Spare Tire is Gone – Chapter 13 – “I will buy you some ice cream.” (R)

After sorting out his emotions, Qi Cong searched again, looking at the two URLs that appeared at the top.

When Shen Jia was talking with the producer, he searched for information about He then learned that had changed its site two years ago. They opened a new website in cooperation with the big platform Fox Edge and closed the old site.

 Because of copyright issues, only transferred the works of the signed authors when it transferred the site. Back then, he was just a registered author in and didn’t sign a contract, so there was no “Chivalrous Bone” written by him on the new site, only on the old one.

He looked at the links and clicked on the URL that didn’t have a Fox Edge icon.

The webpage loaded and a familiar page opened.

The layout of the website was still the same as in Qi Cong’s memory, so he skillfully found the login location and entered his pen name and password.

Because he didn’t bind his account to his mobile phone number, his login was very smooth, and the page automatically loaded to the author page. On the administrative interface, his work with only 10000 characters was there, and the number of reads…. Qi Cong frowned.

He remembered that when he last logged into three years ago, the number of reads of “Chivalrous Bones” was less than 500, but now the number of reads of “Chivalrous Bones”…. Qi Cong double checked again.

It was more than 30,000.

Was this caused by the news?

When he opened the novel management page of “Chivalrous Bones”, he didn’t find it surprising that the number of comments also exploded. There were more than the number of reads, with more than 40000 comments.

He clicked into the comments section, which was full of long, sarcastic and dirty comments. 

Guest: plagiarize NM. Didn’t Water Without a Trace say that he borrowed the beginning of this little newcomer in order to contact him when he disappeared? You are all brainless! Can a beginning plot of 10000 words lead to full plot developments? Also, this little newcomer’s poorly written, unlogical opening is just a mess. To put it bluntly, this work is a piece of shit! With his writing, and cheesy opening, what kind of plot could he have written? Check out the beginning written by Water Without a Trace for yourself. It’s the same plot, where the main character first appears and his writing is so fascinating! Water Without a Trace’s biggest mistake was to look for another person sincerely and use someone else’s book title and main character’s name for his own text! He didn’t plagiarize! He wrote the essence of “Chivalrous Bones” by himself.

Qi Cong squeezed his phone tightly.

There were many replies under this comment. Most of them were full of fake reasoning and crooked morality, saying that they would watch which way the wind blew about this, and didn’t believe that Water Without a Trace would plagiarize the content. Among the comments posted, only a few rebuttals appeared.

Guest 879nb: Laughing out loud, are you confused? Water Without a Trace’s original explanation was that he only borrowed the title of the newcomer’s unpublished work and the name of the main character. He denied Gu Xun’s statements about copying the newcomer’s opening, can he wash his hands of this too?

Visitor 879nb: It turns out there isn’t a word of truth in your Water Without a Trace’s mouth. A newcomer has published his works, and clearly published it nearly a year before him! Your Water Without a Trace not only used the book title and main character name, but also expanded the plot of the beginning of the newcomer’s novel. He copied the personality of Liu Fengyue, the main character of the newcomer’s novel. Then why did he mark them as original? Why lie? He used the beginning of the newcomer and their protagonist set-up. Has he ever asked for authorization from this newcomer?

Visitor 879nb: You also say that newcomer’s writing is poor, so your Water Without a Trace’s writing is poor, okay? This little newcomer’s three chapters of the content is worth 10 chapters of the plot of Water Without a Trace, so where do you get the face to diss the newcomer? You wrote that the newcomer wrote a piece of shit, so is your author eating shit so he can produce a shit machine for you?

Probably infuriated by the phrase “shit machine”, passers-by and rational Wu Heng fans in the comment section were all excited, so they latched on to the comment written by Visitor 879nb and sprayed them randomly. Some people were also trying to boil 897nb in pot, saying that he must be one of Gu Xun’s brain-dead fans. They were afraid that this situation would hurt Gu Xun’s reputation for him making up rumors, so they were desperately trying to help him wash his hands of the incident. Some people who were over zealous also mentioned Gu Xun, and scolded Gu Xun for being mentally ill.

