Spare Tire is Gone – Chapter 47.2

Yuan Yuan stabilized her thoughts and carefully helped Qi Cong put on the mask and fasten the straps.

The gentle eyebrows and eyes were covered by the mask, and the green pupils were covered by a layer of gauze that revealed only a looming outline.

“All right.”

Qi Cong stood up.

Because his eyebrows and eyes were covered, his hair, skin and excellent jawline  became more and more prominent and were coupled with light red lips. Where did this immortal gentleman come from?

Yuan Yuan and Jiang Meng tacitly grabbed each other. Sharing a look, they walked together to the door of the inner room. Jiang Meng pulled open the door with one hand and smiled slightly twisted towards Qi Cong. “Brother Cong go out and let Agent Zhao have a look.”

Qi Cong was so confused by their reaction, that he raised his hand to take off the mask from his face, but after a moment of hesitation he just walked out.

It turned out that good looking people looked even better when they moved!

The soft hem and sleeves moved as he walked, while his waist line and long legs were hidden by the robe. The jade pendant and fragrance bag swayed as his long hair slightly floated behind him, the straps of the mask hidden in his hair.

Yuan Yuan almost fainted and quickly shouted, “Brother Zhao! He has changed his clothes!”

Her voice was so loud and clear that all the staff in the outer room were drawn to look over.

A black and red figure came out of the door. His expensive robe, elegant posture and cloth fluttering as he walked while his face was obscured by the mask only highlighted his temperament. The sunlight from the window fell on him, making his fair skin shine as delicate as lanolin white jade. He looked sideways, the line from nose to chin was as perfect as a person in a picture. No one could see his eyebrows and eyes, but everyone subconsciously held their breath.

This was Qi Cong?

He was just too  beautiful!

The room became eerily quiet.

Qi Cong glanced at the room through the black veil on the mask and frowned. Finding Zhao Zhenxun standing nearby, he went to his side.

“Brother Zhao.”

The gentle and sandy sound spread slowly in the too quiet room, like a lute stained with wine.

The vague sounds of people inhaling could be heard in the room.

Zhao Zhenxun looked Qi Cong up and down and with a rare smile said, “Yes, the size of this robe does not need to be changed. Let Jiang Meng take a picture of you and then change it.”

Qi Cong calmed down his heart and nodded. As soon as he turned to change his clothes, the door of the room where the costumes were stored was pushed open from the outside.

Gu Xun, Shen Jia and even Lian Pengxing stepped in. Gu Xun looked indifferent while Lian Pengxing located at the left side of Gu Xun was smiling as he was saying something to him. Located on the right side of Gu Xun, Shen Jia was one step behind with his head down looking at his phone, as if no one wanted to talk to him.

When Qi Cong heard the sound and looked over, Gu Xun’s line of sight also fell on him.

The two of them stared at each other. Qi Cong paused, instinctively supporting his mask. Gu Xun stopped abruptly, scanning Qi Cong slowly from top to bottom, stopping at Qi Cong waist, legs and buttocks, then moving back to Qi Cong face and staring at it as if he could burn through the mask on Qi Cong’s face.

Lian Pengxing noticed Gu Xun pause and the strange silence in the room so he shut up and also followed Gu Xun’s line of sight to look over.

There was a strange figure, but no matter if it was his posture, exposed facial outline, or appearance they were far beyond familiar to Gu Xun.

Lian Pengxing also wore a formal robe due to shooting a palace scene today, but his formal robe was more in line with the second male lead’s calm personality in blues and silver. It was lined with blue while the outer layer was silver, embroidered with a low-key dragon pattern.

Bright and dark colors are supposed to be more eye-catching. The embroidery on Lian Pengxing’s clothes was obviously more exquisite but even Lian Pengxing himself felt that he had lost. He has grown up well, but his body proportions were very ordinary. His neck was also short and thick, while his shoulders were a bit slippery so he couldn’t wear a crossed collar of ancient clothing without shoulder pads and  revealing his shortcomings. He was far from looking as dashing and elegant as the current Qi Cong.

