Spare Tire is Gone – Chapter 65

The love comment section was loading with a two second delay, so dense square characters appeared together, covering Gu Xun’s figure and filling Qi Cong’s eyes.

—— Gu Xun!

—— Gu Gu!

—— aahhhh, Gu is here!

—— Brother Gu’s handsomeness is at a new height today! Gu is a box office hit!

In the pile of pop-up comments for Gu Xun, a long barrage that passed quickly attracted Qi Cong attention.

—— Wait! What is that other pin on Gu Xun’s tie? Is it the water drop jewel tie pin?

The water drop jewel tie pin?

Qi Cong froze and remembered the picture he had seen of Gu Xun wearing a water drop jewel tie pin to receive different awards. Many fans of Gu Xun speculated about that tie pin, so he reached out to find the pop-up screen switch and clicked it off.

After the screen was cleared, Gu Xun’s figure reappeared in the picture. The red carpet for the premiere wasn’t long, just a few meters, so Gu Xun had already reached the end of the red carpet and was signing his name on the huge poster with a pen.

He turned sideways, his right arm raised, and the suit lapel slightly folded because of this action, driving the chest of the fabric up. The water drop-shaped jeweled tie pin at the top was highlighted in the camera.

The blue jewel shone quietly, the sleek cut made it look like a drop of moving water when it reflected the light. It was exquisite, luxurious and dazzling.

However, it was different from the last time he saw it in a photo. He hadn’t noticed a red garnet gem the size of an earring at the end of the tie needle, which  was connected by a thin chain. The two of them were set against each other, water blue and dark red.  It was bright and gentle, giving off a feeling of vintage splendor. It was of a very different style, but somehow harmonious.

Qi Cong looked at the blue and red points of light on Gu Xun’s chest and unconsciously gripped his phone tighter. Then his line of sight moved to a red ring worn on Gu Xun’s right hand.

This was also a red garnet, and was obviously a set along with the pin.

Gu Xun changed the design of the tie pin? When did he change it? Why? Or was it the original design?

In the live broadcast, Gu Xun put down his pen after signing and faced the cameras of the media so they could take some pictures. Then he looked at the live broadcast camera and smiled faintly.

It’s a smile that Qi Cong was very familiar with. Every time Gu Xun got a promise from him, such as a successful dinner date or meeting, he would smile like this.

It shouldn’t be affectionate, but Gu Xun was…probably smiling at him.

Qi Cong couldn’t help but cover the phone screen.

Only when he suppressed the commotion in his heart did he lift his hand from his phone. Gu Xun had disappeared from in front of the autograph poster and turned into the infield.

“Brother Cong, we have your clothes, you should change first.”

Qi Cong returned to his senses and glanced at Yuan Yuan who was talking and Jiang Meng, who was holding his costume in her hands. Then reining in all his emotions, he put down his cell phone and got up to pick up his costume.

His evening death scenes used the most everyday set of his three sets of clothing, the sky blue robe decorated with a bamboo leaf pattern that was relatively plain.

The clothes had been ironed in advance so they could be worn directly. Qi Cong first went into the inner room alone and changed into close-fitting underwear and trousers, then opened the door and called Jiang Meng and Yuan Yuan in.

The process of changing clothes was similar to that of the last fitting. With the help of Jiang Meng, it took less than five minutes for this uncomplicated set of robes to be properly put on Qi Cong.

The lean figure of a gentleman stood in front of the floor-length mirror with his head slightly lowered, one hand inside the buckle, one hand holding the sleeve. His neck was slightly bent because he lowered his head, so then the naturally straight back and the thin waist tied up by the belt formed a beautiful arc. His soft outline, fair skin, thin and good-looking fingers gently brushed on the azure sleeves.

Although they had already seen it once, Jiang Meng and Yuan Yuan couldn’t help but stand still for a moment after seeing Qi Cong in his period clothes. Jiang Meng also couldn’t hold back her sigh. “Brother Cong, you really wear the ancient costume well.”

Qi Cong was looking down to straighten his sleeves and smiled as his eyes came in contact with his robed self in the side mirror. He remembered the figure standing on top of the flag holding a sword on the poster of “Heaven Asked?”.

Now there was someone who was more suitable for ancient costumes than him.

Also, he should say that this person was suitable for any style.

