Fierce “Husband” – Chapter 80.1

The villagers whose homes were nearby quickly brought paper and brushes from their homes, and were also kind enough to bring tables and chairs. Most of the villagers in Xiushui Village now had some spare money at home, so those who prepared to send their children to classes or private schools had already prepared some paper and brushes. Elder Cen nodded to Kang Rui, and Kang Rui sat down and wrote.

Elder Cen asked, “Wang Dali, Wang Zhu, I will ask you again, do you want to use 500 taels to let Wang Shijing move out from the family tree? From then on he would no longer be considered your relative?”

Wang Dali… “I do.”

Old Lady Wang rolled her eyes and Zhu Wenhua interfered, “If you don’t want to, let it go! Anyway, you don’t think of Shijing as your son. In this way, Shijing can save a lot of money.” Old Lady Wang quickly said, “I am willing, I am willing.”

“Good!” Elder Cen said in a loud voice. “Today, I’ll be a witness. Kang Rui, you write.”

“Teacher, please.”

“Today, Wang Dali, a villager in Xiushui Village, and his wife Wang Zhu break the relationship with their eldest son Wang Shijing for 500 teals of silver. To this…”

As Elder Cen dictated the words, Kang Rui wrote. While Wang Shijing’s fist clenched more and more tightly. Before he married Shao Yunan, family affection for him was not warm, but a cold boulder. After marrying Shao Yunan, the weight of this boulder became much lighter and at this moment, he seemed to be able to see that all the remaining weight of this boulder would be finally removed from his body.

“Wang Shijing will be removed from the family tree and the two sides will no longer have any kinship ties. Wang Shijing is no longer the son of Wang Dali and Wang Zhu. Wang Dali and Wang Zhu are no longer the parents of Wang Shijing and the rest of the children born to Wang Dali and Wang Zhu are no longer the sisters and brothers of Wang Shijing. Wang Dali and Wang Zhu’s relatives are also no longer Wang Shijing’s relatives, making the two parties strangers.”

“This deed was witnessed by Cen Yuebai and Kang Rui.” Elder Cen asked, “Is anyone else willing to be a witness?”


“I am willing!”

The villagers expressed their willingness one after another. Finally Zhao Lizheng, Wang Wenhe, Wang Shiping, Zhao Yuande, grandfather Wang, patriarch Sun, and Sun Dajiang were elected as representatives, signing and sealing the deed together. 

Wang Shiping, Zhao Yuande, and Sun Dajiang were the representatives of the younger generation in Xiushui Village who had the right to speak. It was done this way to avoid the descendants of Wang Dali’s family from cheating after the older generation passed away.

As soon as the deed was written, Old Lady Wang yelled, “Where is the money? I won’t sign the deed until I get the money!” Wang Shijing said, “First move me out of the genealogy and then I will give you the money.”

“Give the money first!”

Wang Shiping tugged his father’s clothes and Wang Wenhe spoke out. “Wang Zhu, you have the breaking relationship deed in front of you. The whole village is here. I think Shijing will not cheat this money. With Dean Cen and Dean Kang here, how can you still be afraid that you still won’t get your money?”

Wang Shijing immediately said to Ding Yilin, who was originally supposed to go back but was later delayed by the arrival of Elder Cen. “Go back to the young master and get the money from him, as well as money for the Guo family to treat their injuries.”


Ding Yilin ran toward the house and once Old Lady Wang heard that Wang Shijing had really told someone to go back and get the money, her face was filled with satisfaction and she got up from the ground. Elder Cen said to Wang Wenhe, “I will also ask patriarch Wang to open the ancestral hall and change the family tree.”

Wang Shijing… “I want to move out of the clan and set up my own clan.”

“This…” Wang Wenhe was anxious.

Wang Shijing said, “I don’t believe that my family will let me go if I don’t do it. Only when I am not in the family tree can I truly be free.” Everyone looked at the happy Old Lady Wang and thought, ‘Yes! Even if Shijing is not from her family anymore, he would still be part of the Wang clan. With Old Lady Wang’s shamelessness, she would definitely use it.’

But the Wang clan was reluctant and some people said, “If Shijing wants to leave the clan, it means he doesn’t care about us anymore.” The people from the Wang family still counted on Shijing to find them a job to earn money. As soon as this person spoke, other people also responded one after another, unwilling to let Shijing leave the Wang clan.

Old Lady Wang took this opportunity to say, “The deed says to move out of my family, not the clan!”

Wang Shiping stopped his father who wanted to speak again and said, “I believe that even if Shijing moves out of the clan, he will not forget the Wang clan. Shijing once said, “The kindness of a drop of water will be repaid by the spring.” 

The many good deeds Shijing has done are not because he is a member of the Wang clan, everyone should already be aware of it. Why bother to stick to whether Shijing is a member of the Wang clan? What’s more, in Shijing’s family, Yunan is in charge and he has nothing to do with the Wang clan family tree.”

When Wang Shiping said this, most of the Wang family members calmed down. Yes, they seemed to have forgotten for a moment that Wang Shijing’s family was ruled by Shao Yunan, who was not from the Wang clan. So what if Wang Shijing was still in the clan? If Shao Yunan didn’t agree, it was useless. Look at him helping the Zhao and Sun clan to earn money. Wasn’t it all because they had a good relationship with Shao Yunan?

Wang Shijing took the opportunity to say, “Yunan and I are people from Xiushui Village, so we are willing to help fellow Xiushui Village people. It has nothing to do with what clan I am related to. I, Wang Shijing, will never forget the kindness to my home.”

Wang Shiping tugged on his father again and Wang Wenhe let out a long sigh as he spoke. “Okay, since Shijing insists and he has already severed his ties with the family, we will do as Shijing asks and let him move out from the Wang family tree.”

“I agree!” Old Lady Wang jumped up again. Zhu Wencai almost slapped her again. “You’re a married wife, so what are you talking about? The patriarch of the Wang clan can agree!”

“I don’t agree!”

Old Lady Wang once again refreshed the villagers’ perception of her shamelessness. Wang Shijing asked in a cold voice, “You want to deny the 500 taels before you get it, don’t you?”

Old Lady Wang jumped three feet high. “The 500 taels is to sever your relationship with your father and me, not to buy you out of the clan!”

Wang Shiping… “Does Old Aunt want to be the patriarch of our Wang clan or does Old Uncle want to be the patriarch?” Wang Dali shivered and pushed Old Lady Wang away for the first time as he shouted, “Everything should be decided by the clan patriarch!”


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