Spare Tire is Gone – Chapter 10 – “Forget it. Better not, so as not to be treated like a madman again.” (R)

This reporter was not the only one who lost his voice, as there was a gradual uproar in the venue. 

Qi Cong looked at Gu Xun’s back in daze, and then suddenly regained his senses. The hands on his knees clenched into a fist as he looked at Wu Heng on the stage.

The distance was so far that he couldn’t see Wu Heng’s expression clearly. He could only see that Wu Heng raised his hand and fixed his glasses twice.

The host, who was stunned, tried to take a break, but that didn’t work. Everyone was still talking in a low voice. At last, the host compromised and gave up, signaling Wu Heng to answer Gu Xun’s question according to the process. 

The venue became quiet, as everyone looked at Wu Heng with a strange atmosphere. 


In the silence of the hall, Wu Heng finally opened his mouth. After he fixed his glasses, he looked at Gu Xun. His attitude was very gentle, even a little warm. “I don’t know where Mr. Gu Xun’s friend heard this rumor?”

He didn’t answer directly. 

There was a slight commotion again in the quiet meeting place. All of the people here have been in the entertainment circle for many years. When Wu Heng was faced with such a question that challenged his dignity and reputation as an author, he didn’t deny it, but asked about the source of the rumor. Either this person was too stupid or the question wasn’t easy to answer.

Everyone knew what it meant when it wasn’t easy to answer.

The atmosphere became subtle. 

Qi Cong looked at Gu Xun again.

Gu Xun’s posture didn’t change, as he replied slowly, “The principle of Q & A is that there should be questions and answers. You have to answer my questions first, so I can exchange the same courtesy and answer your questions. So is the rumor true?”

The question went around again, and there was a hole in the front.

Everyone looked at Wu Heng again.

Wu Heng didn’t speak.

The atmosphere gradually stagnated.

“Why don’t you answer? Is what Gu Xun said true?” The reporter who choked on the water before was excited, setting up the camera while turning to a colleague next to him “What are you waiting for? Start filming! The headlines are coming!”

The colleague regained his senses and also started to record with his camera and whispered, “Don’t you think the tone of Gu Xun’s voice is not the same as usual? It’s a bit like Fu Jing last time– “

“Shh, be quiet. It will affect the audio.”

The two reporters calmed down as Qi Cong glanced at them.

Was Gu Xun’s tone different from his usual tone? What was his usual tone? Will it be—

“Wu Heng, is the question I asked so difficult to answer?” 

Gu Xun opened his mouth again and Qi Cong gathered his spirit to look at the stage again.

“It’s not hard to answer.” Wu Heng finally spoke. He held the microphone in both hands, looking sincere and honest. “I’m just thinking about how to answer. My mouth today is kinda silly.” 

Qi Cong bit his mouth gently.

The Wu Heng in his memory was indeed really stupid. It took him a long time to give a response when they were discussing problems, and his writing speed was also very slow.

“This rumor is half true, half false.”

Qi Cong’s heart trembled as he stared at Wu Heng. 

Wu Heng looked seriously at Gu Xun and said, “Chivalrous Bones” is not a work that I wrote according to the beginning of a new author, it is my pure original work. But the title of “Chivalrous Bones” and the name of its main character were actually from one of my online friends. When I published “Chivalrous”, this friend had been disconnected from me for half a year. I was worried about him, so when I published my new book, I used the title of the book and the names of the main character of the unpublished work that he was preparing, thinking that by doing so, I might be able to get him to contact me again. ” 

“Ah? Is that it? ” The previously excited media sounded disappointed. 

Qi Cong’s heart sank a little, and he no longer was able to look at Wu Heng.

The atmosphere in the venue warmed up a little because of Wu Heng’s answer and the host took the opportunity to continue, but Gu Xun interrupted him.

“Is that so?” Gu Xun tone was still indifferent, as if he really was just asking a question for a friend, without much personal interest. “Then I will answer your question too. The rumor my friend heard was from JiangWan’s old site. Two days ago, JangWan’s old website reopened and someone found a novel that was the same as one of yours, the “Chivalrous” book. Whether it was the title, the leading character or the opening plot, it was the same. The time this novel was published was also more than eight months earlier than yours and the author’s pen name is…Cong Shui.”

Wu Heng’s expression changed.

Qi Cong raised his head abruptly.

Gu Xun continued, “After that, this author posted on the old site forum, saying that he was a newcomer and was asking for advice from experienced authors of He said that he vaguely remembered that before the newcomer’s post was deleted, only you replied to that post and left your contact information.” 

