Spare Tire is Gone – Chapter 12 – Great relationship, friends (R)

Who is “still so young”?

Before Qi Cong could understand Gu Xun’s words, Gu Xun straightened up again.

He took a step back and stood in a position that wouldn’t make Qi Cong feel oppressed. He put his hands into his pockets and looked at Qi Cong, who was almost stuck in the sofa. The corners of his mouth arched and his eyebrows were raised slightly. Some deep and warm emotions were brewing in his eyes, but there was still a layer of danger in them.

A little ruffian.

Qi Cong was confused by Gu Xun’s words and actions, and his eyebrows were almost twisted into a knot. He left the sofa and tried to turn the subject back. “What you just said -“

“Three years ago, after you lost your memory, I went to see you once. You didn’t want to see me. Jiang Zhaoyan came to see me in your place.”

Qi Cong immediately raised his head and stared closely at Gu Xun. “You’ve met Jiang Zhaoyan?”

Gu Xun smiled. “Yes. He told me that he likes you and you like him and that you would be together soon. He told me to stay away from your life and to not disturb you again. He also told me that my existence only stimulated your injury at that time, so I left. “

Qi Cong couldn’t believe it. He clenched his fists and asked, “So he was the one who drove you away?”


Qi Cong gritted his teeth

He considered many different reasons for Gu Xun to leave during those years. Perhaps he had no choice but to leave because he found him too helpless. Or maybe he was forced to leave because matters in his own life. Or even worse, maybe after Qi Cong lost his memory he hurt Gu Xun, and Gu Xun was sad and left. He didn’t expect that Gu Xun was actually driven away by Jiang Zhaoyan and that Zhaoyan used his amnesia as a reason.

Jiang Zhaoyan, it was Jiang Zhaoyan again!

Gu Xun suddenly leaned towards Qi Cong again and reached out to touch his face.

Qi Cong regained his senses and faced Gu Xun at a very close distance.

“Your eyelids are swollen.” Gu Xun rubbed his thumb against the corner of Qi Cong’s eyes. He lifted his eyelashes slightly, and then looked at Qi Cong, “Welcome back, Cong”

Qi Cong’s heart missed a beat, and he fell into a slight trance.

This tone, this look….


The Gu Xun from his memories was a fake.

He tilted his head to avoid Gu Xun’s hand, got up from the sofa, and walked two steps away from Gu Xun’s encirclement. He then turned to Gu Xun, who was slowly straightening up and said, “Since you said that today’s talk is over, I will go first -“

Gu Xun reached towards Qi Cong. “Cell phone.”

“- what?”

“Exchange contact information. Today’s communication time was too short. I think you should have a lot more to ask me about these past three years. “

Qi Cong looked at Gu Xun’s hand, which was almost out of his line of sight. After standing still for two seconds, he put his mobile phone in Gu Xun’s palm.

Gu Xun took his cell phone, rubbed it and smiled again. “It still has your body temperature.”

“…” Qi Cong was not used to this version of Gu Xun, so he tried to cover his uneasiness with a frown. “Don’t say strange things.”

Gu Xun lowered his head as he entered Qi Cong’s mobile phone address book, and he entered his phone number. He sighed in a low voice. “Then I’m afraid I’ll have to do something strange.”

Qi Cong doubted what he heard, his mind in a mess and he frowned even more tightly. “What did you say?”

“I said, you seemed to have just changed your number to a new one from Beishi City.” Gu Xun dialed out his number, pulled out the ringing mobile phone from his own pocket after the call went through and hung up the phone. Then he looked at Qi Cong. “Are you staying in Beishi?”

The current Gu Xun didn’t look dangerous. His tone was loose and natural, his eyes peaceful and upright, as if he was chatting with an old friend. Although it was still different from the past, at least it was no longer aggressive or oppressive. He was like a normal person who could communicate well.

Qi Cong couldn’t understand such a changeable Gu Xun, so he replied briefly, “Hmm.”

Gu Xun nodded. While holding Qi Cong’s mobile phone, he turned to gesture at the door. “Let’s go, I’ll walk you down, The fifteen minutes is almost up.” As he spoke, he started walking toward the door.

Qi Cong was stunned and hurriedly followed. “My cell phone…”

“I’ll give it to you later. I’ll scan the code and add a WeChat first.”

After leaving the room, Gu Xun gave Qi Cong his phone back. Qi Cong took it back and immediately clicked on WeChat to look at it.

A dialog box was automatically opened by the system after successfully adding a friend on the WeChat interface. On the left side of the chat box, a cat avatar appeared quietly. It was the same avatar Gu Xun used three years ago.

Qi Cong couldn’t tell what he was feeling as he touched his finger to the milk cat avatar with a black on white background.

Ding Dong, a new message came in from Gu Xun.

Gu Xun: The elevator is here.

Qi Cong looked as if he had been caught doing something wrong. His hands were stiff as he looked up in the direction of the elevator and found that he didn’t know when Gu Xun had gotten there. He was pressing the button to call the elevator with one hand, and holding his mobile phone in his other hand, looking sideways at him.

Probably seeing Qi Cong not paying attention, Gu Xun shook the hand with his mobile phone. “Come here, don’t play with your mobile phone while walking.”

Qi Cong put his cell phone in his pocket and walked over quickly.

The two entered the elevator, and this time Gu Xun stood in the corner of the elevator and half leaned against the elevator wall. Qi Cong, stood in the middle of the elevator. He relaxed and looked at Gu Xun through the reflection of the elevator door.

