Spare Tire is Gone – Chapter 47.1

The end of summer in Hengcheng was very hot so everyone generally only wore short sleeves. Because of this Qi Cong didn’t need to take anything off and could directly try on the costumes.

Jiang Meng first arranged the costume layer by layer according to the order in which it was to be put on, then picked up the loincloth and stood behind Qi Cong. He signaled Qi Cong to stand straight with his arms outstretched.

Qi Cong hadn’t let anyone help him put on his clothes since elementary school. Seeing this, he turned around to take the clothes from Jiang Meng’s hands and said, “I will do it.”

Jiang Meng laughed and avoided Qi Cong’s hand. “Brother Cong, you don’t need to be shy, ancient clothes are very troublesome, so it’s difficult to put them on yourself. It will be faster with help. All of Jia Jia’s clothes are changed by me. It will also be easier to check the size if I help you put them on.”

Qi Cong withdrew his hand when he heard those words and stood up straight again. Looking at Jiang Meng through the large floor-to-ceiling mirror in the inner room, “Then, thank you.”

“You’re welcome.” Jiang Meng smiled, returning Qi Cong’s smile before nimbly unfolding the moon white undercoat, instructing Qi Cong to cooperate while helping him to put on the clothes.

The simple white T-shirt was covered, the crescent white collar folding over his collarbone as the soft loose fabric hung down, covering his thin figure. It pulled the focus from the eyes to the slender neck and straight shoulders. Bright moon colored fabric made the already pale skin of Qi Cong even more fair, revealing a vague sense of elegance and nobility.

Jiang Meng helped Qi Cong tidy up his clothes before looking in the mirror at him. Seeing his temperament slightly change she blinked and asked, “Chest and sleeve length seems suitable, is it tight around the shoulders?”

Qi Cong moved his arms and shook his head. “No.”

When he moved, the collar pulled slightly, opening to reveal a little more delicate collarbone. Jiang Meng hurriedly looked away, picked up the matching trousers and handed them to Qi Cong before turning back. “Brother Cong, try the pants too. You will wear additional decorations around the waist, so it would be more convenient to tie the belt later.”

Qi Cong took the pants and then looked at Jiang Meng’s back. Suppressing his embarrassment, he quickly changed into the pants.

“Are you done?”


Jiang Meng turned around, glanced quickly at Qi Cong and asked if there was anything wrong with the trousers. He picked up the red lined shirt while trying to make a dignified expression. “Brother Cong, open your arms.”

Qi Cong obeyed.

After putting on the red midcoat layer, the noble feeling he gave became more and more obvious, coupled with white, flawless skin and a clean temperament, it gave rise to a sense of arrogance as if….

Jiang Meng quickly turned her head and picked up the most important part of this set of clothes – the lower skirt. Smiling at Qi Cong: “Brother Cong, this type of clothing style separates the top and bottom. I’ll tie it for you.”

Qi Cong nodded and opened his arms again.

Jiang Meng immediately came forward and wrapped a piece of black skirt around Qi Cong, adjusting the pattern to the right place and tying it up.

Qi Cong’s waistline, which was always covered by a t-shirt, was now perfectly outlined by the waist of the skirt which immediately gave a slightly loose clothes shape. Jiang Meng secretly measured Qi Cong’s waist… Damn it! It was thinner than her own waist.

She looked in the mirror almost using words like “giving the slender waist a full grip” which became outlined by the clothes. Looking at his long legs and the body posture she bit her lips.

It didn’t make sense, how come she didn’t previously realize that Brother Cong was so suitable for ancient costumes?

As if she was shot with chicken blood, she arranged the skirt in a hurry and then put on the belt, jade belt, jade pendant, incense bag, outer cover, shoes and socks….

Layer after layer, one after another, she put them on. After more than ten minutes she finally finished dressing him completely.

Jiang Meng took a step back, her eyes sweeping over Qi Cong’s body before finally falling on his hair. Suppressing her excitement, she signaled to Qi Cong to stay still as she walked quickly to the door of the inner room, pulling open the door a little and calling, “Yuan Yuan, come quickly!”

