Spare Tire is Gone – Chapter 67

In the big garden of Prince Rui’s mansion, Shen Jia had just finished filming a group scene in another courtyard. He grabbed the hem of his robe that was in the way and ran all the way to the courtyard where Qi Cong was.

Xiao Han followed him with his things, while gasping for breath and shouting, “Jia Jia, you, you slow down. It’s not 7:30 yet, it’s not too late, don’t run! Be careful of tripping on your costume.”

“He’s already here!” Shen Jia responded from the front and ran faster. “Stop chasing me. I will go first and you can follow slowly after me.”

“Really please stop running! If you sweat we’ll need to redo all your makeup. Ah!”

Shen Jia’s figure was completely invisible after crossing the courtyard door. Xiao Han was carrying various things and couldn’t speed up so he helplessly stopped to put down things. Propping himself on his knees to catch his breath he raised his hand to wipe sweat. “I said that redoing makeup would take a lot of time. He still has scenes to film.”

There was another garden in the south corner behind this small garden.

After running through the courtyard gate, Shen Jia slowed down slightly, identified the direction by the scattered lights hanging in the garden, and was about to continue to speed up when a hand suddenly stretched out from the tree beside the flower bed and grabbed his arm.  Then a deep male voice asked, “Where is Cong?”

She Jia was almost scared to death by this action as he forcefully broke from this grip. Then he turned to the voice he heard and saw Gu Xun’s figure in a black shirt that almost melted into the night. Still gasping due to fear he said, “Gu Xun? What are you doing here? “

Gu Xun let go of Shen Jia’s arm and asked again, “Where is Cong?”

“Cong is filming in a different courtyard. No, why are you in-“

“Where is the other courtyard? Take me there.”

“Ah!” Shen Jia suddenly shouted, grabbed Gu Xun’s right wrist with a watch and looked at the time. While anxiously running in the direction of the other courtyard, he turned back toward Gu Xun and said, “I am going to that courtyard now. Quickly! Quickly, Brother Cong’s scene started filming at 7:30. It’s already 7:40.”

Gu Xun frowned at the words and quickly followed Shen Jia.

In the other courtyard and under the guidance of Director Guo, Qi Cong along with the young actor took their positions and prepared for the official start of filming.

Everyone made preparations as Qi Cong walked behind the desk to put the crutches back on the wheelchair, and was about to push the wheelchair to the antique shelf, when his ears suddenly caught a familiar voice. Stopping his movement, he looked through the window by the desk towards the sound.

Outside the study, Shen Jia’s figure suddenly stumbled and appeared under the porch light. Their eyes met through the half-open window, and Shen Jia immediately raised his hand and waved to Qi Cong shouting, “Go for it, Brother Cong! Don’t be nervous.”

Behind Shen Jia, Zhao Zhenxun slowly stepped out of the shadows. He patted Shen Jia to signal him to keep his voice down, then waved his hand towards Qi Cong, telling him to get ready to shoot.

When Qi Cong saw Shen Jia, he smiled and raised his hand in response to his cheer. Then he withdrew his eyes and pushed his wheelchair towards the starting position.

Outside the study, Shen Jia lowered his hand after Qi Cong’s figure disappeared. Then he looked suspiciously into the darkness behind him where the porch light couldn’t reach and asked, “Why are you pushing me? Aren’t you going to say hello to Brother Cong and cheer him on? Why are you hiding?”

Gu Xun’s line of sight was still directed toward the study, as if he could see through the wall as the figure of Qi Cong walked to the edge of the bookshelf.

It took several seconds before he withdrew his gaze and looked back at Shen Jia. “Don’t tell Cong that I’m back.” Then he looked at Zhao Zhenxun and said, “He can’t be distracted right now.”

Zhao Zhenxun had been frowning since he received the call from Gu Xun, but now finally relaxed his expression and stopped Shen Jia who still wanted to say something. He spoke to Gu Xun. “Then pay attention to yourself and don’t make any commotion that would let Qi Cong find out.”

Gu Xun nodded his head, and his eyes fell back to the direction of the study.

