousness on him. Silently, he adjusted his mood and turned around to walk towards the starting position of shooting.

Just now, he actually couldn’t help but start to measure and analyze all of Qi Cong’s gestures after seeing his acting up close. Then he imagined what he would look like in the same frame as Qi Cong.

His mind suddenly started to wander again, wondering whether he would look very clumsy and stiff when he stood in front of Qi Cong who had such a natural and elegant greeting and excellent appearance.

He could imagine how Qi Cong would attract fans after the drama broadcast. He could also imagine how people would judge the appearance, acting skills and lines of all male actors in the drama. People will point out his physical defects and notice that he wasn’t as good as Qi Cong. They would find that the rightful heir wasn’t as elegant and noble as a concubine’s son. People will say that he was already old and missed the time when he could transform. Singing and dancing idols could only last for a few years at most. Sooner or later they needed to transform. Still, Qi Cong’s acting skills and appearance were so good he would certainly have a promising future.

Qi Cong also had Manju Entertainment, Shen Jia, Zhao Zhenxun and Gu Xun behind him. Qi Cong had already gained high popularity before his first work even came out. How could he compare to Qi Cong?

“Lian Pengxing what’s wrong with you? Are you not feeling well?” Wang Yue was waiting for her scene in the rest area, leaned over at some point and frowned slightly. “You don’t look good.”

Lian Pengxing returned to his senses and found that he had actually wandered off again. Shaking his head, he smiled reluctantly. “I’m fine.”

“Don’t smile if you don’t want to.” Wang Yue suddenly looked in the direction of Qi Cong. After which she looked again at Lian Pengxing, sighed and said in a low voice, “Just concentrate on your own development. Everyone has their own path. If you only look at others, you won’t have time to see your own path.”

Lian Pengxing froze and looked at Wang Yue.

Wang Yue’s eyes were gentle and clear, as if she had seen through everything. Slowly she said, “Lian Pengxing, I am facing the same situation as you, but no matter how much we are afraid to resist, age is something we can’t avoid. Excellent newcomers will appear one after another. If you make a little progress every day, if you work hard, you will be able to transform sooner or later, and those who love you will certainly always love the you who worked so hard. I think so.”




Two minutes later, the scene resumed shooting. Everyone was in great shape and went through it perfectly. Director Wang also boasted to Lian Pengxing alone after shooting, “Your lines and expressions were all well grasped, keep it up.”

Lian Pengxing thanked him with a smile, then took the initiative to greet Qi Cong and Shen Jia before going to the rest area.

His assistant, Xiao Liu, came up with water and complimented him. “Brother Lian, just now you performed very well. Director Wang rarely praises anyone, but he praised you. Brother Lian, just now I looked very carefully. Your appearance isn’t bad compared with Mr. Qi Cong and it’s also very–”

“Xiao Liu.” Lian Pengxing interrupted her next words. He spoke with a warning. “Don’t comment on other actors and teachers indiscriminately, also don’t…. Forget it, you pack up and go back to the company today. I will talk to Sister Yang and have her transfer another assistant to me.” With that, he brushed Xiao Liu away and didn’t pick up the water in Xiao Liu’s hand.

On the other side of the rest area, the little actor who played Qi Cong’s servant boy hesitated, but still took advantage of Shen Jia going to the bathroom to come up to Qi Cong and whispered, “Mr. Qi Cong, I found that Lian Pengxing’s assistant always peeks at you. You should pay more attention to it.”

These two days Qi Cong and  the young actor have filmed several scenes together, so they became familiar with each other. So hearing his words, Qi Cong followed the young actor’s guidance and looked. Indeed he found that the round-faced youth was looking his way. When their eyes met, the other party avoided his gaze for a moment, but then returned to her previous line of sight and smiled toward him before turning around and running away.

Qi Cong frowned, withdrew his eyes, and asked the young actor, “She always looks at me?”

The little actor nodded. “I noticed it several times.”

Qi Cong thought for a moment, but didn’t remember if he had any previous overlap with this assistant. Temporarily putting the matter aside, he thanked the young actor for the reminder and then reminded him, “As I said, you don’t need to call me Mr. We are all actors and newcomers, so we can just call each other by name.”

“Then…” the little actor glanced at Qi Cong and then suddenly shouted, “Brother Cong,” before turning around and running away.

Qi Cong froze, looking at the little actor running away and couldn’t help smiling. This little actor’s shy introverted energy was too much like Shen Jia when he was a child.

“Wow, you have your first fan.”

Suddenly an arm was put on his shoulder. Qi Cong looked over and met Shen Jia’s squinting expression. He raised his hand to cover his face and pushed him back. Smiling, he said, “What fan, don’t talk nonsense.”

In the subsequent filming, Qi Cong paid a little attention to the movements of Lian Pengxing’s assistant, but strangely found that the other party left the set after packing up a while ago and never came back again.

He was puzzled and while everyone was sitting together to rest and discuss the script, he casually asked Lian Pengxing, “Why haven’t I seen your assistant? In such hot weather, no one has handed you a glass of water.”

Lian Pengxing used the script as a fan and replied, “Something happened at home, so she needed to go back to her hometown. She probably won’t come back until the filming of “Legend of Youth” is finished.”

Qi Cong didn’t expect to get such an answer, and froze. Afterwards, he nodded his head to show his understanding and didn’t continue the topic.

On the way back to the set, Qi Cong mentioned to Zhao Zhenxun what the young actor said to him and about the sudden departure of Lian Pengxing’s assistant.

Zhao Zhenxun thought about it and finally said, “Since she left, let’s not think about it anymore. That assistant was probably watching Lian Pengxing and you in the scene and was misunderstood by that little actor.”

Qi Cong remembered that afternoon and the assistant’s gaze. His heart felt a little uneasy as he recalled the other party’s words and actions and found that he couldn’t find any other impression of the other person. Finally he shook his head and followed Zhao Zhenxun’s advice, temporarily letting this matter go.

In the next two days, Qi Cong shot a few scenes with Lian Pengxing and he really didn’t see that assistant again during this period.

After Qi Cong finished filming his last scene at Prince Rui’s mansion, Zhao Zhenxun sent Qi Cong his itinerary for the next ten days.

There were a lot of unexpected contents on the schedule, amounting to more than ten jobs which was more than Qi Cong expected. From top to bottom, he was scheduled to conclude his filming with the “Legend of Youth” Qionglin Banquet scene in the imperial Garden on the 5th, and go back to Beishi on the 6th to advertise the release of ‘A New Life’. Then he had to record the second song “Delusion” for the OST of “Legend of Youth” on the 7th, 8th and 9th. He could take a break on the 10th, then he would attend two auditions on the 11th and 14th, take part in a photo shoot on the 12th, and participate in a music program in Beishi on the 13th. On the 13th he would also sing ‘A New Life’ for the first time on a music program live.

From the 5th to the 14th, there was only one day without any work.


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