Spare Tire is Gone – Chapter 49

The “Legend of Youth” also made it to the top of the hot search, and took up two topics, #Legend of Youth photos# and #Legend of Youth Yanhuang#

The video of the elevator clash between Qi Cong and Jiang Zhaoyan also brought up the topic of #JiangZhaoyan’s mental abuse# because of the melon eating craze from the past two days.

There were a total of four new hot searches. The most popular one was about Gu Xun, the second was #‘Legend of Youths’ photos#, third was #JiangZhaoyan’s mental abuse# and #Legend of Youths Yanhuang# was in the last position.

In addition to these four new topics, topics such as # Qi Cong rights# and later # Qi Cong Video # and #Yanhuang Surveillance # and other topics also remain in the front row of the top search. At a glance you could see they were all topics related to Qi Cong.

The time between dinnertime and midnight was the  busiest time on Weibo, when countless netizens who just finished a busy day of work and didn’t have time to keep up with the pace of eating melons clicked on Weibo to eat all kinds of information from the hot search list.

When they came on, the first thing they saw was the statement and lawyer’s letter from Manju Entertainment Company that was still at the top of the trending list, followed by the video posted by Qi Yin, then the “Gu Xun’s public confession and kidnapping” article took the third place. Meanwhile, the surveillance and recordings posted by the Manju Entertainment Company, which was previously in third place, fell to fourth place. The previous fifth and sixth place that belonged to Jiang Zhaoxiang’s recording and Han Lan’s surveillance now fell to eighth and ninth place. The ‘Legend of Youth’ photos rose to fifth, while the video of “nightmare comes again” rose to sixth place.

Everyone ate the melons in order, so this created a situation.

Netizens first looked at the popular posts and were stunned by the reversal of the events between Qi Cong and Jiang Zhaoyan. Then they looked at the second place and learned that Qi Cong was sick all that time and even lost his memories, making them feel very sorry for him. Then they read about Gu Xun “kidnapping” Qi Cong at the door of the hotel and saying that he and Qi Cong had a “relationship between looking up and being looked up to” in the video.

Netizens: ?????

What was going on? Qi Cong was just being mentally abused by Jiang Zhaoyan. Why was he suddenly “kidnapped” and “confessed” to by Gu Xun?

Everyone was confused and wanted to find the truth, so they wanted to see more. They then watched the surveillance of Qi Cong being reprimanded and bullied by Jiang Zhaoyan, the recording of Jiang Zhaoyan letting Qi Cong carry the blame and the recording of Jiang Zhaoxiang calling Qi Cong a dog. Finally they watched the video of the elevator conflict that just came out.

In that video, many people stood in the spacious elevator entrance waiting for the elevator. At the farthest end of the mobile phone picture, at the end of the corridor, there was a vague figure of a woman standing and talking to someone. They suppressed their excited whispers, “It’s Yue Yue, right? Is it Yue Yue? Wow, I didn’t expect to get a picture of her!”

Then the elevator arrived and the phone screen shifted, aimed at the carpet, after which a questioning male voice rang out: “What the hell are you wearing? Who told you to dress like that?”

This was followed by another male voice, the sound was lower but you still could hear his words, “Sanmu’s Young Master” and “Xiahe.”

The elevator room quieted down as the camera moved toward the sound. A man stood in front of the elevator with his back to the camera, confronting two men in the elevator. The voices heard just now came from the elevator, and the screen showed that the person standing in the elevator was Jiang Zhaoyan!

Then the video ended.

The person who sent the video recorded the phrase, “What the hell are you wearing? Who told you to dress like that?” The video played this phrase three times repeatedly.

After eating so many melons, everyone could immediately tell that this sentence was said by Jiang Zhaoyan! The object of Jiang Zhaoyan’s reprimand, from their point of view, should be Qi Cong.

Everyone exploded!

What garbage scum, controlling even what the other person wears! So the previous revelations were really true! Jiang Zhaoyan restricted Qi Cong from making friends, restricted what he could wear, while he scolded and belittled Qi Cong in all kinds of ways. This was simply mental abuse! Jiang Zhaoyan should go to hell!

Everyone was angry, furious, and wanted to tear Jiang Zhaoyan and his family into pieces! However, they looked at the submissive and obedient Qi Cong as he stood at the entrance of the elevator while being scolded by Jiang Zhaoyan and then looked at Qi Cong’s checkup report. Apart from sympathy, they inevitably also felt that…. They don’t match.

It was true that Qi Cong was very pitiful and deserved their sympathy but it was really inappropriate to put him and Gu Xun together.

Gu Xun has a superior family background, outstanding ability, great achievements and top popularity. Since his debut, he never had a dating scandal, except for the Fu Jing pairing, but he still hasn’t been involved in any scandals. Either way, he was impeccable.

If you look at Qi Cong, his family became bankrupt, he got entangled with a scum Phoenix man, and was suspected of having mental illness. It also looked like there was no merit to his character, he was cowardly and annoying.

Yes, Qi Cong was indeed a victim, but…he wasn’t a good match. No, he was even completely unmatched. Gu Xun deserves better, Qi Cong doesn’t deserve him.

Passers-by felt that Gu Xun and Qi Cong didn’t match, so there was no need to mention Gu Xun fans who loved him deeply.

Because Gu Xun publicly admitted his acquaintance with Qi Cong on Weibo and his words and deeds revealed his unusual concern for Qi Cong, most of the Gu Xun fans went to eat melons as soon as the explosions of Qi Cong and Jiang Zhaoyan came out.

After a few days of ups and downs, Gu Xun fans all knew how humble, cowardly and mindless Qi Cong was in front of Jiang Zhaoyan.