Gu Xun looked up at Qi Cong through the elevator door as well. “I’m sorry for lying to you back then.”

The metal door’s surface made the other man’s face a blur, so Qi Cong couldn’t read Gu Xun’s expression or eyes while he said this. He retracted his gaze and didn’t speak until the elevator reached the underground parking lot and stopped, “It’s over.”

When the door opened, Qi Cong stepped out first. With just a glance, he saw Zhao Zhenxun standing in front of a nanny car to the right of him and he turned to look at Gu Xun before saying. “That’s it.”

Gu Xun also saw Zhao Zhenxun. He put his hands in pockets and nodded.

Qi Cong turned around to leave but after two steps, he stopped again. Looking back at Gu Xun, who had stopped in place without moving, he uttered the words that had rolled around in his heart for a long time: “Gu Xun, I don’t remember the past three years. If I’ve hurt you in the past three years, I’m sorry.” Then he turned around and walked quickly to Zhao Zhenxun. After greeting Zhao Zhenxun, he opened the door of the nanny car and went in.

Zhao Zhenxun glanced at Gu Xun, before he too got into the car.

The door closed and the nanny car started. Qi Cong looked at Gu Xun, who was still standing in the same place, through the window, and his mind flashed the image of the simple and naive figure from that year. He tried to overlap the two figures, but he failed until Gu Xun’s figure disappeared completely from his field of vision.

What had originally been expected to be the most beautiful dream shattered in the most absurd and unexpected way.

Except for the tall, skinny boy who was driving, there were a total of five people in the car and all ten eyes were staring at him.

Qi Cong: “…”

He quickly calmed down and looked at Shen Jia first. “I just went to talk with Gu Xun about the past. It’s fine, don’t worry.”

Next, he looked at Zhao Zhenxun. “I met Gu Xun three years ago when he was living in Haicheng, by accident.”

Shen Jia was obviously relieved. “It’s good that he didn’t bully you.”

Zhao Zhenxun then said, “Yuan Yuan told me that after we left for the venue, Gu Xun came to visit us in the hotel room we booked.”

Yuan Yuan, who was mentioned, nodded her head in a hurry and added, “I thought at that time that Gu Xun was looking for Jia Jia, and wondered when he could have met Gu Xun. As a result…” She looked towards Qi Cong with gossip filled eyes that were without malice.

Qi Cong froze.

Zhao Zhenxun continued, ”I just went to inquire about it and determined one thing. It was because of Gu Xun that Jia Jia was invited to the exchange meeting. He asked a director he knew for an invitation for Jia Jia. Qi Cong, is Gu Xun just a casual acquaintance?”

Qi Cong thought back to the conversation with Gu Xun just now, and the scene where Gu Xun helped him in the conference hall today. His confused thoughts gradually settled. Almost like he was trying to compromise or persuade himself, he replied, “He wasn’t just an acquaintance. Three years ago, I was friends with him, very good friends. But that was three years ago. It’s all over. “



Shen Jia and the producers of “Qinggu Zhuan ” talked for a long time after meeting, and it was not until nine o’clock in the evening that the two sides finally reached a new agreement on the contract and the shooting dates, and went home separately.

On the way back to the Shangjun district, Shen Jia mentioned what happened at the exchange meeting to Zhao Zhenxun.

Qi Cong was helping Shen Jia sort out the contract and the new script. When he heard the conversation, he looked at Shen Jia and Zhao Zhenxun.

Zhao Zhenxun frowned after hearing Shen Jia’s words. “Wu Heng and Dong Ying have signed a contract to shoot the second movie of “Chivalrous”. Dong Ying will certainly find a way to protect Wu Heng and “Chivalrous”. If any reporter asks you a question about this later, you say you don’t know anything about it, don’t stand out. “

Shen Jia understood. “Brother Zhao means that this matter will be suppressed? But this is Gu…” As Shen Jia almost spoke that man’s name, he stopped and looked sideways at Qi Cong.

Qi Cong put away the arranged contract and script, and finished Shen Jia unfinished words, “…but it was said by Gu Xun today. With his influence, can this matter really be suppressed?”

“Yes.” Zhao Zhenxun was obviously unwilling to get involved in this issue. “Someone will go to Gu Xun to talk about it. All right, cheer up. Let’s get back to work and check tomorrow’s itinerary. “

The tired and paralyzed people gave a cry of grief and cheered up with pain.

Qi Cong was silent. He touched the mobile phone in his pocket, then quickly moved his hand away.



After washing and lying in bed that evening, Qi Cong took out his mobile phone and opened a browser to search

A lot of search results popped up. The top two were websites, and the bottom was full of news.

Qi Cong scanned the news and found that the media acted very quickly. They had already reported what had happened at the press conference. Probably in order to attract traffic, the news headlines all bore the name of Gu Xun.

Gu Xun…. He couldn’t help but input the word “Gu Xun” into the search engine again and click search.

The encyclopedia page reappeared. He clicked on the link and looked at the information again.

He had a superior family background, outstanding academic qualifications, outstanding appearance, excellent ability…. He exited the page and thought of himself now.

His family was bankrupt, his studies were abandoned, his appearance haggard and he hadn’t accomplished anything. God seemed to have played a joke on them and turned their situation completely upside down.


He raised his arm to block his eyes and dug his fingernails into his palms.

It was already good to be scammed

This way, he can work hard in this terrible life without any concern.


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