Spare Tire is Gone – Chapter 48.1

There was no light on the rooftop of the hotel, only dim moonlight was giving some light making it not completely dark. Even with the lighting, something only a little farther away couldn’t be seen clearly. Qi Cong walked out of the corridor and looked around. He didn’t see Gu Xun’s figure. Wondering, he called out, “Gu Xun?”

No response.

He stopped, took out his cell phone and called Gu Xun.

The ringing could faintly be heard from the slanted front.

He raised his eyes to look, but couldn’t see anything, so he called again. “Gu Xun?”

Still no response.

He frowned and towards the sound with his cell phone.

When he could finally see a figure standing in the corner with a brightly lit phone, the phone that hadn’t been answered was hung up, and the brightly lit phone in that figure’s hand also went dark. Qi Cong put away his phone and walked over saying, “Gu Xun why-”


The sky suddenly lit up, and fireworks scattered like dandelions exploded in the distance, illuminating their whole world.

Qi Cong paused and looked sideways.


Another firework rose into the sky, this time in the shape of a fan, stacking one on another, covering stars all over the sky. Then the fireworks suddenly intensified, red, yellow, green. Brilliant colors reflected in Qi Cong’s eyes while Gu Xun walked to his side at some point and held his hand. Then he said close to Qi Cong ear, “It’s a delayed celebration. Cong, welcome back.”

Fingers were hooked, and warm breath blew against his ear. Qi Cong turned his head and looked into Gu Xun’s gentle eyes illuminated by fireworks as his own heart beat quicker. He looked at the fireworks all over the sky as if he had forgotten everything else. Through it all, he never took back the hand held tightly by Gu Xun.

Gu Xun smiled, squeezed his hand and looked up at the night sky.

The fireworks lasted for a full three minutes. Then, as the last firework dispersed, the sky returned to its original state. Qi Cong immediately looked over at Gu Xun, again feeling the squeeze of Gu Xun’s hand.

“There’s more.”

There’s more?

Qi Cong looked at the sky again.

A few seconds later another light illuminated the night sky.


A water drop shaped burst of blue fireworks filled the night sky.

Qi Cong’s eyes widened.


The fireworks exploded twice, and the huge water droplets turned into countless small water droplets, like a heavy rain, falling towards the earth before slowly disappearing.

The sky came back to its original state again. The four fields were quiet, only the sound of the night wind blowing through could be heard and…a heartbeat.

A blurred conversation floated through time and space.

A low, gentle male voice asked shyly, “What do you want as a gift for the Qixi Festival?”

Back then, he looked at the other and said back, “I want…I want a drop of water.”

A drop of water.

The Qixi Festival gift.

This was the special event that meant the most to them. Now that Gu Xun took it out, his intentions became self-evident.

Qi Cong didn’t dare to look at Gu Xun beside him, so facing the night sky he didn’t say anything.

Gu Xun, who was originally standing next to Qi Cong moved. He turned to Qi Cong while holding his hand, the other hand hanging by his side unconsciously clenched. But he still smiled at Qi Cong. “Cong, although this year’s Qixi Festival has passed…Happy Qixi Festival. “

It was like a wind blowing from three years ago trying to help Qi Cong blow away the distance that has been made by being apart for three years. He suddenly squeezed Gu Xun’s hand and looked at his gentle appearance, feeling in a trance. If he hadn’t had an accident three years ago then perhaps, that year at the Qixi Festival, Gu Xun would have celebrated it like this with him.

His emotions become like paper soaked in warm water, wrinkling and collapsing into a fragile shape.

He couldn’t help but think wildly. How long in advance does a gift like this need to be prepared? How long had Gu Xun been planning this? The Jiang Zhaoyan matter wasn’t completely over yet. Was Gu Xun really sure?

Also, what mood did Gu Xun feel when he remembered the events from three years ago?

Three years. How many people’s feelings faded after only one year? Yet Gu Xun kept hope for a relationship that might be completely hopeless for three years.

Gu Xun leaned toward Qi Cong, stopping only a few centimeters from his face and then squeezed his hand. “Cong, may I kiss you?”

Qi Cong stared at Gu Xun with red eyes.

Three years later, what kind of mood was this person in? Immediately after their reunion and without any hesitation, he took care of him in such a way. He moved closer to him and tried to reconnect with him. Obviously those wretched and ugly surveillance videos were spread all over the net, and he has become so bad. The difference between the two has become so big. After three years, how many emotions should be pent up? But why could he still look at him with such a gentle smile?

Wasn’t he sad or aggrieved?

“No, I shouldn’t have said that first.” Gu Xun seemed to think of something and let go of Qi Cong’s hand. He placed his hand on Qi Cong cheek and he touched the end of his eyes gently while he slowly spoke. “Cong I like-”


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