Fierce “Husband” – Chapter 80.2

“I don’t agree!” Old Lady Wang pushed Wang Dali away and pointed at Wang Shijing’s nose, as she began scolding. “You ungrateful thing…”

“1000 taels. I will buy Wang Shijing, sever his kinship with this family, and move out of the Wang clan tree.” A clear, brittle voice interrupted Old Lady Wang cursing. With the appearance of this voice, the atmosphere of the scene instantly turned into another kind of excitement.

The crowd automatically made way, as Shao Yunan, who was dressed in couple clothing with Wang Shijing, slowly walked over with his hands in his sleeves. Seeing him, Old Lady Wang visibly shivered and tried to hide behind Zhu Wenhua, who took a step sideways and ignored her.

“Yunan.” Elder Cen and Kang Rui greeted him together, as Shao Yunan showed them an apologetic smile. “I let Elder and Senior Brother worry.”

In Elder Cen’s eyes was heartache. “Old men can’t help but worry.” Kang Rui spoke out. “Yunan, do you know what has happened?”

“I know. Brother Ding told me.” Shao Yunan walked up to Wang Shijing, with his hands still in his sleeves. He looked at Old Lady Wang and snorted coldly, then looked around and asked, “Why isn’t Wang Chunxiu here?”

Huh? !

The audience was surprised, why did Shao Yunan ask about Wang Chunxiu as soon as he came? Wang Shijing hugged Shao Yunan’s slender waist without avoiding everyone’s gaze and asked, “What are you looking for her for?”

Shao Yunan said, “She is the same as her mother, too shameless. If she is not present when you sign the deed… what if she doesn’t recognize it later? I don’t want to hear her call you ‘big brother’ again when she sees you or move into our house because you are her elder brother.”

Old Lady Wang was red, but she didn’t dare to shout at Shao Yunan. She was too afraid of being scolded by Shao Yunan. But Zhu Wencai, Zhu Wenhua, and the Guo family were meeting Shao Yunan for the first time, so Zhu Wenhua couldn’t help but say, “Chunxiu is a girl. It is not appropriate for her to be here.”

Shao Yunan replied, “She is a girl who likes to run to a man’s house in the middle of the night. So what is she afraid of in broad daylight in front of everyone? Can I still molest her?”

“Yunan!” Wang Shijing, Elder Cen, and Kang Rui were dazed by Shao Yunan’s words, while some people laughed. Shao Yunan ignored Zhu Wenhua, who was so angry that his face turned red and said directly, “Fourth Aunt, please help me call Wang Chunxiu over. If she doesn’t come, I will call her a bitch every time she appears in front of me in the future.”

“Wow…!” It had to be said that Shao Yunan’s shrewishness sometimes made the villagers extra excited, especially certain women. It was just too energetic!

“You! Don’t dare to tarnish Chunxiu’s reputation!” Old Lady Wang couldn’t help but say. Zhu Wencai and Zhu Wenhua couldn’t accept it either. “Chunxiu hasn’t married yet. What is the reason for you to slander her like this?”

Shao Yunan sneered, “Why? There are many reasons. You are Wang Chunxiu’s uncles, right? If you are, take her back to your home and teach her well. Here she will be ruined by her own mother sooner or later. Her reputation is already a bit notorious, didn’t you know?”

Aunt Zhao Liu immediately chipped in, helping. “That’s right. Wang Chunxiu’s reputation is now a matter of public knowledge. Who doesn’t know that she likes to seduce men?”

“Yes, yes, yes!”

Aunt Wang Shen also added, “She even tried to seduce Yunan, she’s so cheap.”

“You are speaking nonsense! He’s the one who ruined my daughter’s reputation!” Old Lady Wang couldn’t help but point at Shao Yunan again, who was just glaring at her. “Try pointing at me again? How dare you say your girl is not a slut? How dare you say she didn’t come to my house to seduce men? How dare you say you didn’t encourage your girl to seduce a man?”

Shao Yunan’s words poked Old Lady Wang’s painful spot again. Her lips trembled as all the blood from her face faded instantly. She was also not the only one. Zhu Wencai and Zhu Wenhua’s expressions also changed.

“Yunan.” Elder Cen spoke. Shao Yunan pulled away the fierceness on his face and said instead, “Senior Brother, let me read the deed.” Kang Rui gave him the deed with a helpless expression. But Shao Yunan didn’t reach out, as he kept his hands in his sleeves. 

Just looking over the contents of the deed, he finally said, “Add another clause. Wang Shijing will be moved from the Wang clan genealogy with another 500 teals and establish his own family tree.” 