Zhao Zhenxun stopped caring about Gu Xun then and took Shen Jia to a more convenient location to watch the filming.

After the radio engineer was in position, filming officially began. After taking a look at the night outside the window, Qi Cong was in front of the bookshelf and moved his wheelchair toward the desk.

The set was so quiet that Gu Xun, who was standing outside, could hear the rolling sound of wheelchairs coming from the study. Recalling the appearance of Qi Cong he had just seen, he put his hands into his pockets and tightened his fingers slightly.

Although he could only see a little of his silhouette, but-

The thin figure in a wheelchair appeared at the desk in the window.

Gu Xun’s eyes immediately fixed on him and he instinctively moved forward. Then he restrained himself,  rolling his Adam’s apple a few times, and changed his hands position in his pocket to make a fist. He moved back slightly, picking a better angle to see Qi Cong more clearly, and he traced with his eyes Qi Cong’s appearance inch by inch.

Inside the study, Qi Cong’s full attention was on the ongoing scene so he didn’t notice that someone outside the window was watching him. At this time he was You Changqing, full of plans and calculations.

He sat down behind the desk, put away his crutches, and pondered the current situation while picking up last night’s half-read military book.

With the ancient swords out in the world and court turmoil, if there was any chance to intervene in the border military affairs, or if there was a chance to send You Changfeng to the northwest under Han General…. Fingers turned over the pages of the book. The relationship between the court spread out in his mind as a new plan gradually emerged.

He put down the war book and spread out a new piece of paper. Then after dipping the brush in ink he began to write the contact letters in coded language.

Familiar footsteps approached, and the scent of tea wafted in.

“Young master, it’s time to rest.”

The letter was slowly taking shape, so he didn’t look up. Only after he finished writing the current sentence did he wave his hand at the place where the interruption came from before carefully stopping his brush after he finished writing.

In this way, it should be feasible.

He confirmed the contents of the letter one last time, put the brush back and reached for the letter.

“Cut! Pass! Second camera stand ready, take a few close-ups!”

When the set became noisy, Qi Cong broke away from the role of You Changqing and looked around at the staff who began to move around. Then looking down at the letter in his hand, he felt a little unreal.

His first scene, it…passed?

He sat for a while, then got up with joy. As if in afterthought he put down the letter in his hand before getting up.

It’s good that it passed.

The window vaguely rattled making him return to his senses. Looking through the window at the hazy shadows of the trees, he vaguely felt that something wasn’t quite right. He was about to take a closer look, when a figure suddenly swooped in front of him.

“Brother Cong!” Shen Jia came closer to him full of excitement and happiness. “You’re great, you passed with one take! I didn’t even know until now that your acting was so good!”

Qi Cong was caught by Shen Jia, and smiled back. “It’s good that I didn’t hold everyone back.”

After successfully filming the first scene, Deputy Director Guo was in a good mood and taking advantage of this momentum, he pulled Qi Cong to take several close-ups of the moving wheelchair, fetching his crutches, shifting seats and laying down the paper for writing.

In the closeups of the writing, Qi Cong’s performance once again surprised and amazed the staff.

In the enlarged view of the camera, white beautiful fingers steadily kneaded the dark ink before skillfully lifting it and starting to write on the paper. As he moved, a line of calm and sharp traditional Chinese characters gradually appeared.

Most people in the room didn’t know that Qi Cong could write that well. Even if they did, they only heard it from some gossip and have never seen Qi Cong write with his own hands.

Everyone was amazed – it turned out that Qi Cong’s handwriting was so beautiful.

They couldn’t help but fix their sight on Qi Cong’s hand holding the brush. Some of them couldn’t even help leaning over to see it better.

Director Guo was aware that Qi Cong had good handwriting, which Zhao Zhenxun had mentioned when he asked for the role for Qi Cong, but he hadn’t been able to confirm it with his own eyes before.

He looked at the strong style of the handwriting in the camera, which was very eye-catching, and then looked at Qi Cong’s serious posture that could still be seen despite the mask covering his eyes. He thought that the rumors were really harmful, because the more he looked at Qi Cong, the more pleasing to the eyes he became.