Before that, Gu Xun’s fans only knew that Qi Cong was someone he knew before his debut, and that Qi Cong was a good brother to Shen Jia, who helped him a lot in the past. That impression of Qi Cong was at least passable, if not high, but now…they couldn’t accept it.

Qi Cong was very miserable, very poor, but they really couldn’t accept it.

Without even talking about family background, achievements and other realistic things, Qi Cong was once entangled with a big scum like Jiang Zhaoyan for three years. It was enough to cause a big lump in the throat of all Gu Xun fans.

Although it wasn’t good to think like this, with such a rubbish “ex”, Qi Cong, who even tried to die for such an ex, was really not worthy of Gu Xun, who was clean and had very few scandals.

However, even if Gu Xun fans couldn’t accept it, they couldn’t say anything.

Try to persuade Gu Xun to “look up” to someone else? Then what if Gu Xun really made his debut for Qi Cong, and they would cause Gu Xun to quit the circle for Qi Cong in a fit of anger?

Should they accuse Qi Cong? But it was always Gu Xun who kept mentioning Qi Cong and not Qi Cong pestering Gu Xun. Also Qi Cong was involved with Jiang Zhaoyan because he was sick and was the victim.

Since Gu Xun expressed his appreciation for Qi Cong, they couldn’t blame a victim who had experienced such terrible things. They couldn’t do such an unscrupulous thing that would have a bad impact on Gu Xun.

Saying it aloud wasn’t right, which left them with only the silence of cold treatment.

The quietness of Gu Xun fans caused a very strange phenomenon. The topic of “Gu Xun publicly confessed his love in public” was getting higher and higher in the ranking, but there was no comment from Gu Xun under the relevant news reports, there were only passers-by actively speaking.

On the other hand, passers-by were much less scrupulous and nonchalant than Gu Xun fans.

Under the news report of so-and-so information:

Hot comment one: Gu Xun confessed to Qi Cong? Is this the same Qi Cong that’s been in the hot search a lot recently? This…I don’t like it.

Under the report of so-and-so gossip account:

Hot comment one:  I don’t accept it! Qi Cong doesn’t deserve this! He doesn’t deserve him! Gu Xun, quickly open your eyes! Fu Jing is better than Qi Cong! At least Fu Jing is a movie queen!




The countless unpopular and unwilling comments filled Weibo, after which gradually, a new argument emerged.

A Certain Emotional V Who Has Been a Gu Xun Roadie Fan: Why are you all reading so much into this? Can’t it be that Qi Cong looks up to Gu Xun? Why must it be Gu Xun saying that he looks up to Qi Cong? “Looking up” is a confession of love? Everyone knows that Gu Xun has always been very loyal to his friends. This is clearly Gu Xun trying to help his friend in trouble and rub some popularity for him, as well as lift his friend’s reputation that is now at the lowest level. I don’t understand how this is Gu Xun confessing his love and saying that he likes Qi Cong?

When this statement emerged, it immediately gained the support of countless people who weren’t willing to accept that “Gu may like Qi Cong”. Gu Xun fans also realized, yes there was such a possibility. Gu Xun may want to help a friend.

Whether it was to deceive themselves, run away or believe that this was the case, this statement was quickly accepted by most Gu Xun fans and passers-by.

While Gu Xun fans tried to understand Gu Xun “looking up” as “the help of friends”, some of Shen Jia’s fans were quietly rejoicing.

These people saw the promotional photos of “Legend of Youth” and noticed one of the group photos.

The cast of “The Legend of Youth” was generous enough to send out a total of twelve photos, including two of the male lead Shen Jia, one of second male lead Lian Pengxing, one of the third male Qin Zhengji, two of the first female lead Wang Yue, and one of the second female Xiao Xiu. There were also one male and female lead photo, one photo of all three leading actors together and three photos of several important supporting actors.

Among the two photos of Shen Jia, one was taken with Qi Cong and this photo has been thoughtfully placed at the end by the crew.

As the most awaited ancient costume show IP this year, “Legend of Youth” immediately attracted the attention of countless people at once when it was finally in production. Fans of each main actor were the first to get in line, then the fans of the supporting roles, the fans of the original works and finally passers-by.

Everyone couldn’t wait to click on the photos.

Then they were quickly overwhelmed by the sincerity of the costume specifications and the infinite care of the original work’s characters played by the handsome and beautiful actors of “Legend of Youth”. Then they were so excited that they started screaming. The main actors’ looks were reviewed one by one, and the various supporting characters were quickly matched by everyone according to their respective roles.

Until they saw the last photo.

In the center of the photo in which the background has been out of focus, a man in white and a man in red and black robes stood opposite each other. The man in white with crystal clear eyes was leaning over, reaching towards the mask on the face of the man in red and black robes, who was also leaning his head forward in cooperation. This revealed the bridge of his nose to the chin that was almost perfect. The corners of his mouth were slightly raised, showing slight indulgence.

One of them was handsome and elegant, while the other was gentle and calm, making this picture as beautiful as a painting.

Everyone couldn’t help but groan, making the comment section suddenly filled up with the same question – Who was this person? What character was it? The main actors and important supporting characters have appeared in the previous photos, so who was this?

Soon, someone cracked the case.

Moonless: There are three characters who wear masks in “Legend of Youth”. Namely, the one-eyed king, the witch doctor Changfeng, and You Changfeng’s brother You Changqing. The actor in this picture was young and the clothes he wore were also very similar to those worn by You Changqing so it could be deduced… this good looking little brother is You Changqing! God! The crew was too conscientious to make such a small role as You Changqing so good-looking!  This profile, this body, this exposed hand! We all want to know who plays You Changqing!


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