Spare Tire is Gone – Chapter 55

When public opinion finished fermenting in the middle of the night, the topic # Boycotting Qi Cong’s entry into the entertainment circle # was put on the hot search list. Fans spoke under the topic and asked the crew of “Legend of Youth” and Manju Entertainment to come out and give an explanation, making them responsible for the lives and safety of other artists.

Many gossip accounts followed suit, bringing up the surveillance of Qi Cong, who was bullied by Jiang Zhaoyan and wandering in front of Jiang Zhaoyan’s home, spread all over the internet. There were also people who reposted the account of Qi Cong’s situation posted by his mother Qi Yin. After a series of analyses, they said with conviction that Qi Cong must be schizophrenic, or may not only have schizophrenia but also have serious depressive and self-harm tendencies.

There were a lot of people creating a panic, saying that if Qi Cong suddenly becomes ill again and loses his memory, he might become freakishly dependent on the artist he first sees after losing his memory, and stalks him or her like he did with Jiang Zhaoyan. Then what should the artist that is stalked by him do?

The more the wind blew, the more Qi Cong became synonymous with the word evil. It seemed that no matter who was in relationship with him, he would be hunted and become the second Jiang Zhaoyan. During this period of time, some doctors who could read the test results came forward to say that Qi Cong shouldn’t be schizophrenic, but the frightened fans of various idols weren’t interested in listening to them anymore.

The later into the night, the stronger the panic on Weibo became. Then some people gradually began to speak too much, some scolding Manju Entertainment for signing sick artists to make dirty money and some scolding Legend of Youth for playing with people’s lives. Some anxious fans even asked their idols to quit the show while other fans got together and said that they wanted to find a place to report and ban Qi Cong. Several even started digging up Qi Yin’s contact information, wanting Qi Yin to take Qi Cong home, have him treated properly and not let him out again.



It was total chaos.

Just when the topic # Boycotting Qi Cong’s entry into the entertainment circle # was put on the top of the hot search list, the crew of “Legend of Youth,” which was called out by everyone for a long time, suddenly issued a statement.

In the statement, the crew said that there was no “competition” in the selection of the actor for the role of You Changqing. The crew only accepted the recommendation of one of the investors, Manju Entertainment Company, to finalize the role of You Changqing while the actor for the role was still not determined. It was due to that recommendation that Qi Cong got to act as You Changqing. The crew of “Legend of Youth” also stressed that there was no malicious addition of scenes to the role of You Changqing. The crew statement in the previous Weibo of “letting him play ten scenes before he died” was serious. As for the controversial issue of the costume specifications, the reason why the crew prepared three sets of costumes for Qi Cong was due to the needs of his character.

There was no mention of Qi Cong’s state of mind in this statement, which everyone was worried about.

That was it? That was it? That was it?

The hearts of the fans were lifted up and then brutally let down. Everyone was worried to the extreme, and anger began to surge.

–Who cares how Qi Cong got into the cast? People no longer care, just tell me if he is sick? Tell me if the crew had even basic health requirements when choosing actors!

–Huh, Manju Entertainment Company is also an investor. It’s no wonder the crew is ready to risk other actors’ lives for these two Manju Entertainment brothers and carry their sedan chairs. Having capital is really disgusting.




The excited fans overwhelmed the comment section with all sorts of questions and curses. After venting their frustration, they suddenly all wrote the same sentence – tell Qi Cong to get out of the cast, or else we will boycott Manju Entertainment Company’s adaptation of “Legend of Youth”!

In this emotional situation, the topic of #Qi Cong physical examination report # was parachuted into the first place, and at the same time, the crew of “Legend of Youth” released another post, a joint announcement with Manju Entertainment Company.

The announcement was very brief and could be summarized in three points: : First, the company to which Qi Cong belongs, Manju Entertainment, had provided the crew with Qi Cong’s recent medical report before he entered the crew in accordance with the formal process. After the crew verified that there was no problem, the two parties formally signed a performance contract. Second, before Qi Cong officially entered the crew, on the basis of the medical report already submitted, he went for a psychological evaluation and his evaluation proved that Qi Cong didn’t have any health obstacles in playing the role of You Changqing. Third, please stop snooping, maliciously misinterpreting and exposing the internal affairs of the crew. The crew will start an internal self-inspection today to find out the negligent staff who maliciously spread rumors about the crew and pursue those responsible in accordance with the confidentiality clause in their contract.

The announcement was very harshly worded, especially the third point. This made everyone who read it see that Manju Entertainment and the crew of the “Legend of Youth” was very angry.

After that, the crew of “Legend of Youth” took the topic #Qi Cong’s medical examination report # and forwarded a post that Manju Entertainment’s official account just posted without saying anything more. The post was more than 20 pages of a physical examination report and psychological evaluation report, as well as a video on Weibo, with the caption: Please comment carefully and explain the test results for those who didn’t study medicine. Also, please respect the sacrifice and courage of a former patient who exposed all of his privacy to just give everyone peace of mind.