The main thing was… Lian Pengxing withdrew his sight and looked at Gu Xun beside him.

Gu Xun, who originally looked indifferent during their time together, suddenly the whole aura around him changed. His focused eyes looked hot, as his appreciation and love became undisguised. Remembering the rumors he had heard before, Lian Pengxing looked at Qi Cong again.

“Brother Cong!” Shen Jia’s excited call broke the quietness of the room as he rushed to Qi Cong in three steps. Then like a puppy he circled around Qi Cong twice before raising his hand to take off the mask from Qi Cong’s face. “Brother Cong, show me quickly! Let me see!”

Qi Cong retracted his eyes looking at Gu Xun and then obediently let Shen Jia remove the mask on his face, replying, “Of course it’s me. This one is tied with straps. Wait a minute.”

He looked down and raised his hands, trying to untie the mask straps. His ears suddenly caught the sound of fast approaching footsteps, feeling a figure passing by as if in the afterglow. Then his hands reaching behind his head were held by a large hand, as Gu Xun’s voice that was lower than usual came from behind him. “I’ll help you.”

Qi Cong paused and looked sideways, but because his hands were raised, his vision was blocked by the large sleeves so he could only see Gu Xun’s shadow reflected on the floor.

He wanted to withdraw his hands, but found that he couldn’t. His fingers were instead rubbed by the other party. Perhaps because Gu Xun had just come in from outside, the temperature of Gu Xun’s palm was a little high.

“Let me help you.” Gu Xun said again.

Qi Cong sensed it and hurriedly withdrew his hands and looked at Shen Jia and Zhao Zhenxun in front of him. Then he looked at the uncertain-looking Lian Pengxing and a group of staff still looking at them from not far away. Trying to make himself look natural he said, “Thank you.”

No reply came from behind him, only the slight sound of untying the mask straps. The mask came loose and Qi Cong raised his hand to pull it off. Unexpectedly his shoulders were suddenly pressed, and his waist was held by a large hand, as the man behind him turned him around.

The mask fell off, revealing a pair of dark green pupils. Qi Cong hurriedly stood firm and froze, noticing Gu Xun’s line of sight.

Gu Xun’s eyes and expression at this time were completely different from the gentle and casual one he usually showed. His face was expressionless and his eyes were deep, just like a beast looking at his prey, full of tension and ready to pounce.

The hand at his waist suddenly tightened as his body was forced to lean against Gu Xun.

Qi Cong woke up and his heart started to beat faster. As soon as he pushed Gu Xun away, Zhao Zhenxun’s hand came in.

Zhao Zhenxun clutched Gu Xun’s arm and he gritted his teeth. “Thank you for your help, Mr. Gu. Qi Cong has to try on other costumes and time is very tight. There is no time to waste.” With that, he pushed aside Gu Xun’s hand and pressed against Qi Cong’s shoulder as he pushed Qi Cong into the changing room. He gestured towards Qi Cong, “Go in. Jiang Meng, go and get the next  set of clothes that Qi Cong needs to try. You don’t have to come out right after trying them, just check if they are the right size. Remember to take pictures. I’ll show them to the director. “

Jiang Meng, who was hunched on the side watching the show, hastily answered and went to get the next set of clothes.

Qi Cong successfully got out of Gu Xun’s grasp and stood firmly looking at Zhao Zhenxun. Qi Cong had his back to Gu Xun. He felt that the atmosphere wasn’t quite right. Remembering what Zhao Zhenxun said earlier that he should take care of Gu Xun, he hesitated as he said to Gu Xun, “Gu Xun, you…cooperate with Brother Zhao. It’s work time now.”

Gu Xun moved and then looked sideways smiling. “Okay, just keep trying on clothes, I will wait for you outside.”

Going back to normal, Qi Cong calmed down his heart and nodded toward Gu Xun before going to the inner room.

