Spare Tire is Gone – Chapter 44.1

Manju Entertainment’s statement was not long but was very informative.

First of all, Manju Entertainment used a very strict tone, demanding that Jiang Zhaoyan immediately stop the infringement of Qi Cong reputation, saying that they would investigate Jiang Zhaoyan, Jiang Tian, Yanhuang Smart Home, and so-and-so public relations companies. A total of four parties, by creating false news on the Internet, maliciously discredited the reputation of Mr. Qi Cong.

Secondly, Manju Entertainment said that it would unite with Ms. Qi Yin with the help of lawyers, to take necessary legal actions against Mr. Jiang Zhaoyan for taking advantage of Qi Cong’s memory loss and sickness for the past three years to cheat Qi Cong of money, squeezing Qi Cong of labor, mentally abusing Qi Cong and so on….

Finally, Manju Entertainment announced that it has signed an artist contract with Qi Cong.

In the lawyer’s letter, Manju Entertainment’s law firm said that it has accepted the commission from Manju Entertainment and would use legal weapons to defend Qi Cong’s legal rights.

This Weibo post become a hot topic for many users, creating a new hot search topic of #Qi Cong Defending Rights#. Netizens just needed to refresh the popular trends page to see it.

Countless netizens poured in, and then were dumbfounded by the amount of information in this statement.

Qi Cong had amnesia? Jiang Zhaoyan cheated Qi Cong from money and mentally abused Qi Cong?

Mental abuse?

When everyone was trying to analyze and digest this information, the official Weibo of Manju Entertainmen suddenly re-edited this Weibo. The netizens fixed their eyes and found that the content of the weibo hadn’t changed but the text of the Weibo post featured an additional Weibo account with the ID Sanmu Qin Yin?

Netizens clicked into this account with shock.

Qin Yun’s Weibo homepage had only one Weibo post, which was a video.

Qi Yin, dressed in a decent dress, sat on the sofa in the simple and comfortable living room. She looked directly at the camera and introduced herself before pausing and saying solemnly, “I’m sorry about my child Qi Cong’s frequent hot searches on personal matters these days.” She then bowed her head in apology.

After a few seconds she straightened up, looked back at the camera and said, “I sent this video to explain Cong’s situation and why….. Qi Cong didn’t care about me during my illness. Three years ago, Qi Cong had a sudden high fever and fainted on the way to the hospital, where he went alone for medical treatment. He was then found by Jiang Zhaoyan and taken to the hospital. For that, I am grateful to Jiang Zhaoyan, thank you.”

She bowed her head again, after which she straightened up and picked up an examination report beside her. “After being sent to the hospital, Qi Cong was in a coma for two days. His condition was critical, so doctors could never check the cause of his sudden high fever. Two days later, Qi Cong woke up from his fever but had forgotten everything. He not only forgot, but also had partial cognitive degradation and a great change in temperament. This is the doctor’s diagnosis report at that time, I will post it on Weibo later.”

She put down the report after showing it for a few seconds and continued, “When Qi Cong woke up, he forgot everything except Jiang Zhaoyan, who brought him to the hospital, and asked to see the other person immediately after waking up. Qi Cong was very agitated and completely unable to communicate with anyone. In order to calm him down and make him cooperate with the doctor’s examination and treatment, I contacted Jiang Zhaoyan. That’s how it all started.”

Qi Yin looked calm, the speed of her speech was neither fast nor slow, while her voice was soft and calm, making listeners calm down unconsciously.

“Jiang Zhaoyan’s arrival calmed Qi Cong, so the treatment and examination could proceed. Jiang Zhaoyan only showed kindness and consideration at the time and after learning of Qi Cong’s condition, he offered to come to the hospital in his free time to assist the doctors in treating him. I was very grateful, and to express my gratitude, I introduced Jiang Zhaoyan, who was looking for a job at the time, into one of my friend’s companies, Fenghe Intelligent Electronics.”

“More than a month passed, but Qi Cong’s situation never improved. On the contrary, he became more and more dependent on Jiang Zhaoyan as his temperament became more and more strange. I felt that this couldn’t go on, so on the advice of the doctor, while concealing it from Qi Cong, I took him to another hospital. In the psychiatric department, they could make a more detailed examination.  When Qi Cong arrived at the hospital and found out that he had been tricked, he became agitated and rushed to the rooftop using the threat of jumping off a building to refuse entering the psychiatric department and demanding to see Jiang Zhaoyan. Because I wasn’t able to pacify him, I could only find Jiang Zhaoyan again.”

Qi Yin stopped here and picked up an old newspaper. “This is the truth about Qi Cong being on the roof back then, the report circulating on the Internet before was untrue. The report in the Haicheng Daily News can prove my claim.”

“After that time, Qi Cong lost his trust in me and refused to go home with such a ‘strange’ mother. For the sake of his condition, I could only let him temporarily follow Jiang Zhaoyan to his school.”

“During this period, Jiang Zhaoyan and I met privately and reached an agreement. The agreement was for Jiang Zhaoyan to help me take care of Qi Cong temporarily while I would provide Jiang Zhaoyan with some financial help. This is the handwritten agreement Jiang Zhaoyan and I signed at that time, as well as the record of my money transfer to Jiang Zhaoyan.” Qi Yin picked up an agreement and some transfer records and displayed them in front of the camera.

A few seconds later she dropped the agreement and continued. “This cooperation was going well in the beginning. Qi Cong took the initiative to contact me with Jiang Zhaoyan’s appeasement and expressed willingness to re-establish a relationship with me. He even moved back home. But this balance was broken after I said that Qi Cong should return to his school and end his recuperation. After Qi Cong left home, he didn’t go to school, but went to Jiang Zhaoyan. At the same time, Jiang Zhaoyan quit the job I introduced to him and started his own business. “

“Then things began to get out of control. Qi Cong abandoned his studies to help Jiang Zhaoyan start his business and refused to communicate with me. I could only contact Jiang Zhaoyan again and signed a second agreement with him. The content  was that he would once again help me persuade Qi Cong while I would help him start his own business.”