Then he looked at Wang Wenhe, who looked very unhappy. “Patriarch, don’t worry. This is just to prevent some shameless people from taking advantage of Shijing. There is nothing I can do about it. I have no choice. If you don’t want to, as long as you move that family out of the clan, Shijing and I will not move. Anyway, I’ll put it here today. In the family tree, there is their family, but not ours. There can be our family, but not theirs. Our two families can never coexist!

“800 taels!” Old Lady Wang shouted. “800 taels and I’ll agree!” But Shao Yunan didn’t care about her, he just looked at Wang Wenhe, who let out another deep sigh. Old Lady Wang’s performance today made him also see that Shao Yunan could never coexist with her, so he nodded. “Silver is not necessary. I am the patriarch, so I can decide for the Wang clan. Everyone shut up. Whoever speaks out again, I will expel you from the clan! Move their ancestral tablets out of the ancestral hall!”

When Wang Dali heard this, for the first time he had the courage to raise his hand and slap Old Lady Wang. “Shut up! Don’t you think you’ve made enough trouble?” He could not let the ancestral tablets of his family be moved out of the ancestral hall, otherwise he would be a lonely ghost after he died!

“How dare you hit me?” Old Lady Wang became mad and hit Wang Dali back, who then pushed her to the ground and shouted. “I am the master of our family! If Wang Shijing wants to move, then move!” His voice and momentum seemed as if he had suddenly turned into a man standing upright, the real head of the family who should be in charge. Shao Yunan didn’t know if Wang Dali would be a true man only once in his life, but at this moment he really looked like a proper man.

Wang Dali’s momentum was so frightening, that even Old Lady Wang didn’t dare to make trouble anymore. She just beat the floor and cried, while Shao Yunan made the final decision. “800 taels is 800 taels. Brother, please write it down.”

“Yunan… ” Wang Wenhe wanted to speak, but was stopped by Shao Yunan’s raised hand. “Patriarch Wang, please listen to me.” Wang Shiping tugged at his father again, making Wang Wenhe stop talking.

Wang Shijing completely left the family and the clan by spending a total of 1300 taels of silver… so rich! The villagers were talking, but they could also understand why Shao Yunan was so generous. If they had such a family, they would even be willing to sell their own pots and pans to ‘redeem’ themselves!

Kang Rui added the conditions for Wang Shijing’s removal from the clan on the deed, and after showing Shao Yunan that there was no problem, he read it to the other people. Those who were willing to be witnesses had no objection. 

At this time, Fourth Aunt Wang also dragged the unwilling Wang Chunxiu over. Wang Chunxiu didn’t want to come out, but she also didn’t dare to disobey. Then Shao Yunan asked Kang Rui to read the deed to Wang Chunxiu again before asking, “You heard it clearly. Your mother spent 500 taels to sell Wang Shijing to me. He is no longer your family. You also should not address him as your family in the future.”

Wang Chunxiu didn’t dare to look at Shao Yunan or even make a sound. Shao Yunan pulled both of his hands from his sleeves and there were shrieks of surprise all around. Wang Chunxiu couldn’t help but also look up, freezing. Shao Yunan held a big gold piece in each hand! Old Lady Wang got up from the ground with a grunt, wanting to grab them.

Wang Shijing stopped Old Lady Wang, as Shao Yunan shook the big gold ingot in his hand, and asked, “Old Lady Wang, I have brought what you want. Then I ask you, what if you go back on your words later?”

Old Lady Wang, who only had money in her eyes, said without thinking, “If I back off, I will be struck by lightning!”

“That won’t do. What if it doesn’t strike? I don’t believe in such a vague thing. I’ll tell you what.” Shao Yunan put the gold ingot back into his sleeve. “Let’s write down in the deed that if one of Wang Dali and Wang Zhu’s family try to deny the deed, they will have to pay Shao Yunan back for the house and land.” 

“In addition, Wang Dali and Wang Zhu also need to compensate Shao Yunan 5000 taels of silver for moral damages. At the same time, their children and grandchildren, Wang Tianyan, Wang Chunxiu, Wang Zhisong, Wang Zaizheng, and any other grandchildren to be born in the future will be sold to Shao Yunan as slaves.”

Wang Chunxiu looked fearfully at Shao Yunan and then turned to her mother. While Old Lady Wang and Wang Dali’s lips and hands trembled. “No!” Old Lady Wang was certainly not stupid. Even Wang Chunxiu’s tears flowed out, not sure if it was because she was panicked or scared due to seeing Shao Yunan. 


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