With all the makeup and hair done, the next fitting became much easier. Just twenty minutes later, all three sets of clothes were tried on and Qi Cong changed into his own set of clothes. Then he removed the headgear and makeup and came out of the costume changing room.

The atmosphere outside had returned to normal, and the staff was busy. Lian Pengxing and Shen Jia had disappeared while Zhao Zhenxun and Gu Xun stood at the corner of a window talking about something.

He didn’t know if it was an illusion, but when he came out this time, Qi Cong felt that the way the staff looked had changed a little, and that they were no longer looking at him the same way as before. It was strange, but contained some kind of enthusiasm.

Gu Xun had already returned to normal and immediately after seeing him smiled and asked him how he felt when he tried on his costumes for the first time.

Qi Cong replied, “Not bad.”

Gu Xun wanted to say something else, but was interrupted by Zhao Zhenxun. Zhao Zhenxun clicked on the phone, looked at the pictures shot by Jiang Meng and said, “Let’s go and see the director.”

Qi Cong no longer had a chance to talk with Gu Xun again. After seeing the director, he was called by the lead screenwriter, while Gu Xun was speaking with the drama director. After meeting the lead screenwriter Qi Cong went to see the coordinator again. After going around the set for most of an hour, he finally got his shooting schedule.

“Your first scene is in a week, it’s the same arrangement as before. The first scene will be the death scene.” Zhao Zhenxun  flipped through the schedule and looked at Qi Cong. “The time is just right, let’s book tomorrow’s flight back to the capital to record ‘A New Life ‘.”

Qi Cong nodded.

Gu Xun interjected, and only then did Qi Cong realize that Gu Xun had returned to his side at some point. Gu Xun looked at Qi Cong pitifully and said, “We will be separated for a week… will you watch the meteor shower with me tonight? “

Qi Cong instinctively looked at Zhao Zhenxun first.

Zhao Zhenxun frowned at Gu Xun and waved his hand, “Be careful not to be photographed.”

Qi Cong smiled as he thanked Zhao Zhenxun, then replied to Gu Xun, “I can watch.”

Gu Xun traced the smile on Qi Cong’s face with his eyes, put his hands in his pockets  and squeezed them. He replied, “Then I will pick you up tonight.”




Gu Xun had a few night scenes in the evening so he went back to his own filming set before dinner. Qi Cong stayed on his own set and ate dinner together with Shen Jia. Then he went together with Zhao Zhenxun back to the hotel to pack his luggage.

On the way back, Zhao Zhenxun told Qi Cong one thing. The “Legend of Youth” ended its cooperation with Yanhuang and will issue a press statement tonight. At the same time, the “Legend of Youth”will take this opportunity to release the first batch of promotional photos to promote the drama.

“I will bring your picture with me.” Zhao Zhenxun turned the phone screen to Qi Cong. “This is the picture.”

Qi Cong looked over and saw a group photo displayed on Zhao Zhenxun mobile screen. Dressed in a black and red robe, he stood still with his head down. Shen Jia, dressed in a white martial arts clothes and with his hair tied up, stood in front of him with a bright smile and was reaching out to remove the mask from his face.

Qi Cong froze. “Who took this?”

“Yuan Yuan.” Zhao Zhenxun put away his cell phone. “After all, you are a supporting role, so it’s not a good idea to give you special treatment so publicly. It’s more appropriate to send a picture of  you with others. As long as we don’t show your whole face in the photo and the crew keeps it a secret, the topic of guessing who is acting as You Changqing could be popular for a long time. This will also prevent the public from having prejudice against the first role you play because of your recent news.”

Qi Cong understood and nodded. “I understand.”




The news announcement of the meteor shower was at 9.00 pm and the crew of “Legend of Youth” issued a public statement at 8.00 pm. When Qi Cong arrived on the rooftop of the hotel 10 minutes early, the official account of “Legend of Youth” on Weibo also posted the first wave of promotional photos.


The author has something to say: Before being controlled.

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After being managed.

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Everyone else: ……?


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