Spare Tire is Gone – Chapter 40.3

Zhao Zhenxun confiscated Qi Cong’s crew pass while saying, “The hotel and the Film and Television City are surrounded by media due to the news. Before the fitting, you shouldn’t go to the crew or leave the hotel. I’ll let Xiao Han bring you all three meals. Don’t worry it’s a necessary process. I guarantee that public opinion will reverse before your costume will be ready.”

Qi Cong nodded. “I understand.”

Zhao Zhenxun looked at Qi Cong for two seconds without saying more and then pulled Shen Jia, who was full of worry, out of Qi Cong’s room.

The door of his room closed, returning his room to silence.

Qi Cong sat back behind the desk and looked at the ceiling for a while, then took out his phone, re-read the good morning message sent by Gu Xun half an hour ago and slowly typed back before sending it.

Qi Cong: I have to retreat for a few days to take performance classes and practice the new song. I will reply to messages kind of slowly due to that. It’s also not very convenient to see you. Work hard and don’t worry about me, I am fine.

Just a few seconds later came a voice message from Gu Xun.

Qi Cong clicked on it.

“Cong.” Gu Xun’s voice was gentle and soothing, “I don’t believe those things posted online, I only believe in you.”

Qi Cong’s nose suddenly became sour and he needed to blink a few times.

Gu Xun’s voice continued: “I’ll wait for you to come out of your retreat.”

After the message was over, Qi Cong tried his best to adjust his emotions and gave his avatar a smile. Then he turned on  his computer and pulled out his notes he made last night, preparing for his class.




A day after the outbreak of public opinion, an insane escalation of spreading began. The cause was some relatives of the Qi family that accepted an interview with the media and scolded Qi Cong in front of the reporters for being a white-eyed wolf and for his hypocrisy.

The tall, fat middle-aged man Qi Hun sat on the sofa with a disdainful look on his face. “Shen Jia is too innocent and was cajoled by Qi Cong! The two of them actually didn’t have much contact after they went to college, and after Qi Cong fell in love with Jiang Zhaoyan, he never bothered with Shen Jia again. Every time Shen Jia went to find him, he was met with vicious words. Do you know why Qi Cong and Shen Jia have a relationship now? Because he has no money ah! You might not know but after Qi Cong left Yanhuang, he was living on credit card debt and owed hundreds of thousands of dollars! He didn’t even visit his parents when they were sick, he really has no conscience!”

“He was also very rude to me, who is his elder and almost stabbed me in the eye last time. I sincerely advise Shen Jia to no longer care about Qi Cong who just pretends to look for you just for your contacts and money. He might treat him as a good friend, but he is only using him as a spare tire and money bag!”

“Gu Xun? I don’t know how they knew each other, but Gu Xun was probably deceived by Qi Cong who was always good at pretending to be good.”

“Qi Cong really pestered Jiang Zhaoyan for three years, forget it, although I am Qi Cong’s uncle, even I think he isn’t worthy of Jiang Zhaoyan. How could he be liked by him? Jiang Zhaoyan likes Amber Design’s youngest son An Xiahe. He is a pianist who just won an award abroad, the two of them are even engaged. Qi Cong was really ungrateful, because of Jiang Zhaoyan and An Xiahe getting together he even tried to commit suicide.”

“Qi Yin spoiled her child too much! He was behaving like this but she was still bent on protecting his shortcomings. I even went to persuade her, but she drove me away saying that she wanted to cut me off, which only made me feel cold.”

As soon as the interview came out, Shen Jia’s fans exploded, Gu Xun’s fans panicked while all onlookers were stunned.

Qi Cong used Shen Jia as a spare tire? Jiang Zhaoyan has a fiance? Then wouldn’t Qi Cong… wow!

As the rumors on the Internet became more and more serious, Qi Cong’s reputation hit rock bottom, making previous vague opposition to Qi Cong entering into the entertainment industry immediately grow even louder. After that, a staff member of the crew linked with “Legend of Youth” secretly revealed that Gu Xun had come to see Qi Cong in the crew and the two of them talked in a very close manner. Gu Xun also asked the director of “Legend of Youths” for Qi Cong to get a role, implying that Qi Cong used his relationship with Gu Xun.




Qi Hun’s interview wasn’t a part of Zhao Zhenxun’s plan, so he immediately called Qi Cong. Qi Cong talked about the process of falling out with Qi Hun and his previous deeds.

Zhao Zhenxun was quiet for a while after listening, and when he spoke again, his voice took on a little something that could only be called an exclamation. “Your little cousin ……” he paused and continued, “Very good. You sleep well tonight, tomorrow morning, the sky is about to change.”

Before going to bed, Qi Cong received a phone call from Qi Yin.

Qi Yin’s voice was gentle. “Cong, don’t look at the things posted online, it will pass.”

Qi Cong replied, “Mom, don’t look at that. In fact, Brother Zhao found someone to do something on the Internet in order to cut off all the hidden dangers at once, so that you don’t have to worry about these things in the future. Tomorrow or the day after tomorrow no one will send these things again.”

“Mm-hmm.” Qi Yin’s voice lowered a bit, “I know…Cong?”


“If it’s too hard out there, come back. Mom doesn’t need you to make a lot of money, she just wants you to have a good time. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself, mommy and daddy aren’t old yet and you still have time to grow up slowly. Cong you haven’t smiled for a long, long time, mommy has almost forgotten what you look like when you smile.”

Qi Cong’s heart clenched as he raised his hand to his eyes and then found a random reason to hang up. Then he turned off his phone and buried himself in the quilt, closing his eyes.

Everything will be fine tomorrow.

He curled up trying to get more sleep.

After getting a good night’s sleep he will be fine tomorrow.




When he woke up it was not yet dawn.

Qi Cong leaned against the head of the bed for a while before picking up his phone and turning it on.

There was one missed call from Gu Xun and several WeChat messages from Gu Xun. He stretched out his fingers.

Gu Xun: Today’s work is over.

Gu Xun: Asleep?

Qi Cong read these messages over and over again for a long time, but didn’t reply. He opened Weibo.

The content on Weibo was still messy without a sign of the weather changing, so he exited Weibo. After staying still for a while, he got up and washed up before sitting down in front of his computer and opened the documents.

Perhaps because there are too many emotions pent up in his heart or perhaps because he needed to find a place to vent but Qi Cong’s efficiency of writing at this time was surprisingly high. The plot that has long been constructed in his brain millions of times flowed smoothly through his fingers. When Qi Cong finally came out of the world of “Chivalrous Bones,” the sun was already hanging high in the sky, while his phone that was thrown on his pillow was frantically vibrating.

He returned to his senses, glanced at the time, and then almost jumped up in shock.

It was already ten o’clock, so far from four o’clock in the morning to now. He had actually been writing non-stop. Without even stopping for a moment, his train of thought never broke even once.

The phone went quiet and then started vibrating again.

He got up in a hurry and picked up his phone.

The screen flashed with an incoming call from an unknown number. Qi Cong froze for a moment, before he picked up the call and said, “Hello?”

“Qi Cong, make a statement.” Jiang Zhaoyan’s voice came out with a bit of irritation. “Go and make a statement, hurry up! As long as you admit that you really caused the product quality problems and after-sales chaos of Yanhuang, no matter what you ask for I’ll promise it to you!”

Qi Cong frowned and then realized something. He hung up the call, and opened Weibo as quickly as possible.


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