She took out another agreement and showed it to everyone.

“A few months later, Jiang Zhaoyan’s company was on the right track, but I not only failed to get in touch with Qi Cong, but also received the news that Qi Cong transferred all his pocket money and New Year money. He even sold the real estate under his name. Only then I realized that something was wrong and wanted to talk to Jiang Zhaoyan, but when I met Qi Cong… He said that he liked Jiang Zhaoyan and did everything of his own free will. He also wanted to be together with Jiang Zhaoyan and begged me to let it happen.”

Qi Yin looked at the camera: “I am a mother, but my child forgot me. His temperament also changed greatly while he abnormally relied on a stranger who emptied him of all his money. He also abandoned his studies, and guarded against me because I tried to take him to see a psychiatrist.  I hesitated for a long time whether to let him continue like this or to try to cure him and I chose the latter. I always thought that if he remembered the past one day, he would blame me for not stopping him so…. I forcefully took him away. I took him to the hospital for examination, neurology, psychiatry… a whole month, seven hospitals, dozens of examinations, dozens of psychological counseling. He went from resistant, to compromising, to silence ..… His eyes began to look at me with a kind of numb hatred. As he became more and more withered I got scared, and with the doctors never being able to determine the cause of his illness, I finally took him home and watched him leave.”

Qi Yin paused for a while as she spoke, reaching for the thick pile of examination materials at her side. “These are the things that Qi Cong left to me during that month. The doctor suspected that he had injured nerves in his brain during the high fever, that he had a certain rare and complex psychological disorder. He had developed a morbid attachment to Jiang Zhaoyan after his memory loss that resembled a fledgling episode. The doctors gave many possible diagnoses, most of which I couldn’t understand. All I know is that the son I knew so well disappeared and I didn’t know if he would ever come back.”

“After Qi Cong left me he went to Jiang Zhaoyan again.” Qi Yin seemed to no longer want to talk about that, so she said, “I still wasn’t ready to give up and thought that my child would get better with…but even as Sanmu went completely bankrupt, my child never remembered the past. Here, I want to say to all the employees of Sanmu: I’m sorry, I’m really sorry. Because of my personal selfishness, and personal negligence I caused everyone to lose their jobs, I’m sorry.”

She bent her head down for a long, long time, and then straightened up.

“That’s why Qi Cong didn’t come to see me after I was bankrupt and sick – he was also sick and didn’t remember me, and even…hated me.” Qi Yun said this emphatically, “He was never deliberately unfilial. After he remembered…. Yes he got better. At the beginning of this month, he remembered the past and forgot all the memories after meeting Jiang Zhaoyan. The child I am familiar with is back. “

Qi Yin stood up and gestured around as the camera followed after her. Her eyes gently rose, tinged with joy. “When Cong got better, he immediately took me and his father out of that old house in the Wenhua District, helped us get rid of Qi Hun, who came to make trouble, and rented us our new house. He also vacated his previously rented apartment and cut off all contact with Jiang Zhaoyan. The day after we moved in here, he left 40,000 yuan and went to Beishi with Shen Jia. He hugged me when he left and said he would work hard to earn money so I could live in a big house again.”

“He was very understanding and tried very hard to take care of his father and me. After he went to Beishi he worked as an assistant to Jia Jia. I am very grateful to Jia Jia for his unfailing love for Cong for the past three years, and for helping him so selflessly after Qi Cong finally got better.”

“Everything was getting better…until there was a quality problem with Yanhuang products and Jiang Tian and Jiang Zhaoyan put the blame for the accident on Qi Cong. All his experiences in the past three years was dug up and became the talk of everyone.” The joy in Qi Yin’s eyes disappeared. “I don’t think I am any kind of victim, or that Qi Cong suppressed the business of Yanghuang, threatened Jiang Zhaoyan and even went to his door to quarrel with him. I am just a loser who lost the game. I also don’t feel that what Qi Cong did when he was sick was all right. He did rely excessively on Jiang Zhaoyan and caused trouble in Jiang Zhaoyan’s life.”

“We mother and son have wronged Jiang Zhaoyan, and Jiang Zhaoyan has wronged our mother and son pair. Jiang Zhaoyan has saved and taken care of Qi Cong but also squeezed and bullied Qi Cong as well. This is a bad debt, and no one can figure it out. I thought that everything in the past had come to an end with Jiang Zhaoyan’s new love and Cong having a new beginning. Out of a mother’s selfishness, I only hope that Qi Cong will never remember the past three years for the rest of his life, and that he will cut off everything related to Jiang Zhaoyan.”

Qi Yin’s eyes went cold. “But Jiang Zhaoyan’s ghost won’t go away. He made my Cong carry unfounded guilt and let his brother and mother slander him on the internet. I would have left everything alone until all this happened, until I saw those surveillance videos sent by Ms. Han Lan. I just can’t accept it.”

“Jiang Zhaoyan, stop all of it. If you continue, I can’t guarantee that I won’t go over some old scores because you hurt my child.”

After saying this, Qi Yin reined her tone in. “Thank you for watching this video. Once again, I apologize for interrupting everyone. I’m sorry. “

She bowed again and the video ended.

For a long time, no comments appeared under Qi Yin’s post. . All netizens seemed to have lost their voices. No one thought that the truth was actually like this. Qi Cong was actually…sick?

A few minutes later, Qi Yin updated again. She sent out all the things she had just shown in the video and forwarded a Weibo post on the official blog of Manju Entertainment.


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