All the staff outside looked over when they heard the sound. Yuan Yuan and Zhao Zhenxun, who were talking outside, also looked over and then approached  the door together. 

Zhao Zhenxun asked, “What’s the matter?”

Jiang Meng lowered her voice. “I think he can immediately try on the wig and makeup to try on the whole set right now.” She slightly pulled open the door a little.

Inside a puzzled Qi Cong emerged. He was dressed in red and black, with a slender figure and elegant temperament. It was obviously a heavy color scheme but he still wore it with a sense of elegance.

“Wow.” Yuan Yuan opened her eyes wide.

Zhao Zhenxun also showed a look of surprise. Looking Qi Cong up and down, Zhao Zhenxun decisively ordered: “Put on the full make-up.”

Yuan Yuan hastily answered, turned around and took the wig and makeup box into the inner room.

The other crew staff didn’t know what their group was playing at and thought something was wrong. After whispering for a few seconds, they dispersed and continued their work, as they looked at the inner door from time to time.

Qi Cong didn’t know the specific process of a fitting, so he obediently listened to Yuan Yuan and sat down in front of the dresser.

Yuan Yuan began to fix Qi Cong’s wig.

His short modern hair was covered, revealing a full forehead and excellent brow bone line. The long black hair was draped with its upper part being tied up and the lower part fell on the back of his shoulders. The jade hair crown was then put in and then the jade hairpin was inserted. Jiang Meng wildly patted Yuan Yuan. “Hurry up! Cosmetic contact lenses! “

In the original work, You Changqing has a pair of green eyes inherited from his mother. Yuan Yuan woke up from admiring his beauty and hurriedly took out cosmetic contact lenses prepared in advance and helped Qi Cong carefully put them on.

Qi Cong had never worn such things. He blinked uncomfortably, tears overflowing and wetting the lashes at the end of both of his eyes. Then he raised his head to look at Yuan Yuan, big round eyes against the white skin and soft facial features give him a delicate sense of beauty.

Yuan Yuan held her breath.

Qi Cong wiped away the tears from his eyes and asked, “My character wears a mask, so do I need to wear make-up?”

“Make-up!” Yuan Yuan was angry that he almost took out his contact lenses. She said, “Make-up must be worn!” Such an excellent bone structure shouldn’t belong to a human being!

Qi Cong skin was very good so the base make-up was finished quickly. As for the eye make-up… Yuan Yuan pinched her finger, quickly using inconspicuous earth tones before solemnly taking out her eyeliner and getting closer to Qi Cong.

Qi Cong looked at Yuan Yuan, green eyes, thick eyelashes, good and gentle eyes….

Yuan Yuan stood up straight and said to Qi Cong, “Brother Cong, close your eyes first.”

Qi Cong obediently closed his eyes.

Yuan Yuan exhaled her breath and exchanged a tacit excited look with Jiang Meng, before getting closer again.

A few minutes later, the eye makeup was complete. Finally, a simple touch of lip color was added and a brush to add more dimension to his cheeks. Yuan Yuan took a step back and said, “Brother Cong you can stand up.”

Qi Cong looked at his familiar and unfamiliar self in the mirror and stood up.

His black and red robe hung softly as he stood up, the long hair held down by the back of the chair fell to his back as the jade pendant and incense bag at his waist rubbed over the dark embroidered robe, swaying in a shallow arc in the air.

A noble and calm temperament of a rich  and dignified noble son appeared in front of him. But the most special thing was that this noble son had a pair of green eyes that felt out of place with his clothes. This made the feeling of nobility mix with a trace of mystery and complexity.

Jiang Meng stared at Qi Cong and then grabbed Yuan Yuan arms before handing her a black mask with dark lines.

Yuan Yuan returned to her mind, stepped forward and motioned to Qi Cong to bow his head. “You have to wear this.”

Qi Cong glanced at the mask in Yuan Yuan’s hand and bent over. The long hair that had hung on his back had fallen forward because of this movement. The outline of his waist, which was previously covered by his loose outer robe, was also revealed making his thick eyelashes particularly conspicuous because of his bowed head.


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