After the clothes came the makeup and hair. Yuan Yuan and Jiang Meng were a little excited as they pushed Qi Cong into the chair in the dressing room. One was responsible for putting a wig on Qi Cong while the other was responsible for applying his makeup.

Qi Cong obediently cooperated. He turned his face and opened and closed his eyes at any time he was asked. He couldn’t use his cellphone, so he sat down in a well behaved manner.

The three of them were in the crew’s largest dressing room with a lot of staff coming and going. From time to time other actors who didn’t have a special dressing room and lounge came over with their assistants to fix their makeup and change their clothes.

The crew assigned Qi Cong a quiet corner, but that corner was not a single room so it couldn’t be completely soundproof. Hearing the conversations between staff and actors couldn’t be avoided.

“Is that Qi Cong over there?”

“I think so.”

“His play….I heard…. Why is he doing his makeup here instead of going to Shen Jia’s personal dressing room?”

“Who knows, he is probably listening to Co-ordinator An…online…hiss, he is really miserable. But that Jiang person could also be considered to have suffered retribution. I heard that Yanhuang will be investigated due to possible tax evasion.”

Qi Cong couldn’t help tilting his head to the side.

Yuan Yuan quickly straightened Qi Cong’ face with her pink puff and whispered, “Don’t move. I’ll draw your eyebrows. I don’t want them to end up looking crooked.”

“Sorry.” Qi Cong moved back, restraining himself from frowning and thought, ‘Yanhuang was being investigated for tax evasion?’

He wanted to hear more, but the person who had talked before must have already left because he didn’t hear those two voices  anymore.

More than half an hour later, Qi Cong’s makeup and hair were finally finished. Yuan Yuan didn’t apply very thick makeup and only deepened his facial features to give him some contour shadows, and not blur his facial features. His long hair was pulled half up, but he didn’t wear a crown as his hair was tied with the same color hair band as his clothes. A white jade hairpin also gave him a more casual feel.

“Done!” Yuan Yuan finally finished helping Qi Cong put on his makeup and then quickly packed up her tools and stepped back. Then she took out her phone and pointed the camera at Qi Cong.

Qi Cong got up to straighten out the hem of his clothes, was still looking sideways and finally noticed Yuan Yuan’s movement. He paused and asked, “Isn’t that only for Jia Jia?”

Yuan Yuan shook her head. “I didn’t say that. You’re also an artist signed by Brother Zhao. Jia Jia already has promotional material, so you should also have some. You are treated equally.”

This reasoning couldn’t be refused, so Qi Cong could only make himself get used to the round lens as much as possible. Then he reached out to help Yuan Yuan pack up her makeup box and carry it, while carrying his original clothes in his other hand. He said to Yuan Yuan and Jiang Meng, “Let’s go, there are other actors waiting to do their makeup.”

“All right, right away.” Yuan Yuan recorded for another two seconds, then put away her phone and came forward to take her things from Qi Cong’s hand.

After walking out of the dressing room, Qi Cong found that Yuan Yuan deliberately lagged behind him and Jiang Meng. When he looked back, he saw that Yuan Yuan was pointing her phone at him again.

Qi Cong: “…”

Yuan Yuan grinned at Qi Cong and signaled that he shouldn’t care much about it and just go his own way.

Qi Cong was helpless. He could see Yuan Yuan with her makeup case in one hand and phone in another which wasn’t a very good way to walk. He turned around to take the makeup case from Yuan Yuan’s hand and said, “Pay attention to where you are walking.” 

Then he returned to Jiang Meng and continued to listen to Jiang Meng’s explanation of the next arrangements.

Yuan Yuan blinked, then blinked again, slowly releasing the breath she held since Qi Cong leaned close to her. She looked at the person in front of her in a blue robe with his long hair slightly swaying in the wind, revealing a little of Qi Cong’s profile. She raised her hand and bit her right thumb.

Ah ah! Close up he was a real explosion of beauty! Light colors were truly more suitable for Qi Cong than dark colors, and his emerald green pupils really went well with this azure robe!

Too delicate! Too good-looking! Too scholarly, with a nobleman’s temperament! Qi Cong’s face was too suitable for long hair without bangs!

She was busy adjusting her phone, and suppressing her excitement, so she had to take two quick steps forward to keep up with Qi Cong and Jiang Meng.