There were more than twenty pages of diagrams, some of them long. Information from the basic physical examination report included things like weight, height, blood type and other data, to complex screening and psychological assessment results. All the questions everyone asked were answered by these documents.

Probably because they were afraid that some people would question the examination report as a forgery, the report also came with two segments of video surveillance, apparently intercepted from the hospital Qi Cong went to for this examination.

In the first part of the video, Qi Cong, who looked very thin, was  walking around the various examination areas of the hospital with a checklist. At that time, his hair hadn’t been cut and he looked very lethargic. He also seemed unfamiliar with the examination process, always stopping to observe what others are doing, and then doing it himself.

In the second part of the surveillance, his hair was already cut, making him look much more spirited, as Qi Cong pushed the door into a certain doctor’s office, which he had to come to do other examinations.

The questioning finally came to an end, and everyone clicked on these examination reports one after another.

Then most people found…they couldn’t understand it. The physical examination report was still very general but the terminology in psychological assessment was just too much.

Some people scolded Manju Entertainment for their arrogant attitude while others misinterpreted the reports themselves. Some people asked in the comment section if there was any doctor who could explain it and after a while a doctor finally appeared.

Water Spring: Oh my God, the private seal of Professor Wang Kun of the Beishi Hospital? Qi Cong went to Professor Wang Kun to do the evaluation? Hiss, I remember that after his retirement, Professor Wang Kun was hired by a private hospital that was extremely expensive. He only sees one person a week so it’s very difficult to make an appointment.

People in the comment area immediately got excited and asked what these reports meant.

Water Spring: Wait, wait… these reports contain too many things I need time to read through it. I will come back later to explain it.

People continue to be cranky as some half-witted people come out to forcefully interpret the report, saying that Qi Cong was obviously not good and unhealthy. Some people even said that Qi Cong had depression and anxiety disorders. The atmosphere in the comment section gradually started to go wrong again, and just then, the official Wiebo of the “Legend of Youth” drama retweeted a post.

Looking Back on the Flowers V: Can’t read the examination report? It’s okay, I’ll ask an expert to explain it to you.

Everyone was confused, and then the comment section exploded.

Looking Back on the Flowers? Gu Xun?

In next second #GuXunLive # parachuted into the second hot search slot, strongly attracting the attention of all Weibo active users.




In his hotel room, Qi Cong was a little sleepy from those few words from Gu Xun’s call and accidentally opened Weibo while checking the time on his phone and then saw #GuXunLive #

He froze, then hurriedly got up and clicked into the live broadcast room where the number of viewers had already broken past ten million.

The background of the familiar hotel’s small living room appeared. Gu Xun, dressed in a black T and trousers, sat on the single sofa on the right side of the screen, with a hand propped up to his forehead. His head was slightly lowered so you couldn’t see his expression. In front of him was an open laptop computer facing the camera. On the laptop screen there was a conference room with a table, around which sat what appeared to be doctor-like people. In front of them in the conference room was projected the psychological assessment report with detailed analysis and explanation.

The comment section was so quiet as if all comments were banned. There was not even a single comment.

Qi Cong came right on time as the doctors had just finished the explanation and analysis. Gu Xun, who had been motionless all this time finally put down the hand on his forehead and looking straight into the live camera asked, “Is there anyone else who doesn’t understand? If you don’t understand, I can ask these professors to explain it to you again.”

Qi Cong met Gu Xun’s eyes across the screen and froze.

The comment section was quiet for a few seconds and then one after another, people started to send messages that they understood. Some die-hard fans used soft words to say that Gu Xun shouldn’t be angry and advised Gu Xun to go to rest as soon as possible.

Gu Xun withdrew his eyes and nodded. He thanked the professors, turned off the laptop and only then did he look at the live camera again. “Now that you all understand, let’s move on to the next topic…Qi Cong and I.”

He paused, looked at the camera and said, “I am the one who looks up to him. I hope you won’t misunderstand. I was the one who looked into Shen Jia’s schedule to get back in touch with Qi Cong after learning that he had become Shen Jia’s assistant. I was the one who, after learning that he was coming with Shen Jia to Heicheng’s Film and Television City to shoot a drama, deliberately waited for his flight to land at the airport and took a car back with him to the Dingli Hotel. It was also me who, without his knowledge, took the initiative to go to the “Legend of Youth” crew to visit him. I also, without his knowledge, took him from his agent and drove away in the car with him. He didn’t take advantage of me, didn’t ask me to help him get a role or asked me to put pressure on the crew to give his role more scenes.”

“Here, on behalf of the crew of the “Legend of Youth” I would like to clarify that the crew has indeed added more scenes to the role of You Changqing. The specific number of scenes was added from the previous three to the current twelve, with a total appearance time of no more than ten minutes.”

The comment section once again became quiet. 


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