He was a good seedling.

“All right, pass. Qi Cong you can take a rest. All departments get ready to shoot the next scene. Old Hu! Lao Hu, go and see why Director Wang hasn’t come yet. Shen Jia has been sitting here for a long time. Why has no one come to get him yet!”

The staff member who was called Old Hu answered and trotted out of the study with his phone.

When Qi Cong heard those words, Deputy Director Guo looked over. They looked at each other, and then Deputy Director Guo smiled at Qi Cong.

Director Guo took the first two steps to Qi Cong and picked up the letter Qi Cong wrote during the first shoot from the shelf. Looking at Qi Cong he asked, “I noticed this letter before. Did you write it yourself?”

Qi Cong nodded and then asked, “Is it inappropriate? I’m sorry, I didn’t think of the close-up before, so the content of the letter was made up at will.”

“It’s alright. Don’t apologize. The content of this letter looks good to me. Do you mind if I take it? “

Qi Cong’s heart calmed down as he shook his head. “I don’t mind, feel free to do as you please.”

“Okay, then you take a break, I’ll come to give you scenario arrangements in a moment.”

Qi Cong just nodded.

Director Guo took the letter and left. Qi Cong watched him leave and just thought of the following two scenes and exhaled lightly.

Today he was shooting his death scene, but for the convenience of filming, the scene was roughly divided into three: Before You Changqing learned that the plan failed, You Changqing being surprised to hear the bad news and You Changqing dying of poison.

The one he just finished was the first scene and was also the easiest to shoot. The next two had great emotional turmoil, a complex emotional level that was a true test of acting skills.

Qi Cong couldn’t help but think of Gu Xun again. These two scenes for Gu Xun would be very simple.

He suddenly couldn’t sit down and was about to get up to get his phone from Yuan Yuan, when he saw Yuan Yuan walking over with his script and phone.

“Brother Cong, your phone just vibrated a little. Also, here is your script. Agent Zhao said you might want to look through it. He said that you should sit here and rest, so you don’t have to come to him or let Jia Jia mess with you.”

Qi Cong then sat back in his chair and looked at where Shen Jia and Zhao Zhenxun were. He saw the two of them talking about something with their backs facing him. He withdrew his gaze, thanked Yuan Yuan and took his phone.

Yuan Yuan checked Qi Cong’s makeup again before turning around and leaving. After seeing her leave Qi Cong immediately bowed his head and unlocked his cell phone that just flashed with a new message.

A WeChat message was lying in the alert bar, from Gu Xun.

Qi Cong unconsciously sat up straight and clicked on the message.

Gu Xun: The premiere response was good. I’ll lend you my good fortune today and wish you good luck with your filming tomorrow.

The response was good.

Qi Cong’s heart fell back into his chest, and his taunt body relaxed as he typed back.

Qi Cong: Congratulations. Thank you.

After the message was sent, he waited for a few seconds, but didn’t receive any response so he only sent another message that he was temporarily busy and they would talk later. Then he turned off his cell phone and put it aside, sorted out his mood and picked up the script. Gu Xun was already so much ahead, he should also work hard to catch up.

Outside the study window Gu Xun looked at Qi Cong who was flipping through his script carefully.

“He’s reading the script again. I really don’t know what’s so good about a scene with just a few lines. He is making it seem like he is pretending to be the main actor.”

Gu Xun frowned and put away his phone before turning his head to see where the voice came from.

“What are you muttering about?!”

Not too far away, Deputy Director Guo appeared from nowhere. He frowned and stood in front of a staff member with props as he reprimanded, “All actors should read the script more. This is the main responsibility with each role as well as for their own lives! Don’t let me hear you say these ignorant words again, go back to work!”

After the staff member’s slightly panicked and low response, he took the props and ran away.

Gu Xun’s frown relaxed a little. After withdrawing his eyes, he was ready to continue to ‘look at his hubby through the window’ when he noticed a slightly fat figure standing two steps away that seemed to be watching him.

He was found out by a staff member?

He frowned, looked to the side and made eye contact with Wang Peng, the main director of Legend of Youth.



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