Spare Tire is Gone – Chapter 74.1

The store that Jiang Tian had opened to sell defective Yanhuang products without Jiang Zhaoyan’s knowledge was directly shut down and liquidated, while Jiang Zhaoxiang became the main target of media harassment because of his repeatedly exposed bad comments.

There was also news that Jiang Zhaoyan’s nasty parents, who have been trying to trouble Qi Cong parents, moved out of their original residence overnight after the outbreak of public opinion, and their whereabouts were currently unknown.

In addition to public opinion, the netizens’ boycott against Yanhuang never stopped.  From the release of the incident to the present, the star rating of Yanhuang’s online official store declined all the way to the bottom. Sales have been declining continuously, and even the offline stores business was said to be very poor. They were also frequently inspected by the authorities and some of them were even shut down.

At the same time, with the investigations into Yanhuang, news of the departure of a large number of employees continued to be reported. It was said that from the original 10 departments within the company, 9 were already empty. Since no one was there to deal with all kinds of issues, it was becoming a total mess.




In the garden of Prince Rui’s mansion, Shen Jia and Qi Cong were about to have their first real scene together. Shen Jia was nervous, as he read through the script he was clenching, his lips opening and closing, he silently memorized his lines.

Seeing this, Qi Cong walked to Shen Jia’s side and called out, “Jia Jia.”

Sitting on a small bench, Shen Jia dumbly tilted his head.

“I am a little nervous about filming face-to-face with you for the first time.” Qi Cong stretched out his hand and pinched Shen Jia’s hair. “You are more experienced than I am. You will take care of me later, right?”

Shen Jia’s spine straightened, his eyes round. “Ah?”

Qi Cong continued, “I am also shooting with Lian Pengxing for the first time. I have never worked with him, so I don’t know the rhythm of his acting. If you don’t take care of me, I’m afraid that I can’t even say my lines smoothly. Jia Jia, can you help me?”

“I…can!” Shen Jia suddenly slapped the script to the side with a domineering look and stood up. He seriously reassured Qi Cong, “Brother Cong just relax, this scene is very simple. It’s me and You Changfeng looking for clues about the thieves in the garden. We will happen to meet you….”

Shen Jia pulled Qi Cong to the side to talk about the scene, losing the previous tension and becoming calm and reliable.  Jiang Meng witnessed the whole thing and was dumbfounded. She reached out to pull Yuan Yuan to her side. “Yuan Yuan, I kinda know now why Jia Jia is so dependent on Brother Cong. What are you doing? “

Yuan Yuan quickly adjusted her expression but the mobile phone in her hand was still held steadily. The camera was aimed at Shen Jia and Qi Cong, but she turned her face toward Jiang Meng as she replied, “I’m saving future promotional material, ah.”

“…” I would be a ghost if I believed you.

Jiang Meng silently took out her phone and walked to Yuan Yuan’s side. “I’ll accompany you.”

A few minutes later, when the shooting venue was finished, Director Wang called for Shen Jia, Lian Pengxing, and Qi Cong to tell them their positions for the next scene. Then he let them go to the field to prepare for the start of shooting.

Shen Jia thoughtfully pushed the wheelchair toward Qi Cong, gesturing for Qi Cong to sit up while he seriously reassured him. “Brother Cong, you don’t need to do much. Just pay attention to your lines and facial expressions. Don’t be nervous. I’ll help you with your lines.”

Qi Cong listened attentively and nodded. After sitting down in the wheelchair he turned to Shen Jia and said, “Then I’ll count on you in a moment.”

“Well! Don’t worry, we can definitely pass the scene all at once!” Shen Jia said and looked over to where Lian Pengxing was fixing his makeup. With a somewhat solemn expression, Shen Jia said, “Lian Pengxing come on.”

Lian Pengxing had been secretly observing the relationship between Qi Cong and Shen Jia. 


He glanced at Qi Cong, who was quietly sitting in a wheelchair, and remembered the excellent performance of his during filming in the past few days. Lian Pengxing nodded and just replied, “Let’s do our best together.”

“Brother Lian, it’s okay.” Xiao Liu, the assistant, finished combing Lian Pengxing’s hair and also looked in Shen Jia and Qi Cong’s direction. He sighed and remarked, “They really have a good relationship. Mr. Qi Cong will definitely develop well in the future. His acting skills are so good that he doesn’t seem like a newcomer at all. Director Wang and Deputy Director Guo praise him every day. Director Wang even said that he will introduce him to some audition opportunities. “

Lian Pengxing stabilized his mood and looked at Xiao Liu as he spoke in a faint tone. “Then do you want me to send you to Qi Cong as an assistant? He is still young and has a promising future.”

Xiao Liu stiffened. Then she bowed her head and didn’t dare to say anything more. She wanted to leave but was stopped by Lian Pengxing. “Do you think this scene will be passed in one go?”

The tone of his question wasn’t clear so Xiao Liu’s expression was full of nervousness. Looking at Lian Pengxing’s face, she couldn’t see any joy or anger, so she tentatively returned, “With Brother Lian in the scene, it will certainly pass on the first go.”

Lian Pengxing looked at Xiao Liu for a few seconds, waved at her to leave and then walked toward Shen Jia.

Xiao Liu breathed a sigh of relief and looked in the direction of Qi Cong. Rubbing her fingers on her comb. She turned to go but wasn’t prepared to meet a person standing just one step behind her, so she almost crashed into another person. She hastily stopped, apologized and said, “Sorry, I wasn’t paying attention, did I hit you?”

The young actor who played the role of Qi Cong’s servant boy looked at Xiao Liu and then looked in the direction of Lian Pengxing. Shaking his head, he sidestepped Xiao Liu and walked over to Qi Cong.

After another two minutes, the shooting officially started.

Yun Liuguang and You Changfeng followed the traces left by the man in black last night in the garden, trying to see if they could find a little clue of the thief. The two of them followed the traces all the way to the lake in the big garden where they happened to meet You Changqing, who was being pushed by his servant boy to enjoy the scenery by the lake.

“Big brother? What are you doing here?” You Changfeng froze after seeing You Changqing and then quickly stepped forward and asked with concern, “Last night, thieves sneaked into the royal residence. Brother, since it’s inconvenient for you to move, have you been disturbed?”

The wheelchair turned to the side so it was now facing the lake. The black mask and white skin seemed to have their own filter under the sunlight. He had a reserved and upright sitting posture as well as a very natural and detached attitude. He turned his wheelchair to face him and Yun Liuguang, who was one step behind him, raised his hand and saluted, saying, “Thank you for your concern. My courtyard was quiet; I seldom got such a peaceful sleep like last night.”

At this point Lian Pengxing should speak, but he stayed quiet.

“Cut!” Director Wang poked his head out from behind the camera and asked Lian Pengxing, “Pengxing what are you doing?”


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