After a few seconds of dead silence, the venue exploded like a frying pan. 

“ Shit! Shit! Shit!” The people from the media sitting not far away were so excited that their voices changed in octaves, as they desperately tugged at their peers next to them. “It’s really big news! Hurry up, search the old website of, hurry up! “

“I’m done with my questions, thank you.” Gu Xun put down the microphone and sat down.

There was chaos all around. Wu Heng stammered something and the host wanted to finish the show. The media people held their cameras and pressed the shutters. Many people were talking to each other under the stage. People were raising their hands to fight for the right to ask the remaining two questions.

Qi Cong didn’t hear this at all. He just stared in Gu Xun’s direction, but his heart didn’t feel the joy of being helped out, instead it was a little sour.

Why did he do this now?

His mobile phone suddenly vibrated twice. Qi Cong took out his mobile phone and saw it was Zhao Zhenxun calling. He hurriedly adjusted his mood and connected the call. “Agent Zhao?”

“Take Shen Jia out. The schedule has changed. We have to go.”

Qi Cong answered affirmatively, hung up the phone and went to the front row to talk to Shen Jia about the situation. Shen Jia, who was somewhat confused by the surrounding commotion, immediately got up and walked out with Qi Cong. 

Before leaving the conference hall, Qi Cong glanced back.

Wu Heng had stepped off the stage and the host was trying to get the meeting back on track. There were three empty seats in the middle of the first row, Gu Xun was nowhere to be found.

He withdrew his line of sight and went out with Shen Jia to meet Zhao Zhenxun, who was waiting outside the venue. Then the three of them walked towards the elevator together.

The media all ran to Wu Heng, so they walked out very easily. Shen Jia asked in a low voice, “Why do we need to leave all of a sudden?”

Zhao Zhenxun frowned. “There was a change in the “Legend of Youth” and the producer wants to see you.”

Shen Jia was surprised. “What has changed? Am I going to be fired?” 

“Nonsense! It’s about the contract and the shooting date. “

When the three of them entered the elevator, Qi Cong consciously stood on the side with the elevator buttons, reached out and pressed the eighth floor button and the door slowly began to close.

Just when the door was almost closed, with a few centimeters left, a hand suddenly came in and forced the doors to open again. 

The knuckles of the hand were clear, the skin cold-white, without any blemishes. On the slender middle finger was a pomegranate flower shaped gem ring. The blood red gem on the ring reflected the dark light in the cold atmosphere of the elevator.

The elevator door reopened and Gu Xun’s figure appeared outside. He glanced at Shen Jia and Zhao Zhenxun, and then his eyes fell on Qi Cong. “I also want to go upstairs.”

Qi Cong clenched his fingers tightly, bowed his head and stepped back to give way. 

When Shen Jia saw Gu Xun, he frowned and looked at Qi Cong anxiously. He hesitated for a moment, but didn’t open his mouth. He reached out to stop Zhao Zhenxun, who was about to greet Gu Xun.

Gu Xun walked in with his assistant and stood where Qi Cong stood before, pressed the button to close the doors first before pressing the button for the seventh floor. Then he said to his assistant. “Sometimes it’s good to have amnesia.”

Gu Xun’s assistant was a tall handsome guy. When he heard this, he looked sideways at Gu Xun and wondered, “Why?”

“If you lose your memory, you won’t feel bad when you are bullied or betrayed. Because you don’t remember anything, you can sit under the stage happily and watch a lively scene that seems to have nothing to do with you.”

Qi Cong’s heart trembled as he looked up at Gu Xun in front of him.

Gu Xun looked sideways. His eyes seemed to be looking at his assistant, but he was looking beyond him. His voice was slow, and soft, like whispering to his lover, “Say, for something as fragile as the brain, if you use some dramatic method, will the lost memories come back?

“Forget it, it’s better that it doesn’t, so you won’t be treated like a madman again.” When the elevator door opened, Gu Xun withdrew his sight and stepped out. 

Qi Cong regained his senses and his fingers tightened and untightened. When Gu Xun’s figure was about to disappear from his view, he asked, “Gu Xun, why did you lie to me?”

The elevator door began to close.

There was no response outside and Qi Cong bowed his head.


One hand pressed hard against the elevator door, followed by a leg. The elevator door reopened, and Gu Xun’s figure appeared from outside. He held the elevator door with one hand, his eyes fixed on Qi Cong. His expression was almost ferocious. “What did you just say?” 


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