Many of the people who came to eat melons were fans of Gu Xun. This sentence of “mental illness” was like a spark falling into the oil pot, causing fans to bubble up, one after another.  

A duel between Wu Heng fans and Gu Xun fans was inexplicably launched under these comments. Fans of Wu Heng bit into Gu Xun for slandering and spreading rumors and fans of Gu Xun accused Wu Heng fans of being mentally disabled and unwilling to see the problem rationally. The two sides were not willing to back off, tearing each other up. At last, the topic turned into a dispute over whether the author fans or the star fans were more mentally brain dead. They all forgot the original reason for this quarrel.

Qi Cong: “…”

He stared at something that read: “Anyway Water Without a Trace didn’t copy it. Gu Xun’s words and the posts on the forum were all one-sided. No one has come up with any evidence. If you ask me, this “Murmuring Water” (E/N: Qi Cong’s pen name) can be a trumpet that was used to splash black water! Gu Xun is reckless! Just because he is a star and many people know him! Just wait, you’ll be slapped in the face for sure!” This comment was focused on the words “one-sided story”.

“Chivalrous Bones” was his work. He certainly couldn’t let Wu Heng steal his past like this, but the social media account he used to contact Wu Heng has been canceled. So the chat records that could prove it was Wu Heng who used his story had all disappeared with the cancellation of the account.

Qi Cong frowned.

Since this matter already involved Gu Xun it must be resolved properly.

He carefully recalled all the details of the original creation of “Chivalrous Bones” and his contact with Wu Heng, when a thought came to his mind. He quickly sat up and picked up his mobile phone. He clicked on the WeChat sent by Qi Yin in the daytime. After reading a certain one, he directly called Qi Yin.

“Mom, do you have any of my college hard drives and notes in the old stuff you helped me put away?”



The next day Shen Jia’s job was to go to a certain studio to take publicity photos. On the way to his workplace, Zhao Zhenxun took the initiative to bring up the Wu Heng matter. He informed Shen Jia, “Both Dongying Studio and Wu Heng will make it come to an end. When we get to the studio, please don’t talk nonsense.”

Qi Cong pause after downloading Wu Heng’s “Chivalrous Bones” series of novels and looked at Zhao Zhenxun.

Shen Jia asked, full of gossip, ”What happened? What did they do?”

“Wu Heng issued a statement.”

“Wow!” The purple-haired girl, Jiang Meng, who was a clothing assistant sitting in the back of the nanny car, suddenly moved over with her mobile phone to Shen Jia and Zhao Zhenxun. “Look guys, Qi Cong is on the hot search again!”

Shen Jia immediately put the matter of Wu Heng behind him and he took Jiang Meng’s mobile phone while asking repeatedly, “What hot search? What hot search? Is that another paparazzi mess…. uh…” He looked up at Qi Cong beside him.

Qi Cong wondered, “What’s the matter?” While asking, he leaned over to look at the cell phone in Shen Jia’s hand. On the phone screen, a personal homepage with the background picture of a cat opened. At the top of the home page, the blogger with the ID of “Flower Reports” forwarded a video from Weibo with the caption: He is not Shen Jia’s girlfriend.

Qi Cong looked at the Weibo video.

Flower reports V: #Origami Little Brother# ran into “Shen Jia’s girlfriend” in the hospital and found that the little brother was not only good-looking, but also very skillful with his hands. Come and see my brother’s origami skill. I want to ask how long it would take to learn this technique of blindly folding roses. I want to do it in front of the girl I like.

This Weibo was followed by a video showing him sitting on a hospital corridor bench when he was waiting for the test results yesterday.

Qi Cong looked at the ridiculously large number of fans reposting this Weibo, and looked at Shen Jia who seemed like he was about to start talking, and asked, “Who is the person who forwarded it?”

