Spare Tire is Gone – Chapter 51.1

Qi Cong hurriedly knocked on Editor Cold Wind Like a Knifes avatar again.

His reply was concise and straightforward: There are posts, website recommendations, your own popularity, public opinion support, good writing, and multiple factors that overlap to make this possible. You being on the gold list is normal.

After saying that, he sent three links.

Qi Cong clicked on the links one by one.

The first link was the analysis feature of old novels and their activity by the official blog. In this feature all old novels ranked in the top ten of the list were reviewed by famous writers and teachers. As a member of the list,“Chivalrous Bones” received some of the most detailed and comprehensive comments and reviews. There were a total of five reviewers, including a Chinese professor, screenwriter, ancient martial arts writer, senior publishing editor and a senior reader. From the novel’s background setting, structure, personality, writing, storytelling and other aspects, the moment the first plot was updated“Chivalrous Bones” was analyzed and torn apart.

All of them gave a final evaluation: A sincere work, worth a read.

Worth a read.

Qi Cong scanned the names that gave this evaluation, looking them up one by one. His palms became slightly sweaty.

In the beginning, when he posted “Chivalrous Bones” what he saw most was questioning and ridicule. He had long been prepared for the fact that perhaps no one would recognize his work until the novel was updated. He even envisioned the possibility that the feedback of his “Chivalrous Bones” wouldn’t be nearly as good as Wu Heng’s version. Yet now the pessimistic emotions and ideas in his mind were swept away by these affirmations, which came from professionals.

It turned out that all his carefully arranged plot foreshadowing and his painstaking efforts could be seen.


As the fastest growing and best original website in recent years, has an excellent ability to attract traffic, so this old novel analysis topic, with support of people from all walks of life, has led to a discussion that doesn’t lose entertainment traffic at all. “Chivalrous Bones” attracted the most public attention because of its own uniqueness.

There were a total of five articles analyzing “Chivalrous Bones,” each with a word count of more than 100,000, and each with more than 10,000 comments. Not only that, Qi Cong also found that all five commentators posted their analysis on their Weibos and included some more personal comments.

Among them, the author of many ancient martial arts novels made the most blunt comments, directly saying on his Weibo: That analysis was written for so I couldn’t add other text. But now that I am on my own Weibo I can say a few words from the bottom of my heart. I have read two versions of “Chivalrous Bones” and I will only talk about the first part of the plot. Water Without Trace, you really took the best and most complete outline of the story and character personalities to write the most fickle works. Those who give Murmuring Water negative comments, I urge you to open Murmuring Water’s “Chivalrous Bones” and read it without any prejudice. Just read ten pages. If this can’t turn you around, then I can only say to you: Less Internet, more reading.

This ancient martial arts novelist was not a small person in the industry and many of his published works were turned into dramas and movies. Two of his most classic works have won awards, so he could also be regarded as a living copyright signboard. He attracted many industry insiders after publishing this on his Weibo. His Weibo post could be considered helping “Chivalrous Bones” to advertise in the novel and film and television circles at the same time.

Qi Cong looked at the comment section and the gods interacting with each other. They were familiar to him; he had seen them on TV or read their books. For a moment, his brain seemed to be swollen by hot water and he became so dizzy like he was drunk.

No wonder the royalties of “Chivalrous Bones” skyrocketed. With this kind of promotion and advertising, it wouldn’t be normal if it didn’t rise.

Qi Cong took a deep breath and exhaled for a long time to calm himself down. Then he exited the link and clicked on the remaining two links.

Two posts on the authors’ forum of ‘s new website jumped out. The first post was titled: “I’m so angry, the plagiarized novel was put on the gold list by brain-dead fans suppressing the original novel. The brain-dead fans also write negative comments to keep the original novel’s ranking down. After having my three views crushed, I am so angry that I am unable to sleep!” The second post was titled: “Hahaha what a relief! The five gods explode together to promote a newcomer, while Water Without a Trace’s fans are furious.”