At one of the three intersections leading to the infield, Lian Pengxing, who had just gone to do some private business,  walked together with his assistant. As he spoke, he randomly scanned the intersection of the other two roads and in almost an afterthought caught a glimpse of a thin figure in an azure robe. He stopped talking and couldn’t help himself from stopping and looking over.

At the far right corner, Qi Cong was wearing a sky blue robe and carried a pink makeup box that was out of place with his clothes. He bowed his head, as if he was listening to the female staff next to him, his expression mild and serious. His eyes were half drooping as the sunlight enveloped him, making his skin look almost transparent against the azure robe. His clean and pampered temperament naturally flowed out.

Even Lian Pengxing noticed that two other staff members turned after brushing shoulders with Qi Cong. They both turned around and looked at Qi Cong in unison, their expressions full of amazement.

He looked down at the moon white robe he was wearing and clenched his hands on the prop folding fan.

“Is that Qi Cong? He’s really suitable for ancient clothing. The director will probably be very happy to see it.”

Lian Pengxing looked at his assistant who spoke to him.

The assistant came into contact with Lian Pengxing’s unemotional eyes, shrank his neck and whispered, “Brother Lian, it’s time for us to go to the inner set. Director Wang is still waiting.”

Lian Pengxing withdrew his gaze and looked at Qi Cong and his group that were about to disappear from his view. He stood still for another two seconds before heading out.

After turning into the inner arena, Lian Pengxing heard Shen Jia’s excited voice calling, “Brother Cong!” from afar. 

He stopped and asked his assistant, “Who do you think is better, me or him? Since we are both sons of Prince Rui?”

The assistant, who had a round face and looked very soft and easy to bully, just glanced in the direction from where Shen Jia’s voice came from and replied, “Qi Cong is just a cannon fodder character, how can he compare with you, Brother Lian.”

Lian Pengxing looked at the assistant, smiled and a few seconds later opened the prop fan hand in his hand before closing it again. Then he turned around and walked in the direction of Shen Jia’s voice.




The return of Qi Cong in ancient costume caused a small commotion in the inner set. Not to mention Shen Jia’s excitement, even Director Wang Peng couldn’t help coming over for a better look. Then he boasted with satisfaction, “This costume is good, turn around and let Deputy Director Guo find you some good-looking angles to take some good frames.”

Qi Cong responded, politely thanking him.

The leading actress, Wang Yue, and the second female lead, Xiao Xiu, also acted with Shen Jia in his last show and echoed Director Wang and joined in the excitement. They each praised Qi Cong sincerely and politely.

“You are all so lively, what are we all talking about?”

A male voice with a smile was inserted from nearby. After looking, Qi Cong saw Lian Pengxing coming over with a crowd of staff around him, smiling.

When Qi Cong looked over, Peng Xing also happened to be looking over. Then two of them shared a look, then Lian Pengxing smiled kindly at Qi Cong, who politely smiled back.

By the time Qi Cong finished dealing with the group of actors and directors who had gathered and was finally alone, it was already 3:30. He sat in the corner and took out his phone to open the premiere live.

The live screen was black, showing the live part of the premiere of“Heaven Asked?” ended a quarter of an hour ago.

Qi Cong’s shoulders collapsed slightly and he exited the live broadcast to look at the time.

3:42 pm.

By now Gu Xun should be accompanying the people attending the premiere to watch the featured movie.

He opened WeChat again and looked, seeing no new messages from Gu Xun. He locked his phone and picked up the script at his side.

For the next few hours Gu Xun didn’t send him any new messages. Qi Cong thought that Gu Xun should be very busy today, so he also didn’t send any messages so as not to disturb him.

It soon turned to seven o’clock in the evening. The sky was almost dark, but “Prince Rui’s mansion” was lit up everywhere.

In Prince Rui’s courtyard, Qi Cong sat with his script in the corner of the study, surrounded by staff who came and went in a hurry, making the final preparations before the filming began.

In front of the study, Assistant Director Guo was in charge of filming this scene, and was adjusting the camera position as a group of actors playing servants were talking not far away and glancing at Qi Cong from time to time.

“Qi Cong, fix your makeup and get ready to start.”

Qi Cong looked up from the script as Assistant Director Guo spoke. He nodded and put down his script.

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