Spare Tire is Gone – Chapter 8.1 – “I am Gu Xun.” (R)


During the process of the physical examination, Qi Cong was thinking about this problem.

Qi Yin attached great importance to the cultivation of children’s interests and hobbies. There were many things Qi Cong has learned, including calligraphy, piano, drums, roller skating, taekwondo, sports dance, painting, origami, paper cutting, pottery, basketball, football, table tennis…. However, he only dabbled in most of these hobbies, and when he realised that he didn’t enjoy something, he quit it. 

Qi Yin was very open-minded in this aspect, so she never forced Qi Cong to learn anything. She only required him to ‘make a choice after trying.’ When making a choice, he should think carefully, and not go back on his own decision. That being said, if he did choose something, he should stick with it.

Qi Cong followed his mother’s requirement, and among other things, he chose calligraphy, piano and taekwondo.

At that time, Qi Yin asked him very seriously why he chose these things, and he answered very seriously: Calligraphy was because he liked it, piano because he wanted to play it for his mother after learning it and taekwondo to exercise and protect his mother in the future.

Yet it seems that in these past three years, his three hobbies, which he has practiced for many years, have been abandoned.

Qi Cong gathered his thoughts and stretched his shoulder muscles. He found that his muscles were very stiff and he had obviously been neglecting exercise for a very long time. He moved his fingers this time, and when he opened them, he felt a sense of resistance.

With such a hand it may be impossible to press the keys coherently and accurately.

He conveniently picked up a test result sheet from the ground that had been thrown out. He folded the paper skillfully into a thousand-paper crane, and continued to think.

He needed to pick up the piano again as soon as possible.

Still, if he only relied on his amateur piano skills, it would be impossible to impress Zhao Zhenxun. Nowadays there were too many children who were good at playing piano and he only practiced in his spare time. After going to university he became addicted to his major and hadn’t touched a piano for a long time. So, to those hard-working trainees, he would be no competition. 

Thinking of his major in University, Qi Cong’s origami quickly reverted back to a normal sheet of paper.

He started to fold the thousand-paper crane again. 

The main competition was mainly about singing and dancing. In regards to dance, he only learned some sports dancing in junior high school, but he didn’t learn much and he has already forgotten it. As for singing, except for a chorus that he participated in for a music class, he almost never sang in public. He also didn’t know what his singing level was, and whether he could sing or not.

The bottom line was: even if he was lucky enough to be sent to the draft, he’ll probably be eliminated in the first round.

When the crane was fully formed, Qi Cong stopped, looked down at it and slowly unfolded it. Then he began to fold a rose.

He needed to be prepared in advance to not be selected to participate in the program or his possible failure even if he made it in the draft.

Once again, he thought of his major in University – Drama, Film, and Television Literature. In popular terms, it was the major to become a screenwriter. 

Screenwriting is a career related to entertainment circles, which can be easily ignored. It was hard to get ahead, and required contacts and qualifications.

When he was choosing a major back then, Qi Cong was a rich second generation. He was a winner in life, who had his parents’ support and encouragement, and didn’t need to consider practical problems. He could choose a career based on his hobbies. When he was younger, Qi Cong was fond of watching movies and reading books, and felt that the process of creating a story was very wonderful. So among many literature related majors, he chose the Major of Screenwriting. It wasn’t pure research but it could make money in society, you had to be rich in creativity and there were infinite possibilities. It was seemingly both close to his dreams and realistic.

Qi Cong also considered the possibility of the Qi Family’s decline. He thought that even if the Qi Family’s businesses went under, he would be able to rely on his major to still provide his parents with a good life. After entering the Major of Screenwriting, he quickly discovered his naivety. 

Screenwriting was not a career that guaranteed you would find a job right after you earned your degree, or that you would be able to freely create the stories you want to create if you did get a job. This was a career with many restrictions and traps. It could consume your enthusiasm and energy, and it was difficult to make a living or have a stable income right away.

If only he had known, he would have… 

“Qi Cong! Who is Qi Cong? Come and get your results. “

Qi Cong snapped back to reality, but he didn’t control his strength well. Half of the paper rose was torn by him. He answered the nurse’s call first and then looked down into the palm of his hand. 

Because it had been folded twice before, the surface of the paper rose was full of creases, plus there was a piece that was torn. It appeared very old and dirty, and didn’t look good at all.

It was kind of like Qi Cong’s life now. 

Qi Cong paused, gently touched the tip of the rose petals, put it into his backpack, and went to the doctor’s office.



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