Qi Cong was stunned and then quickly moved his mouse to flip through two comments, probably understating what happened.

It turned out, after the review period of “Chivalrous Bones,” there were many Wu Heng fans pretending to be passersby to attempt to negatively affect the novel. They commented that he did not write as well as Wu Heng and looked for other reasons to write negative comments. They also started the rumor that he faked his death to frame Wu Heng and deceive his mentor. This incident was found on the author’s forum, causing a chorus of condemnation as people spontaneously went to Wu Heng’s novel page to write a positive comment and encourage putting pressure on the rhythm they were setting. There were also people who popularized Wu Heng’s plagiarized “Chivalrous Bones” series.

Two sides were at each other’s throats, making the conflict only escalate. Then Wu Heng fans simply stopped pretending and retaliated intensively, writing even more negative comments and reviews. Then they went to the forum to spread rumors while trying to help their favorite author.

This behavior can be regarded as taking things a step too far, as the war of words escalated. Wu Heng’s brain-dead fans scolded the authors who became united and started a money tactic to frantically stabilize Wu Heng novels on the golden list, while trying to put down the newly signed “Chivalrous Bones”.

The new authors of the old novels that were also brought down by their data meddling started to cry. Then they submitted self-censorship applications to the website, fearing that the website would judge them for swiping data and block them, thereby stripping them of their eligibility to compete for awards.’s old novels and newly signed section was messed up by Wu Heng fans, and after a day of trouble, “Chivalrous Bones” was really squeezed out of the first place of the section.

People were furious and didn’t know how to stop this group of crazy Wu Heng fans, when several gods, led by Hui Nantian suddenly exploded and promoted the original “Chivalrous Bones”. At the same time the analysis topic submitted to was published. Under these multiple diversions, the ratings of Qi Cong’s “Chivalrous Bones” began to skyrocket and it didn’t take long to return to first place in the old novel, newly signed section. Meanwhile, Wu Heng’s series on the gold list was slowly suppressed by the gods who burst into action.

After reading the post, Qi Cong seemed to have gone through a bloody data list battle with everyone, but he still had a question in his mind.

The skyrocketing monies and comments for “Chivalrous Bones” were explained, but from the point of view of the posts he read, people didn’t give him crazy votes because they were angry with Wu Heng fans, so how did he get on the gold list? Also, he surpassed many old novel gods and got first place. His novel didn’t have any VIP chapters, so his revenue was only calculated by votes.

Qi Cong repeatedly reread the posts but couldn’t find the answer. Hesitantly, he finally contacted Editor Cold Wind Like a Knife again – asking whether the great gods had secretly used tickets for him with their trumpet accounts in order to help him. If so, he certainly couldn’t receive the proceeds.

Editor Cold Wind Like a Knife answered quickly: It was your readers who used tickets.

Editor Cold Wind Like a Knife: Although everyone helped you attract readers, how many readers can be retained all depends on the quality of the novel. “Chivalrous Bones” is good and you just updated the novel to the point it became split from the previous version and the foreshadowing of a dark plot surfaced. Wu Heng’s version of “Chivalrous Bones” appears obviously different and the first plot at the end of the aftershock triggers the reader’s interest. Also, because some people on the forum realized that you have been silent and were constantly interrupted by angered Wu Heng fans, they were scared that you would be forced to take a break so they spent tickets to try to keep you.

Editor Cold Wind Like a Knife: Congratulations, you just gained your first batch of real readers.

Real readers.

Qi Cong felt a little dazed as he minimized his penguin chat box and clicked on the novel information again.

Are they really readers? Was it his real readers that spent money to support him? His… readers?

He clicked on the reader accounts on the reward list one by one and looked through their reader columns.

Trying to Compare With the Sky: Account-three years, Collection of novels read- six hundred and eighty-seven books, Subscription Rate-seventy percent. Has purchased tickets for 104 authors.

The Passerby: Account-two years old, Collection of novels read- one thousand thirty-two, Subscription Rate- fifty-nine percent. Has purchased tickets for 143 authors.




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