Spare Tire is Gone – Chapter 50

You Changqing

It was actually You Changqing!

In hindsight, the original novel fans thought about this character who didn’t appear much in the original text. They remembered his involvement in the plot and the character’s ending as they looked at the photo of the gentle, red and black-robed gentleman who allowed “Yun Liuguang” to act so recklessly with his gentle temperament.

Such a good-looking appearance just to play a cannon fodder character? Or was he a cannon fodder role that wouldn’t have much screen time? The temperament of this actor was so different from that in the book. You Changqing was a gloomy and radical person, but this actor looked so gentle.

Under this comment, there were many passers-by and fans of actors who didn’t know much about the actual plot of “Legend of Youth” in the comment area, so they asked who You Changqing was and what kind of role he had. As the fans of the original work patiently popularized the novel’s plot, the passer by fans of actors also followed the wind.

So this dream boat will die after four or five appearances at the most?

That was too soon for him to die!

Crew, do you want to mess with our mindset? How could you make the cannon fodder look so good?

Everyone denounced the crew one after another, teasing the crew whether the costume budget was too large, while other people asked the crew if their guesses were right. They wanted to know if this character would really die after four or five appearances, and who was the actor portraying him.

The official Weibo account of the crew bubbled in response to everyone’s questions, waiting to teach everyone a lesson: In order to be worthy of costume funding, we will try our best to let him act for ten scenes before dying. As for who is playing the role of your long lost love, try to guess it and win a prize.

This answer was followed by a cute dog’s face.

This was a disguised acknowledgement that this character was You Changqing. What was with this “Guess” line? What was the difference between four or five scenes and ten scenes? He would die soon.

People became very “angry“ and spammed the official Weibo account trying to ask more questions. But the official Weibo account no longer responded to relevant questions and just popped up to mention other characters. Unable to stop salivating over the beauty and to kill their own curiosity, people tried to honestly guess who was acting as You Changqing.

According to all kinds of analysis, there were guesses ranging from new fresh meat actors, to the young low-profile actors, from the acting circles to the singing circles. Someone even deep-searched the male singers and actors who have a good relationship with Shen Jia, yet they never came to a definite conclusion.

No one thought of Qi Cong, none of them.

This situation made a group, who immediately recognized the actor playing You Changqing in the comment section, try to eat candies. They were so anxious that they rushed to announce the answer directly, but they didn’t dare for fear that they would make a mistake and cause trouble to that person. Also, because the overall public opinion on Weibo wasn’t friendly to the person they guessed.

Everyone was wise enough to sneak off to their own nests and have a good time.

In the account of “Good Time Will Come” someone quietly posted the group photo: Have you seen it? Is it the brother ……?

A super boss immediately bubbled and snapped out two photos with the caption: Delete them in two minutes and keep a low profile. The crew covered the brother’s name so we can’t assume their intentions. Don’t reveal it.

In the first photo, Shen Jia was holding Qi Cong’s shoulder as his head was bowed to sew buttons. But it was the second photo that roused everyone’s discussion. The big brother specially used red lines to draw the arcs of Qi Cong and the man in red and black robes, from the bridge of the nose to the jaw, and the two lines looked almost identical even to the naked eye.

Solid hammer!

The chat immediately became lively.

Jiaqi Keji: I knew it! Although Jia Jia is lively and easy to get along with, he always tries to keep his distance from people he doesn’t know well. Only that brother can make Jia Jia approach him so actively!

The CP I like is: Woo woo woo, that brother helped Jia Jia when he was at his lowest. Now Jia Jia is helping him as well! Great, great, they’re great! I hope that brother soars to the top, standing side by side with Jia Jia.

Against the background of a carnival candy, a new face suddenly appeared to spoil the scene.

Baby: Take a look at the hot topic # Gu Xun confessed his love to Qi Cong#.

The comment section became stagnant, and then the super voice boss directly gave “Baby” a set of deletion and shield packages, and snapped another intercepted motion picture, saying: Get out of the cult! Come on, everybody, keep eating candy. This is the picture just released by the media before the brother went for an interview.  Pay attention to the brother’s hand.

The people who were splashed with cold water got over it and looked at the picture according to the cue point. Then they noticed that in this motion picture, the brother raised his hand to hold the necklace on his neck before leaving the hotel! The necklace with the most special meaning!


The atmosphere became like New Year’s Eve.

The phone vibrated, then rang. The sudden call came in and squeezed out the Weibo super talk page on Gu Xun’s phone screen. He looked at the caller ID flashing “Zhao Zhenxun” and adjusting his unpleasant mood. He picked up the call asking, “Where do you want to meet?”

“Where is Qi Cong?”

“I just sent him back to his room.”

“Then I will go to your room. You’d better explain to me properly about the fireworks that just blew up that could be seen by the whole movie and television station.”

Five minutes later, Zhao Zhenxun knocked on the door of Gu Xun’s room with a tablet computer in his hand. After entering he handed the tablet directly to Gu Xun. “Are you happy now? The whole internet knows that you are interested in Qi Cong and question your eyes. It’s already hard enough for Qi Cong to debut, but now he also needs to face all the doubts and criticisms that everyone else has attached to him because of you. Do you think his days aren’t difficult enough? “

Gu Xun took the tablet, flipped through the PR plan on it, and after two seconds of silence, said, “I was too impulsive this time.”

Zhao Zhenxun looked at Gu Xun strangely.

“I will match your pace.” Gu Xun handed the tablet back to Zhao Zhenxun. “When would be the right time for me to post? Also, Yang Zeling will contact you. In the future, all the news about me and Qi Cong will be dealt with jointly by you and him. I will no longer make my own decisions. “

The sky was raining red, as the overbearing and self-centered Gu Xun unexpectedly learned to admit his own mistakes and be considerate of others.