Shen Jia stuttered as he replied, “G-Gu Xun”

Qi Cong froze for a moment, then he frowned.

Why did Gu Xun forwarded this? He…what did he mean?

“There are already twenty thousand comments.” Zhao Zhenxun took out his mobile phone as well, and looked up at Qi Cong after reading the Weibo. “Two hot searches, one as  #Shen Jia’s girlfriend#, and one as #Origami Little Brother#. You’ve only been in Beishi for two days.”

Seeing the expression on Zhao Zhenxun’s face, Qi Cong, who didn’t quite understand the various rules of the entertainment industry, asked, “Is the situation bad?”

“Not bad.” Zhao Zhenxun put down his mobile phone: “If you really decide to debut, the gains from these two hot searches right now are very good. Yesterday I asked you to explore your own strengths, aside from singing and dancing abilities. Did you do it?”

Qi Cong shook his head.

“Do it as soon as possible.” Zhao Zhenxun looked at Shen Jia again, “Go back to Gu Xun’s Weibo, and then help boost the popularity of this video.”

Shen Jia had already figured out what Zhao Zhenxun was trying to do and nodded his head immediately. “I’ll do it right away!”

Zhao Zhenxun looked at back at Qi Cong again. “Do you have a Weibo?”

Qi Cong, who was a little confused, nodded. “Yes.”

“Delete all the content on your Weibo that may be found by passers-by,and Gu Xun and Shen Jia fans. Delete all the content related to feelings, politics and personal information. Delete all negative energy content, if possible, it is best to cancel the account and apply for a new account as a secondary account.”

Qi Cong thought that Zhao Zhenxun seemed to be preparing for his future debut. It was obviously something that had already been decided, but when he thought of Gu Xun, he suddenly became a little uncertain.

Really… Did he really want to make his debut?

Was sucking Shen Jia’s blood not enough, now he wanted to use Gu Xun’s popularity?

“Qi Cong.”

Qi Cong returned to his senses and looked at Zhao Zhenxun’s stern gaze.

Zhao Zhenxun: “Think about why you came to Beishi. Don’t waste the kindness of Jia Jia and General Manager Shen.”

It was like a basin of icy water being poured on him. Qi Cong suddenly calmed down, remembering his parents that stayed in Heicheng and the money he owed to Shen Jia. He tightened his fist and said, “I know what to do now.”

“Just so you know.” Zhao Zhenxun relaxed his attitude a bit after a while and said, “My biggest concession is not to allow you to actively approach Gu Xun, but when something is sent to your door, don’t give it up.”

The subtext was, I won’t force you to use Gu Xun’s popularity, but you can’t disturb my arrangement because of Gu Xun.

Qi Cong silently nodded again. “I understand.”

For the rest of the journey, Qi Cong kept staring at Gu Xun’s WeChat avatar in disbelief. It was only when they were about to reach their destination that he finally clicked on the dialog box with Gu Xun and slowly input a line of text, before clicking send.

Qi Cong: If you can, I hope you will not mention anything about me in public in the future.

Gu Xun soon replied: No.

Gu Xun: Still prefer vanilla-flavored ice cream?

Qi Cong froze.

What did he mean?

The nanny car stopped at the studio and everyone began to gather up their things before getting out. Qi Cong was unable to respond to Gu Xun’s message. He slipped his mobile phone back into his pocket, picked up a small box with accessories at his feet and pulled the door open to get out of the car first.

After getting out of the car, he went back to help Jiang Meng pick up the makeup case, before turning around.

A spoon was delivered to his mouth and the sweet scent of vanilla wafted over.

Qi Cong was stunned before he followed the hand holding the spoon to meet a familiar face with a strange expression.

“I bought you ice cream.” Gu Xun lightly brushed Qi Cong lips with his spoon, then looked at the dumbfounded Shen Jia and other people behind Qi Cong before raising the small box of ice cream in his hand. “Sorry, I came in a hurry and didn’t prepare your share. I’ll make up for it next time.”

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