Zhao Zhenxun looked Gu Xun up and down and suddenly put on an expression that looked as if he was facing an archenemy. “Are you and Qi Cong officially together?”

Gu Xun remembered the look in Qi Cong red eyes that were promising to catch up and put his hands into his pockets. Then he turned around and walked towards the room as he said, “We won’t be together until he has everything again.”

Have everything again.

Zhao Zhenxun understood. He looked at Gu Xun’s back with his head slightly lowered, and just for a second had some sympathy for Gu Xun.

The love of young people was strong and hot, while Gu Xun was especially overbearing. However, the current situation didn’t allow Gu Xun to express his feelings wantonly.

Gu Xun has indeed waited so long, and now he has to continue to endure and wait until the person he likes really gets out of trouble and grows up well.

Gu Xun sat down on the sofa, looked sideways at Zhao Zhenxun and asked, “I see that PR plan you just sent me. Are you going to start with Qi Cong’s condition?”

Zhao Zhenxun drew back his thoughts, looked at Gu Xun’s annoying face and immediately abandoned his sympathy. He sat opposite Gu Xun and he opened his tablet. “Yes. Qi Cong has too many negative labels, which would affect his future development. In fact it’s his mental patient label that must be removed as soon as possible. The commotion you made by taking him away this time is just right…”




Downstairs, Zhao Zhenxun and Gu Xun were paving the way for Qi Cong’s future, while upstairs Qi Cong was also trying to organize and plan his future.

He opened his computer and logged on to

Editor Cold Wind Like a Knife had told him that after the data of “Chivalrous Bones” was moved to the new site, he would be able to withdraw the novel earnings. He has been thinking about this matter. He wanted to withdraw money early to pay back part of the money owed to Shen Jia, but because there was a three-day audit period after the novel was moved to the new site, all his novel data was blocked. Later, when the audit period had passed, his and Jiang Zhaoyan’s affairs became public so he had no time to think about it, making the matter of withdrawal unknowingly drag until now.

He logged into successfully and Qi Cong clicked into the income extraction interface, while going over the plan in his mind.

He must first try to repay the money owed to Jia Jia and then make enough money to buy a house for his parents. If possible, he also wanted to re-establish Sanmu. His mother found a way to keep the Sanmu trademark even after the bankruptcy so it should also be her own idea. He had to go home and talk with his parents when he had time. As for screenwriting…if Gu Xun could one day play a role in a script he wrote….

The income interface jumped out. Qi Cong was busy collecting his thoughts that flew further and further away as he looked at the summary of the earnings amount.

Then he froze.

The beginning of seven?

Qi Cong frowned, leaning closer to the screen to carefully confirm it.

Total Historical Revenue:


Wasn’t it closer to 300,000? His last calculation was obviously closer to 300,000 so even if his income has risen a little more in the past few days, there shouldn’t have been so much.

Qi Cong’s first thought was that there was a bug in the calculations, because the income calculation method on the site was different for non-contract authors. The backstage of the signed authors showed the income that the authors can withdraw after deducting the platform’s share, while the unsigned authors backstage only showed the income without deducting the platform’s share.

Before the signing of the “Chivalrous Bones” contract, the income shown before all kinds of deductions was closer to 700,000. But now his own earnings were above seven hundred thousand, very close to the data before he signed his contract.

Qi Cong logged onto his Penguin account before knocking on Editor Cold Wind Like a Knife’s avatar and giving his feedback on the “bug”.

Editor Cold Wind Like a Knife answered in seconds.

Qi Cong was puzzled and typed back: What’s wrong?

Editor Cold Wind Like a Knife: You never checked your novel data over the past few days?

It was true that he didn’t look at it.

Qi Cong hurriedly typed: Sorry, I was very busy these days, so I didn’t go to see it. But I have prepared updates. All chapters were already put into the deposit box and will be updated regularly.

Editor Cold Wind Like a Knife: Go and have a look now. Your earnings data is normal, it’s not a bug. It’s rising so fast because “Chivalrous Bones” is on the gold list. Remember to go to the group and say thank you to everyone.

Editor Cold Wind Like a Knife: Also, the withdrawal channel of the website will be closed for five days at the end of each month. That’s when the finances are balanced. You just missed it. You have to wait for the money till next month.

On the gold list?

Qi Cong was surprised, and hurriedly moved the mouse to open the homepage of the website.

At the top of the gold list column in the website, a pure white cover with only two large ink characters hung high in first place. Which was the impressive cover of “Chivalrous Bones” made by him just a few days ago.

His novel was really on the gold list, in first place.

Qi Cong couldn’t believe it.

What happened? Obviously the last time he looked, the four spots on the Gold List were still occupied by the “Chivalrous Bones” series written by Wu Heng. Thinking of this, he quickly looked at the other positions on the gold list.

The second place on the gold list: “Book of Life and Death” by Nine Curves of the Corridor

The third place on the gold list: “The Secret Realm of the Hanging Coffin” by Hui Nantian

The fourth place on the golden list: “Three Worlds” by Emotionless Road




It wasn’t until he saw the tenth and last place on the gold list that Qi Cong saw the cover of Wu Heng’s version of “Chivalrous Bones”. This position could only be seen by clicking onto “More” on the gold list app, which was equivalent to falling off the gold list.

A great sense of disbelief enveloped Qi Cong, making him guess that someone must have done something, so he tapped into the novel foreground of his “Chivalrous Bones”.

The novel data was refreshed right in front of him.

There was a collection of 410,000 read hits, comments close to one hundred thousand, and the reward list was also dense. The highest contributions wore the highest fan medal and were listed in account order.

In a few days, the number of reads increased by 300000, the comments rose from zero to 100, 000, and the revenue soared to the top of the gold list. What on earth was going on? 


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